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  1. It was just a fun video to make. Not at all to be taken seriously. Though I admit, I am ashamed I wasn't able to get in contact with the creators. Like, seriously. But it was just so much fun to make.
  2. Sonic Unleashed, the Icarus of the Sonic series. So much potential, but in the end, it burned up and fell to the ground. Regardless, it's theme song is awesome. But could it have a hidden meaning? Was SEGA trying to tell us something? Well, here's my interpretation in video form. Enjoy!
  3. Just take a chill pill please. I want a good story too. But take the good with the bad. I like you. You're doing a good job of saying what I am clearly failing at. Yeah... I'm sorry about that. Honestly I'm not even sure what I meant. I guess I was just trying to lighten the mood, then I got all pissy for some reason. Just disregard what I said. Story is important. Fun is important. But, I just don't see Sega giving us both of those any time soon. Maybe Sonic Boom will change things.
  4. As far as I can tell, and as history has shown us, no one hates Sonic more than his fans. Earlier, I didn't mean to sound pretentious, I just like seeing Sonic go in a new direction. And that the only thing Sonic is really about is having a fun thrill ride. They need to write a story that makes us get involved and excited, but also relaxed and fun. And the Eggman formula provides that. No, things are not good right now. Characters are flat. But they're having fun. Eggmans plans don't involve ancient gods and jrpg drama. Its not well written. But its working and its fun. You want drama in your Sonic universe. Go write a f*cking fan fiction.
  5. I'm honestly glad for the change. Sonic isn't meant to be a deep character. That's the edge Mario has had over him over the last decade. Fun and simple. Sonic games are meant to be thrill rides. That's all they ever were before the Adventure era. However, they can't seem to find a happy medium. First of all, the writers need to get a grip. They have little to no sense of humor and they've dumbed down Sonic too much for my tastes. HOWEVER. I think that Tails has really become a full character for once. He thinks, he laughs, he has quirks and can even be offended. Also, Sonic and Tails FINALLY have a brotherhood that they never had before. Look at any other game and tell me what Tail's personality is. He just... Is. The only moment of emotion up until colors was when sonic died in SA2. Now, I agree with you guys about the writing issues in the latest games. But don't let all this negitivity get in the way of the good steps the series has taken. -Sonic has fun. Especially while running around levels. -Eggman has the ability to switch from bumbling fool to homicidal maniac on the fly. -tails is an actual living thing who is actually useful. -sonic and tails are friends who pick on each other. I wouldn't say that they are boring voids. Not at all. They have fun. No one had fun in Sonic 06. No one had fun in the Storybook series (mountain of handkerchiefs...?) Noone had any depth in the rush series or dark brotherhood. Both Sonic Team and we, the fans, have trouble adjusting to change. But its happening. And it needs to happen. Were not there yet. (Lost world was proof of that) But were getting close. So instead of complaining about how something compares to your nostalgia, enjoy the thrill ride, be excites to see what's around the bend, and just try to have fun! Please. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk Wow, I took so long to write my thoughts that nine pages of what I wanted to say filled up before I pressed submit... Maybe I'm sot so clever after all... Anyway. I'm glad to see that most fans get it. This series is FAR from perfect. But it certainly is on its way to bring fun. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  6. Probably Endless Possibilities. Here's a little video I made a long time ago...
  7. So, for the fun of it, I made a "remastered" version of Sonic Adventure 2 in movie form. However, you can find this almost anywhere on YouTube, so I started from scratch. With HD, wide screen, fixed dialouge, new (purposely overdramatic music) and sound effects from much newer games, this is Sonic Adventure 2 like you've never seen it before. Just remember, this is MEANT to be different. I love the original game and all of it's flaws. So just have fun with it.
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