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  1. Honestly, I think that the continuation of All-Star Batman & Robin (or Dark Knight, Boy Wonder if you wanna call it that) would be released before the first GN of Lara-Su. Either that or Dark Knight 4. You know it's sad when Frank Miller has a better chance of doing either because Brian Azzarello basically asked Miller what the plot for a potential sequel would be, then basically wrote it himself. Ain't anyone doing that for ol' Pen.
  2. ...But will she still going to be a living lie detector that will prevent anyone from lying in front of her that will be mentioned only once and never again?
  3. I think that picture of Xero is at least 2 years old; it certainly isn't new. It's hard to even see him and Lara as even the same species. Maybe in the same familial taxonomy, but definitely not in species.
  4. I'm back after another hiatus, and, honestly, I'm surprised that Ken actually did something by releasing Geoffrey's bio. And it is as bad as I expected. Ugh. This just makes me think that, in addition to wanting reprint rights and the cash that'd come with it, the real reason Pen wants to buy out the old creators' copyrights is because, literally, he was too lazy to try to rewrite history without them. And would someone, for the love of all that's good, please tell me if they're still supposed to be aliens or not, if Ech'chyd,nya is actually still a thing or what.
  5. Well, we got Naugus and Wendy, plus Breezie is pretty much severed ties with Eggman. As did Snively for the time being. Nack & his team are work for hire; Eggman just hires them a lot. My guess is that the BBA were basically strong armed into joining the Eggman Empire, like the Dark Legion in the old continuity. I hope that they only joined to avoid Eggman's wrath, not because they are actually loyal to his cause.
  6. He'd been having regrets about the series since before he decided to stop it ages ago, I know that for sure. He didn't like that Mecha Sonic was just the one from S3&K (and it was probably a b*tch to manipulate with how limited it is), and IIRC, he had immediate regrets about Basilisk. What I'm curious about is if all of Sonic's friends are still dead-dead.
  7. I'm not really buying that "My wife didn't tell me" excuse. Ken's always been chomping at the bit to spread his name around so, even if he doesn't really prioritize video games at all (sticking to TV & film). So you'd think that if a large, well-known video game company asked him to do some consulting work or an upcoming SONIC game, she would tell him. My guess is that it's a half truth. He probably was busy with something, Bioware left a message with his wife, and then when she told him, Ken decided that it wasn't important enough to actually give a sh*t about.
  8. So wait, is The Storm going to be included in the physical copy of the first book or is it strictly digital only? I mean, from the descriptions of it, it's largely pointless as it follows Remington and Geoffrey, two characters who I believe aren't even going to BE in LSC proper, but some equality for physical and digital releases is the least he could do.
  9. Okay, dude... No one's gonna rip you a new one everytime you express an opinion. You've certainly had some... divisive ones, but something like that isn't going to cause any drama. But yeah, Hope ain't coming back at all. First because she's a Karl Bollers character and Archie pretty much dumped previous pre-Flynn OC's even if they weren't made by Penders. Second, her character would already have to be severely altered to fit that (there aren't Kintobor's anymore just Robotniks, she'd have to be made evil, and she'd probably be related to Snively but certainly not Eggman due to mandates). But you did get me thinking with the AoStH thing. With Schlemmer and Breezie, it actually wouldn't be much of a stretch for it to be someone like Warpnik, or even Caninestein (though he was a good guy on the show, so he'd make a heel turn if this was the case...) That certainly would be a surprise to me, especially in an arc with Wendy 'Witchcart' Naugus and her three Witchcarters as baddies.
  10. I wouldn't say it's Snively as the 12th Egg Boss; they showed he was still evil in the Dark Arms on Angel Island arc, and his Origins showed that while still secretly evil, he doesn't have any current relationship with Eggman at the moment. The fact that it's a "reveal" in the final issue of the arc implies that it'd be someone that we wouldn't expect, or has enough power or clout that it'd be shocking to find out who they were. The only ones who'd be shocking enough that I can think of off the top of my head are all improbable to the point of being impossible: Fiona Fox, Eggman Nega, Chris Thorndyke, or Tiara. The former being stuck in a legal limbo that I don't know who owns her character, the latter three having one hang-up or another due to SEGA mandates.
  11. Family drama was kinda a thing for a long while in the book. To be fair, it wasn't just Penders who did it; Bollers and Flynn are equally guilty of that too. Locke's whole deal was talked about a lot prior in the topic, so I'd go through that if you are curious and have time to kill. I think most of it survived the site having a stroke from a while back; a few pages were lost, but most of the analyzing done about the character might've survived it at least.
  12. All I'm trying to say (and what I hope Shaddy was too) was that Ken outright admit that Locke was based off his father, and with that, you can infer that he was using the book to work through his issues. That's old news tho, and for the sake of safety, I'd say that it shouldn't be made into a big deal. Again. I admit to doing that in the past, but this topic is already on thin ice as it is.
  13. Welcome to my horrid realization about Ken using the book as a therapist that I made, like, last year. It is pretty awful to realize when you realize that, especially when one'd been a long time reader. As for the Brotherhood, despite when Ken recently tried to claim, they were never depicted as "shades of grey" and were only intended to be absolute paragons. From excusing the attempted murder of a 10 year old ("The Brotherhood looks after their own") to abusing their 'neutrality' in the Overlander-Mobian Great War ("You best not come back here Robotnik ancestor, you or your people! Or you'll deal with... things!") to look after Elias, then flagrantly telling the world to piss off during both Robotnik Wars. Always the excuses. Speaking of Elias, I'm not to surprised that Ken's retconned Alicia as the Knothole/Mobotropolis monarch (it was either that for try to use the name "King Max" on another character), but it wouldn't be the first time he's screwed up those characters. He basically forgot that Sally was a young child when Alicia and Elias went missing, yet didn't forgot he established that and had to make another excuse when Elias was drawn as a baby at the time when he should have been at least older than 5.
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