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  1. Night SSMB. And remember.

    Put your grasses on

    Nothing will be wong

    1. VEDJ-F


      I have hayfever so no. 

  2. You can beat Emerald Coast without jumping, I've found

    1. Alex2Beta
    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      You can get very far without pressing anything except forwards. In fact, I think you can complete it with nothing but the forward button and some well time jumps and site dashes. 

  3. Well, the last episode of shitty Berserk is out, and the manga is back on hiatus until "winter". Hopefully that means "it's back in November and we're having a studio that doesn't suck make a better adaptation".

    1. Josh


      They'll get it together just in time for that long, long boat ride

  4. Actually I should paraphrase myself on that last status, they're not phallic monsters. They're straight-up dick monsters, in every way they possibly could be. Again, still expected considering context, but Jesus.

  5. Read new Berserk chapter. Lots of...phallic monsters, even if it makes sense for them to appear here.

  6. I'd buy that for a dollar!

  7. I want regular uploads of Tommy Wiseau playing overwatch

  8. This award is weird because you've got five really solid and funny cartoons and then Family Guy's there like "he-hey guys I count as animation too technically"

    1. Josh


      Family guy is more relevant to teenagers than probably any other cartoon there

    2. Shaddy the guy
  9. I can't tell exactly what you're trying to imply with that Steven Universe comment, I'm hoping/assuming it was sarcasm, becaue SU is a fantastic show. Honestly, anything but Family Guy would be a decision I'd understand. I'm amazed enough people actually still like it for it to be nominated.
  10. My favorite thing about Forces is that they're actually sticking with a gameplay that they know works and putting in new ideas from there, instead of throwing everything out and banking everything on some new reinvention potentially doing alright.

  12. PZ0t4Y3.png

    Is this what being a furry is like?

    1. King of SSMB, King Dedede!
    2. Polkadi


      Actually, that would scare the shit out of me.

      Then again, I'm scared of most things ;-;

      But ask a couple other furries, and they might say yes.

  13. My favorite thing about Sonic X is that there were no off-model episodes. The show was off-model by default, and had ON-model episodes.

  14. Time Eater didn't. Nega Wisps didn't...voluntarily. Chaos basically did what Eggman wanted and then Eggman promptly didn't build anything on the ruins. Nega didn't in the Rush games. He turned Emerl against Sonic, infact. He's incompetent with or without something giving him assistance, is my point.