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  1. That only happens on some of the enemies, actually. The first one does it, the second one and third group don't, the fourth one does, the fifth one doesn't, the sixth and seventh ones do, the eighth, ninth and tenth groups don't, the eleventh does, the twelfth doesn't, neither does the thirteenth or fourteenth. It's too random, too inconsistent to have actively been programmed that way. I'm thinking it's more likely the person playing is actively stopping themselves to pace the footage a bit better. There'd be no way for the momentum to just inconsistently stop you for some enemies and not others when the speed itself is relatively constant between all of them, especially since this is literally just the Generations engine. You really think they changed anything about Classic's momentum and control here? I don't. Also I really did go from enemy to enemy through that whole video checking off which bounces retained Sonic's momentum why am I doing this I have homework
  2. Hey guys Sky Sanctuary isn't yellow enough

  3. Why do we keep making jokes about how crazy people are about Forces if we're not going to be above the madness

    1. Nepenthe


      Because it gives people validation to play both sides. And Likes. Sweet, sweet likes.

      Although, the Forces thread hasn't devolved all that much. People are opinionated and talking, and we're being lenient on snark and sarcasm. It's fine, for the most part. I honestly don't know what some people want; a fucking Intelligence Squared debate?

    2. RosaRosaRosalina


      we take entertainment in our own self deprecation to attempt coping with the reality of a good game probably never existing again 

  4. Chuggaaconroy is basically the adult version of Gene from Bob's Burgers

    1. Dejimon11


      ...holy shit

  5. Because Generations went over really, really well compared to everything the previous decade yielded. I don't think it's any mystery why classic is here.
  6. You wish you were as hot as the tournament announcers in Yu Yu Hakusho

  7. I don't get "Lost World 2D" vibes from this at all, actually (which is good because the 2D sections were the worstpart of that game). Lost World had very cramped, simplistic-feeling 2D, whereas this would almost have too much going on in it's design if it weren't trying to push you down the standard route the whole time.
  8. Well that was...okay. I'm glad to see it is at least somewhat expansive in terms of concurrent alternate pathways, I guess I just wish the player in the video bothered to explore any of them. I am intrigued at what is apparently the drop-dash at 1:27 though. Is there more communication going on between SoJ and SoA than we thought? The aesthetic is also way more interesting than I was worried it would be. It's still really weird-looking, but a more consistent weird. It definitely seems more like the Lost World/Generations mix was intentional now, and the wind blowing foliage around is super-pretty no matter what game does it. Also, I like how the pieces of the bots scatter everywhere when they blow up. The music is...not my favorite, I'll admit. It's weird seeing it alongside a classic Sonic stage that's in full HD. It's not an awful tune, but the instrumentation is only a little above Sonic 4's (which I'll admit to liking more than a lot of other people did, but it's still not everything it should be). God these people fucking suck at revealing new levels and mechanics, don't they?
  9. I think the main reason I'm confident in Forces is because with earlier games I had this nagging feeling about the complaints that said "no that couldn't get fucked up...right?" whereas reading the Forces thread most of the posts I see just elicit a "lol who the fuck cares" reaction which I don't think I've ever experienced before and is somehow comforting.

    1. Blacklightning


      The problem with Forces so far seems to be the opposite of usual - rather than reinventing shit for no goddamned reason they're basically playing a holding pattern and rehashing everything that hasn't been '06'd yet. Mediocre and boring is arguably a step up from whatever the hell Lost World was but they should know better by now.

      That being said I've been refraining from getting angry until I know what the 3rd character's deal is. Even though what we've already been shown paints a pretty detailed picture, we're still missing a few pieces.

    2. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      And see that's what I just straight-up don't understand. What is supposed to be the balance between a "rehash" and completely reinventing everything? I understand with the case of green hill -- honestly I just can't be bothered to get angry after so many times -- but assuming the rest of the game has original level on top of a whole third of the game playing differently, how is this any different from other long-running franchises using the same core gameplay every game?

      How is it any different from Sonic 1, 2, 3, &K, CD, and Advance all basically playing the same? Especially when those games only have 1 gameplay style.

    3. Blacklightning


      Out of all the games you listed, their key differences were in level design and quirks, and that's a huge factor that I feel the majority of people here strongly underrate. Even though Green Hill and Emerald Hill utilize near-identical tropes, that's ultimately all they have in common with one another - they have different gimmicks, different overall focuses and even entirely different backdrops, to the point it becomes difficult to compare them besides being obligatory starting stages.

      Forces doesn't feel like any of that was taken into consideration. What we've seen so far is essentially a shittier, more automated version of Rooftop Run, and Green Hill falls below the bar that even Generations established in that same regard. What's most frustrating is that these issues have been a big problem in modern Sonic for decades. Rehashing in the genesis era worked because there was nothing wrong with the gameplay style in the first place, so to see Sega not only commit to the same design mistakes they've been making since Unleashed but even making them worse in the process is especially frustrating. It reads like executives ticking off "things reviewers don't hate yet" boxes and putting them into games regardless of context rather than taking a long, hard look at what's objectively fun to do in them.

  10. Sonic is still better-off now than he was in the mid-2000s

  11. But then you still wouldn't really need to reboot the series to do that. You can fix-something in-canon without literally scrapping the old.
  12. Just finished the 42nd episode of Yu Yu Hakusho. I think I've finally truly fallen in love with this show's cast.