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  1. Look at that shit. That's Sonic's spinny feet working in SADX. Fucking yes.

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I think that's the original version, not DX... unless they changed Sonic's model, too.

    2. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      Uh, yeah. Almost all of this guy's tweets are about his porting the DC models to SADX.


    3. God Eater Lenka

      God Eater Lenka

      Is this the mod they've been working on?

  2. Leo Burnett and 4kids are the devil

  3. I've been watching Durarara. On episode 10 currently, it's a fucking awesome show even if I can't remember most of the characters' names.

  4. Rick and Morty is a great show.


    The fanbase is fuckin insufferable

    1. KHCast
    2. Shaddy the guy
    3. KHCast


      What do they do?

    4. Blacklightning


      Pretty much fucking every great thing has an insufferable fanbase

    5. Forte-Metallix



      As both a Brony and a Sonic fan, I can verify this as 100% true.

    6. Blacklightning


      >implying Sonic is great

    7. Remy


      I can't put my finger on why, but the idea that there's a specific rick and morty fanbase is 1.) weird to me and 2.) never occurred to me until I read this post... but there's no reason there shouldn't be one. 


  5. Man, I cannot talk well over the phone in Japanese.



    1. EllieBot






  7. HYrdtMm.gif

    When you try to get your mom’s attention while she’s watching TV three times but she still doesn’t answer

  8. Sonic X has a lot of problems.


    The end of the SA2 arc with Live and Learn playing is fucking awesome, though.

    1. Ferno


      4kids couldn't even let us have that

    2. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      What are you talking about man just change it to a lollipop

    3. Strickerx5


      @FernoHave to be careful about dem copyrights. Guess they wanted to be safe rather than sorry.

    4. Soni


      The end of the SA2 arc was cool but the overall arc itself was pretty eh because of how much of a character leech Chris is.

      The SA1 arc was way better.

    5. Ferno


      who remembers that part in the SA1 arc where Tails actually flew with his actual tails for all of 2 seconds for once rather than being attached at the butt to his plane 24/7

  9. wSxL7VP.jpg

    Just a reminder that this Ron Swanson/Sonic image exists

    1. Soni
    2. Mightyray


      He kind of looks slightly cute...

  10. Yo the Mob Psycho 100 dub is really fuckin good

  11. Would you believe me if I said I legitimately dreamt last night that Evangelion, Dragon Ball Z and The Simpsons all took place in the same universe

    1. Lord Vader

      Lord Vader

      Well, there are 12 universes in the Dragon World...

    2. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Man, I loved the episode where Homer joined NERV to fight off the Saiyans.

  12. Do you ever look at someone's avatar and begin to imagine it as their actual face?

    1. God Eater Lenka
    2. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Well at least in my case, that's not entirely inaccurate. lol

    3. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      No not particularly but its the reason why I'm worried to use avyies of actual people that /aren't/ me. I don't want people to really think they're actually me only to be disappointed later.

    4. JayRaR


      If I'm drunk or on like 3 hours of sleep, maaaybe.

    5. Tara


      This IS my actual face.

    6. Speederino: Hero of Hyrule
    7. Tara


      Yes.  I am a real half-genie. #savingscuttletown #themayorisincompetent

    8. God Eater Lenka
    9. Tara


      No. I'm happily married.  To my job as protector of Scuttle Town.

    10. KHCast


      Shantae swears a lot.

    11. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      @Tara I dunno if you can consider it a happy marriage when you're constantly getting fired. lol


  13. Just finished my fifth overall viewing of Evangelion (all 26 episodes and the movie). The animation quality still blows me away, considering it was a TV-budget show from 1995.

    I still recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it, especially if you like psychoanalytical stuff or your name is Sigmund Freud.

  14. "Hey, it's not his speed must be using the chaos emerald to warp name is Shadow. I'm this world's ultimate lifeform." - My favorite line from SA2

    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Nothing beats ''Faker? Ha you're not even good to be make you eat those words''