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  1. Does anyone have the screenshot of that one post where the dude was like "they really fucked this one up, we can't see Sticks' underwear or feet in this episode"

    1. Polkadi~☆


      I hope no one does O_o

    2. Blue Blood
    3. SaturnWolf


      I echo Polk's statement:

      I hope no one does

    4. Wraith
    5. Milo


      lmao wraith did you really have to snatch shaddy's soul like that

    6. Wraith


      gotta keep yall in line by setting examples 

  2. He's an Andy Guy, in Space.

  3. Ozcrash isn't with the project anymore, if I recal correctly. Otherwise, ditto. It's just kinda janky and feels like a Sonic game you'd see recreated in another game, like Roblox or Dreams.
  4. Do you think Ron Lim liked Shadow? All of his best-looking issues have Shadow as a big focus.

  5. How do I clear quotes from a post here on mobile? Trying to delete them just adds "lockquote widget" to the bottom of it.

    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Usually refresh the page. It'll save the post on the text box but you'll have the option to clear the post. It'll get rid of the quote boxes tho

  6. Not gonna be a whole lot of development so long as the number of victims stays at 0. I can't help but not trust Huber's word alone, since he's showed up to specifically defend Vic, they were in their Star Trek fan series together, are both fundies, and have together said more than a couple things we know are untrue. Also here's tacit admission that the facebook DMs Huber cites as his source on this were basically fabricated by the doxxing forum following this whole mess. This is also the primary source for the realization that most of Vic's supporters don't actually care about him, DBZ, or anime, and are more concerned with a phony "culture war" (also known as "waaaah they're not letting me act like a cock anymore curse you liberals") with the ess jay double yous and feminism then they are anything that has to do with this case. A victory for the defendants here is a loss for sexual assault, and given that these dudes are all emotionally-stunted 20-30 something incel shut-ins, they can't possibly have that.
  7. Not sure honestly. Testifying against them in court certainly wouldn't make him look good but there aren't any complaints about him the way there were with Vic. DUIs, and at least one for petty theft. I think the records got posted in the Kanzenshuu Vic topic not long ago. I'm at work right now so I'm not gonna check myself.
  8. Well about 75% of his case got dismissed this morning (the rest almost certainly to come within the end of the month) so by October all you'll have to deal with is angry reactionaries claiming the law is biased and evil liberal sjews payed off the judge. And as it happens, most of those people don't actually care about anime, just winning the so-called "culture war" with progressives. They'll slink back into their usual holes and out of these communities soon enough.
  9. Joseph Joestar was punching violent racists in 1938 and everyone just fucking applauded him, why can't we have that now

    1. Soniman


      One of his friends was a cyborg nazi 

  10. Chuck Huber exclusively accused Chris Sabat of firing or refusing to hire women that wouldn't sleep with him, alongside defending Vic on his much larger number of much better substantiated accusations. He also said multiple strange things like Sabat being the "de-facto manager" of Funi, even though his studio is independently contracted by Funi, meaning they aren't even employees, and Sabat's influence on casting decisions is seemingly minimal. He's also a flat-earthing christian fundie, for what it's worth. Nadolny has not made any official statement, Vic stans have only speculated that she was one of Sabat's supposed "victims", despite numerous Funi and ex-Funi staff saying no such thing went on. Her twitter account was seen liking pro-Vic stuff despite liking anti-Vic stuff earlier in the year, and she has seemingly messaged Rial to say she is not in control of her twitter account. It's also become more common knowledge that Nadolny was removed from the series partially due to her multiple criminal charges, which we've known about for years. I think it's important to not listen to misinformation from people like Yellowflash or Rekieta or Perfection or any number of the Vic defense squad, and certainly nobody from the doxxing forum currently attacking his detractors. There is substantial proof that Vic is a sexual predator, and even if not, there is proof enough that Rial, Marchi and Toye were justified in identifying him as such, and Funimation having probable cause to fire him. That's all true, it's on the public records and in the courtroom. There is not even a single person claiming to be a victim of what Huber alleges here, let alone proof any of it happened. You can bet that if everyone calling Vic a creep was unable to actually name a single victim I would be less willing to believe them. Huber also accidentally sabotages the case by confirming Vic's poor reputation among fans has existed for years and was not created by Rial, Toye and Marchi this year, meaning it's not much of a fucking defamation when he was already damaged. The audio "leaks" here are years old, and have actually been around for years, discussed and apologized for by the cast at conventions. That doesn't justify or excuse hurtful language in the case of Schemmel, but it's important to remember here that the only reason they've been brought up and supposedly stigmatized is to create a false dichotomy between Vic's firing and everyone else staying. It is for no reason but to slander and attack everyone at Funi out of spite, for something that, if you have any knowledge of sexual assault, public figures, how celebrities abuse power, false accusations, power dynamics between victims and the public, or defamation suits, has a pretty fucking obvious answer. It should be telling that once this case's documents first got released the entirety of law twitter not only deconstructed how incompetent Vic's legal team was (and still do), but many were also convinced of the man and his team's obvious underhanded behavior just from what's been said in the depos and affidavits, despite having no prior knowledge of the anime community. There is no way for Vic to be innocent without breaching conspiracy theory, and it should come as no shock that the crazy people in his gang would make a completely baseless accusation of their own.
  11. Fuck you Nintendo

  12. Steven Universe movie was a radical departure from the show, it didn't spend 75% of it's runtime on boring human civilians before squeezing all the interesting content into the last quarter.

    1. Wraith


      I will never understand why people would rather watch pearl get in her feelings about rose for the literal 8th time over the diverse cast of Beach City's continued growth as people 

    2. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Compare a building with too many floors to a collapsing one that has no foundation and keeps wasting my time with bland sitcom plots

    3. Wraith


      I legit dont understand, did people really need this movie to retrace the development of the gems for nearly an hour? Again?

    4. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Is that what I said?

      The show wastes time on focusing on the beach city residents, who aside from a couple are boring. The movie doesn't do that. That doesn't mean what it does do is beyond criticism, but that's not what I'm talking about.

    5. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      Ya'll sure got your priorities mixed up.

  13. Posting this kickass song just incase anyone has read my comments and still hasn't heard of this band

  14. I'm glad more people have caught on to Mike Cernovich being the actual culprit in the James Gunn debacle, and are seeing the pattern with alt-right Vic stans trying to "take down" Funimation for decades-old offensive humor

    1. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Not to justify Schemmel going on an f-slur ramble, or anything. That's still shitty and he would do well to address and apologize for it, but the false equivalence drawn by these dumbfuck Vic chuds is deplorable, and knowing that this audio was only released as an attempt to "punish" the people who spoke out in favor of victims makes the whole situation messier.

    2. Solly



      None of the people pointing to the old Funi recordings and crying hypocrisy are actually, genuinely offended or bothered by their content in any way. They'd probably be defending it if they weren't already entrenched in their own idiot culture war trying to defend Vic.

      It reminds me of when they called out Greg Doucette for wearing traditional African garb in law school (during some world culture event where he was asked to) and compared that to Rekieta wearing blackface. They make dipshit false equivalencies like this because they actually don't understand the difference. 

    3. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      It’s like, 10 years old at least too. That doesn’t make it right or good, but there is a distinction between old stupidity and new stupidity. If there’s not any reason to think they’re proud of old stupidity or have repeated it recently, then it’s almost certainly something they’ve realized was wrong. They should openly say such and maybe compensate affected people somehow, but beyond that they’ve done everything they can to atone for their mistake.

      That and people take for granted the awareness of LGBT+ issues today, but (in the US at least) the dismantling of anti-LGBT+ cultural norms and beliefs is actually shockingly recent. Watching 2000-2010 TV shows can be jarring for me these days because of how much homophobia and transphobia they often have— which would have seemed subtle and acceptable at the time of release, but that we can now see is blatant and awful. I could see people being bigoted about LGBT+ related things in the 2000s but realize that they were very wrong and become ashamed of their prior bigotry in the 2010s.

      Part of progress is letting good people atone, be forgiven, and move forward even when their mistakes are serious. (Not that the alt right was ever fond of progression, of course...)

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