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  1. Y'know barring moral dilemmas I think how you present your opinion is always gonna be more important than what that opinion is.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Why I have a personal grudge against this game


      Why this game is the worst game ever created in history

    2. KHCast


      “Sonic sucks.” Bad

      ”Sonic sucks :).” Good?

    3. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Well the second one comes off as either patronizing or kinky, and neither of those are good

    4. blueblur98


      i've seen some people say that someone's opinion is wrong and they shouldn't like/dislike (mostly the former) a game, and people are so quick to come to their defense when i rightfully call them out saying 'they're just expressing their opinion!!!!'

      like, yeah, they are, but it's in a way that's against a certain mindset that the person seems to hate just because they don't personally agree with it. 

    5. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Eh, I care more about the actual opinion than the presentation. You can be as polite and friendly while presenting it as you want, if I think there's something wrong with it I'm calling it out. 

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