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  1. You know I think a really big part of the reason that Undertale's reception turned out just the way it did was that the game, in having multiple endings, basically squanders it's own right to do so by making an "obviously correct" choice, per say. So much of the game is about subversion, surprises and unexpected happenings, and the community at large pushes for everyone to go in as "un-spoiled" as possible, and to play the game the way THEY want to. But the problem with this, is that if anyone picks an option other than true pacifist, they're gonna be going through some pain. The combat in the game is incredibly bare-bones, and every possible neutral ending is just some white text on a black screen. If you play the game with no knowledge of what is or isn't "right" to get the best ending, you're gonna have to replay the entire thing over again because you'll likely kill SOMETHING in the process. And if you go for no-mercy, well then it doesn't even LET you see a True Pacifist ending, not naturally at least. That's not to mention that the gameplay in the Genocide route is absolutely mind-numbing in how repetitive and un-engaging it is. While I don't know at all what Deltarune is going to turn out as, I'm glad it only has one ending, because it means avoiding the backseat gaming mentality of the first game, and a more focused approach that means Toby Fox is telling the story he wants to regardless of what the player feels it should be.


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