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  1. Vic "well Trump and Clinton got away with it" Mignogna

    Vic "that could be anyone's dick" Mignogna

    Vic "she's a 1000 year-old dragon so it's okay" Mignogna

    Vic "sorry for getting caught" Mignogna

    Vic "well I did it but she shouldn't have talked" Mignogna

    Vic "but everyone else was doing her it" Mignogna

    Vic "twincest is wincest" Mignogna

    Vic "cheating on my wife is part of my faith" Mignogna

    Vic "suing the accusers didn't work for Bill Cosby, but I'm white" Mignogna

    Vic "high schools have the most bachelorettes" Mignogna

    Vic "it's not grooming if I say I didn't know" Mignogna

    Vic "I didn't make out with the kid in a sexual way" Mignogna

    1. KHCast


      Scumbag lawyer in defense of him: “Okay, BUT...”

    2. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Nick "just lie bro" Rekieta

      Nick "testimony isn't evidence" Rekieta

      Nick "I don't need experience" Rekieta

      Nick "blackface lawyer" Rekieta

      Nick "freeze peach" Rekieta

      Nick "they're all lying virgin sluts" Rekieta

      Nick "racism OWNS the SJWs" Rekieta

      Nick "you don't need control of your own gofundme" Rekieta

      Nick "Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux are awesome" Rekieta

      Nick "pray to god that Vic lies" Rekieta

      Nick "anti-racist is slang for anti-white" Rekieta

      Nick "calling people fascist is the REAL fascism" Rekieta

      Nick "1488" Rekieta

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