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  1. I'm glad more people have caught on to Mike Cernovich being the actual culprit in the James Gunn debacle, and are seeing the pattern with alt-right Vic stans trying to "take down" Funimation for decades-old offensive humor

    1. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Not to justify Schemmel going on an f-slur ramble, or anything. That's still shitty and he would do well to address and apologize for it, but the false equivalence drawn by these dumbfuck Vic chuds is deplorable, and knowing that this audio was only released as an attempt to "punish" the people who spoke out in favor of victims makes the whole situation messier.

    2. Solly



      None of the people pointing to the old Funi recordings and crying hypocrisy are actually, genuinely offended or bothered by their content in any way. They'd probably be defending it if they weren't already entrenched in their own idiot culture war trying to defend Vic.

      It reminds me of when they called out Greg Doucette for wearing traditional African garb in law school (during some world culture event where he was asked to) and compared that to Rekieta wearing blackface. They make dipshit false equivalencies like this because they actually don't understand the difference. 

    3. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      It’s like, 10 years old at least too. That doesn’t make it right or good, but there is a distinction between old stupidity and new stupidity. If there’s not any reason to think they’re proud of old stupidity or have repeated it recently, then it’s almost certainly something they’ve realized was wrong. They should openly say such and maybe compensate affected people somehow, but beyond that they’ve done everything they can to atone for their mistake.

      That and people take for granted the awareness of LGBT+ issues today, but (in the US at least) the dismantling of anti-LGBT+ cultural norms and beliefs is actually shockingly recent. Watching 2000-2010 TV shows can be jarring for me these days because of how much homophobia and transphobia they often have— which would have seemed subtle and acceptable at the time of release, but that we can now see is blatant and awful. I could see people being bigoted about LGBT+ related things in the 2000s but realize that they were very wrong and become ashamed of their prior bigotry in the 2010s.

      Part of progress is letting good people atone, be forgiven, and move forward even when their mistakes are serious. (Not that the alt right was ever fond of progression, of course...)

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