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  1. I have to say for the delay that I'm not surprised at all that they decided to delay, but what I'm a bit surprised about is that they delayed it all the way to May of next year. Also, and again, I really wished that SEGA would just advertise their games to the public with content that's actually worth it instead of just randomly and sparingly splash screenshots up and not say anything for almost half a year at times. Like what the others said, go all out like the Crash Team Racing ads. SEGA really likes to make things harder than it looks at times, which is almost every time it seems.

  2. For Classic Sonic, yes. But for modern Sonic? Not really. Classic Sonic to me had that edge that at least make people, especially me, appreciate him in the 90s and even now because how much badass things he could do while fighting robots without being a try hard. He even exuded some of that coolness factor in his expressions. Sonic Mania at least managed to bring back that feeling, especially with Sonic Mania Adventures. It's the details like that seem effective. Modern Sonic I feel comes off obnoxious rather than cool in the recent games, or at least too try hard while trying to tell lame jokes or make really awful puns making us think that he's cool, but that's due to really inept writing. They could really use some better writers to write better dialogue. Also the design I feel is a part of that factor as well. I guess this is probably why I'm favoring more to Classic Sonic these days.

  3. Back to add some more to the list, here's ten to make up for my absence.

    Sonic the Hedgehog (SEGA Master System/Game Gear):


    1. Bridge Zone

    2. Scrap Brain Zone

    3. Bonus Stage

    4. Ending Credits

    5. Boss Theme

    6. Labyrinth Zone

    7. Sky Base Zone

    8. Jungle Zone

    9. Title Screen

    10. Invincibility

    Sonic Rush:


    1. What U Need

    2. Vela Nova

    3. Back 2 Back (Blazy Mix)

    4. Get Edgy

    5. Jeh Jeh Rocket (Blazy Mix)

    6. Ethno Circus

    7. Wrapped in Black

    8. What U Need (Blazy Mix)

    9. Metal Scratchin'

    10. Right There, Ride On (Blazy Mix)

    Sonic the Hedgehog (2006):


    1. [Boss] Solaris Phase 2

    2. Soleanna New City

    3. White Acropolis ~The Base~

    4. Wave Ocean ~The Inlet~

    5. Tropical Jungle ~The Ruins~

    6. [Boss] Egg Wyvern

    7. Radical Train ~The Abandoned Mine~

    8. Kingdom Valley ~Wind ~ The Castle ~ Lakeside ~ Water~

    9. Aquatic Base ~Level 1~

    10. Dreams of an Absolution ~Theme of Silver the Hedgehog~

    x. Tropical Jungle ~The Jungle ~ The Swamp~

    x. Dusty Desert ~Quicksand~

    x. [Boss] Mephiles

    Sonic Rush Adventure:


    1. A New Venture

    2. Haunted Ship

    3. Boss - Deep Core

    4. Waterbike

    5. Machine Labyrinth

    6. Pirates Island

    7. Blizzard Peaks

    8. Boss - Whisker & Johnny

    9. Sea Map

    10. Boss - Big Swell

    Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity:


    1. Un-gravitify

    2. Aquatic Time

    3. Catch Me If You Can

    4. Gadget Round

    5. Blast Town

    6. Sealed Ground

    7. Multi Attack

    8. The Core

    9. Dive into Gravity

    10. Through Traffic

    Sonic Unleashed:


    1. Holoska - Night

    2. Perfect Dark Gaia Final Battle

    3. Savannah Citadel - Night

    4. Dragon Road - Day

    5. Shamar - Day

    6. Arid Sands - Night

    7. Egg Dragoon

    8. Skyscraper Scamper - Day

    9. Rooftop Run - Night

    10. Empire City - Day

    x. Dragon Road - Night

    x. Chun-Nan - Night

    x. Tornado Defense - 1st Battle

    x. Windmill Isle - Night

    x. Adabat - Day

    Sonic Colors:


    1. Aquarium Park Act 1

    2. Aquarium Park Act 2

    3. Planet Wisp Map

    4. Sweet Mountain Act 3

    5. Planet Wisp Act 1

    6. Starlight Carnival Map

    7. Theme of Sonic Colors

    8. Terminal Velocity Act 1

    9. Starlight Carnival Act 1

    10. Vs. Captain Jelly & Admiral Jelly

    x. Starlight Carnival Act 2

    x. Asteroid Coaster Map

    x. Terminal Velocity Map

    x. Nega Wisp Armor Phase One

    Sonic Generations (360/PS3/PC):


    1. Rooftop Run (Classic)

    2. Collection Room

    3. Rooftop Run (Modern)

    4. Rival Battle: Metal Sonic

    5. Crisis City (Classic)

    6. Rival Battle: Silver the Hedgehog

    7. Speed Highway (Classic)

    8. Crisis City (Modern)

    9. Green Hill (Modern)

    10. Challenge/Mission: Emerald Beach

    x. Sky Sanctuary (Modern)

    x. Challenge/Mission: Balloon Park

    Sonic Lost World:


    1. Honeycomb Highway

    2. Sea Bottom Segue

    3. Dr. Eggman Showdown

    4. The Deadly Six Theme (Orchestra Ver.)

    5. Silent Forest Zone 1

    6. Wonder World

    7. Frozen Factory Zone 1

    8. Tilt the Machine

    9. Desert Ruins Zone 1

    10. Windy Hill Zone 1

    x. Tropical Coast Zone 1

    x. Tornado Time

    x. Juicy Archipelago

    x. Sugar Lane

    Sonic Runners:


    1. Spring Emotions

    2. Going My Way!

    3. Magical Snow Day

    4. Fiery Passion

    5. Strange Parade

    6. Fly Away

    7. Where to Today?

    8. Power Ride

    9. Theory of Attack

    10. Go Quickly


  4. Sonic the Fighters:


    1. Death Egg's Eye ~ Never Let It Go

    2. Casino Night ~ Here We Go

    3. Aurora Icefield ~ Black Bed

    4. Canyon Cruise ~ Blue Garden

    5. Sunset Town

    6. Mission Complete

    7. Dynamite Plant ~ Try Again

    8. Ending Theme ~ Take Me Away

    9. Mushroom Hill ~ Come On, Mr. Sonic

    10. Giant Wing ~ Fire Stone

    x. Sonic Vs. Knuckles ~ North Wind

    x. Super Sonic ~ Everything

    Sonic 3D Blast (SEGA Saturn):


    1. Special Stage

    2. Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2

    3. Diamond Dust Zone Act 1

    4. Green Grove Zone Act 2

    5. Spring Stadium Zone Act 1

    6. Puppet Panic Zone Act 1

    7. Green Grove Zone Act 1

    8. Diamond Dust Zone Act 2

    9. Gene Gadget Zone Act 1

    10. Volcano Valley Zone Act 2

    x. You're My Hero

    x. Boss Battle

    Sonic Advance 2:


    1. Ice Paradise Act 2

    2. Music Plant Act 2

    3. Hot Crater Act 2

    4. Egg Utopia Act 1

    5. Boss 7 - Pinch

    6. Techno Base Act 2

    7. Knuckles Boss

    8. Sky Canyon Act 1

    9. Leaf Forest Act 1

    10. True Area 53

    x. Hot Crater Act 1

    x. Music Plant Act 1

    Sonic Battle:


    1. Library

    2. Chaos Battle

    3. Club Rouge

    4. Holly Summit (Crater)

    5. Final Battle

    6. Metal Depot

    7. Emerald Beach

    8. Emerl Configuration

    9. Tails' Lab

    10. Amy's Room

    x. Chao Ruins

    x. Battle Highway

    x. Phi Battle

    x. Gimme Shelter

    Sonic Advance 3:


    1. Cyber Track Act 2

    2. Ocean Base Act 3

    3. Chaos Angel Act 1

    4. Route 99 Act 1

    5. Final Boss

    6. Altar Emerald

    7. Twinkle Snow Act 3

    8. Toy Kingdom Act 1

    9. Special Stage

    10. Boss - Pinch

    x. EX Boss

    x. Chaos Angel Act 2

    x. Twinkle Snow - Map

    x. Chaos Angel Boss


  5. I'm in the same boat with everyone when saying that this is a rather underwhelming starting roster list tbh, even less so than vanilla MvC 3. It's really disappointing that it seems legit. Both sides of the roster are really rough, but I think it's bit worse with Marvel's side because of the lack of X-Men and Fantastic Four characters, thanks to Marvel having to use MCU-only characters as their main representatives, until DLC at least. Although Capcom has no excuses either as they lack any of the other classic Capcom characters that appeared from the previous MvC series, it saddens me greatly. The only returning characters are ones from MvC 3 and Ultimate edition and that's it. Also, only four female characters out of this list is just ridiculous. I really want to stay positive about MvC: Infinite, but this just really sucked a lot of interest I had in this game.

  6. Came right back here to put five more here:

    Sonic the Hedgehog (SEGA Genesis):


    1. Star Light Zone

    2. Labyrinth Zone

    3. Scrap Brain Zone

    4. Spring Yard Zone

    5. Green Hill Zone

    6. Credits

    7. Boss

    8. Final Zone

    9. Marble Zone

    10. Special Stage

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (SEGA Genesis):


    1. Mystic Cave Zone

    2. Aquatic Ruins Zone

    3. Chemical Plant Zone

    4. Emerald Hill Zone

    5. Credits

    6. Final Boss

    7. Sky Chase Zone

    8. Casino Night Zone

    9. Hidden Palace Zone

    10. Mystic Cave Zone - 2P Race

    x. Boss

    x. Wing Fortress

    Sonic the Hedgehog 3:


    1. Launch Base Zone Act 1

    2. Hydrocity Zone Act 2

    3. Final Boss

    4. Chrome Gadget

    5. Special Stage

    6. Angel Island Zone Act 1

    7. Data Select

    8. Mini Boss

    9. Azure Lake

    10. Balloon Park

    x. Ice Cap Zone Act 1

    x. Competition Menu

    x. Endless Mine

    Sonic and Knuckles:


    1. Lava Reef Zone Act 1

    2. Credits

    3. Death Egg Zone Act 1

    4. Major Boss

    5. Flying Battery Zone Act 2

    6. Mushroom Hill Zone Act 2

    7. Knuckles' Theme

    8. Bonus Stage: Gumball Machine

    9. Lava Reef Zone Act 2/Hidden Palace Zone

    10. Sky Sanctuary Zone

    x. Sandopolis Zone Act 1

    x. Flying Battery Zone Act 1

    Sonic 3D Blast (SEGA Genesis):


    1. Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2

    2. Volcano Valley Zone Act 2

    3. Gene Gadget Zone Act 1

    4. Puppet Panic Zone Act 2

    5. Credits

    6. Boss

    7. Diamond Dust Zone Act 2

    8. Green Grove Zone Act 1

    9. Diamond Dust Zone Act 1

    10. The Final Fight

    x. Spring Stadium Zone Act 1

    x. Special Stage


  7. I was surprised to see this thread, so I might as well participate in this one as well. I'm gonna start off with the first five Sonic games that came to my mind at the moment:

    Sonic the Hedgehog CD (Japanese):



    1. Palmtree Panic – Good Future

    2. Stardust Speedway – Present

    3. Metallic Madness – Good Future

    4. Tidal Tempest – Present

    5. Stardust Speedway – Bad Future

    6. Cosmic Eternity

    7. Final Fever

    8. Quartz Quadrant – Good Future

    9. Collision Chaos – Good Future

    10. D. A Garden

    x. Tidal Tempest – Good Future

    x. Boss

    x. You Can Do Anything


    Sonic Advance 1:



    1. Egg Rocket Zone

    2. Casino Paradise Zone Act 1

    3. Angel Island Zone Act 1

    4. Secret Base Zone Act 1

    5. Cosmic Angel Zone

    6. Ice Mountain Zone Act 1

    7. Neo Green Hill Zone Act 1

    8. Casino Paradise Zone Act 2

    9. Secret Base Zone Act 2

    10. Angel Island Zone Act 2

    x. Special Stage

    x. X-Zone Third Boss


    Sonic Adventure 1:



    1. At Dawn – Speed Highway

    2. Mt. Red, A Symbol of Thrill – Red Mountain

    3. Be Cool, Be Wild, and Be Groovy – Ice Cap

    4. Tricky Maze – Lost World

    5. Letz Get This Party Started – CHAO Race

    6. A Song That Keeps Us on the Move – Egg Carrier

    7. Dilapidated Way – Casinopolis

    8. Red Barrage Area – Hot Shelter

    9. Crank Up The Heat!! – Final Egg

    10. Azure Blue World – Emerald Coast

    x. Invincible… No Fear!

    x. Welcome to Station Square – Station Square

    x. It Doesn’t Matter

    x. Pleasure Castle – Twinkle Park

    x. Sky Deck A Go Go! – Sky Deck


    Sonic Adventure 2:



    1. That’s the Way I Like It – Metal Harbor

    2. Soarin’ Over the Space – Cosmic Wall

    3. Space Trip Steps – Meteor Herd

    4. Deeper - Death Chamber

    5. I'm a Spy - Security Hall

    6. Trespasser – Lost Colony

    7. Suitable Opponent

    8. On the Edge – Eternal Engine

    9. A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup – Pumpkin Hill

    10. Escape from the City – City Escape

    x. Scramble for the Core – Cannon’s Core Ver. 1

    x. Chasing Drive – Kart

    x. Vengeance is Mine - Radical Highway


    Sonic Heroes:



    1. Frog Forest Zone

    2. Mystic Mansion Zone

    3. Egg Fleet Zone

    4. System Select

    5. Bingo Highway Zone

    6. Special Stage: Bonus Challenge

    7. Power Plant Zone

    8. Ocean Palace Zone

    9. Hang Castle Zone

    10. Boss – Egg Albatross

    x. Lost Jungle Zone

    x. Casino Park Zone

    x. Grand Metropolis Zone



  8. Stardust Speedway confirmed and it's the past version no less, which I'm pretty cool with. Can't wait to see how they've changed things up with it in terms of level design. Here's hoping Hydrocity Zone gets picked. So with the talk of that cathedral/castle stage that was sorta revealed on that poster, it makes sense for one of the Heavies (the one holding the ball-and-chain) to be a medieval-styled robot. I'm looking forward for that Ninja stage as well with the ninja-style Heavy. I guess with that magican/circus ringleader, it will be some kind of circus/amusement park type of stage. Just guessing about that one though.

    Man, the game is gonna be coming out in three months (unless there's another delay but I kinda doubt that) and I'm just ever so psyche to finally get my hands on it! :D

  9. I feel like wanting to participate in this event to make up for my lacking presence, so here we go:

    1. How long have you been a Sonic fan?

    For as long as I can remember, I’d say since 1995.

    2. What was your first Sonic game?

    Sonic the Hedgehog (1991).

    3. What initially attracted you to the Sonic the Hedgehog series?

    I got attracted to the series by playing original Sonic the Hedgehog game on Sega Genesis.

    4. How many Sonic games do you currently have? Feel free to count duplicates!

    About 20 of them, and that’s not counting duplicates.

    5. Are you more of a Classic or Modern Sonic fan?

    I guess it all depends on whatever interests me at the moment, but I would have to be a Classic Sonic fan.

    6. Who is your favorite Sonic character and why?


    I’m probably gonna go with Tails. I always feel like Tails doesn’t ever get a chance to shine all that much, nor do the others for that matter, and I don’t think he ever will in the main games

    Honorable mention:


    Knuckles, he's one of my favorite characters while growing up with the classic series. He is someone who I too feel that doesn’t get any chance to shine in the main games and nowadays is always getting treated like an absolute butt-monkey throughout.

    7. What is your favorite continuity? (SEGA, Archie, SatAM, OVA etc.)

    I would have to probably choose the OVA's continuity.

    8. What is your favorite Sonic quote? This can come from any character.

    This little quote here from Sonic Adventure 1: Tails: "That's Eggman! I wonder what happened to Sonic?"

    9. What is your favorite story in the Sonic franchise?

    Sonic Unleashed.

    10. What is your favorite Sonic cartoon?

    Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, but the Sonic the Hedgehog OVA comes a pretty close second.

    11. What is your favorite cutscene from a Sonic game?

    The Opening cinematic from Sonic Unleashed was probably the best cutscene for me in any Sonic game.

    12. What is your favorite Sonic game?

    Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

    13. What is your favorite Sonic track both vocal and non-vocal?

    For vocal: it’s Open Your Heart from Sonic Adventure 1. For non-vocal: it’s the Perfect Dark Gaia Final Boss theme from Sonic Unleashed.

    14. What is your favorite move from Sonic or any other playable character?

    Tails’ flight, because I love flying over levels that Sonic had trouble with.

    15. What is your favorite Sonic soundtrack?

    Well… this is rather a tough decision because I’m waning between plenty of Sonic soundtracks for many years, but it recently it was boiling down to Sonic Adventure 1 and Sonic CD’s Japanese soundtrack. I think I’m going with Sonic Adventure 1. I guess it’s been hanging around with me the most for a very long time.

    16. What is your favorite image from the series? Please post it here and mention the source.


    17. Which is your favorite voice acting cast?

    The English voice cast that we have now, Studiopolis.

    18. What is your main/favorite Sonic head-canon?

    I don't really have a favorite headcannon per say but I guess I would probably have to choose the Multiverse one, because I actually like those more than the SEGA continuity one to be honest.

    19. What is your favorite recurring level theme (e.g. green forest, space stations, lava ruins)?

    I genuinely have a love for lush tropical island levels.

    20. What is your favorite level from the Sonic games?

    Lava Reef Zone

    21. What was your most memorable year in the franchise for you?

    1999, it’s when I played Sonic Adventure 1 for the very first time after getting a Dreamcast for Christmas, it was pretty set in stone for me there.

    22. What is your one favorite thing in the entire Sonic the Hedgehog series?

    The soundtrack. It's really amazing to me how for the most part the series has constantly pumped out Sonic games that had fantastic soundtracks to them.

    23. What is your favorite trailer for Sonic games revealed?

    The Sonic Mania Trailer, without a doubt, has so far been the recent Sonic game trailer that got me excited and constantly thinking about it.

    24. There are many versions of the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog in the quarter century he has existed across various forms of media. Which one is your favorite version of Sonic and why?

    Classic Sonic, it's the one that I grew up with the most and honestly I like Modern Sonic, but I just tend to gravitate back over to the Classic side on more occasions than not. I just love the simplicity and charm that the classics had going for in the 90s and how playing through the levels was a joyful treat for me. that's not to say that modern games don't have that simplicity and charm, but I guess I just love it more. I can't believe I forgot the classic gameplay since that's where it attracted me to the series the most. It felt the most comfortable to pick up and play with for me too.

    25. More than a quarter of a century and the Blue Blur is still running! What keeps you around at this point?

    Everyone here in SSMB community.

  10. Just saw that Sonic Forces' footage and...



    I'm not really impressed to say the least.

    Well, we do get Green Hill Zone! (yet again) Only this time it looks really, really bland and redundant since we already have Green Hill Zone in Sonic Mania. LOL on that boost pad before the loop in Classic Sonic's portion. Seriously Sonic Team? Also this supposed new character that shows up in this game having a big role and being playable, as opposed to the already existing characters that Sonic Team seems so disinterest to putting any effort to them that isn't Sonic, Tails and Dr. Eggman. I heard about this whole OC creation thing might actually happen because we don't see any real defining features on the character, seeing as he/she's being somewhat heavily silhouetted. I guess that's fine, Phantasy Star Online and Dragon Ball Xenoverse did that so why not.

    I know that I had no expectations or excitement towards this game. because Sonic Team, but jeez man, the more I see of this, the more it further solidifies my disinterest towards Sonic Forces, unless they really do something interesting that might catch my full attention, I'm just gonna continue focusing all my attention on Sonic Mania right now. I jut can't feel ANYTHING with this game, it's just so "eh..."



  11. I saw the episode Mombot and thought it was a pretty funny one. I thought it was hilarious when Mombot prevented Eggman's robots from attacking Sonic, Amy and Sticks since Eggman built eyes on the back of her head. the montage scenes where Mombot taking care of Eggman was sweet. I liked Beth the Shrew in this episode and loved her counter argument to Sticks' "there are no other planets out there" theory. Oh, and I also enjoyed the part where Tails and Knuckles were having a blast testing to see how far Knuckles can hit the coconuts. So, yeah a good episode and a heartwarming one at that too. Now I'm gonna have to catch up and watch Muckfoot some time later.

    In another related Sonic Boom topics, there's another 4-parter episode, huh. That's interesting to know. I'm seriously loving this season so far, with being pack to the brim with multi-part episodes. I'm really trying to force myself  not to look at the spoiler tags,..

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