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  1. Keiji Inafune's hypothetical "American" redesigns for Mega Man and Roll:


    1. Ryannumber1Santa


      Oof, Rock doesn’t look good with his face. 

      I actually like Roll’s design with the additional armour pieces and mega buster, the problem is like the Ruby Spears show, it’s absolutely stupid to have Roll’s weapons/abilities simply be household items.

    2. Harkofthewaa


      I'll give him this, it's better than what we actually did come up with:


      Never Forget.

    3. Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Have you ever been able to tell exactly what someone's voice sounds like just by looking at them?

      Because Rock's looking an awful lot like Patrick Warburton's voice right about now.

    4. Celestia


      I don't mind the idea of Roll using stuff like brooms as weapons but an important caveat is that I think it'd make sense if Rock did the same thing. Like, it fits the idea that they were built to simply be lab assistants.

    5. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      I like the face of the second Rock and the body of the first Rock.

      Roll looks cute but lose the shorts.

    6. Riseodvi



    7. Forte-Metallix


      Is it just me, or does Roll kinda look like Chi-Chi as a kid?

    8. Harkofthewaa
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