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  1. Just once I'd like to see a Yoshi platformer with a new villain. As good as Crafted World looks, I groaned a bit when I saw Kamek and Baby Bowser.

    Just because Mario's been piggybacking off Yoshi for years doesn't mean he has to do the same.

    1. Dejimon11


      Yeah it's weird for a Mario spinoff that tries to differentiate itself from the main series I'd like to see an original villain for once

    2. Adamabba


      the yoshi series is incredibly safe now. i couldnt enjoy wooly world at all

    3. JosepHenry


      These Yoshi games shouldn't even exist tbh, I seriously don't see what it does better than Kirby. 

    4. Nobody


      It was easy to understand his motive to capture Peach. (Though I have to admit, I didn't make the connection that Bowser has a crush on Peach until it was practically openly stated in the first Paper Mario.) But why does his younger self keep kidnapping children?

      Are we supposed to believe that Kamek saw some divine future of Mario preventing Bowsers plans and has since been bent on capturing him? Bowser is pretty persistent, he and Yoshi would be destined for an eternal battle like Link, Zelda and Ganon in another franchise. It is a shame that they don't branch out with new villains or even bring back a one hit wonder or promote a random lackey to antagonist. Maybe like...Birdo?

      Hell, maybe even throw in a curve ball and have King K. Rool appear as the antagonist, posing as Bowser.

      For a company that demands every new instalment bring in some innovation, they don't innovate as much with stories.

      Side note: Didn't Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Baby Wario and Baby Donkey Kong all appear in the same Yoshi game? Doesn't that mean the four of them are practically the same age? Whatever Peach and DK have been taking to remain youthful should've really been shared with Mario and Wario. o_0

    5. Dejimon11


      @JosepHenry It took the best part of super mario world and turned into a full fledge game. That's a justification for it's existence. 

      @-dan- Mario is like 24 so everybody is practically the same age


      Except DK that's confusing and it's best we ignore it


    6. Forte-Metallix



      Yeah the plot of Yoshi's Island is that Kamek's crystal ball showed him how the Koopas were destined for a lifetime of defeats at Mario and Luigi's hands, causing him to try to change his fate but ultimately ensure it. And according to Yoshi's Island DS, Luigi and Yoshi (The one in modern titles) are also the same age as those four babies. (And since that Baby DK is Modern Donkey Kong, I think Nintendo's going back on the idea of the original DK being Cranky)

      Going back to the villain issue, I'd even take Kamek acting on his own. I'm sick of the final boss always being Bowser in some way, shape, or form.

    7. JosepHenry



      I refer to the Story game and after that, I don't count Yoshi's Island, that game is perfect.... I just don't understand why wouldn't they remove the energy and difficulty of the game. Now is just boring. Even the music bores me to tears when YI had the Atlethic Theme.

    8. Adamabba


      ^all i know about the soundtrack is that this is a banger

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