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    Jesus, Sonic, MLP, video games in general, chatting with friends, animals
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    Trapped in the abandoned Skull Egg Zone

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Yo. The name's Rick, but you can call me F. M.

I live in the Lone Star State, and I'm currently working to realize my dream of creating my own video game series.

I'm known for my love of plumbers, hedgehogs, ponies, and turtles. I also enjoy making subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) innuendos and pop-culture references. A good friend is all I need to be in a good mood. (Or, alternately, a slice of pizza) And I'm always up for making new friends IRL, here, or through my Nintendo consoles.

Just know that once I get to know you, I'll always have your back. Just don't trust me to come up with a strategy for anything, as I have a bad habit of not thinking things through.

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