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  1. 2 hours ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    I really hope this is a hint of things to come, I always liked Crunch as a big brother character to Crash and Coco, and thought it sucked that he was reduced to shitty Mr. T parody. 

    Honestly, I thought that was a huge improvement over him just being "the strong guy". At least, like most of the cast in the Titans games, Crunch got some genuine laughs out of me with how over-the-top his inflections were.

    But either way, I'm glad he's finally back! Now we just need Rilla Roo and Spyro and this roster will be perfect!

  2. I was fortunate enough to get the update before maintenance started, so here are my thoughts on the new guy and all his content:


    Joker's pretty tricky to get the hang of, but his launch power when Persona'd up is ridiculous, only surpassed by his unbelievably good recovery.

    His stage is pretty fun, especially with the music-specific aesthetics, but there's one major complaint I have: The Morgana car in the background is constantly meowing, and it gets grating pretty darn quickly.

    His Classic Route is called Shadows, and it involves "purifying" characters one-by-one, with each enemy joining you with a brighter color scheme in the next round. (You only get one ally at a time, though) Final boss is the Hands on Omega Mementos. Kinda lame, but I guess it fits, given the voice actors.

    There's a new Spirit Board that's exclusive to DLC Spirits. You get infinite tries for all of them, and you don't have to shoot the Spirit after winning to get them. Don't know enough about Persona to get most of the references, but the final fight is a Legend-tier gauntlet against the Phantom Thieves. (Each one represented by the same character who plays them in their individual Spirit Fight.) Final opponent is Joker, who gets a free Final Smash when he's on the verge of defeat.

    All-in-all, this is a pretty interesting new character. Can't say I'll be maining him, but he's at least fun. Mementos would be one of my favorites if it wasn't for the obnoxious cat noises. (Not even Mass Destruction is enough to drown them out)


  3. 18 minutes ago, Strickerx5 said:

    And side note, I must be missing something here. Was it ever explained how they were holding off the Everfree from destroying everything without the tree? I swear it was never said but this episode acts like it was.

    I think they were trying to imply Starswirl has been personally maintaining it, like he and the Pillars did before the Tree was planted. (Except now he's either doing it solo or with the Royal Sisters, who said fighting the forest off with him was the most fun they had in years.)

  4. Having finally caught up on this show and seen the S9 premiere, I'm wondering...


    Is Sombra's untimely demise meant to foreshadow how the villains will be picked off one-by-one throughout the season, or will we get a proper climax with all of them at once? I'm really hoping it's the latter. Sombra was pretty great in his brief return, but I'd rather see Grogar's "use teamwork against the heroes" plan in action.

    As for my other hopes for this season, I'd really like to finally get an answer on Spike's origins. I know Father Knows Beast gave a good message about how true family bonds go beyond blood relations, but it'd be nice to at least know how his egg ended up in Canterlot.

  5. 42 minutes ago, Candescence said:

    I don't think anyone can top this one.

    The best April Fools jokes for me are the ones that make you legitimately doubt if it's actually fake even when you know it is ahead of time. Like... This looks like an actual legit Splatoon mobile spin-off, even if there are small details that indicate lack of polish, mainly animations.


    That proposal at the end was the most wholesome thing I've ever seen.

  6. Before we delve into the wacky world of Sam and Max, we've got a special surprise for you all: Tomorrow, 4/1 at the usual time (10:00 GMT, 5:00 PM EST), we will be hosting a marathon of fan-favorite episodes from each show Motobug has covered thus far!

    Be there for one beloved entry apiece from Sonic X, SatAM, Underground, AoStH, Kirby RBaY, Mario Super Show, Donkey Kong Country, and the recently-completed Ruby-Spears Mega Man! What episodes, you may ask? You'll have to see for yourself!

  7. Before we delve into the wacky world of Sam and Max, we've got a special surprise for you all: Tomorrow, 4/1 at the usual time (10:00 GMT, 5:00 PM EST), we will be hosting a marathon of fan-favorite episodes from each show Motobug has covered thus far!

    Be there for one beloved entry apiece from Sonic X, SatAM, Underground, AoStH, Kirby RBaY, Mario Super Show, Donkey Kong Country, and the recently-completed Ruby-Spears Mega Man! What episodes, you may ask? You'll have to see for yourself!

  8. My most trusted game review channel has given their final verdict on this crafty new title:

    tl;dr: It's a solid platformer with tons of creativity and charm, but there's a disgusting amount of backtracking for 100% completion that isn't even necessary to unlock all the levels, and the soundtrack's pretty weak.

    I'm definitely picking this up someday, but I'm gonna wait for a price drop. Right now, Crash/Spyro and Mario Maker 2 are my top priorities for Switch.

  9. It all ends this Saturday, and not a moment too soon.

    Next- and LAST- time on Moto Man:

    Episode 25: Bad Day At Peril Park
    Episode 26: Mega X
    Episode 27: Crime of The Century

    And as a special treat, we're also watching Day of Sigma (to tie into the MMX episode),  Episode 1 of Team Sonic Racing Overdrive, and then a series of Sam and Max shorts to prepare us for the next marathon!

    Join us one last time for everlasting pain peace!

  10. 2 hours ago, E-122-Psi said:

    While the selfies and girly things are maybe too far, I think they're too small a part for me to care. It's nothing like say, Radical-era Coco where she was non-stop stereotypically ditzy and obnoxiously teen-like. Since Aku Aku became a proper character, Coco being the mature foil feels a bit redundant anyway, I like her being more the middle ground, more sapient than Crash but still fooling around with him and having a childish streak sometimes. He doesn't have a lot of allies so he may as well have one he can relate to a little. Besides that isn't the 'saner housewife' dynamic kinda cliche now as well?

    I like Coco being as goofy and flawed as Crash and there being some sort of balance in the competence level, rather than the now long overdone cliche of the female character being a blandly smarter, saner and overall 'better' person than the male character to the point of being boring (which is even more dangerous here since Coco shares nearly all of Crash's powers, why have a more competent version of Crash?). I love her expressiveness, I love her complete lack of immunity to slapstick (which is considered a rare treat with female characters), I love her dancing and laughing with her brother in the idle animations, I love her interactive moodiness towards the player whenever you screw up, I love how, despite the excuse of her playability in the remakes being detrimental in cases like Crash 2, something like that still feels in-character for her. I love she is a fallible and amusing character that takes part in the fun rather than a lifeless pandering to the female gender.

    Even besides that, I love the rare archetype of a smart non-villainous character that is still kind of wacky and fun loving and doesn't act like they're ashamed to be around their less intellectual family and friends. It's actually kind of sweet how much she thinks the world of Crash, and to be fair she's not always wrong to. I don't remember much of a bond between them in the earlier games where she was saner, while the later playful Coco got way more cute interactions with him.

    Agreed. Coco's a thousand times more interesting when she's a genius who's not above her brother's tomfoolery. Even the infamous Titans games had some adorable interactions between them, like how kidnapping her is one of the very few ways to truly tick Crash off. And even though both siblings are goofy, they still have enough unique traits to not feel like clones of each other- Coco loves science and tinkering (Even though some of her inventions are completely impractical, like a butter-recycler), and Crash is lazy, reckless, and too trusting for his own good. (Crunch also fits nicely into the family in the Titans games. I don't really care if he's Mr. T; he had a lot of funny lines and an actual personality for the first time)

    I'm really not a fan of the Women are Wiser trope (Or the inverse, for that matter), so I applaud later games for establishing that these two are on equal footing despite having different skills and interests.

  11. 1 hour ago, Rowl said:

    And as for the four trophy girls. I'm still not 100% if they will be in this game. You guys know how Social Justice Warriors are. Maybe they will start complaining about, why the majority of the female characters in this game are reduced to background characters and not been playable or cry about the name "trophy girl", meaning for them, that guys own a girl as a trophy. 

    SJWs are the worst. But if the four trophy girls will not show up in the game, you can thank those pc people for that. 

    I only see two ways how they will handle them. They either write them off completely or make them playable racers. 

    If Tawna got to stick around, I see no reason why the trophy girls wouldn't.

    Anyways, loving Oxide's voice and face lift! Can't wait to see how disgustingly broken he is as a playable racer!

  12. 21 minutes ago, Operationgamer17 said:


    Added an option to toggle motion blur on/off under the Options → Camera menu

    Fixed progression and completion bugs impacting Wizard Peak, Hurricos, Fracture Fills, Lost Fleet, Fireworks Factory, and Charmed Ridge
    Fixed camera bugs in Sgt. Byrd's Base
    and Dino Mines
    Stability improvement fix in Spider Town
    Additional misc. bug-fixes and improvements impacting Glimmer and Ripto's Arena


    Oh, thank heavens. Still haven't played this trilogy, but I've heard horror stories about these levels in particular. (Though I recall the original Byrd's Base having a bad camera, too)

  13. I feel Eggman's attitude in the latest issue is another prime example of the most important aspect of his character: His enormous ego has always been his biggest undoing. Just about every incarnation, no matter how goofy or terrifying, has gotten at least one opportunity to easily bump off Sonic, but chose not to because it "wouldn't be fun".

    SatAM: Letting Sonic into the Doomsday base so he could see it for himself.

    AoStH: Openly admitting he'd rather keep Sonic in a dungeon to taunt him for the rest of his life.

    OVA: Could've turned the fake generator into an actual bomb and remotely detonate it when Sonic got in range, but he chose to just bluff so he could complete Metal Sonic, who'd theoretically beat Sonic at his own game.

    Pre-reboot Archie: Revealed around issue 175 that he'd been toying with the Freedom Fighters all along for his amusement.

    Fleetway: Literally became a reality-warping god at one point, but chose to use his powers solely to mess with Sonic, until he goaded Robotnik into restoring Knuckles as his ally, which proved to be his undoing.

    X and Boom: Didn't really want to kill Sonic, but would occasionally try it for opportunity's sake.

    Eggman is a legitimate threat, more than capable of conquering the world if he dealt with his enemies practically. But as Amy once told him in StC: "Sonic's not your worst enemy. YOU are!" 

    But between this and his hilariously-sadistic experiments with the animals, I think IDW's Eggman is gonna be a fine balance of endearing and formidable.

  14. I'd definitely like to see more independent villains. Folks like Knuckles and Shadow deserve to have their own recurring enemies, like with Thrash and Eclipse. (rip ;n;) And if Worlds Unite did anything right, it showed that the Deadly Six have potential under a competent writer. Heck, even Runners made them a lot less one-note by adding interesting quirks. (Zor being very poetic, Zeena having a savage wit, etc.)

    Don't get me wrong- I'm loving the new rouge's gallery and what IDW's doing with Eggman and Metal Sonic, but after this arc, it'd be nice to redistribute the wealth among the dark side.

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