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  1. BREAKING NEWS: An EEEEEEEVIL Koopa Wizard has been spotted on the court! Next Monday, you too can serve up trouble with ol' Wizen-whatchamacallit- I mean, Kamek! No foolin'!
  2. My most trusted game review channel has given their final verdict on this crafty new title: tl;dr: It's a solid platformer with tons of creativity and charm, but there's a disgusting amount of backtracking for 100% completion that isn't even necessary to unlock all the levels, and the soundtrack's pretty weak. I'm definitely picking this up someday, but I'm gonna wait for a price drop. Right now, Crash/Spyro and Mario Maker 2 are my top priorities for Switch.
  3. It all ends this Saturday, and not a moment too soon. Next- and LAST- time on Moto Man: Episode 25: Bad Day At Peril Park Episode 26: Mega X Episode 27: Crime of The Century And as a special treat, we're also watching Day of Sigma (to tie into the MMX episode), Episode 1 of Team Sonic Racing Overdrive, and then a series of Sam and Max shorts to prepare us for the next marathon! Join us one last time for everlasting pain peace!
  4. Even though I'm a bit jealous of the retro skins PS4 owners get, I'm pretty happy CTR-NF is incorporating Nitro Kart into it. While that game wasn't as good and probably couldn't sustain its own remake, it still had some nice stuff that'll help enhance its predecessor. 

    (Also, the GBA version of Nitro Kart had Spyro. Hint-hint)

  5. It's finally here, Fazbros: Animations and a few models look pretty WIP, but I'm loving the atmosphere, and seeing folks like the Puppet move around for the first time sends 41 flavors of chills down my spine! Let's hope the final product can breathe some new life into this brilliant horror series!
  6. Agreed. Coco's a thousand times more interesting when she's a genius who's not above her brother's tomfoolery. Even the infamous Titans games had some adorable interactions between them, like how kidnapping her is one of the very few ways to truly tick Crash off. And even though both siblings are goofy, they still have enough unique traits to not feel like clones of each other- Coco loves science and tinkering (Even though some of her inventions are completely impractical, like a butter-recycler), and Crash is lazy, reckless, and too trusting for his own good. (Crunch also fits nicely into the family in the Titans games. I don't really care if he's Mr. T; he had a lot of funny lines and an actual personality for the first time) I'm really not a fan of the Women are Wiser trope (Or the inverse, for that matter), so I applaud later games for establishing that these two are on equal footing despite having different skills and interests.
  7. Sonic Heroes has the best casino zone, not-Green Hill, and Super boss in the series. (But the worst Special Stages)

  8. Life-size Mewtwo statue in Japan to promote the First Movie remake:


    1. Red


      Looks cool. Still hoping the dub version is going to use the Japanese script. The dub did a great job with The Power of Us so I'm holding out hope..

  9. If Tawna got to stick around, I see no reason why the trophy girls wouldn't. Anyways, loving Oxide's voice and face lift! Can't wait to see how disgustingly broken he is as a playable racer!
  10. I got to hand-feed some bears today. What have y'all been up to?

    1. Ferno


      not feeding hands to bears

      people need those

    2. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Were they bouncing here and there and everywhere?

    3. Jango


      How come anyone here top that tho'? My day sucked haha

  11. Apparently Detective Pikachu has roughly 60 different Pokemon (Beware of spoilers in link):


    1. Blacklightning


      It's hard to remember there being that many Pokemon in the original game, but I think it's kinda telling that there were a *lot* of minor Pokemon roles in the game. There were a lot of them that didn't even contribute anything as witnesses and were kinda just there for atmosphere and filler.

  12. https://gonintendo.com/stories/331041-the-detective-pikachu-film-team-actually-tested-what-danny-devito "Can I offer you a Mystery Egg in this trying time?" Seems the producers shared our original idea for Pikachu's VA. Ah, well. I'm pretty happy with how Reynolds is (volt)tackling the role.
  13. Now that Sonic's panel is done and dusted, it's time to go back into the dumpster! This week on Moto Man: Episode 21: The Day the Moon Fell Episode 22: Campus Commandos Episode 23: Brain Bots Episode 24: Bro Bots (Reportedly the best episode this show has to offer)
  14. One nice attention to detail in TSR: Overdrive is that Tyson remembers Froggy isn't supposed to have a tail anymore. (Something that's bugged me with his cameos in the past decade)

  15. I'm actually interested in Team Sonic Racing now.

    Sega did a better job of marketing it today than in the last year. See what happens when you actually show faith and passion for your product?

  16. Beautiful animation, hilarious antics, high-speed thrills, good character moments like Amy teasing Sonic and Knuckles faceplanting into the road, and lots of Big. May these shorts become a staple for future games.
  17. 10/10 thumbnail:


    1. Strickerx5


      "Doesn't quite seem to have the personality of Sonic Mania (Adventures)..."

      excuse me wat

    2. Adamabba


      Modern Sonic haters smh

  18. https://cytu.be/r/Motobug

    Here we go! Pre-show's up!

    1. TheOcelot
    2. DanJ86


      I made an account on Motobug and have since forgotten the password. lol


  19. It's National Pie Day, but I'm a cake sorta guy, so...


    1. Sonictrainer


      Same here

      ...unless it has Oreos in it.

  20. MOTION BLUR Added an option to toggle motion blur on/off under the Options → Camera menu BUG FIXES Fixed progression and completion bugs impacting Wizard Peak, Hurricos, Fracture Fills, Lost Fleet, Fireworks Factory, and Charmed Ridge Fixed camera bugs in Sgt. Byrd's Base and Dino Mines Stability improvement fix in Spider Town Additional misc. bug-fixes and improvements impacting Glimmer and Ripto's Arena Oh, thank heavens. Still haven't played this trilogy, but I've heard horror stories about these levels in particular. (Though I recall the original Byrd's Base having a bad camera, too)
  21. Quick reminder: Motobug's taking a break from Mega Man this week to stream the Sonic SXSW panel! Join us Saturday at 2:00 EDT/6:00 CMT for what's probably gonna be a boring hour with one or two bits of substance!
  22. https://cytu.be/r/Motobug

    Open playlist for the next hour, then it's time for CURSE OF THE LION MEN!

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Curse of the Pain

  23. I feel Eggman's attitude in the latest issue is another prime example of the most important aspect of his character: His enormous ego has always been his biggest undoing. Just about every incarnation, no matter how goofy or terrifying, has gotten at least one opportunity to easily bump off Sonic, but chose not to because it "wouldn't be fun". SatAM: Letting Sonic into the Doomsday base so he could see it for himself. AoStH: Openly admitting he'd rather keep Sonic in a dungeon to taunt him for the rest of his life. OVA: Could've turned the fake generator into an actual bomb and remotely detonate it when Sonic got in range, but he chose to just bluff so he could complete Metal Sonic, who'd theoretically beat Sonic at his own game. Pre-reboot Archie: Revealed around issue 175 that he'd been toying with the Freedom Fighters all along for his amusement. Fleetway: Literally became a reality-warping god at one point, but chose to use his powers solely to mess with Sonic, until he goaded Robotnik into restoring Knuckles as his ally, which proved to be his undoing. X and Boom: Didn't really want to kill Sonic, but would occasionally try it for opportunity's sake. Eggman is a legitimate threat, more than capable of conquering the world if he dealt with his enemies practically. But as Amy once told him in StC: "Sonic's not your worst enemy. YOU are!" But between this and his hilariously-sadistic experiments with the animals, I think IDW's Eggman is gonna be a fine balance of endearing and formidable.
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