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  1. At very minimum, we know that the vinyl includes a digital download with lossless (presumably FLAC or ALAC) and lossy (MP3) files. We don't know if this is the entire soundtrack, nor do we know if that's the only way to get the OST digitally. Honestly, $25 for a lossless audio download with a bonus vinyl record is A-OK with me.
  2. so, okay, I love how the lead keyboard instrument in this boss theme is a clear musical allusion to Space Queens and the Mega Drive 3D Blast boss music? Like???? Tee Lopes??? You're on some next level shit right now.
  3. WELL, THIS EXLODED REAL QUICK. Seriously, Aaron, what the fuck is the timing on these news releases? Some random fuck off Tuesday?? Like????? Anyway, here's my opinions from Twitter: The custom character can use Wisps and its gameplay looks literally just like Sonic Colors and THE PARK AVENUE THEME HAS VOCALS YOU GUYS. There's a lot of options!! Tons of different choices for gloves and clothes and animals! I genuinely like the character creation aspect and I think it works really well with the "join the resistance" theme. Kids are gonna love it! I'm gonna love it! Griffin McElroy already promised there's gonna be a Sonic Forces Monster Factory! The Wispons look fun and Custom's gameplay basically just looks like refined Colors and I dig that! Aside from Classic Sonic's gameplay being uninspired, having bad physics, and being totally unnecessary, I'm hesitantly excited for Forces again. I actually can't believe that there's a character creator in a Sonic game. It's so weird and different and I love it a lot. The character creator has only made Classic Sonic’s inclusion feel less inspired and more superfluous. The Modern and Custom Hero gameplay looks like a return to Generations and Colors respectively and Classic’s physics are still, bad. We’re already getting an incredible Classic Sonic game this year he doesn’t need to be here just give me 100% Modern and Custom gameplay. Honestly though, I just, want, to play as Tails. Tails’s whole thing is literally gadgets and technology. Sonic Team doesn’t like him, I think. At least I can play as him in Mania! Larry's leaked story summary that says Tails's whole thing in this game is that Sonic goes missing and Tails gets depressed and gives up until the Custom Hero ('Buddy') finds him again. I don't like that. Tails being independent and coping with Sonic’s potential loss is literally his entire arc in Adventure 2. Tails saved all of Station Square from a giant missile by himself in Adventure! I just wanna hug Tails and maybe play as him. Buddy is literally what Sonic calls Tails, it's frustrating. Iizuka doesn't like Tails at all, huh? But also, seriously, VOCAL THEMES ARE BACK AND THIS ONE SOUNDS LIKE BREAKCORE J-POP. BLESS.
  4. Voltron got a Wondercon panel today. The season 3 trailer is out: https://fonbella.tumblr.com/post/159093815745/prince-lotors-voice-source The back of Lotor's head has been revealed (his face was Kaltenecker the cow, as an April's Fools joke): The writers claim this season is gonna be full of character development for Keith. "He will unlock new powers and find out who he is." I'm guessing that has to do with his The trailer notably does not have Shiro in it - but, it's short, and it could be a fake out. A fan asked what happens to Black if Shiro isn't there. Lauren Montgomery responded with, "someone has to step up". Lions choose their Paladins, but Some have noticed that Lotor looks a bit familiar. Overall, season 3 is probably going to put me in a healing pod, and I can't wait. Here's a blessed image of the boys while we wait.
  5. No Sonic ship will ever become canon. Ever. Not a single one. No matter how hard you beg and plead, it'll never happen. They'll make winks and nudges at Sonamy fans and that's all we'll get forever and that's probably for the best. THAT SAID, my favorite ships are aged-up Sontails, Sonadow, and Blaze/Amy. Those are the best possible Sonic ships, don't even @ me. Shipping is good and pure and Sonic boys are better off being gay because it's more cute that way and literally the only reason anyone ships anything is cuz it's cute.
  6. Sony is absolutely going to get a chunk of marketing push from the Sonic movie and has likely crafted a deal with SoJ that gets them a favorable profit off of book adaptations, toys, licensed apparel, and other licensed goods. That first thing is key - Sony/SoJ may not have been able to come to an agreement with regard to how the comics interacted with such a licensing arrangement and the Archie relationship may have been caught in the crossfire. There's again the persistent worry that this new agreement, if one exists, covers issues up to a certain stopping point. We're still not clear on this. If this is movie related, it may well be that Archie has until x date until Sony's licensing arrangements put them out of a license. This relies on several unanswered questions. What exactly is the nature of the SEGA/Sony relationship, will Sony have control of licensors with regard to the movie, will Tomy and Archie (among other known licensors) be brought back to produce comic adaptations and toys based on the film, how much money does Sony make off licensed product, how much money would Archie have to give Sony for a movie comic, etc. All of these wheels are in motion. With the movie having a director announced and a prominent placement in the licensing catalog, it's clear the thing is coming closer to fruition and the final paperwork would be underway. Obviously these discussions would have happened in a preliminary manner before but if things are in gear then now would be when pens touch paper. If the consensus is "something is happening with the license," then we need to consider all avenues, not just malaise or contempt. The "SoJ is unhappy with Sonic Boom and is taking revenge" theory is lacking a lot of substance for me. For one, Sonic's "home" is in Los Angeles right now. Iizuka's in LA, Aaron and the rest of the marketing team are in LA, the "head of the Sonic brand" they hired a few months ago is in LA. Sonic is SoA's baby right now and Sammy knows that. For another, Rise of Lyric happened in 2015. The toys and cartoon are doing okay, granted we don't know how Fire and Ice is doing, and the show's getting a dub in Japan. It's unlikely SoJ would, a year later, suddenly enact petty revenge on SoA, certainly considering Sonic Runners was on SoJ and did not do very well at all. The movie is a far more likely suspect as far as what would be mucking with these license agreements and we should keep our eyes on evolving license arrangements with Archie, TOMY, and other manufacturers.
  7. They're just good good boys y'all. They're exceptionally good boys. Such good boys.
  8. So, gonna throw a bone out there. I think the rumors may have been right regarding SEGA Japan throwing a hissy-fit over licensing. I feel like fan reaction may have actually saved us here. I think SoA wasn't prepared for the fan outcry and had to play ball with Archie to save the comics. The resolution is these books being delayed rather than outright cancelled. People love these comics and continue to show up for them, and ideally if we keep doing this we'll keep them around. The other thing I've been thinking lately is, well, how much of this licensing mess is just SoJ? How much of it has to do with future developments - like the movie?
  9. Just bumping this so folks can talk about the wonderful Season 2.
  10. I'm really happy about the Freedom Fighter arcs but to tell you the truth I'm really curious as to what Blaze and Silver are up to. We haven't seen Blaze in, what, 40 issues?? And her status with regard to what she remembers from the old world and what she doesn't really hasn't been settled yet. You'd think with all this pirate business she'd show up somewhere... I'm hoping next arc is a follow-up to Silver Age. It was a really interesting and unique plot line that has just been totally ignored since.
  11. Frick if that CD is even half as good as the Kirby Cafe compilation... wow I hope someone rips that.