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  1. kadybat

    The Sonic Mania Soundtrack thread!

    Getting vibes of both the 3D Blast (Saturn) special stage theme and of the CD OST. Love it love it love it.
  2. Please read my post on the top of this page. This point continues to be made even though it's completely invalid. Sony being the studio behind this doesn't mean it has any association to those two films. None of the people responsible for those movies are involved in this production.
  3. HOT TAKE: Not every video game movie is horrible. I mean, Street Fighter the movie exists, and if that's not a fun movie to watch I don't know what to tell you. It's not a great movie but every single actor looks like they're having a god damn blast making the movie. M Bison uses a Street Fighter II arcade joystick setup to control his evil machine, and the movie includes classic lines such as Zangief yelling "change the channel!" at a broken television. Please watch the Street Fighter movie and tell me you don't enjoy yourself. Thanks.
  4. kadybat

    Funny Sonic Stuff

    This became a meme on Sonic Twitter today. I don’t know where it came from or why it is here. Please enjoy it. Thanks.
  5. kadybat

    The State of Sonic The Hedgehog 4

    The unfortunate truth is I can't replay Sonic 4, no matter how many times I've tried. Every single time I try giving it another go, either Episode 1 or 2, I find myself frustrated by basic level design mistakes, irritating music, and piss-poor physics. I have a similar problem with Generations, at least as far as physics are concerned, in that modern Sonic Team doesn't seem to understand how classic Sonic is supposed to feel. There's this massive gap between my expectations for how Sonic should roll and jump in a 2D space and how he performs in Generations and 4. At least in Generations, however, the level design is honestly super interesting and really dynamic. You look at levels like Classic City Escape or Classic Crisis City and you've got these really fun spaces that bring to mind actual classic moments with clever new twists. In addition, the music in Generations is brilliant, and deliberately recalls classic melodies like Endless Mine in a gambit to feel authentic. In 4, you have shoddy synths and poorly implemented Mega Drive drum samples. See the screenshot below? Sonic shouldn't look like that. Autoscrollers with multi-hit badniks and bottomless pits that require caution signs? Really?? That has nothing to do with the open-ended, multi-tiered stages in the classic games that encourage exploration and multiple playthroughs. Meanwhile, Classic City Escape challenges players to go for the high path and see what it has to offer. Let's talk specifically about each episode, shall we? Sonic 4 Episode 1 is a game with no identity. Its stages, butchered and poorly rendered versions of stages from 1 and 2, are unoriginal and offer no interesting twists on the formula. The only original thought in any of those stages - the minecart from Lost Labyrinth - was so ridiculed after the leaked PartnerNET build that it was scrapped from almost every version of the game's release. Lost Labyrinth's final gimmick - the torch in Act 2 - is merely an annoyance. The game is short, rather ugly, none of its bosses are unique, and its story is basically non-existent. Episode 2 at least offers a unique start. White Park and Sylvania Castle have interesting stage themes that aren't seen a lot in Sonic games. Unfortunately, the music is still uninspired, and the follow-up levels are a poor Oil Ocean rehash, Sky Chase again, and Death Egg again. It's just, boring. The physics aren't improved in any way, and worse, the Tails partner gameplay is just awkward. The roll mode is so strange, and its coerced use in White Park Act 1 is honestly just grating. Meanwhile, Taxman's solo Tails control makes so much sense that it feels like a natural part of the originals. At the very minimum there's some sort of story, even if it's just Sonic CD again. Yes, Mania and 4 both have rehashed levels, but they take an entirely different approach. Mania offers new twists on those old stages - underground and outdoor sections where there were none, zip lines and other new gimmicks, Portal-inspired jellies, new bosses, and well-done remixed music. 4 just has Green Hill Zone with an overly-shiny coat of paint, an inane soundtrack, a boring layout, and bad physics. I can already tell Mania is a game I'm going to want to play over and over again. Sonic 4 just disappoints me more and more every time I go back.
  6. Wow! It's garbage! Like, Ohtani's backing music is still pretty good but why on earth did you hire the Hoobstank man. I saw Hoobastank live, opening for Linkin Park. I was 12. POD was there. It was a very bad time for music. "one more last fist bump" what IS this y'all this is irredeemable
  7. I didn’t actually realize Blur had Sonic experience, I hadn’t caught that. Those are really great CGs, that gives me a ton of hope.
  8. So, obviously, way too far out to be making any statements like this, but I think judging the potential of the Sonic movie based on Sony's slate is absolutely premature. Focusing on the individual creators involved is far more relevant than focusing on the studio. Wonder Woman came from the studio behind several awful DCEU movies, for example, but was a revelation. Sony's slate genuinely doesn't have a lot of memorable, but they're also the studio responsible for Baby Driver, which was excellent - and didn't evidence a ton of studio interference, either. It's not as if Sony Pictures Animation is going to be too deeply involved in this - we already know Marza is animating this in-house and not Sony. Let's consider the people actually working on this. The director, Jeff Fowler, is a novice. He got his start at Blur Studio, where he led visual effects on Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are and collaborated closely with friend and Sonic executive producer Tim Miller, who directed Deadpool. Miller picked Fowler personally for the project, which would be his feature directorial debut. His only other direction credit is Gopher Broke, a Blur animated short from 2004 which was nominated for best animated short at the 2005 Academy Awards. Alongside Tim Miller, Neal H. Moritz, the previous executive producer, will remain in a producer's role, and has been on the project since its inception phase when it was still being written by Robichaux and Susser. Moritz's production credits are extensive and include everything from excellent movies (21 Jump Street) to terrible ones (Battle Los Angeles). His history mostly includes action movies, most notably nearly every entry in the Fast and the Furious franchise, in addition to xXx, S.W.A.T, I Am Legend, The Green Hornet, and others. As far as family movies go, he was credited as producer on the Jack Black Goosebumps adaptation and its upcoming sequel, among others. After the original writers, Van Robichaux and Evan Susser, left the project, two new writers, Patrick Casey and Josh Miller, were brought in to write a new screenplay. It's unclear whether any of Robichaux and Susser's work will be left in tact. Like Robichaux and Susser, Casey and Miller are a rookie writing team who would be making their feature debut in Sonic. Their previous credits include some direct-to-video National Lampoon features, a Hot Wheels television movie, and more notably, the Fox animated series Golan the Insatiable, which was created by Miller as an adaptation of a series of stories he wrote on Something Awful. Golan ran for two seasons from 2013-2015. There aren't a lot of reviews out there for it - it's got mixed user reviews on Metacritic, TVDb, and TV.com, though A.V. Club's reviews of episodes from its first season are generally positive. Other confirmed production staff includes Takeshi Ito (Night of the Werehog) and a few rookie producers whose experience lies in games and upcoming game adaptations (Dimitri M. Johnson, Dan Jevons, Toby Ascher). We know that Marza, SEGA's in-house animation studio, will be handling the bulk of the animation for this movie, which is an absolute win. That's not to say there aren't talented animation staff at Sony Pictures Animation - animation tests from their cancelled Popeye film proves that there are some incredibly talented folks being held back among their ranks. The fact of the matter is we know that Marza handles Sonic animation brilliantly, given how gorgeous the CG cutscenes in Unleashed, Colors, Lost World, and Generations turned out - not to mention the trailers for Forces and, of course, Night of the Werehog. The take-away from all this is, if anything, this will be unlike other Sony animated productions, for better or for worse. No one involved in the production of this picture was involved in the creation of the rest of Sony's mediocre animation slate, which should be a positive. If there's anything to worry about, it's that many of these people are entirely unproven theatrically. This is going to be a first for many of these folks. Several of these producers come specifically from a video game background, which may be a hint as to the direction this movie's headed. The two new writers haven't done a lot of work like this, though they appear to be a bit more experienced than our previous team, given that they ran a mainstream animated show which received positive reviews from an acclaimed group of television critics for two years. The director and executive producers of this movie give me the most hope out of anyone. Fowler, though a feature novice, brings to Sonic an experienced eye for animation, given his several years at Blur and his Oscar-nominated short film. Having led visual effects on Where the Wild Things Are, Fowler has proven that he can blend live-action and CG in a way that's emotional, impactful, and realistic. Working at Blur means he's likely had his hands in a number of game and movie projects. Blur's credited in countless productions, including Avatar, The Force Unleashed, David Fincher's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Deadpool (notably, they produced the viral pitch that led to the movie's creation), Halo, Far Cry, Destiny, Assassin's Creed, The Amazing Spider-Man, Sunset Overdrive... seriously, I could go on and on with this. Tim Miller, our executive producer and director of Deadpool, is Blur's founder. These two have a rich history in working on action-driven animation that pushes the bar and offers serious style, and their role in this film ensures comparisons to other Sony animated features fall flat. In addition, Neal H. Moritz may have been responsible for producing a number of duds in his day, but his attachment to both Sonic and the Fast and the Furious franchise gives me hope that he'll offer sage advice in turning Sonic into an approachable-but-kickass, fast-paced, PG/PG-13 action-adventure movie that focuses on the value of friendship (seriously, Fast and the Furious is 100% what a Sonic movie should look like, especially the entries post-Fast Five). Ultimately, it's absolutely far too early to make any judgement calls about whatever this movie will be. I think speculation at this point is utterly pointless and though we have plenty to worry about, the unique staff behind this film should give us pause. As I've said, basing your expectations of this movie off previous Sony animated features is rather misguided. I'm gonna hope beyond hope that we get something that entirely surprises and delights us. I hope this has given y'all a little bit of perspective.
  9. kadybat

    Sonic Mania OST Getting a Vinyl Release

    At very minimum, we know that the vinyl includes a digital download with lossless (presumably FLAC or ALAC) and lossy (MP3) files. We don't know if this is the entire soundtrack, nor do we know if that's the only way to get the OST digitally. Honestly, $25 for a lossless audio download with a bonus vinyl record is A-OK with me.
  10. kadybat

    Sonic Mania and Forces on YouTube Live @ E3.

    so, okay, I love how the lead keyboard instrument in this boss theme is a clear musical allusion to Space Queens and the Mega Drive 3D Blast boss music? Like???? Tee Lopes??? You're on some next level shit right now.
  11. WELL, THIS EXLODED REAL QUICK. Seriously, Aaron, what the fuck is the timing on these news releases? Some random fuck off Tuesday?? Like????? Anyway, here's my opinions from Twitter: The custom character can use Wisps and its gameplay looks literally just like Sonic Colors and THE PARK AVENUE THEME HAS VOCALS YOU GUYS. There's a lot of options!! Tons of different choices for gloves and clothes and animals! I genuinely like the character creation aspect and I think it works really well with the "join the resistance" theme. Kids are gonna love it! I'm gonna love it! Griffin McElroy already promised there's gonna be a Sonic Forces Monster Factory! The Wispons look fun and Custom's gameplay basically just looks like refined Colors and I dig that! Aside from Classic Sonic's gameplay being uninspired, having bad physics, and being totally unnecessary, I'm hesitantly excited for Forces again. I actually can't believe that there's a character creator in a Sonic game. It's so weird and different and I love it a lot. The character creator has only made Classic Sonic’s inclusion feel less inspired and more superfluous. The Modern and Custom Hero gameplay looks like a return to Generations and Colors respectively and Classic’s physics are still, bad. We’re already getting an incredible Classic Sonic game this year he doesn’t need to be here just give me 100% Modern and Custom gameplay. Honestly though, I just, want, to play as Tails. Tails’s whole thing is literally gadgets and technology. Sonic Team doesn’t like him, I think. At least I can play as him in Mania! Larry's leaked story summary that says Tails's whole thing in this game is that Sonic goes missing and Tails gets depressed and gives up until the Custom Hero ('Buddy') finds him again. I don't like that. Tails being independent and coping with Sonic’s potential loss is literally his entire arc in Adventure 2. Tails saved all of Station Square from a giant missile by himself in Adventure! I just wanna hug Tails and maybe play as him. Buddy is literally what Sonic calls Tails, it's frustrating. Iizuka doesn't like Tails at all, huh? But also, seriously, VOCAL THEMES ARE BACK AND THIS ONE SOUNDS LIKE BREAKCORE J-POP. BLESS.
  12. kadybat

    Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016)

    Voltron got a Wondercon panel today. The season 3 trailer is out: https://fonbella.tumblr.com/post/159093815745/prince-lotors-voice-source The back of Lotor's head has been revealed (his face was Kaltenecker the cow, as an April's Fools joke): The writers claim this season is gonna be full of character development for Keith. "He will unlock new powers and find out who he is." I'm guessing that has to do with his The trailer notably does not have Shiro in it - but, it's short, and it could be a fake out. A fan asked what happens to Black if Shiro isn't there. Lauren Montgomery responded with, "someone has to step up". Lions choose their Paladins, but Some have noticed that Lotor looks a bit familiar. Overall, season 3 is probably going to put me in a healing pod, and I can't wait. Here's a blessed image of the boys while we wait.
  13. No Sonic ship will ever become canon. Ever. Not a single one. No matter how hard you beg and plead, it'll never happen. They'll make winks and nudges at Sonamy fans and that's all we'll get forever and that's probably for the best. THAT SAID, my favorite ships are aged-up Sontails, Sonadow, and Blaze/Amy. Those are the best possible Sonic ships, don't even @ me. Shipping is good and pure and Sonic boys are better off being gay because it's more cute that way and literally the only reason anyone ships anything is cuz it's cute.
  14. kadybat

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Comic packs have really much less to do with promoting the comic than providing value and an incentive to purchase. "Oh, if I buy these action figures, then my kid gets toys AND a comic book!" TOMY could give a shit about Archie, they just wanna sell more toys.

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