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  1. Eh, my list. Sa1-Generations- Sa2- Unleashed SD- Sonic Lost world's first level- Black Knight- Unleashed HD- Forces- Shadow- Sonic R- Sonic 06- Heroes- Secret Rings- Rise of Lyric-Rest of Sonic Lost world- Colors.
  2. Hmm, but do we know it's Youtube who enforces the Sonic cartoons to be made for kids, and it isn't just Sega's Youtube team who decided to take the safe option? So far, most of my Sonic cartoons and video's are still on the Mature audience filter. I only made the ones that were the most tame or had more kid-friendly thumbnails to be "For children". But that was my own choice, Youtube didn't force me to change it around yet. Granted, it might be because I'm beneath their radar, so they might come on knocking yet. But still. I'm Just saying it could be Sega themselves being cautious, rather then Youtube/ Coppa being trigger happy.
  3. Maybe a good thing, I think Sega regrets revealing Forces and Team Sonic racing too early. Marketing had barely anything to work with for these games, with how immensly little content there was to show off without spoiling the entire thing. ...Sigh, I do hope that doesn't mean the next Sonic game will be just as content starved. We had nothing but quick low budget games this decade. Pft. yeah, I bet Rise of Lyric and Forces knocked us straight back to "keep making Sonic-only Back to the roots Games" ville. Bleh. Well, if we'll at least get a Mania without the nostalgia angle I'm fine with it. Still irritating Sonic Forces gets grouped with the Sonic adventure type games since it barely is one, it's Sonic Colors playing pretend it's one.
  4. For me. Favorite Sonic game this decade: Sonic robo blast 2.2. After all the stupid pseudo fake "Sonic 3d platformers" I suffered trough that keep forgetting to contain 3d gameplay, be platformers, and often even forget to be actual Sonic games, it's nice to be reminded what an actual 3d Sonic game could be like. I don't care it's a fangame. This decade, all the best Sonic games are either made by a third party studio or fans. Sonic Team got it's butt kicked by everyone but the Sonic Boom development teams. Most hated game this decade: Sonic Boom Shattered Crystals. The only game I can't beat not because it's too hard, but because it's too boring. My brain keeps shutting off out of boredom and goes on autopilot. Which means I keep beating the 20 minute long levels without all the collectables and having to start all over. Arghh. Shame Rise of Lyric has so many glitches so the internet focuses on that game as the spectacular failure. Because for my money, Shattered Crystal is way worse. Rise of Lyric is mere mediocre and low energy, rather then "Brain shuts off in protest" boring. At least Fire and Ice fixed it's issues and was an actually decent game. Most underrated game this decade: Sonic Boom fire and ice. Poor Fire and Ice. It did it's best to improve itself from Shattered Crystals, and I think it did, I thought it was a decent platformer. It even performed a miracle and got Pontac and Graff to write one or two jokes that made me chuckle for the first time. But it was doomed from the start. Bad marketing, the previous Boom games killed anyone's interest. And thus ends Sonic's carreer on the handheld systems. Damn shame for both Fire and Ice and any other handheld games we could have had. Coolest thing this decade: The many, many, many awesome remixes we had. Despite Smash Bros and M&S at the Olympics snobbing the Sonic music, we had some cool remixes in a lot of other places. Sonic music always rules. Only Sonic Boom somehow missed that memo. Altough to be fair, Shattered Crystal and Fire and Ice had one or two decent tracks. Suckiest thing this decade: The complete and utter destruction of story telling, characterization, any kind of world for Sonic to exist in. Sonic has turned entirely into a character driven comedy. Except with most of the characterization eliminated as well, leaving me with nothing. Everything as far as the Sonic cast and the world they live in feels like a detached dead sterile series of soulless museum exhibits. Congrats "Only gameplay matters" folk, you won. My ability to give a damn about any character or Sonic's world has been utterly nuked from existance. Don't think that'll make me stop complaining and joking about it tough. It's the only joy I got left, since gameplay fails most of the time as well. Best surprise this decade: Lego Dimensions. Despite I'm completely sick of the eternal meta reference parade I 've suffered trough over and over and over and over and over this decade, Lego did a great job at it, I enjoyed it. Not only did I finally get proper 3d gameplay, some gags that did get me to chuckle, but Sonic Dimensions also has the weird honor of being the only Sonic game this decade that made cutscenes feel exciting. Amazing what diffrence it makes when characters actually move, talk in more snappy sentences and there's thrilling background music, rather then the sleep inducing slow "look how clever I am!!!" borefest every other Sonic media tortures me with. And now I don't want to see another celebration of the past game again for the next 20 years. Worst surprise this year: Realising half of Sonic's entire life span has almost passed since Sonic 06. Genuine 3d gameplay, Sonic's friends being relevant and decent story telling have all been shredded out of existance for the sake of Sonic Team going on a journey of self reflection and finally creating the perfect pure Sonic game. Which is all noble and great, except despite having half of Sonic's lifespan to do so in, they still haven't figured out a damn thing yet. Generations gave me brief hope they're on the right track but they tumbled right off a cliff again. Thank god for third party development teams and fangames. Wish for the next decade: For God's sake Sonic Team, FOCUS. I don't care what you do for the next game, 2d/ 3d. Comedy, Serious. Boost, platforming. Gritty war drama, zany priate adventure. Sonic Colors 2, Sonic Adventure 3, Sonic Mania Sonic Team edition. Whatever it is you're doing, DO IT. Your biggest weakness and main cause for my lack of respect and trust in you is you being all wishy washy and unable to stick to your guns on anything. To hell with these stupid 2d/ 3d hybrid games, to hell with the Teasers and trailers showing an entirely diffrent game then the final product. Have a vision, Stick to it and proudly and honestly present what you're doing. I'm probably the rare weirdo, but I prefer a game having a stupid premise but at least going 100% trough with it like Shadow. At least people who like the concept will get what they want, and everyone else gets to enjoy a spectacular trainwreck. But Modern Sonic is all over the place and satisfies noone, sarcastically or otherwise. Also don't bother including a storymode if you're going to put zero effort into it anyway. Either tell me a good story and remind me why I used to care about these characters, or just keep it a Videogame for Videogame's sake. And fix the characters and Sonic's world too. Ah, never mind, might as well ask for the moon. So yeah, here's to the next decade. I'll raise a glass and cheer to all the Mods that'll clean up the next incomprehensible mess from Sonic Team.
  5. Whisper and Tangle are supporting non playable characters too. So was Marine, who did have a decent fan following. Still, disagree with the 3 possibilities. Well okay, 1. is probably true to a degree. I think the OC character was really for the fan requests. Iizuka said many fans asked for their character to be in a Sonic game. Just look how Sonic Forces was written with all Sonic characters constantly being "GOOD JOB ROOKIE, YOU SO COOL ROOKIE!" hyping up the OC characters importance at every drop of a hat. It's really to play up fans desire to have their character in the Sonic universe. It sure as heck isn't to make up for Sonic Team's bad character designs, since they made the rookie characters look kinda off and lame on purpose and rejeced animal species like Dragons for being "too cool." The backlash toward Silver probably dissuaded Sonic Team of making "Cool" characters since. Because terror for the Sins of Sonic 06 hang over Modern Sonic as a constant sword of domacles. .... Altough then they make Infinite, who does immediatly ignite both the "Ohh Cringe!" and "Oh awesome!!!" crowds like Silver before. It's fascinating how much Forces flirts with being a Sonic 06 sequel while desperatly shooting itself in the foot to distance itself from 06 at the same time.
  6. Considering there's potentially hundreds of other adventures that will take place between now and the future Silver's from, I suppose every new videogame we'll get is a potential new reason why Silver's future is screwed. Kind of makes him a tragic character, after every epic battle he fights in the past to save his future, he comes home just to see everything in ruins once more. Thanks to Eggman's 3215th evil sceme from the past. Surprised it doesn't make him more jaded and aggresive yet where he just wants to kill Eggman to skip over the other 5000 bad futures left to come. Or alternatively, I made a joke a long time ago where Silver did already save the future. It's just everytime he returns he ends up in an old memorial/ graveyard site, wrongfully concluding he needs to meddle with the past once more. All of that said, yeah, I'd love to see Silver's future and have a game delve in what's specifically going on with him. But that's not going to happen, lore, character contuiity and attention shifting away from Sonic's Zany jokes and Eggman's zany descention into apathetic dementia are prohobited with modern Sonic.
  7. Another Sonic in minutes completed. The grand finale of my Sonic Forces series.

    The OC characters, hijack Eggman's war and make it about fandom opinions instead.
    Say bye bye to the 4th wall. We're going meta, baby.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Can't watch the whole thing right now because I've not watched the rest of the series. But 2 minutes in and you have all the characters putting down Infinite and calling him weak in a variety of ways. If that's how he was taken down mentally, it could have been a real highlight of the plot.  Everyone ganging up on him, taking him on and just shutting him down. That would have been really great to see.

      But instead we got Sonic and Your Name double boosting into him, another speech about the real superpower of teamwork, and then he ambiguously disappeared. Lame

      Gonna catch up on your videos later, man! Congrats on telling a better story than Forces in like 120 seconds.

    2. Roger_van_der_weide


      Not that that's much of an acomplishment, but thanks, glad you like it so far!

  8. Huh, didn't know. Boy, I'd love to see the early version of Team Sonic racing. And Sonic Forces. And Sega all stars tennis now I'm fruitlessly wishing anyway.
  9. What I find the most fascinating/ infuriating part of this all is what some mentioned before, how Sonic team can over-think and under-think this whole situation at the same time, I think it all boils down to the old Watsonian versus Doylist logic. We 're aproaching it from an in-universe perspective because we like to care about these characters and their world, while Sonic Team only approaches everything from a meta perspective where they blindly throw things around because "fans liked that thing from that other game". Especially Sonic Forces just feels like a grocery list of things fans like with zero thought put behind any character, gameplay element, setting or plot element used. So yeah, I'm with the "Classic and modern are split to appease the classic fans for keeping the classic games Pure from filthy Modern Sonic." logic. And I'm fine with that split but it irritates me to no end that Modern Sonic is STILL humping the Classic Sonic train. Especially in Forces. Hey, if you DELIBERATLY make it take place in NOT classic Sonic world, then don't use Green hill Zone, Chemical plant zone AND Death Egg Zone with zero levels based on Modern Sonic's own universe. So it's not even that we have Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic. We have Classic Sonic and distorted broken Classic Sonic with some modern Sonic junk shoved into a dusty corner. Reminds me of Generations splitting the gameplay between "2d gameplay" and "3d gamep- Ah, too much work, more 2d gameplay." I hate the stupid logic and even from a meta perspective it makes no sense. Fang the sniper/ Nack the weasel can't appear in modern Sonic why? Is his classicness of a higher intensity then, say, the chaotix, Amy, all the other characters? 99% of Classic Sonic has already made the jump to Modern Sonic but for the last 1% we're suddenly drawing a line in the sand? Cute.
  10. Welcome StarwarsSonic, our dear timetravel from the year 2006! Welcome to the world of tomorrow in what I like to call "2019!" What's that? You want Sonic to go back to basics? Like only Sonic and Tails playable, back to classic style gameplay, green hill zone, back to the roots? Boy do I have great news for you. Now do me a favor and wake me up when one of these alleged "All Sonic's shitty friends are playable and there's a deep complicated dark story and Dr. Eggman is super over the top" games shows up, thanks. Everyone seems convinced they're all over the place but I can't find them. I agree Team Sonic racing was way too generous with giving Sonic's friends a playable role. Blaze AGAIN? Come on Sega, she had 2 entire playable appearences 15 years ago, don't over-do it. Team Sonic racing would indeed have been superior if it only had 15 diffrent incarnations of Sonic playable. Finally time for "Sprite from Sonic spinball" to get its well deserved time in the spotlights. Sarcasm aside, I too am tired of Eggman, but not because he's too over the top. Au contraire, it's because he's dull and bland, either an ineffectual clown making dad jokes or bland bad guy man. I'm all for Dr. Eggman if they give him his old intensity back.
  11. Would be cool if you could import your Avatar character from Sonic forces as your avatar in that game too. Will never happen, but would have been cool.
  12. There's also a Huge diffrence between the more physical and slapsticky humor from 90's Sonic and the more "clever dialogue" self aware humor of post Colors Sonic. So even when I agree Sonic should have comedy, I can still massively disagree on which brand of comedy.
  13. My guess is that it's because the output of Sonic games has been drastically reduced by more then a half. (Despite the fact I still see a ton of people clamoring for Sega to stop making so many Sonic games) I realized it made me more apathic about the series for a while too. With less to look forward to, and more time for introspection of what we had (Which isn't doing many favors for games like Forces) For fun I made a list in my head for all the games released in the 90's, the 2000's and the 2010's and realized how little happened in the 2010's. In the 90's we would have had Sonic's entire classic era plus a ton of game gear games and weird spin off games during the Saturn years, his big revival with Sonic adventure in the same position in the decade as we're in now, and with Shuffle and Adventure 2 around the corner. In the 2000's we'd had the entirity of the dark age, the Sonic advance games, the Sonic Rush games and just had Sonic Unleashed around the same time as we are now, with Colors, Sonic 4 and Generations about to come. Whether most of these games were a good thing or not, in terms of keeping the fanbase alive, there was plenty to talk about at least. Now.....All we had is Lost world and Forces as Sonic Team's finest. And Mania and Boom games as the Sonic CD/ Shadow/ Sonic black knight equivalent B-team games. We never had our Adventure/ Unleashed esque big revival game this decade. (Forces was in the perfect position to be one, but...) We barely had any handheld games to keep the pace. Only 2 originals and the watered down Lost world one. We didn't have a mini era that ended halfway trough like the Classic era and the dark era. If the 2010's has it's own self contained mini era, it'd be the nostalgia era and it still isn't freaking over. This decade feels empty as heck, with Mania as it's only succes title. And the Sonic Boom tv show as it's secondairy biggest succes, and while that show may be funny, it never really felt really "Sonic-ey" to me. And including the Sonic Boom tv show as a desperate extra "succes" for this decade just makes me realize I didn't bother including any of the other tv shows and OVA specials the other decades had On Top of their already bigger output list. The fact that made me realize the most about how empty this decade is, is realizing that in the 4 years between Forces and whatever the 30th anniversary game will be, the only game we got is a racing spin off, while I never even took racing games into consideration when I was making a mental list of the games of the other 2 decades. You could argue I'm cheating by including the anniversary games Adventure 2 and Generations in their previous decade, and that Generations should count as a 2010's game. Taking that logic, then the 2010 decade is complete and there's no longer the upcoming 30th anniversary game as potential "Savior" That one will be a 2020's title now. Now don't get me wrong, getting fewer games isn't necesairely a problem or something we should complain about. Compared to other franchises like Megaman or Earthbound or what have you, we still get a ton of games. And it's true that the 2000's pumping out game after game didn't help with the quality. Of course, that argument would have been more powerful if this decade had a strong "NOW THIS IS WHAT SONIC COULD HAVE BEEN IF SONIC TEAM TOOK THE TIME!!!" contender to hold over Adventure/ Heroes/ Unleashed's heads, but...Well, do we have one? Sonic Mania? Sure, but that isn't even a Sonic Team game and works on a diffrent level. If anything, the fact Sonic Mania is Sonic's greatest succes this decade while Sonic team should be able to make that type of game in their sleep at this point just makes me sad. But regardless if we're "allowed" to complain about the reduction of games or should be grateful/ happy about it, it doesn't change the fact the output of games has been reduced by more then a half, and as a result I'm not surprised if many of us feel less and less enthiousm around Sonic. There's just less to talk about. Sure technically, you could include the mobile phone games we had, then this decade has a considerable bigger library of games. My brain just can't consider the mobile phone games as....Well, games. Counting them as full blown Sonic games feels like including Sonic jam for the game.com and the Mc Donalds Heroes minigames as proper Sonic games. And if the games we had this decade were amazing and Sonic Team showed they have a grand vision for the future, then sure, that would create a lot of momentum and talk. But so far they're still hiding behind Green hill zone and Shadow fanservice as a crutch, so there's no faith. Small output and the output we get might be more polished then the 2000 era games but they're hardly much "better". So yeah. Interest is fading.
  14. Team crash racing I'm guessing. Little off topic there. To be on-topic, I get the feeling that Manual is trolling us. Not just with it casually dropping that huge bomb on Zavok's position with the Zeti out of nowhere, but check Metal Sonic's "DOES HE HAVE ULTERIOR MOTIVES TO RACE???" cliffhanger text in his description. Aww, cute, the manual is pretending Metal Sonic has something to do in ths game.
  15. Ah, was a fun episode. Disliked the first half with it just being a grocery list of references and the "hyper happy fanboy" angle I'm not fond of, but when the plot started moving it became a lot better. It's energetic, that immediatly helps. But man, that last joke with Sonic Sez surprised me. Sonic lecturing against sleeping or you'll miss out on adventure, was that a stab at Boom Sonic? Sonic being more itnerested in eternal napping rather then any adventuring has been one of my key complaints about that show, the lack of energy. I mean heck, that visual of the main characters being asleep/ irritated while there's obnoxious "FREE ICECREAM!!!!!" signs everywhere for fake excitement is the exact kind of visual I'd use to sum up the worse Pontaff/ Boom moments. Also, can't help but notice that practically every fanservice parade we had this decade besides Generations is squarly focused on 90's Sonic with Sonic Adventure being the cut off date for further references. Only exception being a stab or two at Shadow/ Sonic 06. Even Forces didn't step beyond Sonic Heroes, outside of Zavok, Orbot and Cubot's cameo's. You'd think the younger audiences want to see the Sonic games THEY grew up with to be represented, like Colors or Boom (Sonic Boom's 5 years old now, that's an eternity from the perspective of a kid) Didn't spot any post 90's references outside of Tails communicator from Colors and one mention of Cream in this cartoon.
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