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  1. Roger_van_der_weide

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Too bad Eggman Land never became face of Unleashed, that was an itneresting location and character relevant. Myeah, if I was in charge for picking tracks, I guess It'd be a lot more focused on story relevant locations and keeping the tracks reletively close to each other on a geographical level. So my unrealistic, Nerdy and weird track choices if I was in charge... Angel island Zone. Ruins + airship themed, as if it's about Eggman assaulting the Master emerald shrine: Track 1: A mix between flying battery and Marble Garden from Sonic 3 and Knuckles Track 2: Sonic adventure's rendition of the emerald shrine plus Egg carrier. Track 3: Angel island/ Chaos angel mix from the GBA games. Blaze's kingdom Zone. Mostly original tracks with some Sonic Rush elements. Mix between an India porttown with palace plus beaches/ Jungle. Track 1: Beach and town port. Track 2: Town under attack by pirate ship. Track 3: Town palace. Station Square Zone. Actually a casino/ themepark themed world. Track 1: Station Square Casino. Track 2: Twinkle's bumperkart track, with a space theme. Track 3: Twinkle Park itself with a haunted castle theme. Good future Zone: Silver's home turf, to show how the future's doing now. Mostly original with some Sonic 06/ Rivals/Riders touches, but visually resembling Sonic CD good future zones. Track 1: Onyx Island. From Sonic Rivals, mix the Green Hill ish first level with the carnival zone from that game to make a Green Hill carnival town. Track 2: Soleanna castle: The kingdom ruins from Sonic 06, now rebuild to a futuristic palace in harmony with nature. Track 3: Chao stadium. Based on Chao races, but now in a giant futuristic arena. Studiopolis zone: The Mania inspired 80's neon city zone. Track 1: Studiopolis city. Track 2: Studiopolis tv studio. Track 3: Chemical plant zone. Abondonned Eggmanland zone: Eggman's hometurf. Eggman land from Unleashed, after losing it's power and laying abondonned in the ocean for years, it's been flooded. Track 1: Flooded streets. Dark ruins, kinda inspired by the Sonic anime movie. Track 2: Headquarters.Eggman's central base filled with Eggman worshipping musea and carnival rides. Abondonned and haunted now. Track 3: Center of the earth. The Vulcanic caverns where Unleashed's climax took place. Crystal heaven zone: Original finale to Team Sonic Racing. Crystal and ice themed. Some inspiration by Sonic R's final track and Crystal Egg Zone. Track 1: Radiant Emerald. Hey, with the R in the title, better have at least one Sonic R inspired track. Track 2: Another track made out of crystals and ice, in daylight resembling Crystal Egg zone from 8 bit Sonic 2, the calm before the storm track. Track 3: Fallen sky track. The grand finale. The crystal roads in the sky are falling apart as Eggman airships are attackign the tracks. I suppose Eggman's getting desperate to win the race and starts cheating. Nighttime, with the sensation the entire track is falling out of sky. While a lightning storm is going on, because why not.
  2. Roger_van_der_weide

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    If they picked City escape, they should at least have one track based on the Golden Gate bridge as a nod to the Tails/ Rouge driving stages. Altough they would have to add a ton of their own input and imagination in there since the racetracks from the original SA2 are super basic in terms of graphics.... But imagine all the fun things you can do with the GUN truck as stage hazard. Honestly, I think either Forces The City/ Metroplis or Mania's Studiopolis should have been the City Zone. As for SA2, I'd pick Space Colony Arc as the setting. Bio lizard as stage hazard, track going inside and outside the space station. Even some ancient ruins as a bonus theme to use. Man, you know what a really missed oppurtunity is? Why not make some race tracks based on Blaze the Cat's kingdom? I mean, she's a princess, right? Baffling we never get to see her freaking Kingdom after all this time. Now she actually has relevancy in the story again (...Presumingly?) having some tracks based on her kingdom would help her get some character buiilding that she desperatly needs. And it'd be a unique location, so more space for creative decisions.And they can add a few Sonic Rush Adventure elements to still give it a nostalgic touch. Heck, Rush Adventure being mostly pirate themed, this could have been the designated Beach theme'd zone, saving us from Seaside hill part 5007. But eh, better not think about missed oppurtunities.
  3. Roger_van_der_weide

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Well, this went from "They didn't show enough, this promotion sucks" to "they showed too much, this promotion sucks" quick. I actually hope it's the Forces Casino level for the sake of variety, at least that's a jungle themed Casino,. If it's just the same courses from the first All stars racing that'd be dissapointing. Not to mention I'm going to be really irritated if this game is 40% Sonic Heroes and 40% Generations. Especially Heroes is already wayyy too overrepresented in the All stars series. Thank goodness Generations and Heroes didn't have levels for the Generic Egypt/ Ice level that every Kart racer is contractually obliged to have, that forces the developers to get out of their Generations/ Heroes bubble for at least some tracks.
  4. Roger_van_der_weide

    Team Sonic Racing: Customization Trailer

    Did the other Sonic and Sega all stars racing games ever get mods? I was looking for mods for Transformed once, but never found any. Didn't help that the game had litteral "Mods" in-game as the diffrent configurations of your car, so it was a pain to search to begin with.
  5. Roger_van_der_weide

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    Perhaps it's better they delay anouncing the new game. Forces and Team Sonic racing show how awkward it is to keep fans excited for more then a year of development time if there's little content to tease on a regular basis. Not to mention I suppose we should be grateful they straight said there's a new game coming, unlike last time where even a simple anouncement as that was stretched over several twitter hints. Nothing says "this game has barely any content" then when the marketing team has to stretch out anouncing it merely existing and its name over several updates. And far as I'm concerned, they completely blew their load with Sonic Forces seemingly promising everything I wanted out of a Sonic game and then completely botching it, there's no way a mere trailer or proof of concept is going to give me anything more then sceptism and low expectations. They've gotta show something substantial to get me excited for the new game. Because at this point I cynically expect anything remotely interesting they promise to be wasted potential at best and mental manipulation at worst.
  6. Roger_van_der_weide

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    The more obvious Generatons 2-3-4's are Lego DImenisons, Mania and the racing games. As for Forces, yeah, Classic Sonic. The general vibe I get of returning characters and levels carrying no weight or context to them but just being there because "Member them???" like Eggman's henchmen, Green Hill Zone being used as generic nature landscape. Then the fact it has the same general gameplay. Both Forces and Generations have their focus firmly on high speed action with little Werehog/ Wisp puzzles getting in the way. That's not a complaint, by the way, just an observation, I love this gameplay style, altough Forces definitly watered down Generation's great level design significantly. After all, that's what the question at the Q&A was all about, us gettinng another celebration Sonic game. And I definitly get the vibe we spend more time celebrating the past rather then celebrating the new. And worse, only celebrating the past, not building on it. For all the things from the past Forces brought back, from Classic Sonic's gameplay, Generation's gameplay, the characters, the levels, how many of these elements were evolved? Did we learn anything about the characters? The locales? Did the gameplay feel like a step forward? All we do is celebrate the past. We don't BUILD on the past, aren't pushing it forward. As for Forces new things, the war, Eggman ruling the world, the Avatar, it all felt held back like they were more terrified of their new themes rather then celebrating them. If anything, Lost world is the better argument against my statement. Even if that game also loved dangling shiny nostalgia objects in front of you.
  7. Roger_van_der_weide

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    Jim Carrey is playing goverment science man "Bob Bobson" who's never referred to as Robotnik except in marketing and won't dress up as Robotnik until the mid-credits teaser trailer you mean? Having Dr. Robotnik in a Sonic movie is unrealistic y'know. I suppose the Batman question is inspired by the recent Turtles cross-over, but yeah. Awkward. Well, Sonic was marketing for kids 8-13, so then you get questions like these. And the question about Sonic Rivals was a good one. Too bad nobody can answer the question since there's no time/ I doubt anyone at the table cares about clarifying the universe of Sonic.
  8. Roger_van_der_weide

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    PFFT. Did someone just ask when Sonic Team's doing another Sonic generations type celebration game again? We had nothing but Generations type games this decade. Team Sonic Racing is Generations on wheels for #*%&'s sake. Was that question sarcastic?
  9. Roger_van_der_weide

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    Or Sega just has a more hands-off aproach to the movie and they leave it to the studio to make the anouncements. Bingo highway racetrack huh? I hope that's the third retro track among the Seaside hill ones and not a new batch of 3 Bingo highway tracks.
  10. Roger_van_der_weide

    Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?

    Sweet, sure hope so. After Sonic Dash, Sonic Dash Boom edition, Sonic Dash Forces edition and very likely Sonic Dash Team Racing edition, I'm definitly in the mood for Sonic Dash 5 Electric Boogaloo. Sigh, these mobile phone games make me miss cheap shovelware movie games. At least they weren't the exact same game over and over and over.
  11. Roger_van_der_weide

    Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules)

    Lego DImensions got you covered there buddy. Even had these sweet remixes...Err, interpretations of the songs and everything. Topic back to the movie! Err.. I got nothing to say about the movie. Waiting for the trailer this weekend, I guess. Or the anouncement to an anouncement for when we get a teaser trailer. Whatever.
  12. Roger_van_der_weide

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Maybe that's why we haven't seen much gameplay yet, Sumo decided to suddenly make Sonic DDR instead. Hence the delay. The race levels are now relegated to bonus levels.
  13. Roger_van_der_weide

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    That's litteraly what it says. Twitter: " In Team Sonic Racing, if you drive your car headfirst into lava and hold the A+B buttons, then scream loudly, you’ll lose the race.* " If you do these things, you lose. (Except Tails) You: " This is actually a gameplay mechanic which will help you! Even the screaming!" This advice helps you, specificly references part not involving Tails. I assume the actual intend of your statement is that pressing A+B and screaming is helpful WHILE playing as Tails. But they way it's phased trough the jokey nature of the original tweet, I can interprend it that the Tails part is a sidenote and I can take the original advice that concluded with losing the game is helpful in by itself, hence my amusement. Not that it matters, I'm just joking about a joke based on someone else's joke. So we're getting pedentic about joke inception here.
  14. Roger_van_der_weide

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Losing the race is a gameplay mechanic that will help me? The team mechanics are really zany in this game. Joking aside, cool concept art.
  15. Roger_van_der_weide

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    It's easy to afford good dental health care if only one of your employees actually has natural teeth. .... ....Or two of Infinite counts.

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