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  1. More succesful? They're the 7th richest game company. https://airentertainment.biz/top-10-richest-video-game-companies/ So despite our gripes, they're doing pretty well. Sadly being a succesful company isn't directly connected to "making the best content and making your customers as happy as possible." Case in point, EA and Konami are comfortably in the top 10 as well. And Sega is spreading to other IP's, Yakuza's going strong, they got Persona now. Puyo Puyo's doing well. They got Hatsune Miku, Football manager, Total War... Difference with Nintendo is that Sega creates less of an institution around their IP's. Either buying other people's properties or having more general IP's that don't have a Mario esque mascotte representing it. On that level, I agree with you, I do wish they showed more respect to their more iconic IP's like Jet Set Radio and NiGHTS and all. Altough it seems Sega is slowly doing that more and more nowadays, so hooray. Too bad when they finally dust off one of their classic IP's, it's for an Arcade-only game, mobile phone thing or at best a low budget indy game. So yeah, plenty of room for improvement for me to like them more. But I doubt Sega cares, they're doing just fine without my approval.
  2. I was hoping for an included city location or something to at least contextualize the world a bit. Just an endless forest sounds boring. Hope that's something they add in later..... Heck, I found Breath of the Wild boring with it's generic grass landscape. Running around grass/ ruin landscapes killing random bosses huh? Guess I can add "shadow of the colossus jokes" along with Power Rangers jokes for the parody.
  3. Hey, why bother designing a coherent press release and plan out all the information you need to give? Just release all the information trough clumsiness and have the internet do your work for you in piecing it all together. Now for the next press release, they can just gather up the Sonic Stadium article of all leaked info, change a few words, and bam, instant press release info without having to pay a writer or PR secretary to do it for you. These ain't cheap, y'know.
  4. "Life in Sonic's world" In the one game that doesn't take place on Sonic's world at all.
  5. Maybe, but some of my laundry settings sound like an epic final zone. Permanent press Zone, act 1.
  6. If all the talk about virtual realities is true, and I thought I saw cubes that vaguely resembled Phantom Ruby particles when Sonic starts running... Who knows. Would be nice if they follow up on Infinite, he was completely wasted. Altough a lot of people are tired of him, so not sure if Sega wants to give him a second chance. Then again, everyone's tired of Zavok too and he's on chance number 12 already.
  7. I suppose from Sonic Team's perspective, the title is a sequel esque name to Sonic Forces. Sonic's forces. Sonic's rangers. Tough we're stepping down here. Next game is Sonic's scouts. Sonic's hallmonitors.
  8. Maybe Tails will have a seperate campaign where he only goes trough levels tailored for him? Kinda like Shadow's DLC in Forces? Heck, they could give him a unique storyline where he actually saves Yacker, since that took place off-screen in the original game. You can even give Tails the same Sonic levels, just not the boost sections but only the Wisp focused 2d platform sections, which is 80% of the game anyway. (Speaking of things the Trailer ignored) He'll fit right in there. Heck, I think Knuckles would work like a charm in Sonic Colors, the blocky levels are perfect for him.
  9. Guess I'll have no choice but to call the unevitable parody I'll make "Mighty Morphin Sonic Rangers". MORPHING TIME. LASER WISP!
  10. Sorry, that was a little grumpy of me. It's clear I really need some good news to cheer up. Well Sega, don't let me down tonight. Heh...
  11. It isn't so much the jokes themselves, as the complete lack of energy in them and the way it skreeches the momentum of the story to a halt. The scene before the final fight is such a perfect example, themepark about to fall from orbit, climax is building, Sonic has to speed to escape impending doom... Never mind, Sonic and Tails stand around for 5 minutes doing a stand up comedian routine. If it's a quick oneliner that's one thing, but they keep gooooooing and gooooing. It isn't so much whether the jokes are funny but more how it's a black hole sucking in any kind of excitement or energy the story could have had. Sonic's a fast cartoon character, it should have much more Looney tunes asque physical humor, not standing around for an hour deconstructing the plot. Especially in a scene that's supposed to exciting and build toward the grand finale. It creates such a smug atmosphere too, like the writers (And characters) feel they're above the material all the time. But that's the writers fault, not Roger's fault. Altough I associate his voice so much with this smug atmosphere of modern Sonic that it just creates immediate cringe when I hear his voice. So yeah, I wouldn't call Roger's Sonic a dork, so much as just smug and above it all.
  12. Surprised they didn't bother to wait one more month and have the anouncements on the actual Anniversary day. Which makes me suspect (one of) the anouncements will be for something released on the actual Anniversary day itself. Probably not THE BIG GAME we're waiting for, probably just an update for the mobile phone games or that Sonic collection everyone's talking about. Still would be nice to actually have some kind of a game release on the actual day of celebration for once. Roger's back again huh? Yay. Only anouncement I'm waiting for Thursday is the triumphant return of Pontaff. Since this infernal Meta era just refuses to die. Sigh, say about the dark age what you want, at least it had the common courtesy to leave after a couple years.
  13. Would have been nice to get a break from the dumbass Colors esque non-3d games to get an actual Sonic game with some meat on the bones again. I know Zippo's leaks are questionable, but I like how the whole progress was put down. Sega wants to make a Sonic Adventure remake. Development team screws it up because it's too hard for them. Sega shrugs and orders Sonic Colors remake instead. Yeah, sums it right about up. Just give up and keep making blocky 2d games, anything more ambitious is too hard for them.
  14. I've only seen Iizuka bring up one element of Forces that he did by fan request. The concept of the Avatar. One such mention is here: https://nintendoeverything.com/sonic-forces-devs-on-the-custom-character-and-story-plus-more-brief-talk-about-sonic-mania/ "First, Famitsu asked about the details on why character customization was added in Sonic Forces. Iizuka said that for many years in which he had been working on Sonic games, he received a ton of requests from fans to have their own original characters appear. While he has never been able to put in those characters exactly as they are, he still wanted to make those dreams come true, so SEGA decided to add a custom character that will fight together with Sonic." So as far as the Avatar concept is concerned, there you go. As for the rest of Sonic Forces, I don't know. The impression i get from Sonic Forces' devleopment, take it with a grain of salt, is that it was meant to be an Avatar driven action RPG with Sonic being locked away from start to finish. Then halfway of production, concerns were raised, there was a panic this game would bomb. And Forces was retooled into a standard Sonic Boost game, with some remenants of the intended Avatar game awkwardly clinging to it. Hence why the game feels so half assed, it's just 2 halves of a different game slammed together. As for why rumors would blow this up to a "Forces in it's entirity is Sega furfilling fan's wishes" thing, the game is obviously shoving in as many Popular elements from the other games together as possible. It's very easy to look at Forces as just being a checklist of "Things Sonic Team thinks fans would like". To me, it reeks more of desperation rather then a genuine attempt to furfill fan's wishes. I disagree Forces has any RPG elements. The "Upgrade your Avatar character with EXP to unlock more clothes" seem to lean closer to mobile phone trickery rather then any proper RPG gameplay elements. I never understood why a console game has these Mobile Phone game Freemium elements in it, I can only assume the game was meant to have a full blown Fortnite esque online store where you can unlock clothes and lure the kiddies into paying with the parent's creditcard to speed up the process. But then Sega took it out of Forces. Either out of the goodnes of their heart to save the Sonic franchise in having another stain on it's reputation with shady business practises. Or out of lazyness that they don't have to put any effort into designing appealing unlockables. Take your pick depending on how cynical you are.
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