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  1. There's also a Huge diffrence between the more physical and slapsticky humor from 90's Sonic and the more "clever dialogue" self aware humor of post Colors Sonic. So even when I agree Sonic should have comedy, I can still massively disagree on which brand of comedy.
  2. My guess is that it's because the output of Sonic games has been drastically reduced by more then a half. (Despite the fact I still see a ton of people clamoring for Sega to stop making so many Sonic games) I realized it made me more apathic about the series for a while too. With less to look forward to, and more time for introspection of what we had (Which isn't doing many favors for games like Forces) For fun I made a list in my head for all the games released in the 90's, the 2000's and the 2010's and realized how little happened in the 2010's. In the 90's we would have had Sonic's entire classic era plus a ton of game gear games and weird spin off games during the Saturn years, his big revival with Sonic adventure in the same position in the decade as we're in now, and with Shuffle and Adventure 2 around the corner. In the 2000's we'd had the entirity of the dark age, the Sonic advance games, the Sonic Rush games and just had Sonic Unleashed around the same time as we are now, with Colors, Sonic 4 and Generations about to come. Whether most of these games were a good thing or not, in terms of keeping the fanbase alive, there was plenty to talk about at least. Now.....All we had is Lost world and Forces as Sonic Team's finest. And Mania and Boom games as the Sonic CD/ Shadow/ Sonic black knight equivalent B-team games. We never had our Adventure/ Unleashed esque big revival game this decade. (Forces was in the perfect position to be one, but...) We barely had any handheld games to keep the pace. Only 2 originals and the watered down Lost world one. We didn't have a mini era that ended halfway trough like the Classic era and the dark era. If the 2010's has it's own self contained mini era, it'd be the nostalgia era and it still isn't freaking over. This decade feels empty as heck, with Mania as it's only succes title. And the Sonic Boom tv show as it's secondairy biggest succes, and while that show may be funny, it never really felt really "Sonic-ey" to me. And including the Sonic Boom tv show as a desperate extra "succes" for this decade just makes me realize I didn't bother including any of the other tv shows and OVA specials the other decades had On Top of their already bigger output list. The fact that made me realize the most about how empty this decade is, is realizing that in the 4 years between Forces and whatever the 30th anniversary game will be, the only game we got is a racing spin off, while I never even took racing games into consideration when I was making a mental list of the games of the other 2 decades. You could argue I'm cheating by including the anniversary games Adventure 2 and Generations in their previous decade, and that Generations should count as a 2010's game. Taking that logic, then the 2010 decade is complete and there's no longer the upcoming 30th anniversary game as potential "Savior" That one will be a 2020's title now. Now don't get me wrong, getting fewer games isn't necesairely a problem or something we should complain about. Compared to other franchises like Megaman or Earthbound or what have you, we still get a ton of games. And it's true that the 2000's pumping out game after game didn't help with the quality. Of course, that argument would have been more powerful if this decade had a strong "NOW THIS IS WHAT SONIC COULD HAVE BEEN IF SONIC TEAM TOOK THE TIME!!!" contender to hold over Adventure/ Heroes/ Unleashed's heads, but...Well, do we have one? Sonic Mania? Sure, but that isn't even a Sonic Team game and works on a diffrent level. If anything, the fact Sonic Mania is Sonic's greatest succes this decade while Sonic team should be able to make that type of game in their sleep at this point just makes me sad. But regardless if we're "allowed" to complain about the reduction of games or should be grateful/ happy about it, it doesn't change the fact the output of games has been reduced by more then a half, and as a result I'm not surprised if many of us feel less and less enthiousm around Sonic. There's just less to talk about. Sure technically, you could include the mobile phone games we had, then this decade has a considerable bigger library of games. My brain just can't consider the mobile phone games as....Well, games. Counting them as full blown Sonic games feels like including Sonic jam for the game.com and the Mc Donalds Heroes minigames as proper Sonic games. And if the games we had this decade were amazing and Sonic Team showed they have a grand vision for the future, then sure, that would create a lot of momentum and talk. But so far they're still hiding behind Green hill zone and Shadow fanservice as a crutch, so there's no faith. Small output and the output we get might be more polished then the 2000 era games but they're hardly much "better". So yeah. Interest is fading.
  3. Team crash racing I'm guessing. Little off topic there. To be on-topic, I get the feeling that Manual is trolling us. Not just with it casually dropping that huge bomb on Zavok's position with the Zeti out of nowhere, but check Metal Sonic's "DOES HE HAVE ULTERIOR MOTIVES TO RACE???" cliffhanger text in his description. Aww, cute, the manual is pretending Metal Sonic has something to do in ths game.
  4. Ah, was a fun episode. Disliked the first half with it just being a grocery list of references and the "hyper happy fanboy" angle I'm not fond of, but when the plot started moving it became a lot better. It's energetic, that immediatly helps. But man, that last joke with Sonic Sez surprised me. Sonic lecturing against sleeping or you'll miss out on adventure, was that a stab at Boom Sonic? Sonic being more itnerested in eternal napping rather then any adventuring has been one of my key complaints about that show, the lack of energy. I mean heck, that visual of the main characters being asleep/ irritated while there's obnoxious "FREE ICECREAM!!!!!" signs everywhere for fake excitement is the exact kind of visual I'd use to sum up the worse Pontaff/ Boom moments. Also, can't help but notice that practically every fanservice parade we had this decade besides Generations is squarly focused on 90's Sonic with Sonic Adventure being the cut off date for further references. Only exception being a stab or two at Shadow/ Sonic 06. Even Forces didn't step beyond Sonic Heroes, outside of Zavok, Orbot and Cubot's cameo's. You'd think the younger audiences want to see the Sonic games THEY grew up with to be represented, like Colors or Boom (Sonic Boom's 5 years old now, that's an eternity from the perspective of a kid) Didn't spot any post 90's references outside of Tails communicator from Colors and one mention of Cream in this cartoon.
  5. Aww, man. I love these 80's/ early 90's fantasy/ futuristic oil paintings. Can we get more Sonic games with this kind of atmosphere? Rather then Baby's first green hill zone.
  6. Dreadnaught base? Reminds me of the MDK games, most of these games took place on machines like that....Well, allegedly. The graphics were so abstract it was hard to tell during gameplay. Sounds like a cool idea, I'm all for it. Altough it's a little unfortunate with the implications of all the towns and cities crushed beneath the machine. Still, it puts a nice sense of tension to the precedings. It isn't enough that you're in a deadly Eggman factory, with additional danger of falling off underneath the giant wheels, but also a time limit that you have to stop the machine before it reaches the nearest city. Sounds like an epic climax to me. I wish Sonic Team played up Eggman's manchild tendecies in his bases more. I love Sonic adventure's Egg carrier with the swimmingpool and weird machines and Eggman logo's everywhere, or Unleashed's evil themepark. If I was designing Sonic games I'd go for an Evil parody of Disney world or something. Sonic Robo blast kart had several racetracks based around a Danceclub or Disco cruise for Eggman, I like that idea too. I had this idea once where a level would be set up like how Casinopolis was in Sonic adventure, but it's an arcade made by Eggman instead of a casino. To finish the level, you have to get a certain amount of points in several of the games in the arcade, kinda how you had to play pinball in the casino. And this being Eggman's arcade, the games involve playing as a chipper Eggman beating up Sonic and friends with upbeat music playing. With Sonic and friends loudly declaring their love for Eggman whenever they're defeated before exploding or something. It's probably too much of my dark sense of humor here for Sonic, but that's an idea I'd be playing with when designing a Sonic game. Then again, it's kind of similar to Sonic adventure's minigame where Amy is forced to beat up Sonic figures in the hammer minigame. Man, I really want to see more of that, the juxposition of Eggman being a dangerous psychopathic dictator leaving chaos and destruction in his wake, while basically being a big child at heart , celebrating himself and turning the world in a giant playground in his honor. That's my problem with modern Eggman, they play him either way too straight and make him an utterly humorless generic villain, or they make him a weak useless clown for laughs. It's the combination of both elements that make him great, not just one or the other.
  7. Now I'm just curious what the heck a "Shadow's world" is. Did Shadow inherit Space Colony arc and is now a gardener cultivating a dead wasteland landscape in there? Is Shadow suddenly God who can create his own planet? Is Sonic sucked into Shadow's brain? Did Shadow buy a house on an dark and edgey island and declare himself ruler of the land? Is this a retcon where the whole Space Colony ark backstory is thrown in the garbage and now Shadow's from his own evil dimension? Does every Sonic character have his/ her own dimension in this story? Did Sonic schoolhouse take place in Omo chao's dimension? I know it's probably just the flat surface level concept idea and if the game was ever finished, I doubt they would have called it "Shadow's world" It would have been just Some location that happens to fit with Shadow's personality. But still, the way it's written sounds so funny/ interesting. Not to mention the equally stupid "Sonic's world" is freaking canon. Climax entertainment huh? From Landstalker/ Super Runabout. A Sonic game in that style. Sounds interesting. Alas. We got Sonic rivals instead. And interesting how many of these "Let's make a Sonic game that's utterly Not a Sonic game in tone and atmosphere" ideas were floating around in the mid 2000's. Cultural zeitgeist I guess.
  8. Another example of what Sonic would look like as a collectehon could be his Lego Dimensions world. Altough that was more "do missions" rather then the collecting in and on itself. Not sure if that's actuall a Good thing for Sonic tough, much as I liked Lego Dimensions stage. It's just not in Sonic's DNA. That said, Sonic Forces is an example of the other extreme, when you only have brainless racing and action with near nothing when it comes to the slower style platforming. I'm seeing more and more people wishing for a more open 3d Sonic game, so it seems there's more and more interest in this direction. And I'd be all for a Knuckles/ Amy starring spin off where they can be more experimental with the gameplay while sidestepping the trappings of what a Sonic game should be. They can use a little attention and focus anyway.
  9. Sonic Jam and Gems here myself, for having actual rare and unique inclusions and not just the obvious ones.
  10. Agreed Tails role in Lost world and Forces could have been great if Sonic Team followed up or explored it a little. More emphasis on Sonic choosing Eggman's advice over Tails, more emphasis on Tails learning he's making the sitaution worse acting as a jerk, and we're getting something. Lost world's biggest problem is that the story just doesn't have any flow, each cutscene seems to exists in its own dimension, showcasing potentially great storylines but with barely any lead-in or pay-off to any of them. As for Forces, I wonder if that game's broken story has to do with the rumors of Sega of America protesting against the original dark and edgey vision, and half that games story is just made out of the rubble of their original ideas. Regardless of what happened, the results are a joke. It would really help if Tails was allowed to be playable again and participate in the adventure. It's easier to write him a subplot when he can actively participate. Then again, that only works when he has his own story mode and levels, and isn't just tagging along with Sonic a-la Heroes, so maybe that's a bad idea. Besides, small chance that the supporting cast becomes playable in a mainline Sonic game any time soon, Tails gameplay is hard to implant into a Sonic game and at this point, Sonic Team can barely get Sonic gameplay implanted into a Sonic game. Instead of making him playable, just overcompensate it in the story. Man, that sequence in Color's ending where Sonic mocks Tails for being useless before Tails starts ranting about how super important he was in that game really came across to me like the game being insecure about removing Tails from gameplay. Not helped by the writers making Tails all morally superior and super rightious in Lost world after, as if over-compensating. He's useless in the gameplay department, but oh Boy will we make him super duper awesome in the story to make up for it.
  11. Shame, because one of the tracks is Pinball themed. Would be awesome if they put more effort to make that look like an actual giant pinball you're driving trough (Perhaps including a giant creepy player in the sky "playing" the machine) But while the finished track does have some pinball elements like a very empty table (Not even wacky illustrations and props on the pinball table? Lame. Ever seen a Pinball table and all the crazy stuff they add on them?) but there's just as many generic casino assets around the track as well so the whole pinball theme just gets lost in the general "Here's a bunch of random Casino/ Pinball theme'd items flying magically in space for no reason" feel of the thing.
  12. I never got the point of 3d graphics in a sidescrolling game, it's just confusing to me. It was cute in the Saturn/ PSX era I guess, but we're hardly impressed by basic 3d effects now. Now I'm just irritated when it's harder for me to see where platforms start or end because of the perspective trickery. If it's 2d sidescrolling gameplay, give it 2d art. With smooth updated Sonic advance esque animations and some beautiful handpainted backgrounds like Rayman's later games , great. Unless they really DO something with the 3d graphics, like indeed the GUN truck coming in and smashing the level design. Altough I'm pretty sure you can pull off stunts like that with 2d graphics too. If we're cheating and including (limited) 3d gameplay in this 2.5 d games like Bug!, I would like to see a 3d Sonic game done in the style of Mario 3d land/ world with the camera locked. Seems to me to be the best inbetween option of 2D/ 3D, the immersion and depth of 3d but the cohesion and visual communication of a 2d game.(Basically, not worrying about camera controls) As for pure sidescrolling 2.5 d games like most of Modern Sonic....It Really depends on the level design, gameplay style and how honest the game is with itself. Sonic generations 3ds was okay. If Sega remembers to make the Sonic game a Sonic game and not a Nintendo esque puzzle platformer, I'm fine. It's my least favorite option available, but it's fine. Soon as I see Wisp puzzles or blocky level design, I'm out, tough. Go make an Alex Kidd sequel already if that's the only level design they can figure out these days.. Or at least make Sonic slower ala the game gear games. I don't see the point of having a super fast Sonic when the level design is claustropobic, it's like driving a dragracer on a go-kart track. And Sega, be HONEST about it and don't try to trick us into thinking it's a 3d game. People like 2d games, no need to be ashamed of it. I just can't stand Sega's dishonest marketing and inability to make hard decisions on anything. Make a decision and STICK to it this time. You might win me over even on a game I don't like at first if I see you put a lot of thought and effort into it. Panicking and desperatly throwing in alien aspects into your game to try and trick me into thinking it's better or diffrent or is "appeasing" my part of the fanbase will just piss me off at this point.
  13. With Mania, people were practically begging for a physical release and it was clear Sega missed out on a ton of potential customers (Let alone missing out on people buying a second copy just to get a physical game) if they didnt'do something. And that game was winning awards left and right and had the internet singing it's praises. Sad to say TSR is miles away from that kind of position. And if, say, Sonic Generations wasn't worth Sega's time for DLC levels despite a ton of people clamoring for that, then TSR really doesn't stand a chance. Alas, it just seems to be a throwaway game to fill the time between the 25th anniversary games and the 30th anniversary games. Doomed to be one of those games only to be remembered in an occasional "oh yeah, I forgot that game also exists" fleeting thought like Sonic Shuffle, Sonic Boom fire and ice, etc. Shame, it's a fun game, but just doesn't have any WOW factor to make it stick.
  14. Shame he became a GUN agent afterward, I'm sure he would have a great career with that ability otherwise. Vector: Hey Shadow, can you do that virtual reality karate chop again? I got this website of sexy lady crocodiles and uh, y'know, for research. Yeah, Sonic Boom fire and Ice had some great looking levels. Despite being kinda out of place for a Sonic game (especially as one of the final levels) I loved the Disney castle theme too. Only gripe I had with that game's level themes is that there were too many jungle/ forest/ marsh/ green levels. Really needed a city level or something to shake it up a little. But I guess the Sonic Boom universe just doesn't have any cities beyond ancient ruins from the past. I like to think that the commander got in charge of GUN after Adventure 2, that Shadow resurfacing suddenly gave him a motivation boost to climb up the ranks. Just a lowly janitor until he spots Shadow, all his youth trauma's come boiling up and he's all "THAT BLACK HEDGEHOG! A*(#$*(#%&*(@#$*" Then Dr. Eggman causes a convienent explosion on Prison island, blowing up some staff members and the Commander has a nice power vacuum to work with. Presto. Technically, yeah. But considering the only context that Boom ever gave to Shadow was "he's that popular guy from the other games', LITTERALY. So we're still invited to mentally project Canon!Shadow onto Boom!Shadow. It's not like Boom does much to give their version of Shadow his own identity beyond being thrown punchlines at on the behalf of Canon!Shadow. I like to imagine a Sonic boom version of Adventure 2 happened in some capacity. Just replace all the violent GUN soldiers and tragic doomed scientists with the typical kind of zany Sonic Boom inhabitants for extra horror/ awkwardness/ hilarity, depending on your sense of humor. Pfft, maybe if I ever make a 4th Sonic Boom rogerified episode I should just adapt Sonic adventure 2's story to take place in the Sonic Boom universe. Mayor Fink as the president, one of Percy's twin sisters as Maria, Morpho/Mombot as Gerald Robotnik, Lyric as Biolizard, etc. See how creepy/ terrifying/ funny that would be.
  15. Was weird he ignored Rouge and Omega when they were in distress. They're playing up the "He's not a team player" bit a little much. And it makes Shadow stupid and unfocused on the job, as he seems to completely forget that winning the race requires you to get the most points....with the entire team. If Rouge and Omega can't finish at all, he's severly crippling his victory chances. So even on a "He's entirely consumed by his mission" level, he's off. If anything, I was expecting that to be the entire punchline of the cartoon. That Shadow DID cross the finish line in first place, but then lose anyway as Tails and Knuckles gave Sonic the extra points needed to rise over Shadow's victory and Omega and Rouge unable to get any points at all. Heck, it's what inspired me to put that entire scenerio in my TSR parody. Still, Overdrive's joke with Shadow was funny regardless, and being more on a zany Looney Tunes cartoon level I'm fine with it. I'm willing to forgive a lot if you're at least funny or compotent on some other level. As for Shadow's charazterization in Forces.... I suppose I am way too harsh over it and mostly bitter about him being utterly pointless in the main campaign. Besides that, I do wish they showcased a more adult mellow Shadow who's contuiing growing toward valueing teamwork and focusing on his desire to better the world. It's those qualities that set Canon Shadow apart from the parody angry megolmaniac version. They do little to showcase the heart he has gained since Shadow and 06.Really want to see him interact more with Rouge, even if only on pure business terms. So I suppose Forces Shadow wasn't Wrong, as much that it didn't showcase any of his qualities that sets him apart from Parody!Shadow, and I desperatly wanted to see those qualities after he's been stuck in parody, brainwashed, out of time or evil clone status for nearly a decade. And disagreed that Team Sonic racing is disqualified for character showcasing for being "a spinoff". The developers proudly stated in interviews this is canon to the games. Granted, that means very little these days, but still. TSR Shadow is fully approved in-canon Shadow as we're supposed to take him.I liked him a bit more in the IDW comics.They do a fantastic job with most characters, and Shadow's alright in it. But alas, those aren't canon, as much as I wish they hired Flynn for the games, if only to punch up the dialogue a little. Not sure if Silver and Blaze are graduated to Shadow and Classic Sonic levels of desirability yet. Take it with a grain of salt, but I'm under the impression that Sonic fans were vocal for Classic Sonic and Shadow for reasons even beyond (But also including) them just being popular characters. Classic Sonic represents the full understanding and respect of the Classic games, the gameplay, a genuine attempt to recreating the entire games and their visual philosophy, not just Classic Sonic in and on itself. A lot of my friends and me who championed for Shadow's returned did so under the assumption Shadow would bring a certain style of storytelling and attitude along with him. Silver and Blaze don't resemble any deeper philosphy beyond the characters themselves, (Unless someone wants Silver's telekinises gameplay back?) .And now that we had our painful lessons that the return of these characters doesn't garantee they come included with their full context and values, I'm sure most of us are a lot less motivated to rally for their return.
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