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  1. If they're interested in the Japanese market, throwing in Sakura Wars characters will double sales over there. I'm surprised they haven't so far. Of course most of us in the west will only raise a confused eyebrow. I suppose Sonic Sega all stars games never seemed to be made with Japan in mind, considering I read rumors Japanese fans had to import the first game. Still, if I was Sega, I'd definitly throw in a Persona or Yakuza character in there at least. Those finally seem to be gaining traction in the west, while still bringing in the Japanese crowd. Dunno if I really care about a Sonic only racer. Generations, Lego Dimensions and especially Forces and Mania's detached Meta aproach to just throwing in random locations and characters on a pile with little to no Story context completely cheaped the thrill of seeing Sonic's past return. I want the real characters and locations to matter, not another parade of meaningless fanservice. At least seeing old Sega characters get some time in the limelight still has a bit of a thrill. I suppose if it's a on-foot Sonic R style Racer I'll be interested in it in terms of gameplay, but if it's just a generic fanservice driven Kart racer, then eh. Just give me Sega Fanservice then.
  2. Biggest problem with Forces was it's lack of focus. Can't be an arcade style super simplistic fast Sonic action game, then add a large cast, epic premise on top of that. The premise fits more with an slower RPG style game where events can sink in. And then Classic Sonic throws in a third even more alien direction in the mix. This really should have been 3 diffrent games, Classic Sonic and Classic nostalgia (So Sonic Mania that we already got) a fast paced arcade Modern Sonic game (So Generations 2 minus the nostalgia) So what's left is Sonic Forces actual personal essence, the OC character stuff. Really feels like the best way to use it is by making it a spinoff RPG or whatever on the 3ds or SVita. People seem to have zero tolerance for weird premises or characters and stuff in the main games, spin offs are allowed to have more freedom in tone and direction. So a Sonic Forces follow up I'd prefer is that they stick it to the side as a spin off game, just focus on the OC character/ Sonic friends as army aspect of it and make it a slower 3d platformer with RPG elements. And keep Classic Sonic/ the next main 3d Sonic game their own seperate things.
  3. All they learned from Sonic Generations being well received is "People like Green hill zone and Classic Sonic", none of level design, focus in vision, interactive usage of setpieces etcetera etcetera. So I find it hard to care which game will win out Sega/ Sonic Team's favor in figuring out the future. Chances are they'll get an entirely diffrent conclusion out of them then we want them. This is especailly frustrating with Sonic Forces, as people who like Forces tend to Love the concepts and direction, but don't tend to like the execution. It's a complete crapshoot if Sonic Forces' (Potential) Succes will encourage them to give the concepts a second chance with a richer executed game, or if they'll consider it a victory for lazy game and story design. I suppose that's at least an advantage that Sonic Mania has, EVERY freaking Modern Sonic game has the same Meta worship of Classic Sonic imagary shoved up it's butt, so if Mania does better then the others, they'll have to look closer to the actual execution of the game. But then again, Sega come across to me as in just looking for shiny "instant succes" magic gimmicks. Just dangle Shadow the hedgehog and Green Hill Zone in people's faces, no matter how superficial and cynically they're implanted in the game. So chances are all a Sonic Mania succes will do is them just aggresively pushing for Pixel art in all future games, but not much else. But that's just me being cynical. One ray of hope I got is that Sonic Critism as become more well defined today. So at least they should be getting more specific feedback this time around. Problem with feedback from past games was that they were only relevant for that specific period in time (Yay, no more Sonic friends, yay no more Werehog, yay Classic Sonic returns after he got the shaft in Sonic 4!) but have become outdated since. Forces feedback contains a lot more general hard critism that'll stay relevant.
  4. It is weird he keeps saying specifically SART, as in, with the T. As in, a specific Sonic all stars TRANSFORMED sequel is debunked. Which is only the specific title of the sequel, not the series in general. This being Aaron, I wouldn't be surprised that's his "Well, this new sequel doesn't have the word Transformed in the title" loophole. As bonus, it's a hint that transformations won't be a part of the game, like the Bayonetta bike seems to imply. That said, I still won't get too excited yet. I'm not super convinced this is happening, if anything i'm too sore for all the unsatisfying dead end clue treasure hunts from the past few years to get roped into one again. Just saying. And about that Bayonetta bike, could it have been made for the original Sonic all stars in 2010? I remember hearing stories about them toying around with using Bayonetta until they got concerned it might affect the rating of the game.
  5. I have a hunch a lot of current Sonic fans consider Sonic more part of the Nintendo family rather then Sega's. Hence the little love. Would have helped if Sega utlized their IP's a lot more, but what can you do. At least seems they revived Daytona, House of the Dead and Virtual On recently. That's something, I guess. And a Crazy taxi mobile phone game if anyone cares.
  6. Sonic Drift racing 3! About time. Actually I'm secretly hoping it's suddenly Sonic and Sega all stars fighting, like a Power Stone type game. Then again, the hints so far point to a karting game. Then again, Sega's first crossover fighting game did have the Hornet car as fighter, maybe Sonic's Kart is a fighter. .....Eh, a man can dream, right?
  7. This whole "make the game super easy for newcomers" makes sense.....If we were talking about Sonic Boom games or something. (Which would attract more new players trough the television show) But Sonic Forces with it's "OMG WHY IS SUDDENLY SHADOW EVIL??? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!" marketing made Sonic Forces more like it's designed for series veterans. So we get 2 entirely diffrent philosophies smashed together until they cancel each other out. That's Modern Sonic Team for ya.
  8. From a personal, technical and artistic point of view, I'd say Sonic adventure 1 is the best game to remake, as it always struck me as a game with ambitions too big for what they could pull of in 1998. And being Sonic Team's first experimental jump into 3d it comes across as a bit messy and held up by scotchtape here and there. A game mostly flawwed for technical reasons more then conceptial reasons (Outside of Big the Cat) so it's the one that can gain the most of getting a cleaner modern take. From a Sega point of view, I fully expect them to go for Heroes tough. It's drenched in Classic Sonic imagary, only has 14 levels and 7 level themes, so relatively cheap to make. It's biggest flaw is that it's kinda dull, which means it has little of the kind of internet "This game is so terrible!!!" hyperbole surrounding it. Even the cutscenes are closer to Modern Sonic's cutscenes, being seperate pre-rendered video's instead of in-game sequences. Cheap, mediocre, below the radar of controversies, and filled with Classic Sonic imagary. Heck, there's even Green Hill zone 2.0 in it trough Seaside Hill. Yeah, I can see why Sega would take this one as their big remake game, if they do one. I would say I'd love a Sonic Heroes remake if they can spice up the level design a little, but...Hah. Modern Sonic Team and Level design. That said, I doubt we'll get any game anouncement. Not getting my hopes up for nothing. I still remember 2015 with it's Thousand and one Sonic parties and zero anouncements. And even 2016's first half was mostly endless Sonic themed parties with nothing but "maaaybe something maybe wink wink." nonsense.
  9. Sweet! After lego's, ziplines and sand, can't wait to see what new addition they'll have for Green Hill Zone this time. Maybe they'll even remember it's supposed to be on an island next time.
  10. At what point did Sonic Forces lose you?

    While Forces never completely lost me, I find it a fine brainless arcade style action game to kill a minute or two. But the most damning moment I had with Sonic Forces is realizing that Sonic Forces did everything I wanted a Sonic game to do, on a superficial level at least. And that just lead to...Well, Sonic Forces. All planets were aligned, Sonic team said all the things I wanted to hear. "This game is deliberatly designed with the philosophy of being a fast paced 3d action game, Sonic Team saying they have passion again. You're encouraged to care about the story and be concerned with the characters. Finally taking a 4 year break to work seriously on one game instead of rushing it out in a year, they're actually using music again in a big way, they seem familair with the complaints about the "American writing" and assure us this was written by "the Japanese"... It's like they went trough my entire wish checklist and clicked them all off... And screwed all of them up on some level except the music. So, Sonic Forces is fine... But as the grand epitome, the epic clumination, the great gathering of every single one of my wishes and concerns.... This is the result? Ouch. This is the best it'll get far as my particular taste in Sonic games goes with Modern Sonic Team, is it? There's a crushing thought. So I better enjoy this mediocrity. It's just further downhill for me. Wish I could look forward to Sonic Mania leading to better things, even if that's not my preferred direction. But I can't help but think Mania was good because it was a below the radar game with minimal Sonic Team/ Sega input. I don't want to know what "improvements" a Sonic Mania 2 will enjoy if Sega and Sonic team get more involved.
  11. Sonic Forces Super Sonic DLC Will Be Free Forever

    It's really just a ploy to create pressure for people to buy Sonic Forces last December. As in, people who were hesistating to buy the game/ waiting for deals or second hand copies would panic when they learn Super Sonic is only available for free for a month. So they'd abandon their plans of waiting for a better deal and get the game immediatly to grab Super Sonic before he's locked behind a paywall. It's clear to me Sega was never interested in making money out of Super Sonic. Seems they were more then happy to drop " the threat" of paid Super Sonic as soon as their marketing ploy had come to an end. The character as otherwise indeed utterly pointless. But hey, shiny. Me gots to have free shiny.
  12. Which name do you prefer: Dr. Eggman or Robotnik?

    Robotnik for me. Sounds rougher. Hits a better balance in rough danger and goofy cheese more then Eggman that sounds full blown Clownish.
  13. How is Pontaff's writing viewed now?

    Didn't know people genuinely hated the "enjoy your future" line. I tought it was just hijacked to make tons of "Lol post Classic Sonic games suck" jokes, but on it's own it's an okay line. As for my general thoughts on Pontaff, I dunno. I got a hunch that Sonic's problems are way deeper built in the structure of Sega itself and no singular individual can do much about it. So at this point I really don't care who the writer is. Even if we get Ian Flynn or Shiro Maekawa to pen the scenerio, I'll be worried the Sega committee will stretch, smudge, distort and mutilate whatever story they had into another trashpile of good intentions. Altough at least they'll get tiny details better and the characters will feel more natural. So on that regard I'm hoping a little for more skilled writers. But it'll just be the background details. And let's face it, only hardcore Sonic nerds care about the Details being right, so I doubt this is high priority for Sega. Pontaff has impressed me, more or less, with the decent little tale in Sonic Boom Fire and Ice. And their Sonic Boom Tv show episode was okay. So far as comedic low stake random sillyness is concerned, they've become a lot less cringe and I can actually enjoy their writing. Altough it's telling the only stories I like from them is when they don't even have to try to do anything. Not to mention the Sonic Boom episode still fudged up it's resolution and "moral" of the story as they can't end D-Fects character arc with anything other then an exasperated Sonic shrugging that 'it's complicated". With a silly comedy as Sonic Boom you can get away with that, but it does little to build any confidence I have in them for handling an actual story were I'm supposed to care about the characters and not just chuckle at empty punchlines in a vacuum. And to their defense, I think they're good at coming up with ideas, just terrible in plotting and story flow. Just let them write individual ideas on a napkin and then get someone else in to actually turn it into a plot. I'll be fine with that.
  14. I really hope Infinite appears in the next Olympic game. ...They better have him go into a psychopathic rant about not being weak every time he loses the figure skating match.
  15. Sonic Forces: The War Of Wasted Opportunities.

    Heh. I suppose their goal is more to prevent as many issues as possible, rather then striving for complete perfection. This is Sonic Team after all. Well, A Sonic Team. Well, mostly newbies with little experience under the guidance of a number of the Sonic 06 and Sonic Lost world team. So yeah.

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