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  1. Roger_van_der_weide

    Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?

    If we're getting a Sonic 3 and Knuckles remix album, hope the PC original tracks get some love. Probably not. I'm probably one of the few only people who remembers/ prefers that version. Would have sidestepped the whole copyright debacle too. But geez, with TSR's mostly marketign itself trough music tracks, and now the possiblity that a new game/ remaster is being anounced trough a music track, I get the feeling Music is starting to become one of the most vital aspects of Sonic's identity at the moment. Hah, are we going to get a Sonic and Space Channel 5/ Samba de amigo crossover game now or what? Hey, if Mario can have a DDR game, can't see why Sonic can't.
  2. Roger_van_der_weide

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Sounds like a terrible idea, and besides, that would mean she's using her own children as projectiles... .... .... Sounds like an awesome idea, Mother Wisp SHOULD be a playable character in TSR. Woa, Frozen Junkyard? Woa, that looks neat. A unique track. (Well, probably based on Chemical plant zone from Sonic Forces) Nice, first track I'm genuinely impressed by, not being either Generations 2.0 or generic Egypt/ Snow level all kart racers have. Typical we only get concept art yet, tough. Guess we have to wait and see if the actual game can furfill the promise of that art.
  3. Roger_van_der_weide

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Never mind Non-game material, even the games themselves. I recall Mario and Sonic at the Rio games getting no acknowledgement on the Sonic twitter when it was released. I remember that game was released in stores the day before another Sonic live event happened, you'd figure the Twitter could have made an easy "Kill some time with this awesome new game if you can't wait for our event!" statement somewhere, but nope. I figured it being a Nintendo game created some weird legal hurdles or something. But then Sonic Boom fire and Ice also didn't get any Twitter love until it was already out for weeks. There's gotta be some stupid bureaucratic/ legal hurdles, because it doesn't make sense to me to have a succesful Twitter and not advertise your stuff.
  4. Roger_van_der_weide

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Hey Zavok. I think there was a nice opportunity for you to battle Sonic and friends. Little something called Sonic Forces. Contained one or two battles for the fate of the planet, might have been interesting to you. Would have been nice if you showed up in the flesh, to react to your clones, let us know you're still alive, add some dimension and personality to the war. But whatever. And hey, at least Team Sonic racing promotes him to "some random guy to fill up a slot in Eggman's team" status, so that's nice. Can't wait for the game to give an engaging and believable reason why he's suddenly best buddies with Eggman. Maybe he's another Infinite clone. Or maybe Eggman did enslave him again with the conch. Sure would be hilarious if the writers forget to include a scene where Sonic actually rescues him from Eggman and Zavok's doomed to be Eggman's servant against his will for all time. Or maybe there's no explanation at all and he's just another demonstration in how all Sonic characters are stripped from their history, context and meaning and are now all soulless shapes dangling in front of the fans as shiny objects because "member game???". Can't wait to find out. ...I'm still surprised that neither Mania nor Forces has any presence in this game. These spinoffs always love advertising the latest flagship game and I was looking forward to seeing the unique elements of Forces and Mania make an appearence. Really dissapointed there. These games had some interesting new characters and locations whenever they weren't resurgitating Generations. But alas.
  5. Roger_van_der_weide

    Will future Sonic games introduce more new characters?

    Do any Sonic games even exist that didn't introduce a new character? Even the ones you'd think didn't, did, like Mania with the Hard Boiled heavies and Generations with the Time Eater. The only Main Sonic game I can think of that didn't introduce a new character was Sonic 4. Sonic Heroes can cheat by claiming Cream's from Advance 2 and the Chaotix from Knuckles Chaotix, but even THEN it introduces Cheese's brother Chocola, ultra minor as he might be. Not to mention the Egg pawns. Other then that, it's some of the Game Gear games, mobile phone games and the Sports spinoff games have entrees without new characters introduced. But all the main ones at least have a brand new Sonic's best friend sidekick (Chip/ Yacker) or Generic evil monster of doom (Ifrit, Time eater, etc.) So yeah, Sonic game with no new characters? Wouldn't count on it. .... ... Ohh right, the first Sonic Rivals also didn't introduce a new character... Huh, there's more then I thought. Maybe there's a tiny chance then.
  6. Roger_van_der_weide

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Or maybe it's Turbo who survived Wreck it Ralph and infestated another racing game. Hey, if we're guessing anyway. I doubt it's Classic Eggman, relies to much on the audience being familair with small details in the previous game, like Eggman's fate in Mania. Besides, a lot of Modern SOnic games have a tendecy to leave the villains fates to be very ambigious, like the Deadly Six. Or how Eggman escaped the void in Generations. And Eggman in Forces. That said, it could be a cute twist I suppose.
  7. Roger_van_der_weide

    Sonic Chronicles: Remastered - A Fan-Made Remake From The Ground Up!!

    Awesome, looks like a great project so far. Playing it with normal controlls would definitly be a blessing. And remixed music too. Awesome, awesome.
  8. Roger_van_der_weide

    Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?

    Well, Sonic Team has released a main Sonic game after a Console's prime time before, with Sonic and Knuckles close to the Saturn's launch, Sonic adventure 2 after the Dreamcast was declared dead, and Sonic Unleashed on ps2 while the ps3 was out and about. Kinda weird to think it's already too late for Sonic Team to make a Sonic game for this generation, since Sonic Forces was their first big entrance this generation, launching a new engine even. Kinda sad to think they can already throw their new engine in the trash and get working on a new generation engine already. But yeah, I doubt there's any big Sonic news too, especially with Team Sonic working on Sakura Wars now. Maybe a teaser trailer for the next game, but that's all I'm hoping for. I wish we'd at least get new Handheld Sonic games again. Sonic Advance/ Rush were great games to fill the void inbetween the main releases, and the 3ds is still doing well, isn't it? Hope Sonic Boom's games/ Generatons/Lost world 3ds didn't kill Sega's faith in the handheld. But it probably did. Sigh.
  9. Phew, just in time for 2018.


  10. Roger_van_der_weide

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    That reminds me, Sonic Free Riders had a very European looking city track. Could be an company piece to the Spagonia tracks. Besides that, there's some neat track concepts from the Riders series, a frozen forest, Eggman having his own Robot company, or City streets filled with Police cars responding to the Babylon Rogues's recent robbery. I love the sunset mountains from Riders 1 too. Or the tropical city from Free Riders. Heck, it'd be great to be playing trough any Sonic Free Riders racetrack in a game that's actually fun to control. But I doubt Team Sonic Racing will go this obscure. Who needs original and interesting tracks when you can have Seaside hill again, after all.
  11. Agreed, the split up is really weird and confusing in who can co-exist in multiple subseries and who can't. At least there's 2 consolations, 1 ) At least characters not allowed to get into Modern Sonic are spared from terrible writing and 2 ) there's a 159% chance Sonic Team will change their mind and retcon their rules 5 or 6 times before the next interview where they gets to explain how this mess is supposed to work again.
  12. Aww, so optimistic and logical. I don't know if Sega thinks like that. I mean, look at Sonic Generations. Came out right after Sonic 4, and had half of it's game dedicated to 2d Classic Sonic and yet STILL felt the need to make Modern Sonic's levels into 2d for huge chunks. While there's also Sonic Generations on the 3ds that's entirely in 2d. Clearly fair balance wasn't on the menu. I mean, I agree with your statement that 3d games shouldn't cripple themselves with pointless 2d gameplay anymore now we got Mania, but that's clearly not Sonic Team's thinking process. Probably what the 3rd option said, it's cheaper. Not to mention the level designers have no idea how to intergrate actual level design within the 3d boost gameplay so have to rely on 2d to get any kind of level design in that's more advanced then "Run trough tunnel". I do see more people complain about it, so who knows, maybe it'll get trough to Sonic Team. This is why I'm so annoyed they spend so long making a new engine for Sonic Forces that focuses on Realistic lighting, of all things. If you're going to make a new game engine for boost games, how about focusing on an engine that makes creating enormous quanities of level real estate easier and more dynamic, so you can actually make the game last longer then 30 minutes? So they spend months making a hyper detailed and complex looking town, and then plop down one street containing 30 seconds of gameplay. Brilliant. For Unleashed, at least I can understand, that game has the slower and atmospheric Werehog, and Hubs. Forces' only excuse is the scale of the story, which they already botched up, so whatever. And I have a problem with their thought process of speed. To me, speed isn't just about the technical speed, it's about the rhytm and dynamic use of speed as well. Consider a spaceship and a skateboard. A spaceship is clearly faster then a skateboard, yet watching a spaceship fly in empty space still feels slow. While watching someone roll down a mountain on a skateboard, dodging traffic and making sharp turns and jumps feels super fast. I think a slower Sonic game but one where you're constantly dodging and jumping and doing dynamic things feels faster then a Sonic game where you move faster but just run straight all the time. And when there's more dynamic level design, that means the skills of the character you're playing start mattering more, and thus Tails, Knuckles and co can become useful again. Amazing.
  13. Well, people do pay closer attention to level design these days. Sonic Forces was constantly under fire on that. From fans, anyway. And I have to say, it's kind of fascinating seeing the "Well it's easier to implant Sonic's friends in a 2d game" argument so often, even tough Modern Sonic's also 90% 2d gameplay. Just kick Classic Sonic out of Forces and replace with Knuckles/ Tails. Voila. Problem solved. Ironically, the most 3d game Sonic games we had this decade, Rise of Lyric and Lego dimensions, had a full cast of playable characters. Not that I count either as an example of a Good Sonic game or anything, I'm just sayin'.
  14. I would have accepted that as an excuse if Forces came out a year after Lost world, in 2014. It had 4 years of development time, even if most of the time was spend on just making the engine. They should have made their minds up at the time they started. Man, I don't want to be so bitter about Forces, I kinda like that game, but MAN. Talk about having all the ingriedients for the perfect meal and then just being served an okay but ordinairy sandwich.
  15. I was recently thinking, Sonic Lost World added parkours. Vertical gameplay. That brought 3d Sonic very close to Tails and Knuckles abilities, especially Knuckles.So if they continued in that direction... But eh, I'm too cynical and distrustful at Sonic Team to have any kind of hopeful thinking anymore. The careless and respectless way they threw characters and gameplay together in Forces really doesn't make me want to hope for anything anymore, what's the point of getting what you want if it's just violently jammed into a game that has no room, space or purpose for it? Personally I'm more interested in watching Fangames deal with the problem, especially on that regard. They haven't quite figured out how to balance Sonic, Tails and Knuckles abilities together in one 3d game yet, but it's fun to see them try. That's so exciting, there's a gameplay challenge, and they try to figure it out and try, experiment, improve and get better. Unlike, say, Sonic Team that'll immedialty give up and burn everything to the ground. Or they succeed, and then repeat the same trick so often and without respect that it flanderizes into a meaningless goop, and then they'll burn everything to the ground.

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