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  1. Hey! I remember you from Newgrounds! It's me! Stetich! Yeah i wouldn't expect you to remember either. Sonic remixer, i asked you for voice clips for a flash that never happened cause everyone backed out of the project. Good times.

    How you been? 

    1. Roger_van_der_weide


      Yeah, it's super easy to get people to agree to work with you on a project, but it's a nightmare to actually get thm to do what they promised.

      I'm fine, you?
      Any remixes you want to show off?

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Well I'm glad you asked. My former roommate destroyed my old equipment putting me on a six year hiatus until last summer. I'll send you a new one

      [80] Sonic Unleashed - Cool Edge (Day)

      And one I'm not 100% sure i showed you before but you might've heard anyway

      [69] Sonic Spinball - Toxic Rave

      Other than that,  i also picked up a pro wrestling career thats been far more successful than music. It's been sweet

    3. Roger_van_der_weide


      Pro wrestling huh? Not just going to the gym wrestling, but full on in front of camera's wrestling? No half work there then, cool.

      Love the Sonic Spinball track. Toxic caves is such a great foundation for so many remixes.
      Yeah, great stuff man, keep it up.
      Hah, must be fun to be able to create your own excersize music.

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      Brother, it's been a hell of a trip. I've sat and chatted with big timers like Bret Hart and Chris Jericho. I've been on Canadian national television once. Going to Vegas this weekend for some elite get together with the real deals from around the world. Check this out. I'm Mr. Yellow in this video

      The way I see it man, you really only get one chance to be whoever you want to be in life. Take what you can. It's something I really want so I'm going to work my ass off to get there.

      I do tend to find that writing music does help me in the wrestling aspect. Exercises the brain, opens it up to new options. But yeah, sometimes it's fun to work out to music I've made. Other times not so much. My stuff is really hit and miss sometimes.

      But what about you man? I do miss your legendary videos on Newgrounds. Remember Chuckles the Echidna? The one with J'Lo in it (was it J'Lo?) had me rolling on the desk. So random XD

      No actually.  My favorite of yours was the Sonic Battle in 4 minutes. 

      To the robot,  "Hey, punchbag!" "Punchbag!"

      Hi guys! I'm Chris! 


    5. Roger_van_der_weide


      Hah, I can see how the music helps you with the wrestling, you got some great moves, even you just walking up the stage is like a Micheal Jackson dance routine.

      Still making parodies, finished a short one on Sonic X and one on Sonic Rush Adventure a month ago.
      They're less hyper then how they used to, tough.

    6. PaulyBFromDa303


      Nice. Ill have to check them out. Link a brutha up lol.

      The cool thing is that there's now new material to parodize.  Time lapse and all that noise.  I know you seen the Forces thread here, and just how excited *cough cough cough* everyone is about it. Well, potential comedy gold right there if you ask me. And I'm sure this place would appreciate it XD LOL

    7. Roger_van_der_weide


      Alright. They're not quite as hyper anymore as they used to be, but yeah:


      Yeah, Sonic Forces is definitly shaping up to be Parody material.
      It's clear it's going to have severe tonal issues, that's always fun to parody.

    8. PaulyBFromDa303


      Love it. I do wish Sonic was that sarcastic nowadays. Excellent delivery. Yeah i can see how they're not as hyper as before, but still accurate and entertaining. I like how all hell breaks loose in the sonic x one and Sonics just napping the whole time. Gives me an idea to use in a match XD

    9. Roger_van_der_weide


      Yeah, fake napping could be a fun way to psych out your opponent, and you do seem to me the kind of guy who can jump straight up from a napping pose to a fight pose in a split second.
      Would be quite a feat.

      Pfft, I'm doing a planking excersize technique, experimenting with it for a month. Just figuring out which bodyparts to move or how to get into position is already a puzzle for me to figure out.
      I'm jealous of your seemingly effortless movements to bounce around like a real cartoon, jumping on ropes and everything.
      But that's your hard work paying off.

    10. PaulyBFromDa303


      It is pretty hard to stay in shape. I got a roommate, also a wrestler, dudes twice my size with like a half the body fat. You gotta pay attention to what you eat and when, time it perfectly with your workouts. I'm still getting the hang of it after 10 years XD. I also found out that broccoli is basically THE super veggie of all super veggies. But sugar is the devil and its unfortunate that it's extremely hard to avoid. Sugar is in everything! It gets real complicated bro. Science

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