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  1. Which is even assuming the devs are particularly interested in creating what the fans want and aren't just off on their own personal little missions. I get the impression Sega as a whole is more interesting in following trends and being profitable in general, and Sonic Team in particular are artists mostly occupied in following their own experiments. Considering 3d platformers aren't that profitable and aren't necesairely what SonicTeam's interested in, their mindsets might be on a completely other dimension then ours. It might be a bitterly cynical take, but I'm expecting the whole "Actual Sonic platform game" aspect of the next actual Sonic platform game to a secondairy or even lower priority of the next game, added in the most basic way because "it's what people expect" While all the real focus and passion will be centered around whatever new Gimmick-of-the-week Sega thinks is profitable/ SonicTeam's interested in. Hence why their occasional efforts to appease fans and add fanservice always feel so shallow and stupid, probably.
  2. Pretty sure I read an interview with Iizuka somewhere that Sonic Colours got born because of Sonic Team being shocked at the succes of Mario and Sonic at the Olympics game, and thus immediatly started gunning for the Nintendo Crowd. So I would say, yes. I don't have the interview immediatly handy at the moment tough. ................ Edit, okay so here's the interview, tough the wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20120509153249/http://spong.com/detail/editorial.jsp?eid=10110209&page=2 Specific quote: "Takashi Iizuka on Appealing to Mario Fans "From a general game design perspective, in recent years we've been able to introduce Sonic to new fans, a lot of the Nintendo/Mario fans, and because of that, we've made changes to the design, and we've designed things in Sonic Colours that we think will really appeal to people who are unfamiliar with the Sonic brand and the Sonic gameplay. So from that perspective we hope that fans of Mario will really be able to enjoy playing as Sonic in Sonic Colours." He later says this, which is closer to what I remembered from the interview: "The reason why I said 'younger audiences' is because the team and I wanted to capitalise on the new audience that we gained through the success of the Mario & Sonic games. Those titles in particular really worked well for Sonic as a character because it made our potential audience much broader than existing Sonic fans." I guess that doesn't confirm it was made for the Wii exclusively, but does strongly imply it was specifically tailored toward Nintendo fans.
  3. To me, the biggest difference between Yuji Naka and Takashi Iizuka is that Naka has a very distinct presence and Iizuka doesn't. I played Rodeo the Skysoldier and look at Balan's wonderworld footage and I immediatly feel the life force of Billy Hatcher, NiGHTS, Sonic Adventure, all present. While Iizuka's Sonic games don't have a distinct flavor to them at all and jump all over the place. Not helped by the fact that WHILE Sonic was changing direction all the time under Naka as well, at least it felt like an evolution. (Not necesairely a good thing with Shadow and 06, but I can see where they came from) where with Iizuka it feels like the series is much more madly changing direction every other game. Now, these observations are not meant as a "Good/ Bad" thing. I ain't going to argue Rodeo the Sky Soldier is immediatly a better game for breathing distinct Naka DNA. In fact, i found that game a bit dull. And history will tell where Balan Wonderworld will end up. But it does make Naka more of an Author, a leader, someone with a distinct flair and flavor. Someone with the finger on the pulse and a direction he wants to go to. Where Iizuka just goes with the wind. So much so that I sometimes wonder how much of a director he even is, or if he's just a Yes-man following orders. I find reading interviews with him endlessly fascinaitng, I just don't get any grip on what his vision or direction for the series is at all. What he says tend to be what the interviewer wants to hear or what specifically connects with the game he's currently promoting but completely contradicts anything he said before or after. And reading him describe the games he's working on constantly makes me wonder if there's an entirely different game that exists in his head barely related to the one on storeshelves. Of course, that's not unique to him, I remember Bill Freiberger also mention his memories of Sonic Boom episodes start to get vague as multiple episodes are in development at the same time and details are shifting all the time. But Iizuka's one of the more extreme cases I've ever seen. So from that perspective, I can see why a lot of fans want Naka to return. If only so the distinct flavor of older Sonic returns. Which is not a guarantee that the game will be good, but at least a comforting feel of nostalgia I guess. And for me, at least the feeling there's a direction the series is growing too with a captain at the wheel, rather then the series madly resetting and rebooting itself for every new game, while still dragging the obsolete elements of the past along regardless. Ironic since Iizuka is constantly relying on Nostalgia, but nostalgia in a litteral way. Here's Green hill Zone again, here's Classic Sonic again. Rather then the return and evolution of the spirit and soul of the past. Pfft, as for Sonic and friends surviving without a job; Tails is an inventor. Boom, done. Sonic can leach of off him. Knuckles is a hermit living in the wild and don't need no money. Everyone else has a job. Except Amy I guess. Fine, just make her a reporter who uses the adventures she keeps getting herself into as fodder for newspaper articles. Easy peasy. But no, we always have to go with some kind of weird crazy alternative dimension time travel space utopian future world space magic solution for every problem. Not to mention, some games indicate Rings are currency (Shadow, 06 and Dark Chronicles off the top of my head). So they can get "paid" by just playing the levels, RPG game style.
  4. Barely heard about this Sonic Rift rumor. Would be funny IF it's true, it'd be the second time in a row Sonic's directly competing with Crash Bandicoot. But I just love how the believability of the rumor depends entirely on how bad it makes Sonic Team look. "Sonic Team's really learned their lesson and is making this awesome game! Nah, BS. Sonic Team's even more desperate and flailing around like an idiot. Aha, I knew it!" I mean, I'm guilty of it. Everyone's just so darkly cynical, it feels like all Sonic fans are Waldorf and Statler just waiting for SonicTeam Fonzy to get on stage so we can pelt tomatoes on them. Funny that this didn't happen after Sonic 06 and the dark ages, but in the decade with several critical darlings and Sonic Team obeying every demand reviewers stipulated to escape from "the dark age". No more crappy friends, no more annual releases, more polish, 2d gameplay, green hill zone, everything you wanted! The series is saved! Oh wait, everyone is more pissed off then ever, never mind. I guess having bad or misguided games creates passion and a desire for redeption and improvement, while this decade of passionless "kinda giving you what you want" bare minimalism just inspires bitter apathy. Would almost make me want the next game to be properly bad, if only so everyone's in a better headspace. Not bad as in Forces just being lazy, boring and directionless, I mean a passion project madly flying off the rails bad. Hooray, there's passion again! Let's cheer them on for improvements.
  5. I hate mandates that indicate Sonic Team doesn't understand what alternative universes are, like when Black Doom wasn't allowed to appear in Archie "because he died in the games". Ignoring the fact he never showed up in the comics yet. As if indicating everyone who died in the games also automatically died in every possible Sonic spin off media and Black Doom's corpse is present somewhere in AOSTH, Sonic Boom and Sonic the movie as well somehow. Or Sonic Boom Rise of Lyrics's initial concept of being an origin story for Sonic being shot down because "Sonic Team wanted to explore Sonic's origins themselves" (HAH. Like that would happen.) Source: https://sonic.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic_Boom:_Rise_of_Lyric Yo, smarty pants, Sonic Boom is a side series, it's origins has no effect on the main series, right? But somehow they don't get it, and as such Boom was denied to have any kind of proper introduction and all characters and settings are just plopped down with no fanfare whatsoever. And I suppose with Sonic just being HERO MAN and Eggman being EVIL SCIENTIST MAN, that works well enough. But it would have been nice if Sticks had a proper introduction rather then just going "Hi, find shinies!" in Rise of Lyric in a cameo and voila, there she is. Not to mention Shadow the hedgehog being a more morally complex character requiring at least SOME kind of a backstory or context, but nope. he just shows up and we're supposed to cheer and clap like he's anything more then an empty shell. Especially confusing considering Sonic did get an origin in SATam, Underground, Sonic the Comic and in the movie. I guess the first 3 were created before the mandate and the movie got away with it because the executives at Paramount probably used all of Sonic Team's suggestions as toiletpaper. While I don't have any evidence for this, I strongly believe this is also why Shadow never got any kind of explanation in Sonic Boom and just randomly shows up as if we're supposed to know who that guy is. "His origin was already told in Sonic Adventure 2" I guess, so now Sonic Boom has to roll with that. Granted, I'd pay good money to see Sonic Adventure 2 and especially Shadow the Hedgehog's storylines retold within the Sonic Boom universe, that'd be a sight to see. And looking at that Rise of Lyric page again, what about this: " Cliff for example was originally an inventor, but Iizuka said that only Tails and Eggman could be inventors." It's stuff like this why Sonic's universe feels so small and empty. The main characters are everything and the world around them can't contain anything of value. It's just Sonic, Tails and Eggman in an empty cardboard world, Green hill Zone floating in an empty void. Assuming characters like Wave the Swallow or Sonic X's uncle Chuck are left out to keep it simple, or retconned out of existance, does this mean litteraly every piece of technology in the series has been created by either Tails or Eggman? So both or either is the main manufactorer of all technology in Sonic's world? No wonder they renamed their planet "Sonic's world", the main characters really are the center of their entire universe. And then Sonic Team breaks their own rule barely 4 years later with Dodongopa anyway. Oops. They can't even keep up with their own stupid mandates.
  6. Classic Sonic fans complaining the series isn't "classic" enough just got Sonic 4 episode 1, AND episode 2, AND half of Generations AND 2d sections in Colors AND Lost world pushing Classic imagary all over the place AND a third of Forces, which goes all of the fuck with the "Classic" style imitation.They got what they fucking wanted and they hated it. Yet you still see these chuckleheads on twitter And as a result they got rewarded with Sonic Mania and now they're happy. Oh. Forces was shallow as a kiddypool and got all the details wrong, just like Sonic 4 did in it's pathetic attempt to emulate Classic Sonic. Doing a half assed job attempting to please fans isn't going to make these "chuckleheads" go away, no. So Classic fans get to whine and bitch despite 7 years of pandering, yet Adventure fans need to shut up after one attempt huh? Nice. Besides, I HATE the fact that Adventure fans desire for a richer story keeps getting translated into "Make it super dark and edgy with tons of death and scary imagary. Adventure 1 and 2 are light hearted for the most part, the darker elements don't come into play until the finale when it's earned. We want the story to be rich and meaningful, which COULD involve darker elements for extra punch, but that isn't the main point. Shadow fans don't like modern Shadow, despite him being much the angry aggresive dark miserable edgey boy they supposedly like. Almost as if there's more going on with his character then just saying naughty words. Sonic Forces' dumbass moment with Sonic getting tortured (Sorry, I mean, a character randomly saying torture happened with no followup on that) is getting the Adventure games wrong on 2 acounts, both being darker then they ever were AND then not even having the balls to carry it trough and at least have the torture have a freaking point or any impact on the story to begin with. Like most of Sonic Lost World's "Edgey" dialogue, it feels like cheap overcompensation to mask the fact how empty and meaningless the real story is. And we can have endless debates how the story of the Adventure games wasn't "That deep" or "that good". You know what, I agree. They could have bee much better. So the solution is to improve, not to be satisfied with worse. That said, I agree complaining at Sega is pointless, because they're terrible at understanding feedback. So I agree Adventure fans should probably stop demanding for Adventure 3, it's just going to lead to more superficial moronic disasters. "Sonic adventure 3, from the makers who brought you Sonic Colors" is like hearing "Lord of the Rings, the Adam Sandler version". Never the less, I don't tolerate Classic or Modern fans calling us off either. Classic fans have been trough the exact damn journey, and Modern fans will probably go trough the same journey in the future after Sonic dropped down into yet another idiotic direction. Down the drain with all of us until we finally pull ourselves away from this emotional rollercoaster. Oh, there's plenty of "Sonic should be more like Mario/ Nintendo should buy Sonic" noise within the fanbase. OF COURSE what people MEAN is "Sonic should have the same level of focus and quality control as Mario" rather then "Sonic team needs to create cheap rip offs of Mario's level design, bosses and Galaxy gameplay", but chalk that up to Sonic Team doing a terrible job understanding feedback, rather then them not listening to feedback at all. At this point I tend to look at Sonic Team as if they're the The Monkey's Paw, or those other fairytales about wish fulfilling genies that always fulfill your wish in a way where it backfires on you. They WILL grant your wish. Just in a way where you wished they didn't.
  7. Who cares who Sega listens to when they always follow feedback in the most self destructive stupid way possible? For God's sake, don't listen to me or try to please me, just go do whatever stupid thing you guys think is right. No, don't make Sonic Adventure 3 on my behalf. It'll be Classic Sonic in Forces all over again, Superficial Sonic Adventure elements awkwardly jammed into your next psychodelic nightmare game. No thanks. I think that's the only way we can end this fan complaint Groundhog day cycle, that enough Sonic fans have seen their demands and wishes executed in the most horrific way possible that everyone just stops having any reaction anymore. Too bad Sonic Mania gave the classic fans hope again, so they're encouraged to start squeecking again. Oh well, nothing a good Sonic 4 episode 3 or Forces 2 can beat out of them again.
  8. I believe we had a strong indication Pontaff worked on the next game, ironically trough the rumors that they were fired. Last time Sega hired them for writing was in 2019, after Team Sonic Racing's release, so unless that was for the Olympic game, that pretty much confirms their involvement in the next game. I think this tweet was the "evidence", far as tweets van be trusted. Unfortunatly I can only find this image which cuts off the information, but I believe the right list is Warren Graff's, confirming he was last hired by Sega in October 2019. Take it with a grain of salt, it's all I got. Not sure about Maekawa, he doesn't work with Sega anymore but in private discussions has stated he would love to write for Sonic again. But it's up to Sega to hire him for that, so yeah. Would have to dig up where those personal interviews came from, I don't remember. I think I heard it from Stritix from SoaH city. (Edit, dur, I could just go visit their Linkedin pages myself. Yeah confirmed, October 2019. )
  9. True, technically the mobile phone games are the spinoff replacements. Yet I rarely see them in that light, considering them more a sibling to Sonic monopoly or other board games rather then a full fletched game. Don't know why. Probably because of their limited amount of own personality, indepth gameplay, level design, story, unique levels and music. There's always something missing. And sometimes they do have a spinoff worthy amount of music of music (Runners) but nothing else, sometimes a spinoff worthy amount of story (Olympics) and nothing else, but it's rarely the full package. Despite playing it longer, I don't think Sonic Dash or Forces battle will ever apepar in the same mental list as Sonic Triple trouble, Advance and Rush ever will. Not that Sega cares, the phone games likely made more profit then any handheld game ever did. Good for Sega, sucks for us. Guess we have Fangames to fill the void. Oh well, the spin offs were already on the way out, just being watered down versions of the main games just so Sega can add the salesnumbers of both games together and make their game's succes look bigger for the stockholders. Sucks for them Sonic 06 was such a disaster or I bet they'd call their new games plain "Sonic the hedgehog" more often. NEW GAME HUGE SUCCES! It's been on sale for 10 minutes and it already sold 32 million copies! (Spread across the original 1991, Master system/ game gear port, 2006 reboot and the 2 new copies the new game sold)
  10. What I love about this headache inducing copyright stuff isn't just what a complicated dangerous minefield it is that even quick cameo's get you into trouble, but equally how easy it is to dodge the copyright laws by changing minor details. Would make me want to deliberatly use elements from all spin offs if I managed to get hired as an official Sega artist. Y'know, in an alternative dimension where pigs fly and hell is frozen over. No no, this isn't Tekno, it's Tehkno. Look, she wears a hat, this "Tekno" character I never heard of didn't. Eggman Nega? No no, it's Eggman Naugat. He's from an alternative candy dimension. Look, his mustache's shade of grey is one tone lighter then the other's. What, I used the OVA's setting of Sonic's island? No no sir, look, this island also wears a hat, it's an entirely different location. Bye now. Copyright laws are dumb. I would easily sail by every copyright law just on the merrit of being a terribly sloppy artist. "Brilliant, you escaped copyright by cleverly pretending to have spelling mistakes and get the name wrong!" Uhh, yes, "cleverly pretending", jup, that's what I did. I'm clever. Maybe that's why Sega's so easy going on fan projects. Curses, this fangame cleverly used a different shade of Blue for Sonic, they outwitted us again!
  11. Since most of the spinoff games were on handhelds, I'd say the death of handhelds caused the death of Spinoff games. But yeah, the quality of most of them was mediocre, unlike the quality of the main games, that's also..Mediocre. But now that Sega stopped spreading their manpower over so many games and focuses on one main game at the time, the games have become...Still mediocre. Progress! Well okay, that's unfair, we did get some good main games this decade. We don't need any small budget side games made by a diffrent studio when we get great games like Sonic Mania! ....Oh, wait. Sonic's reputation will be better. Sure, folk outside the Sonic fandom can already barely bother to remember Sonic Rush or Sonic CHronicles as examples of good/ bad games, but now without spinoffs, there's less games people don't remember existing. Progress! Spin offs didn't go away tough, they just became main game parasites. Or the other way around. Take Sonic Forces forces for example, that game was meant to be a spinoff, created to star the Avatar. But hey, we ain't doing spin offs anymore so now that project got sabotaged and turned into a frankenstein monster to contain the "main game" ingriedients within. And sure, the initial Avatar spinoff Might have been bad. Imagine the horror if Forces was an Avatar focused spinoff on the 3ds, while at the same time Sonic Team made a more focused main Sonic title without the war and avatar elements. 2 Focused games with a clear concept, the horror. They could have been mildly mediocre. But now by forcing 2 entirely diffrent concepts together into one unfocused Frankenstein monster, the result is worse then each of the individual games could have been. Progress! And uhh. So whenever a game is dissapointing, now instead of going "eh, hopefully the next game coming out in 6 months will be better.", now we get to stew in each dissapointing game for 2 to 3 years, enhancing bitterness. Progress, progress, progress. I think one huge weakness of Sega and the Sonic franchise is their restlessness, constantly chasing after trends, changing direction. Rise of Lyric's development cycle is a wonderful example of that. So, best solution would be to give everyone at Sega a chill pill and just let the development team make A GAME in peace. So if they are SO desperate to chase after another trend or violently want to move production to a new gaming system, smart use of Spinoffs could be the way to offset the chaos. "But Roger" you say, "that was the situation in the 2000's and that didn't help at all!" Haha, yes, but... Uh. Yeah, so moral of the story, this franchise is doomed. I don't even know what my point is. Uh, I like Spin offs? Because if there's only a 1/10 chance a Sonic game is good, having more games at least means I don't have to wait 50 years inbetween each good Sonic game. "Extra lard" implies at least there's a lot of content, even if bad and shallow. I suggest "Diet toast sandwich".
  12. I don't think comedy in and on itself is the problem. Problem I have with the comedy of the past decade is that it has zero energy to it. Come on, Sonic's a fast hedgehog, Eggman a crazy man child with a robot army and giant ego. There's aeroplanes, space ships, laser canons. You'd think this leads to high energy crazy humor. Instead, all the comedy we get is Sonic and friends standing around like a sack of potatoes going "haha. Eggman's mustache has a funny shape. Haha, the fat guy is hungry, haha. Haha, Mc Donalds food is not very good. Haha. it's like I'm a videogame man or something. Haha". No energy at all. The Mania adventure/ Team Sonic racing shorts were a way better example on how to do comedy with Sonic.
  13. Geez, I regret what I said, I'm turning this whole conversation into a rant. Look, everything Sonic did in the past is good, and something I'd accept. (Well, minus Sonic Boom. I mean, it is what it is, and that's fine, but I want to move on from that.) Heck, even Lost World and Forces if they put more care into the setting and rounded out the characters more. It's not WHAT Sega's doing that bothers me, just the carelessness and lack of any kind of passion and direction from it. Hence why I want fresh writers to take on the new show. I don't care what direction they take it, as long as they actually care about what they're doing, something I don't feel with Sega's team, that feel more like a boardroom of suits making a checklist of popular things to shove in. Being like IDW would be great. I ESPECIALLY would love something like the Sonic OVA movie. Well, without the voice acting, but the kind of world it's set in is amazing. Being like the movie would be great, provided we explore Sonic's world and Robotnik more and move away from earth. Modern game Sonic is great, provided they throw the meta aspect and Pontaff's sense of humor out of a 50 story window. Forget I said anything, it's just my lack of faith in Sega in general Souering me, not anything specific. Now let's keep me being a bitter old man out of the conversation. Weird how they specify it's Modern Sonic. That seems to indicate we're getting that specific incarnation, and not another Boom esque alternate universe.
  14. Fire and Ice was fine because it didn't really try to be much. As long as everyone's a derpy cartoon running around doing silly things, they do fine, yeah. It's as soon as characters require brain activity where the problems start. Self awareness has been trendy for a decade now. Usually trends shift after such a time, so I freaking hope we're onto a brand new trend now. The Trend of dark edgeyness of the 2000's didn't last longer then a decade either, did it? Nor the wackyness of the 90's or the macho manliness of the 80's.
  15. I think Ian Flynn was perfectly capable in recreating the Game universe of Sonic by himself. I'm still bitter Sega told him to tone down Shadow's brain activity and turn him back into the moronic angry jerk again. And IDW has gotten way better now the series isn't hogtied to Forces anymore. The first issues were really clumsy, having to be Sega's janitor in sweeping up that mess first.
  16. I'm glad Sega will be more strict with them. Sega themselves have a great record in getting their characters right and creating good stories, like Sonic Free Riders, Forces and Lost worl... Oh. Remind me why Sega being hands on is a good thing again? They've been doing an abysmall job this decade. I laugh everytime their interference with IDW comics is brought up as a good thing. Oh, Sega is assisting Ian Flynn with accuracy? That's like reading Uwe Boll is giving Steven Spielberg advice on directing. Unless they're bringing in the old guard like Shiro Maekawa, I rather have fresh talent take a shot at writing. Altough if I see Pontaff and Graff mentioned as Character supervisors in the credits, I'll screenshot it and frame it up for a painting in my house. That'd be glorious post modern art on par with Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain".
  17. Off topic to talk about that here, but Movie's fine and I enjoy it, but it's mostly human and normal world driven so wasn't really the ADVENTURE I crave for. IDW is good, I'm deliberatly saving up multiple issues for one binge read since each seperate issue is so short it keeps irritating me. Hence why it wasn't immediatly on my mind. But the content itself's good. Now back to the proper topic at hand; Pestering Sega to turn the new tv show into the long awaited SATam Season 3. Can't wait for Penders to get a whiff of it and try to force himself into production.
  18. Considering most of MANOFACTION's shows deal with a teenage boy in highschool gaining sci fi powers, think we're getting a Sonic in Highschool setting this time? It'd be the first time Sonic being a teen is actually relevant to the setting. "Wildbrain is a Canadian media company. They animated Mega Man Fully Charged, and are the owners of DiC Entertainment’s library. Yes, the DiC Entertainment behind SatAM, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic Underground. " Woa there Sonicstadium, sending the RALLY4SALLY attackdogs on their tail right away huh? What would turn me of from this show? If it's another ($*%ing 4th wall breaking meta self aware yuck fest. Got no stummich for that anymore. What would make me love it? Well, if it's in continuity with the games and actually filling up some holes, that'd be nice. But I doubt that would happen. At this point I just want Sonic in a genuine ADVENTURE with an interesting fully fletched setting. Been hungry for that after a decade of nothingness.
  19. I wonder if the show will be yet another stand alone universe. Sonic must be the character starring in the most tv shows that all are a seperate continuity from each other. Except maybe Mickey Mouse and Sherlock Holmes. (Edit, never mind, forgot about the Turtles and Batman and etc.)
  20. Forces was delayed a year past it's 25th anniversary deadline tough, so not sure if that's such a good example. If anything, it boggles the mind why the big anniversary game only had an empty engine and vague concept outlines on the big day. Practically every Sonic game from Fire and Ice on has been delayed. Didn't do fire and ice any favors (Altough I vastly prefer it over Shattered Crystals, but the rest of the world keeps forgetting it exists) Didn't do Forces or Team Racing any favors. It did the Sonic movie some favors tough, so there's the one big victory for Team Delay. That said, yeah, delaying the game until it's finished is generally a good idea, but at this point I don't really care. I have zero faith in Sonic Team's general direction and attitude toward the series. I don't care how well polished and perfected it is if the game at it's core was rotten to begin with.
  21. I actually massively prefer the DS version over the Wii version of Colors. Gameplay has a better rhytm, there's actually playable themepark rides, story is less cringe. That said, I would have preffered a Sonic Rush 3. Sucks this kickstarted the trend of only having watered down main games as handheld titles rather then them being spinoffs in their own right. .... And then Handheld games completely died and now we only have the same endless runner phone game over and over. Yay. I like to call Sonic Colors Wii to be the Best 3d Sonic game there is... For people who hate 3d Sonic games. In the same way Grand Theft Auto 4 is my favorite Bowling simulator. As a fan of 3d Sonic games, I'm annoyed at it for being a sheep in wolf's clothing. If it was honest about it being a more Game Gear esque 2d Sonic platformer, I'd have a lot less vitriol for it. But taking it for what it is, it's fine. Compotent enough, and definitly more easy going and clean compared to other Sonic games, so I can see the appeal. The music and graphics are great. And Sonic definitly needed a more light hearted filler adventure after all the intensity of the 2000's. The idea of levels taking place in an interstellar amusement park is great. I just really wish they focused more on that aspect and had more interactive themepark setpieces in the levels Like what Twinkle park in Sonic Adventure did. As it is now, the Themepark is merely background wallpaper and rarely takes an active part in the level design, minus some rollercoasters in the penultimate zone. Even Eggmanland in Unleashed got more mileage out of the themepark setting then Colors in it's entirity did. Back to the positive side, like what some folks said before me, it's the only 2010's Sonic game that has a legit setting. The Themepark world is pretty cool. Especially after later Sonic games are nothing but throwaway aesthetics in limbo. Ah right, forgetting about the Sonic Boom games again. The Boom games had a proper setting too but most levels are so generic that I can't remember a single level but the Gothic Disney castle zone from Fire and Ice. The sense of humor tough, arghh. I love Sonic games to have a sense of humor, but this style of low energy, smug sitcom humor is exactly the wrong kind of humor that sucks Sonic's natural energy away. Either way, if Sonic Colors gets a re-release, I'd love to read the new reviews for the game. I always had a hunch Colors got most of it's praise for merely being "not another Sonic 06" rather then it's own merits. Not to mention the return of more prominent 2d gameplay. I would love to see the public's reaction toward the game now that Sonic Mania stole most of it's thunder. I've read various "THIS IS WHY MODERN SONIC IS DOOMED!" articles written in the past 5 years, and I'm always fascinated at how those articles go down the list of all the usual suspects, but curiously end their Sonic beatdown right when we're past 06 and Unleashed, about the halfway point of Sonic's lifespan. Maybe Rise of Lyric and Forces get a quick kick in the gut and Mania a small tip of the hat but most of the 2010 era of Sonic seems curiously missing in these articles, despite being an explanation of why supposedly Sonic's DOOMED in 2017-2020. As if the post Unleashed era is just so boring, everyone keeps forgetting about it.
  22. In terms of storytelling, ESPECIALLY considering continuity, Sonic 06 was definitly the last big ambitious game. Altough Unleashed and Black Knight shot for the stars as well. They just feel more episodic. Which I'm fine with, but right now I feel we desperatly need a big epic game again, we had more then a decade of random low stake filler. About time for a fist pumping grand adventure again. Forces tried to be one, but had the impact of a wet fart. But yeah, Unleashed and Mania were definitly passion projects. Generations too, even if it's short and only concentrated on gameplay. I don't know. Honestly, i don't think passion is so much the problem. Even now I still see glimpses of passion, good ideas and respect coming trough. I just think Sonic is suffering severely from 'Too many cooks in the kitchens" syndrome. As soon as Classic Sonic showed his face in Sonic Forces, you just knew that game reeked of "suits in a boardroom made a grocery list of popular things" rather then any kind of artistic endeavor. The only thing that would give me more confidence in the next game is if Sega can gurantee they just put a team of visionairies on the project and let them be. Frick, I wouldn't even care if it's a new Classic style game, Adventure game, boost game, brand new crazy thing. Don't care what you do, but DO IT. Have a vision and go for it. Better then trying to please everyone with a half assed uneducated blind grasp at the past. But with all the other problems Sega's going trough now, you can bet they're desperate for succes with the next Sonic game. Which to me sounds like we're getting another soulless grocery list Frankenstein game up next.
  23. Making a sequel puts them directly into competition with the IDW comics. And I don't get the impression the writers for the games are going to bother working around that. Not to mention It'd be a miracle whrn the game writers would ever bother to clean up their mess to begin with. So nah, I doubt it. That said, I would be interested in seeing them explain what happened with Infinite and Eggman at the end of Forces. But I'm pretty sure it'll be ignored, just like Eggman being stranded in limbo at the end of Generations. The games really don't care about creating any kind of cohesive narrative between games, other then brainlessly chucking old characters and locations into the new ones.
  24. Yeah, let's get the Sonic adventure 3 hype train rolling!!! When the new game is finally anounced, I want to see an entire room with fans wearing SA3 shirts, chanting for SA3, waving flags for SA3, while Iizuka nervously shuffles to the stage to anounce a third Sonic Boom game for the 3ds.
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