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  1. I actually massively prefer the DS version over the Wii version of Colors. Gameplay has a better rhytm, there's actually playable themepark rides, story is less cringe. That said, I would have preffered a Sonic Rush 3. Sucks this kickstarted the trend of only having watered down main games as handheld titles rather then them being spinoffs in their own right. .... And then Handheld games completely died and now we only have the same endless runner phone game over and over. Yay. I like to call Sonic Colors Wii to be the Best 3d Sonic game there is... For people who hate 3d Sonic games. In the same way Grand Theft Auto 4 is my favorite Bowling simulator. As a fan of 3d Sonic games, I'm annoyed at it for being a sheep in wolf's clothing. If it was honest about it being a more Game Gear esque 2d Sonic platformer, I'd have a lot less vitriol for it. But taking it for what it is, it's fine. Compotent enough, and definitly more easy going and clean compared to other Sonic games, so I can see the appeal. The music and graphics are great. And Sonic definitly needed a more light hearted filler adventure after all the intensity of the 2000's. The idea of levels taking place in an interstellar amusement park is great. I just really wish they focused more on that aspect and had more interactive themepark setpieces in the levels Like what Twinkle park in Sonic Adventure did. As it is now, the Themepark is merely background wallpaper and rarely takes an active part in the level design, minus some rollercoasters in the penultimate zone. Even Eggmanland in Unleashed got more mileage out of the themepark setting then Colors in it's entirity did. Back to the positive side, like what some folks said before me, it's the only 2010's Sonic game that has a legit setting. The Themepark world is pretty cool. Especially after later Sonic games are nothing but throwaway aesthetics in limbo. Ah right, forgetting about the Sonic Boom games again. The Boom games had a proper setting too but most levels are so generic that I can't remember a single level but the Gothic Disney castle zone from Fire and Ice. The sense of humor tough, arghh. I love Sonic games to have a sense of humor, but this style of low energy, smug sitcom humor is exactly the wrong kind of humor that sucks Sonic's natural energy away. Either way, if Sonic Colors gets a re-release, I'd love to read the new reviews for the game. I always had a hunch Colors got most of it's praise for merely being "not another Sonic 06" rather then it's own merits. Not to mention the return of more prominent 2d gameplay. I would love to see the public's reaction toward the game now that Sonic Mania stole most of it's thunder. I've read various "THIS IS WHY MODERN SONIC IS DOOMED!" articles written in the past 5 years, and I'm always fascinated at how those articles go down the list of all the usual suspects, but curiously end their Sonic beatdown right when we're past 06 and Unleashed, about the halfway point of Sonic's lifespan. Maybe Rise of Lyric and Forces get a quick kick in the gut and Mania a small tip of the hat but most of the 2010 era of Sonic seems curiously missing in these articles, despite being an explanation of why supposedly Sonic's DOOMED in 2017-2020. As if the post Unleashed era is just so boring, everyone keeps forgetting about it.
  2. In terms of storytelling, ESPECIALLY considering continuity, Sonic 06 was definitly the last big ambitious game. Altough Unleashed and Black Knight shot for the stars as well. They just feel more episodic. Which I'm fine with, but right now I feel we desperatly need a big epic game again, we had more then a decade of random low stake filler. About time for a fist pumping grand adventure again. Forces tried to be one, but had the impact of a wet fart. But yeah, Unleashed and Mania were definitly passion projects. Generations too, even if it's short and only concentrated on gameplay. I don't know. Honestly, i don't think passion is so much the problem. Even now I still see glimpses of passion, good ideas and respect coming trough. I just think Sonic is suffering severely from 'Too many cooks in the kitchens" syndrome. As soon as Classic Sonic showed his face in Sonic Forces, you just knew that game reeked of "suits in a boardroom made a grocery list of popular things" rather then any kind of artistic endeavor. The only thing that would give me more confidence in the next game is if Sega can gurantee they just put a team of visionairies on the project and let them be. Frick, I wouldn't even care if it's a new Classic style game, Adventure game, boost game, brand new crazy thing. Don't care what you do, but DO IT. Have a vision and go for it. Better then trying to please everyone with a half assed uneducated blind grasp at the past. But with all the other problems Sega's going trough now, you can bet they're desperate for succes with the next Sonic game. Which to me sounds like we're getting another soulless grocery list Frankenstein game up next.
  3. Yeah, let's get the Sonic adventure 3 hype train rolling!!! When the new game is finally anounced, I want to see an entire room with fans wearing SA3 shirts, chanting for SA3, waving flags for SA3, while Iizuka nervously shuffles to the stage to anounce a third Sonic Boom game for the 3ds.
  4. Playing fangames is at least fascinating. We get to observe Sonic games in hundreds of new ways. It's been very educational. I never noticed how slow Sonic Adventure Sonic was until they imported a Sonic Heroes level into it. (Or alternatively, I never noticed how empty and featureless Heroes levels are compared to the richly detailed and constant dynamic Adventure levels) But yeah, I agree with the sentiment that there's a real risk with the physics focused games that level design becomes a nightmare. You see people just fly straight over giant chunks of level. Good for them. While whenever I hit an enemy, I fall of the main path and get stuck in some godless unintended bottom area desperatly fighting the physics to get back up. I feel sorry for the people who have to design levels for momentum based Sonic, there's a GIGANTIC diffrence in speed and height of Sonic's moveset depending on whether he stands still or comes in at full speed, and you need to acomendate both. Altough I noticed Sonic GT got it a little better under control this year then the version I saw last year. So there seems to be some progress. One problem I have, is....Almost all games are one zone demo's. And usually the first Zone. And Sonic's first zones usually don't have tight level design, they're more fun thrill rides. Which is good, but eventually you want things to tighten up and provide you with real level design and real specific challenges and set pieces and MEANING. But I don't get any of that, it's just one meaningless playground after another and I'm starting to feel nihilistic about it all. Oh boy, more loops to roll trough. What's the point? Not really the individual games's fault, but it does start to have a huge impact on my patience. It's saying something the Game Gear Sonic 2 remake was one of my favorite games this year, for the simple fact of it being a complete experience and the game gear games having a much more tight and economic level design, which became a desperatly needed breath of fresh air after Green Hill Zone round 596834. Also, as usual I have to shill Sonic Robo Blast 2 for being my personal choice in being the "Classic Sonic in 3d" fangame. Tight level design, plenty of freedom, mild physics. all nice and straight forward. It's my jam. Definitly prioritizes platforming over physics for the sake of physics.
  5. Neat wit hthe trees moving in the wind, nice detail.
  6. Just played it, surprisingly good. I get a kick out of the handdrawn art. And great remixes. Levels were much bigger then I anticipated. Yeah, looking forward to more, best of luck out there.
  7. Somewhere deep inside in my darkest of hearts , I'm dissapointed it's Ian Flynn writing this and not Pontac and Graff. Aren't they the official game writers now? I'd LOVE to see those clowns struggle to say anything meaningful about the franchise. "Haha, Eggman, has like, "Egg" in his name, haha. I wonder if he eats eggs? When he eats eggs, would he be like "Oh, an Egg. I have Egg in my name. I must eat it now. " That would be funny, Lol. How many people have Egg in their name? Oh, I know one Egbert. I wonder if he eats eggs?" So, the En-speed-opo-speed-ia. Place your bets wether A ) Sonic Team had any real impact on this or it's just Iizuka stamping his "What, who? Sure, whatever" seal of approval on everything. B ) The VERY FIRST game released after the encyclopodia will already contradict half the book. Thus cementing Ian Flynn's status as Sonic Team's janitor eternally mopping up the mess they make. Bonus points if the contradictions come from utterly irrelevant side details. C ) Bonus points if this book will be written from a meta perspective rather then in-universe. "How did Sonic and Tails meet and become friends? Well, in late 1991, Sonic Team wanted to include a second playable character in the next game in production, 1992's Sonic 2 for the Sega Genesis (Megadrive overseas) from 1989 (Which is the year thar came after the year 1988). So Tails was made. So the second player can play a second character. Which is Tails. So is main player character "Sonic" friends with 2nd player character "Tails"? "What, who? Sure, whatever" " But yeah, I'll probably buy it. Bitter snarking is the most fun I get out of this franchise at this point. Shame Ian Flynn is actually compotent and cares, the book might be halfway decent now.
  8. I think Iizuka mentioned in an interview he has no idea what to do with a Mania 2. Wait, let me check... "Speaking to Famitsu magazine Sonic Series Producer Takashi Iizuka stated that SEGA had effectively done "everything" it could with Sonic Mania." There's the exact words. So he ran out of ideas with Mania. Which baffles me. Just let the Mania development team worry about the specific content of a Mania 2, I bet they have tons of level ideas. Now, this is totally my speculation, but he comes across to me as someone who can only look at Mania as a Sonic Generations 2 kind of deal, the whole idea that you could make another Classic style game that's entirely new experience seems alien to them. At least that's how his "we've done everything we could do" comes across. "Hey, we did Green hill and chemcial plant zone, What else is there?" At the very least this fuels my suspicion that the concept of "Just make a damn Sonic game" is not a possible option in their mind. There always has to be some kind of grand gimicky crazy angle and theme to each game that's the true focus and identity of each game, with the Sonic gameplay just awkwardly plastered on as an afterthought. Hence why only when their wacky sceme of the week just HAPPENS to involve something Sonic esque, like Boost or Nostalgia, we get something resembling a proper Sonic game, but whenever their zany sceme of the week is something weird and alien, the entire game is going to be another Frankenstein monster of conflicting bodyparts. But that's just my interpretation. If anything, I really wish someone interviewed him more indepth about his thoughts on Mania. I'd love to see his opinion on why Sonic 4 got lukewarm reception where Mania exploded. I have severe doubts he understands what Mania is other then nostalgia parade #72.
  9. I suppose a reason for them having the same body proportions is to make it easier to implant them into the gameplay. The closer they are to Sonic's size and presence, the easier they fit in the levels with him. Playing as characters like Big or Vector always feels a bit off for me for having entirely diffrent dimensions. So thanks to the cast occupying a more universal character template since those dark days, all those beloved characters can now be easily implanted into the modern games and join Sonic in the spotlight in many of the recent games, such as... ....uh.. that one where... uh.. Hmm... Racing games.....Where their dimensions don't matter since they're in a car... Uh. Errr.... Well, the mobile phone games.
  10. I vastly prefer the PC version of the tracks. Mostly for nostalgia, that's the one I played in the day. But there's also more diffrence between the 2 acts.
  11. Perhaps it'll take until next year's 30th anniversary celebration for them to reveal the games, now delayed to 2022. It'll be like 2016's dissapointing 25th anniversary party all over again. Altough at least they have an excuse this time.
  12. Hey, good news, I found more exact sales numbers for Sonic Forces. Bad news, that's the salesnumbers for Sonic Forces and every other Sega game released around the same time. https://www.gamereactor.eu/sega-is-pleased-with-sonic-forces-sales/ So in the third quarter of the fiscal year, they sold 14.3 copies of games in retail. But that's including all games, the article specifically mentions Sonic Forces, Football Manager 2018 and Yakuza Kiwami 2. That article uses this report as a source, so have fun combing this one out for relevant information; https://www.segasammy.co.jp/english/ir/library/pdf/settlement/2018/20180207_3q_siryo_e_final.pdf I can't even find the 14.3 m copies statement in there. It does mention that Sonic Mania, Hokuto Ga Gotoku, Total War: Warhammer 2 and Valkyria Chronicles 4 were also sold that quarter and are persumingly included in the 14 million number. So 7 games sharing 14 million copies, so give or take 2 million per game depending on how popular each is. Also I'm not sure if this includes digital sales. It specifically says "retail" so I guess not. That would explain why Mania isn't mentioned among the main titles. So now we can put on our detective hats and try and figure out if any of the other games have their salesnumbers mentioned anywhere. Joy. Quickly searching around I find that Football manager 2018 had 1.2 million players in June, so at least that many copies sold (But does June still count as part of the Q3 sales Sega had?) I looked for WarHammer 2 salesnumbers but either get how much it sold on it's first day alone, or how the entire series in total sold and krrggrrr- Sorry, my brain crashed. It's not made for this sort of thing. One thing I CAN tell you is that you don't have to worry about Sega doing well, appearently they are the 4th richest game company in the world: http://www.thedailyrecords.com/2018-2019-2020-2021/world-famous-top-10-list/highest-selling-brands-products-companies-reviews/richest-video-game-companies-world-designers/16289/?fbclid=IwAR3iIML0wS0apa2vvN_3dmw3SktiuRMYV2DhmlackqxFPvAHftbKP3wr87s I did not expect that, I wasn't even expecting them in the top 20. And this was before the Sonic Movie's release. (....But also before the virus outbreak that's crushing Disney now.) Pretty sure it's their pachino and other entertainment doing more of the heavy lifting then the games, but still. Seeing them listed on top of Activision and Blizzard looks surreal to me. In fact, with nintendo, Sony and Xbox on top, it seems all the (Ex) main Console manufacters are the top dogs. Only Atari missing out.
  13. Seems it's meant as a joke to mock people believing the rumor. It's cute how video's like Badnik mechanic's dismanteling video and that mockery video will only throw more coal and oil on the fire with the click baiting. Whether the rumors are true or false, there's gonna be a heck of a lot of obnoxious people yelling about the hypothetical Sonic Adventure remaster when the reveal panel comes. Poor Sega. Ah screw em. They had it coming with the endless cockteasing anyway.
  14. Fair enough, this is a tough and murky subject. I am inconsistent on it myself, it isn't a black and white situation. Altough I think you misunderstood me on some details. It's not really about Plot reasons. I don't need a plot reason why Sonic goes trough Labyrinth zone. I know South Island is a location filled with ruins, and Sonic happens to traverse trough one. Sure, makes sense. Robotnik blocked off easier roads to Scrap Brain zone offscreen or something, sure, whatever. The location looks natural in the envirement, so it works well enough. The story can help, but it isn't relevant. And when I say "Story', I mean that in the loosest of sense. So not necesairely "10 minute cutscene of Tails reading a monologue about the lore of the world". It can be something as simple as a level transition, world map giving context, background details. Sonic CD is rich in detailed backgounds (Especially with the time travel component) and has a worldmap. That gives it weight, like SonicFan J says. And yes, Sonic Lost world also has a world map, but it doesn't seem very interested in giving shape to the levels I'm seeing in-game. They're not represented at all. So it never feels like a proper world map. It's a gameplay element, not anything designed to create meaning to the Hex. But I am inconsistent, now I think about it. I'm nicer toward Sonic Advance 2, that also has weird locations like Music plant. Tough it helps Sonic advance 2 isn't so tied to a specific location. And Music plant is just one zone in an otherwise more down to earth set of locations. So fine, there happens to be a weird music theme'd island smackdab in the middle of nowhere. Probably one of Robotnik's wacky scemes again. Not a big fan of it, but the game does have more grounded locations whenever it matters. And I welcome some visual variety, if you don't over do it. Like I said, all Lost world had to do was confirm The Hex is a world of illusions and the Zeti can screw around turning the landscape in any kind of weird visual for their amusement, and it can get away with anything. Context helps. And would help with the level design too. Imagine if the Zeti are actively using the illusions to screw with Sonic's head during the levels, especially the boss levels? Playing up his fears and desires? Could put a fun twist and a dramatic spin on the zany levels. Also not helping Lost World is that I'm really dissapointed the levels didn't have more wide open platform heavy area's for Sonic to really showcase his parkours abilities in. If I enjoyed the gameplay more and the levels felt more immersive, I think I would have been more tolerant toward them too. But that's an entirely diffrent matter. But what I missed the most with Lost World is something that ties it all together. Something that gives the Hex it's own identity. But The Zeti have no house, or palace, or city. Eggman didn't even have a base, other then lightbulbs in black room. Well okay, to be fair, the semi-final level has a fortress. Too bad it looks so aggresively Mario-esque with little to no hints of Eggman or Zeti personality to it that it's too little, too late. There's nothing that gives Hex it's own shape. No central location. Nothing that's HEX. It only has the level design, the weird tubes flying in the sky. In the end, it leaves me with nothing but the bare naked level tropes. Mario Lava land. Sonic Green Hill Zone land. And that's when I get dismissive toward them. Green Hill Zone for the sake of Green Hill Zone, rather then it being a legit landscape. To Sonic Lost World's credit, it does have a unique art style that's instantly recognisable. But it leaves nothing to the imagination. But yeah, this is all murky and I'm not even sure if I truly understand it, but something just feels off. Especially in the larger context of all the other Nostalgia heavy games around Lost world. It's not fair toward the game, but it having Generations, Mania and Lego Dimensions hovering around it doesn't help at all. It puts more pressure on Lost World to have a really strong identity, being the only Original Sonic game in a long time. I have been a lot more tolerant with Green Hill Zone esque locations in other Sonic games, Sonic advance 2 once again gets a pass. Seaside hill did, up until the spinoff games kept repeating it too often for my liking. Lost world has the really bad luck to be released inbetween all the nostalgia games that overplayed that trope, so like I said before, there was more pressure on that game to be unique then most other Sonic games have. It's a shame, I wish I could love Sonic Lost World, I love a lot of its ideas. And some of the reasons why I'm dismissive toward that game are not fair and are more about circumstances. But it all adds up. Fair or not.
  15. Problem with Lost world is that it didn't do anything to create a real identity to the Lost world. I mean, it's the titular central setting, and could have been a great location. But Lost World never shows interest in making it's levels be anything more then random aesthetics in limbo with no thought or weight to them. Hence why a lot of people, including me, dismiss them as either nostalgia pandering, Mario Rip offs or utterly random. I would have had mor tolerance for these elements if there was any attempt to make the Lost world feel more like a genuine setting rather then just the generic Mario world themes with the occasional Casino or donut level inbetween. There's nothing wrong with these themes in and on themselves, in fact Lost world technically had a built-in reason for why the setting could be random- it's the Land of illusion according to the Japanese manual. Perfect oppurtunity to use that as a plot point, but alas. Nothing is made of it. They're just random shapes in the sky. Just "level" because it's "Videogame". An insult to a series with such rich envirements. Give me South Island, or Station Square, or Space Colony Arc, or Color's intergalactic amusement park any day of the week over "Shapes and colors in limbo" land. That, to me, is the real underlying reason why I'm dismissive and irritated by nostalgia pandering. If it's used legitmatly like a real location, just like the Classic games actually did, then fine. But there's this aggresive lack of context or thought to it. Aesthetics just for the sake of aesthetics that makes everything feel so soulless. ESPECIALLY when the setting seems to be a vital element to the game, like The Lost World. It's right there in the title, it's what the game is about. The lost continent. I don't mind revisiting Green Hill if we're legitamatly back in South island. Or it's a new Green Hill esque beach strip on a diffrent island. But that isn't how it's often used, it's just a soulless aestehtic floating in limbo that you revisit because it was in that other game too. But Mario does it, so Sonic should do it too. Sonic games seem to steal all the bad ideas from Mario games and none of the good ones.
  16. Good video about dismanteling the Adventure rumors, altough it doesn't adress one detail bothering me. Every animated cartoon so far was to directly tie-in with a specific game in stores, Mania and Team Sonic racing. The Chao in space video is the only one that doesn't directly advertise a relevant game. Probably empty fanservice as usual, but I'm still wondering why Sega would invest so much money in a cartoon promoting obsolete elements from the series. A cartoon about the Wisps would make more sense then the Chao who haven't had relevance in over a decade, other then being character #15 in a spinoff game. I suppose the answer is that Sega wanted to ride the coattails of Star Wars, like that video implied. As an Adventure fan, this empty fanservice it pisses me off, tough. You spend all this time, energy and money hyping up Sonic Adventure stuff to keep Adventure fans engaged and hyped up....for products that has zero interest in furfilling these expectations beyond the most superficial surface level stuff. Great, thanks. I much prefer them to be honest. Using the dead decaying corpse of Sonic Adventure as a leash to drag me to another one of Sonic Team's mad delusions just makes me increasingly toxic and disrespectful toward Sega. Either do a Sonic Adventure thing, or throw the entire Adventure direction in the furnace so I can stop digging trough Sonic Team's trash to find a bone. But Sega desperatly wants to keep us around, so off we go buying the next insult like the dumb little zombies we are. This empty fanservice is driving me insane, like a cabbage restaurant filling the place with Pizza ovens, pizza llustrations, putting Pizza in big letters on all menu's, and then only serving cabbage still.
  17. Hmm, I didn't really get the implication the original post intended to tie him no longer working at Sega to the reception of Lost World. Every description ends with the current status of the employed in question.
  18. I suppose the whole Team A/ Team B thinking comes from the 2000 era when Shadow, Sonic 06 and Sonic and the secret rings were all made at the same time as even Unleashed was being cooked up in the background. With how simple, short and lazy most modern games feel, I suppose many of us love the theory that "the real" Sonic Team is somewhere in the shadows working on the next"real" Sonic game. While the clunky games served up are mere spinoffs about to be erased in relevance as soon as that hypothetical real Sonic game finally shows up. Of course those feelings were never based on facts or reality, more a vague hope. But yeah, thanks for the research, interesting read. Now I lost even more hope and optimism for the next game. Was surprised I still had optimism left to be lost. I thought more ex- Sonic team designers moved on to Mario kart 8 and Mario Odyssey. Surprised I didn't see these games show up.
  19. I think the better point with Mania is that that game had focus. It knew exactly what it wanted to be, what the audience was, and what they wanted. It had a very specific goal, specific focus. Make a Classic style game. And went 100% for that. Compare that to Forces that was trying to do it's own thing, throw in a half assed classic Sonic to appease classic fans, shove in Shadow and a half assed story to appease the Adventure fans. There's no focus, no identity, just a pile of things. So that's where I'd agree with Shadowlax. Do it Mania style. Make the occasional spin off directly tailored to a specific flavor of Sonic. Much rather have Sega either stop appeasing fans and just make what Sonic Team genuinely wants to make (If they genuinely want to make it, chances are we genuinely want to play it, even if it's a new direction) Or if they DO want to appease us, then SIT the *$& DOWN, take a good hard look at what people want and how those games operated, and genuinely make a game that carries on that DNA structure and evolve it further. Don't just grab surface level nostalgia and brainlessly shove it in a game where it doesn't fit. These fake attempts to appease me as an Adventure fan just piss me off. And It's impossible for me to respect and love the new ideas Sonic Team has since none of their new ideas ever had a chance to breathe. Technically I love what Sonic Lost World Tried to do, but boy does is that game making it hard for me to see it's qualities. Can hardly mock fans for mostly delivering singular tech demo levels when Sonic Team themselves can't carry most of their ideas trough an entire game either.
  20. Far as I'm concerned, the main reason why fans change their minds so often is because they keep understimating Sonic Team's incompotence. When we scream "We want more Boost", we mean that in a "Take Sonic unleashed, improve on it's shortcomings and evolve it to the next level", where Sonic Team is just "Derp, here's more boost" in a way that doesn't improve or evolve Unleashed at all, but if anything makes it even more simplistic and worse. Sonic Team only solves problems by burning everything to the ground that fans complain about, which is why everything feels so hallow and empty these days. I wouldn't say they're throwing out the baby with the bathwater, as much as they're straight up chucking baby's out the window whenever bathwater is even mentioned. Yet somehow it took us too long to realize this and we blamed the trouble on the direction Sonic Team mishandled, not the actual mishandeling. It's why I don't bother much with any "Sonic team should make 2d games/ Sonic adventure 3/ Stop with Boost games" opinions. Sure, I have preferences, but in the end it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that Sonic Team is the one working on these games and they completely lost any control, passion and coherence over their franchise. It's Sonic Team themselves I'm concerned about, not what specific flavor of Sonic they're going to completely miss the point of next. As for 3d Sonic fan games, Sonic Robo blast 2.2 man. There's your Sonic Adventure style 3d platforming with multiple playable characters, full compaign, level gimmicks, the whole shebang right there.
  21. Wasn't even planned, but to celebrate the Movie's release on digital, I just happen to have a parody finished for April Fools, hooray.


  22. It's kinda funny, usually when old games get remade, they get a whole bunch of bonus features on top of it to make it more worthwhile, either the sequels included (Spyro/ Crash) or a Dungeon Creator (Link's awakening) or something. That's because these 90's games are much smaller in terms of content then what we expect a full fletched game to have in 2010/ 2020. Sonic Adventure on the other hand, has easily twice, perhaps thrice the amount of content that most modern Sonic games contain, so it'll probably be the reverse situation. I expect it to be half the game with all extra's eliminated. But hey, it'd be sold for half the price. So just like Sonic Forces and Team Sonic racing, half a game for half a price. Granted, a lot of folk in this discussion seem to like that, altough I'd still be irritated out of principle. And besides.... I hate it that Amy and E-102 and such are dismissed as filler. It's them that make Sonic adventure feel so rich, you get to live out a life as an Eggman robot, the ignored sidekick gets her day in the limelight and gets to investigate a mystery while in over her head. Etc. It's what puts the "Adventure" in Sonic Adventure. If you hate all the Hub stuff and playing as minor characters in side stories, are you sure you want a Sonic Adventure remake and not a Sonic Heroes remake? And unlike puzzles and gimmicks in Sonic Colors where it all feels abstract and puzzles for the sake of puzzles, I felt Amy's gimmicks and puzzles helped with the context, the whole "Innocent civilian heroicly trying to infiltrate/ escape Eggman's base". Sometimes figuring out Eggman's weird security systems, sometimes running for your life when scary overpowered robots chase after you. Character building for Amy and for Eggman. How often do we get a chance to really get a close feel of how Eggman's bases work, filled with his petty humor, wacky security systems and mundane facilities right inbetween all the deathtraps. We're truly navigating Eggman's base for real, rather then it just being a random aesthetic to Level #23. Again, putting the Adventure in Sonic Adventure. It's exactly the parts of Adventure I want to see sharpened, cleaned up and improved for a remade instead of dismissed as trash. Because yes, Amy's parts are clunky and glitchy as heck. But I love the idea behind it. In fact, that sums up the entirety of Sonic adventure up for me, awesome ideas, ambitions and gameworld as made by a team still figuring out how all this 3d stuff works. And why the idea of this game getting a remake with a team with a better mastery of 3d gameplay is so appealing. If they're going to strip out all the Adventure elements for being "not like Sonic" or "filler", then we'll just get Sonic Forces with Sonic Adventure wallpaper, exactly what I don't want. This is Sonic Adventure, not Sonic 4 in 3d. I want them to fix Sonic adventure, not dismiss it. .......... But that's all wishfull thinking. As much as I love dreaming about a solid tight version of Sonic adventure, I still have to remind myself this will be made by Modern Sonic Team. Seeing their attempts to recreate Classic Sonic, something they should be able to do in their sleep at this point, sucks away any optimism I may have. (I don't consider Mania to be made by Sonic Team proper. I hope assisting with that game did slap them awake, tough.) And with Sega's track record of "Fix the problem by burning everything to the ground", I have little hope. Fortunatly it's proably not THE Sonic team making this hypothetical remake, but a hired third party developer, so there's a chance to have a better shot at getting it right. Let's roll the dice and see if we'll get a Whitehead or a Big Red Button esque developer. As for fangames mastering 3d gameplay, my money's on Sonic Robo blast 2.2. Unlike most 3d fangames, that one is (Nearly) complete with a full compaign, several zones and bosses, not just a tech demo opening stage. Intense platforming, level gimmicks, bosses, story transitions, multiple playable characters with their own abilities, the whole shebang. And entirely focused on being a 3d version of the classic games, so huge levels with multiple pathways, exploration, speed, hidden levels, everything. Another thing I prefer over most other 3d remakes is that while Sonic still feels free and can make a lot of air, it never feels like he's almost disconnected from the level and constantly flying over huge chunks of the level. You have freeedom, but controlled freedom within a legit level design, rather then just randomly flying over random chunks of level that can't contain you. Only thing missing are loops.
  23. Problem with "retro" is that statement depends on perspective. Sonic Colors is a decade old now. The classic games had their first Retro rerelease in 2002 with Sonic Mega collection, when Sonic 1 was barely 11 years old and Sonic and Knuckles only 8. And that's me ignoring the Sonic Jam collection, if that counts they got their first re-release in 1997. I know us 80/ 90's kids like to think of games in our youth to be retro and anything from 2000 on to be in an eternal state of "modern", but time moves on. Sonic 06 is half of Sonic's lifespan ago and almost 2 console generations passed since. If Sonic and Knuckles was a retro classic in 2002, then 06 is a retro classic in 2020. Y'know, in a Plan 9 from outer space kinda way. But I suppose modern games do have more clockwork parts and thuss take more money and effort to port over. Oh well, I'm sure another Sega Genesis collection is right around the corner for those who want to own their 39576th copy of Sonic 1. I'll wait for Chinese pirates to figure out a Saturn/ Dreamcast mini instead. I own the originals, no worries. I paid Sega their money when they were willing to sell them.
  24. I think the reason why modern Sonic doesn't have so many vocal fans (yet) is for several reasons A ) Modern games are still on-going, so there's no need to fight for them yet. Abscense makes the heart the heart grow fonder. B ) I suppose it takes a decade for people who grew up with these games to become the bitterly betrayed fans that Classic and Adventure are now. The kiddies coming into the series with the modern games consider Modern games to be normal and have no reason to think it'll be swapped for something diffrent soon. Or at least didn't have the experience to fully understand what it means when Sega burns everything to the ground to blindly chase after a new shiny direction. C ) These games are selling a lot less then the Classic and 2000 era games did. Lost world and Rise of Lyric both scored under a million copies (And that's including their Handheld twins) while most Sonic games including the notoriously bad ones managed to hit over a million copies (Usually between 2 and 3 million even) without relying on a handheld twin. D ) It also doesn't help Modern Sonic games muddle their own identity by being so desperate in relying on the past, so much that I consider Modern Sonic to be just a distorted evil twin of Classic Sonic with some mild Adventure Sonic thrown in. What are the key memorable locations from Modern Sonic like what Green Hil Zone, Angel Island, Station Square and Space Colony Ark are to Classic and Adventure? Sonic Colors is the only one with a legit setting of it's own. Lost World should have but just feels like a bunch of random junk thrown together. And memorable cahracters representing the era? Where's the Mighty the Armadillo or Shadow the Hedgehog from the Modern age? Anyone give a hoot about Yacker? Zavok? Sticks the Badger and the IDW characters are the only succesful characters and none of them are from Modern Sonic proper. The Boost, Wisps and the detached post modern sense of humor are the only truly unique Modern Sonic elements. And the Boost technically already appeared in the Adventure era in Advance 2 (And Unleashed if that counts) E ) While being innovative in and on itself doesn't mean the game is better, especially in hindsight, then a "merely" well executed fun game... But pioneer games doing something impressive for the first time tend to leave the biggest footprint in the human conscious. Hence why the original is always better remembered then the sequels, even when some sequels are more refined and also "fun". Classic Sonic and Adventure Sonic were big innovators. Even if the Adventure games "didn't age well", they had a moment in time where they were hugely relevant and thus gotten their foot in the door of cultural relevance. But when's the last time Sonic was at the forefront of technology? That said, I do notice some specific Modern Sonic love. In particular I see more and more fan games emulate the 3d/ 2d Swaps from this era. I can't imagine why you would do that in your own fangame that doesn't have the Pressure to succeed of and indecision of Sonic team involved, unless the game designers genuinely like that sort of thing. So I'm sure there will be a group of vocal Modern fans demanding a Sonic Colors 2 or Lost world 2 half a decade after Sega entered whatever insane incomprehensible new direction they'll drunkingly stumble into next. So they will join the Sonic mania 2/ Adventure 3 protesters soon enough. Altough I still wonder if this Era will be referred to as the "modern" era then, since it would sound weird if there's a more "Modern er" era after it. Unless the fans of the current direction will share the great pleasure that Adventure fans have when their preferred direction is denied it's own identity and just absorbed into one general "all those filthy impure games that came after our lord and saviour the 16 bit era died" Modern Sonic identity.
  25. I think it's THQ and Infogrames that's the problem with Sonic advance, not Nintendo. Of course both no longer exist now, so who knows who has the USA/ Europe publishing rights to Sonic advance now. Not to mention Sega's probably concerned about rereleasing a game with handheld graphics on big consoles where it'll look all pixelated. An HD redrawn version would be awesome, but yeah. That's work and effort, so meh.
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