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  1. While I do agree that Roger should not take the blame for the dialogue (that falls entirely to the writers), I can not agree with your statements. - "Roger can only portray the way his director...directs him to and it's the inherent tone of the lines that largely dictates the direction he takes Sonic's voice." That is not true. The voice actors have control over how they portray the characters, the directors only guide them and tell them which direction to go in based on the character's personality. I recall watching a video on Youtube about the VA's from Sonic X. Dan Green, Knuckles voice actor, said that he wanted to portray Knuckles in a way that was similar to how Scott Dreier voiced him in Sonic Adventure 2 and Heroes. He even went and asked Dreier for advice on what kind of tone he should give Knuckles. If only I could find that video. - "Roger's a very talented VA", is completely opinion. You believe he has a "considerable range", but I don't at all. I honestly don't care for the voice he gives Sonic, and to me, he has the same Sophomore-in-College, athelete/jock voice no matter what emotion Sonic expresses. Now, to danidado's defense he did say: "Plus, Roger Craig Smith give him this "Whatever. I don't give a shit" tone of voice in front of danger...Scratch that, in front of EVERYTHING." In the case of Roger's tone of voice, danidado has a right to criticize him.
  2. He still didn't say it was fact. You assumed he was. In any case, back to the discussion. The games I recommend Van to play are Sonic 3 & Knuckles, which I consider to be the best Classic game; and Sonic Adventure 1/2 which I consider the best 3D Sonic games. Generations would also be a great game for him to play, especially since it can be finished very quickly. It makes for a very nice in-between game.
  3. No, he didn't. He didn't use the word "fact" anywhere in his statement. If someone saying something is the best automatically equates to fact, then everyone in here who says Sonic 3 & Knuckles is the best game ever are equally wrong. As long as someone doesn't declare that what they're saying is fact, it's safe to assume that what they're saying is opinion.
  4. Just as many others in here, I have more of an issue with Sega/Sonic Team than I do Sonic. Sonic is a character, the blame doesn't lie with him. I love Sonic and the huge cast of friends he has. Sega and Sonic Team are the ones responsible for the bad decisions of this franchise. First and foremost, the constant changing of the gameplay style. Every time fans come to like a certain formula, Sega decides to scrap it for something else and they never return to it. They did this with the Adventure games, they did it with the Boost games, and it seems the next main title game will have another kind of formula. They attempted to return to the Classic games, at least, but didn't even bot It'd be one thing if Sega created a new gameplay formula and added it to the list of gameplay styles they already have, but nope, they decide to throw all of their past gameplay formulas in the trash because Sega logic. Sega should either cycle through and improve all of the gameplay styles they have (which I believe would widely please fans), or pick one and stick with it. Inconsistency is plaguing this franchise. Enough of this constant changing! Then there's the simplification of the games. They keep the plots simple, keep the jokes simple, keep the tone simple, everything is simple! Gameplay is very important, no doubt about that, but focusing so much on gameplay that they feel the need to make everything else simple is making the games boring. Generations has what most consider "great" gameplay (Boosting is not my cup of tea), but many people are bored because the game can be completed in 4-5 hours. Where's the immersive story? What good are the other characters if all they do is stand around? Give us a complete package, Sega! Good gameplay is simply not enough for many of us. And my final gripe is with the direction of the series. The overly cheesy writing, overly light-hearted tone, the jokes/puns shoved into every story. Since Sonic Colors, Sonic has dropped his original role as a hero and lover of freedom and justice and became a wannabe-comedian. He's now the guy that stands around and spouts puns. Sonic used to unintentionally says cheesy things which came off either witty or silly/funny, but now he intentionally tries to say jokes ("Pun totally intended!"), it comes off as forced and try-hard. Sonic may be a blue hedgehog fighting against an egg-shaped doctor, but they're taking it too far with the "comedy" idea. Sonic has always been a hero, and he should stay that way. However, it's not just Sonic who has suffered from bad characterization, but many of the characters. They need to be redone so they're back to the way they were originally intended to be.....especially poor Knuckles. I agree with what a few people said. Sega should take a small break (though maybe not 4-5 years) and get themselves together. They need to figure out what they want to do and where they want to take this franchise. I also agree with the idea of a Sonic Bible, so Sega can iron out the Sonic Universe and get rid of the inconsistencies. Sega actually makes most of their money from their arcade/phone games and because of Sammy's casino machines, not Sonic. Sega is in the Top Ten richest gaming companies- they're a billionaire company. As mediocre as Sonic has become, there's no way Sega could be billionaires off his games alone.
  5. Sonic probably wouldn't have lasted as long as he has, in fact I truly believe that he would have died after the Game Gear/Sega Saturn/Sega 32X Dark Age had it not been for Sonic Adventure. Sega was clearly running out of ideas back then, not to mention they killed themselves by spewing too many consoles out at once.
  6. If Episode 1 is fully discussed, then how about Episode 2? If everyone's tired and ready to move on, then request a lock.
  7. You believe that the levels are absolutely needed in order to understand the story, but I don't since I have the ability to understand stories perfectly fine without having them in context with the levels. These are our opinions, so let's agree to disagree. I don't want to keep talking about this. Let's get back to the Dissected Videos. How about we start with Episode 1?
  8. Quoted myself to avoid repeating: That's it. I'm not asking Sega to go back and change the game, I would have just preferred it to happen that way.
  9. Ah, oh well. I'll try to make sure I'm as clear as possible in the future. Sooooo, back to the topic.
  10. ..........Seriously? I mean, I understand I'm not Shakespeare, but I think I articulated myself at least fairly okay. It wasn't until I said "lack of chronology" that we started going back and forth. Agreed, but after all of this, I don't even know which of Roger's points we should even "discuss".
  11. I also stated that the elevator flashback should be it's own cutscene. If it was it's own cutscene, then no, it wouldn't make chronological sense. But I digress, I shouldn't have said "lack of chronology".
  12. Now this is getting super redundant, and this time I mean in an "unnecessary excess" kind of way. How about we look at the definition of context? "Context: the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed." Now let's look at this from a context point of view. When we look at the very first level, we establish that we're in an amusement park. The cutscene where they're walking through the park and flashback to the elevator occurs afterwards. Now, if we follow my suggestion and place the elevator scene first before the first level, we establish that Sonic and Tails are on their way to an amusement park, then the level starts. It's not out of context whatsoever. It makes perfect sense no matter which way you look at this. I simply prefer the latter. Now can we please go back to Roger and Luke's opinions and stop harboring over mine? I really don't want to debate over my own opinion, if it's not too much trouble.
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