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  1. What happened with Sora?


    1. Shiguy


      Shipping and handling.

  2. I swear during these two weeks my family has gotten very dirty. Nonstop cleaning all of those 14 days.

  3. Dang it Nintendo! Luigi's Mansion should've been on the switch!

    1. Strickerx5


      “B-but the 3DS needs more support”

  4. Sonic Forces > Nier Automata.

    So far Sonic Forces is looking like a masterpiece. 

    1. TCB


      this status broke my heart

    2. Bobnik


      this is one of the most incorrect opinions i have ever heard

    3. Tatters


      At least it's my incorrect opinion.

    4. blueblur98




      oh come on, stop being the fun police :/

      anyways, glad to know you're enjoying the game, tatters!


    5. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider



    6. Shaddy the Zaphod

      Shaddy the Zaphod

      They're both pretty alright

  5. So far I'm not liking Nier Automata.

    1. TCB



      How so? 

    2. Tatters


      Seeing the beginning part over and over and over again has really make me feel so irritating.

      Did they even heard of what a skip button is, I know there's skip able cutscenes but at last put some at the beginning so tired of watching the same planes explode.   

    3. Nix


      I'm guessing the tutorial is screwing you over?  The tutorial for Automata is the hardest part of the game, and is pretty much bullshit all the way through.  I had to drop the difficulty and bring it back up after I finished it.  It gets a lot easier once your customization options become available.

    4. TCB


      I totally forgotten about that game having a tutorial. I guess I found it so tedius and irksome I blocked it out of my memory. It's definitely not the best of starts with the game, but please don't let it turn you away once the game opens up more and you customize your abilities

  6. Foods and Drinks Thread

    Did anybody said.... Food. Made this bad boy today for dinner.
  7. Behold!


    It's rice pudding!

    1. Mightyray


      Yum! Warm Rice pudding tastes so good.

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      That sparkle on the top left of the cup though!

    3. The Tenth Doctor
    4. Tatters


      I don't want to give any to Beerus though. He might get mad about tasting bad and destroy my planet.

    5. VEDJ-F


      *Chocolate rice pudding*

      Uh, I can pass on that. 

    6. Tatters


      There's chocolate rice pudding?

      I might make it next if I find the recipeh.

      I wonder if there's banana flavor rice pudding.

    7. Mightyray


      I believe there are recpies for banana rice pudding. I know for sure that there are chocolate rice pudding recpies, I've got a couple in some cook books I own.

    8. Kiah


      I’m not seeing any chocolate there at all. I never seen chocolate rice pudding and I hope I never do, yuck.

      That looks delicious! I’m sure homemade is where it’s at but I’m not going to feel like cooking when I get off work so I’ll just buy some from my job as I work at a grocery store 😋

    9. Tatters


      Kiah! Get the Senor Rico one, some of them have caramel in the inside.

  8. And for dinner I made Katsu chicken with rice.

    I wish I can take a picture of it but my tablet doesn't have a nice camera.

  9. Updated my art thread. Play nice in there. No partying in there!

  10. Ah, once again...

    Here's new and old things first with the old! I drew this picture here for my sister's boyfriend. It's not an original work, my sister's boyfriend wanted me to redraw a picture that he wanted since the picture that he found was pretty small and it was in horrible camera picture quality. I tried my best to redraw it for him. I don't know who's the original artist sady. Here's a new one that I just finished. Enjoy my peeps!
  11. I finally build my computer and I'm currently using it.

  12. I finally fixed my mom's phone today but my phone broke down yesterday... :,)

  13. As usual I have clueless family members on helping me. It's always the same thing with them, when they need help they always have not ask me. It stinks being smarter than them.

    1. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      My brother can take care of himself. My problem is everyone else asking me for help, problem is half the time they ask me for help on shit I have no idea how to respond to like mom will ask for ludicrous amounts of money, my cousins (my age I should add let that sink in for a moment) will ask me questions I have no fucking business answering and the rest of my family are just nuts and they won't leave me alone asking for help.

      Btw I hope one of those youtube videos earlier helped you

    2. Tatters


      Sadly that video didn't helped me. All I just wanted to know is if I can't use any double sided tape. I just wanted to know that but nope in google it's just "can I just not use the tape" and the people responding are "brah you can't do that, buy the double sided tape". Dude, which side tape I can get, which one, doesn't hurt if one person is "you can buy this tape at Walmart and it'll save you the headache". But no! Everyone is buy it in iFixit! Buy it! Right there! Let the person wait, it's not like they need to fix that phone for their mom. 


      I just give up. My sister doesn't want to help at all. She's mad because my mom told her to do one simple thing for her, but no she wants to be lazy. 

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I know that feeling too well. =3=

      Everyone in my family is way too dependent on me for something. I have too many problems on my plate and they bother me with theirs, even the simplest ones. :/

    4. Tatters


      My cousin in law had double sided tape with him. He's going to let me borrow it. ;____;

      I love having a family member who loves technology. 

    5. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      How is double sided tape technology? XD

  14. Never been so stressful ever. I'm trying to replace the battery in my mom's phone and of course the only tape that they give me was placed on the wrong side. And now it's impossible for me to find double sided tape around here.

    1. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      Any chance you could bend the tape so the sticky part is facing both sides? Idk if that would help but I'm failing to think of a better idea atm ><

    2. Tatters


      Won't help much since the tape has to skinny. I was almost done and then of course that had to happen. I blame the how to do paper they gave me. The picture of putting the tape was confusing since the sticky part wasn't even like the tape they gave to me.

    3. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      Hmm... The only other solution I have is to try to tell them they dun goof'd and try to get better tape from somewhere else.

    4. Tatters


      Not even a repair phone place here has them. Then how the heck do they even repair batters.

    5. The drunkard from space!
    6. Tatters


      To put the battery back, you need a good adhesive to stick with the batter and the back of the case if not the battery will wobble and damage will happen to the components. 

      So I'm questioning why they don't even have tape over there. It's so stressful, I'm trying to do something for my mom and as always I screw up. And I thought getting out the battery was the hard part.

    7. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      Idk what kind of phone you're repairing but I did a search on YouTube, maybe a tutorial can help you out https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+use+thin+tape+to+fix+a+cell+phone+battery

  15. My boi BOTW won! I'm proud of the people who worked on this game. 


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