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  1. Finally watching My Hero Academia, it's a good show so far.

    1. Dejimon11


      And it gets only better

    2. Shaddy the guy
    3. Tatters


      Already in episode 11. This gonna get so good.

      Already in episode 11. This gonna get so good.

  2. It stinks that I'm not getting a new computer anymore. 

  3. Did anyone else here experienced  your head feeling being ripped apart while dreaming? I did and it scared me.

    1. King of SSMB, King Dedede!

      King of SSMB, King Dedede!

      Can you elaborate cause I think I may know what your talking about. You mean being mindfucked by dreams right?

    2. Tatters


      Nope, had a dream where I was so stressed that I felt pain in my head. It was as if it was being ripped apart and I screamed. Woke up so scared.

  4. We should get a video game deals thread. Don't know if we have one, I do know we have a freebies one.

  5. It'll be interesting to see Samuel L. Jackson to voice Froggy. "Enough is enough! I've had it with these M*****F*****g Chaos inside of my M*****F*****g body! *Jumps inside of Chaos so that it absorbs it's tail back from Froggy. Then Froggy proceeds to destroy Chaos in the inside*
  6. My puppy loves to hear music before she falls asleep. It's funny though since she'll sleep next to the phone while a song is on.

  7. Is it too early for the confetti? (At least for the story). Hopefully we'll get a good dialogue compared to lost worlds.
  8. Finally got the sleep I needed. Feels good to get a nice nights sleep compared to a 2 hours worth of sleep.

    1. RedFox99



    2. Dejimon11


      Great to hear

  9. I never felt so bad. Sick and didn't slept so good last night. I think I'm having a fever too. 

    1. RedFox99


      *Comfort glump*

    2. Dejimon11


      Get some rest

    3. Tatters


      I can't really sleep, I tried. My body is used to not having naps during the day.

      It doesn't help the fact that my sister got a new puppy and she's active during the early mornings. 

      It wouldn't hurt that my mom would watch her until 7 am. Including that I woke up with such a bad sore throat that I couldn't go back to sleep. 

    4. RedFox99


      I advise maybe drinking tea with honey for that sore throat.

    5. Tatters


      That's what I did in the morning but I put a lot of lime in it and apple cider vinegar. It did helped out to ease. 

      But that goodness the sore throat is kind of gone. My voice sounded like Rouge the Bat from Sonic X.

  10. Time to make Japanese chicken teriyaki meatballs for dinner. I don't have ground chicken but ground turkey though. 

  11. It stinks being sick. 

    1. Ebon the Darkgrey

      Ebon the Darkgrey

      Sorry to hear that. :( I hope you feel better. :3

  12. Watch Mojo's Top 10 SSMB moments.

    1. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      "Number 1. President CROW's Ascension to President of SSMB"

      "This was a glorious day when a hero gives SSMB the democracy it deserves"

    2. Polkadi


      Number 2:

      that time when status updates glitched, and you couldn't post any more

      and everyone flocked to the last posted status update to talk

      what a time

    3. Ferno


      #1 was the sonic rush 3 thread and you know it

  13. I regret yesterday. I went to a Chinese restaurant with my family. I had so many options to choose but I chose Tao Chicken to eat. My mind lingers but before I made my choice there was another I should've made. I wish I chose szechaun chicken. I know it's not Mc Donalds szechaun that everybody wants but I feel so much guilt for not choosing it. 

  14. I want to know what Square took when they made Parasite Eve series.

    All of those poor animals and people. 

    1. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      Its based on a book?

      Yeah they obviously took some liberties but it is based on a book.

    2. Tatters


      I know about the book was written by Hidaeki Sena. 

      I want to play the game so badly but I can't handle people turning into slime. 

  15. Bunnies sure do grow fast.