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  1. What Pokemon abilites do you guys what to change with other Pokemon with stat changes? For me I want Flygon to lose levitate and get huge power, and change it's stats. Like change attack to 65 (since huge power doubles the attack stat), speed to 115, and defense and sp. defense to 90.

    1. AxelPrime


      I'd make Nidoking more of a Physical sweeper while Nidoqueen becomes more Bulkier w/ a higher sp. attack and lower speed.

      Vanilluxe gets more forms akin to Ice Cream Flavors/Sundaes

      (Ex. Rocky Road=Rock/Ice, Lemon Custard= Electric/Ice, or an Iceburg Slushy=Water/Ice)

      Also give Octillery Mega Launcher w/ higher defenses.


    2. Tatters


      Dang it, now I want the Vanilluxe forms and now I want ice cream. 

      If Octillery gets Mega Launcher they should definitely give him Aura Sphere, and any more pulse moves to use that ability to great use. Heck I say take out a huge amount of the attack stat and give it more to Sp. Attk and to it's defenses.

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