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  1. I really hate recording videos when my family are hear. They are so loud, all they do is slam doors, stomp on their feet, and turn on the water faucet for a long period of time. 

    1. The Chairman Of The Board

      The Chairman Of The Board

      I know right?? It's like they sense your making a video and team up to make as much noise as possible. 

    2. Tatters


      This was my mom when I used to record in the morning.

      Everytime, I even recorded when it was 10 am (She always waked up at 12 PM in the morning) and then she woked up at the same time and said, with a smirk in her face, that she didn't felt tired anymore. Since then I had to change my recording time at 6 PM but in her working days since she's so loud.

    3. Dejimon11


      And it's worse when you have to deal with constant police sirens, fire trucks, people playing loud music etc

    4. The Chairman Of The Board

      The Chairman Of The Board

      I think the best solution is to just say in the video "Never mind that background noise, it's just my family" or whatever the noise is (police sirens, motorcycle or loud car outside etc.). 

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