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  1. I loved the fact that Yugioh started out as a horror manga.


    It had such saw like concept in the first 10 chapters.

    1. Rotting Spider

      Rotting Spider

      This was easily the best Yugioh season.

    2. Teospooker


      I forgot if it was Shonen Jump editors or Konami who pushed for focusing entirely on the Duel Monsters card game, but yeah, the original vision was much, much different.
      Iir, Season 0 is canon in japan, wich explain way better why people like Marik or Dartz keep telling the Pharaoh was a dick in his life.

    3. PublicEnemy1


      Old Yu-Gi-Oh was basically SAW before SAW was SAW.

    4. Tatters


      I'm freakin loving season 0 right now. I still like it as a carding anime show but the original had such a nice darker tone. When it changed to the carding game it was still dark but not like the original was.

    5. Ferno


      yugi lookin like he bout to go kill kenny in front of stan and kyle

    6. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      I wonder what the series would have been like if it was allowed to continue as is instead of focusing on the card game.

      Not that I hate it as is now, just that it's so interesting and how things happened could have been so different.

    7. Teospooker


      It's a Shonen Jump product, so i'd say a prologue setting the tone with variety (what essentially was happening before the DM takeover) and three major story arcs each involving a specific type of game with different minor variations of it included in the arc. That's usually the formula.

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