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  1. Happy birthday, buddy!

  2. Welcome back! ?

    1. Osmium


      wait he's back??

    2. Sunwalker


      Hehehe, I guess that I spoiled it a few moments before :P

      He had mentioned it on IRC.

    3. Osmium


      Yep, we all know now. :P

  3. I have around 50 hours on this game and I am liking it. I have learned about it just recently, so I avoided the hype train. I came to the game without any expectations, so I guess that this was why I was able to enjoy it. I am also glad that I have spoiled me about what happens when you get to the center of the galaxy, so I will not be disappointed and I know that I don't have to rush there, I can just enjoy the exploration part. I found out that I had the most fun with some self-imposed challenges. I once got a new ship in an extreme planet, the sentinels just attack you on sight there plus the planet was very toxic; I needed to get supplies to fix and refuel the ship under those circumstances, and it was quite daunting and rewarding. Sometimes I decide to actually walk a large distance to some building, instead of just quickly doing by ship; dealing with the terrain, battling the sentinels, and looking for rare resources along the way also make it more rewarding. I saw someone people on Reddit commenting that the game got much better and challenging for them after ditching the scanner, and having to find resources by exploration. I haven't tried this myself yet, however.
  4. Ken Penders is walking in circles around The Lara Su Chronicles for years now. There is some new art once in every blue moon, but truth be told there was no considerable progress since the settlement with Archie. This makes to imagine that his whole legal brouhaha was never about making his story, but rather about making a point. Though which point exactly is anyone's guess. Or it could be just that he works better when he is under the direction of an editor and deadlines, when he is on his own he seems to not know how to manage time and resources in an effective manner, and never gets anywhere. Better advice that I heard about witting is to write often and prolifically, and also to read a lot. By the time in which an amateur writer have spent years polishing a single chapter of his "magnum opus", a professional writer have already published lots of stuff and made lots of money.
  5. Happy Belated Birthday. 

  6. Happy Birthday

    1. Sunwalker


      Thank you very much!

      Sorry for taking long to reply, I had not been much active here. But I really appreciate your wishes :)

      Take good care!

  7. Happy BDay :)

    1. Sunwalker


      Thank you very much, I really appreciate it :)

      Sorry for not replying before, I just had not been much active here.

      God bless you!

  8. The End of Forum thread on BKC somehow got lost in the forum closing, and with it went the farewell posts of plenty of people, and also the link for the download of the forum backup. I was the one who made the backup, and I have managed to recover all the posts from my backups. Here is the link to the backup: http://1drv.ms/1JCHbIL Note that I placed the lost posts also in a separate file, for the sake of convenience. I also noticed that that the images uploaded to BKC were also lost, but I can recover most of them through a backup of January 7th 2016, that I have on my computer. I will upload them to the above backup once I have finished digging them up .
  9. I am the one who did the forum backup. Here is the link to the backup: http://1drv.ms/1JCHbIL Fortunately, I have managed to savage all the 14 pages of the End of the Forum thread, before they were somehow lost. I have put them in a separate file in the above backup, for the sake of simplicity, so you do not have to download a 700 MB file just to see them. By the way, I have also noticed that the images uploaded to the forum were also lost, but I can recover them from a previous backup of January 7th 2016, that I have on my computer. I will upload them to the backup linked above once I finish digging them up. I am also getting in touch with Ian about what I could recover, and I will see where else I can post this link. Anyone with doubts or concerns about this backup, feel free to PM me on this forum On a related note, here goes some advice. Contrary to the popular belief, things do disappear from the Internet. So if you see some important page that you think you will need to refer later, then bookmark it and save it. Aside from saving on the computer, there are a couple of online places that allow you to archive pages: archive.is and web.archive.org (it has a save page form at the bottom). This way you decrease the chances of important material getting lost, especially when you need to refer to them in the future. I have also made a script that submitted to Web Archive all the URLs I have found, so Web Archive has almost all of the forum archived in a browsable form, wxcept for the URLs that went down before it had the chance to crawl, but the archive is pretty extensive anyways .
  10. The numbers from volumes 1 and 2, I got from the yearly reports instead of the monthly ones (which are somewhat bigger than the figures of the launch month). I would do the same for volumes 3 and 4, but they not even appeared in their respectively yearly reports, so I guess that their sales didn't increase much in the following months..
  11. About the sales, what I could find on Comichron was: Knuckles The Echidna Archives Vol. 1: 1,900 Knuckles The Echidna Archives Vol. 2: 1,800 Knuckles The Echidna Archives Vol. 3: 1,319 Knuckles The Echidna Archives Vol. 4: 1,080 Remembering that the site only tracks direct sales, but I don't think that other kind of sales were that big. There are no way to know the number of digital sales, but the number of ratings on Comixology should be a reasonable indicative of the order of magnitude. The most popular comics usually have hundreds of ratings, and some even go above a thousand. The Knuckles Archives books only have, each one, from 2 to 4 ratings.
  12. So I was browsing ancient sites about Archie Sonic, and I found an interesting excerpt written by Ken Penders. It is from an online editorial for the Archie website. This part has got my attention (source, my emphasis): From: http://web.archive.org/web/19980109135030/http://archiecomics.com/sonic/editor.html I find it to be particularly ironic, especially considering the events that would unfold years later...
  13. I already did a couple of backups, which are available to download in the Death Throes thread (link to post). The latest one is from April 2015, though. Ian was not only fine with those backups, but also very pleased (he had contacted me in private back then). But this time I want to do something different: making the backup available in a browsable format, instead of you having to download the entire thing. I am still looking into how I am going to accomplish it. As we speak, I am running an automated program to find and save all the publicly available pages of the forum, and after it is done I will look into ways to make it available on the web. For now, this is only a test run to see if everything works well, I am going to run the program again once the forum is closed in order to get all its content. I still have not contacted Ian, I should do that by his contact email listed on the main site. I did it last time I backed up the content.
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