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About Me

My real name is Tiago, and I am a 31 years old guy who lives in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.


I was first introduced to Sonic with the Sonic 2 game, back around 1992 or 1993. I have played all the classic Sonic games on Genesis (it is called Mega Drive here  ^_^). However the last game console that I owned was the original PlayStation (I did not own the Dreamcast), so I did not played any modern Sonic games until the last year, when I played Generations and both the Adventure games on PC.


Back in the 90's I was also introduced to the Archie's Sonic comics. They were translated to Brazilian Portuguese back then, and also published here. I have read the first four issues, and I have enjoyed its take on the characters. However I have stopped reading once I moved from my old home in the mid-90's, and I almost forgot about them. In the end of 2012 I was surprised to find out that Archie Sonic was still being made, and with a digital version available for purchase. I have started reading the comics again, and I am still reading them.


Other Sonic media that I have liked was the Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. It is an odd choice, since most of the people I hear about prefer SatAM over it. I didn't watch SatAM until the 2000's. However once I have tried to rewatch AoSTH recently, I found out that it didn't looked as great as a first remembered, so I guess that tastes do change over time, haha :lol:.


Now, more about myself. I have a Bachelor degree in Chemistry, with a bias towards Biotechnology. I have also earned the Masters degree on Chemistry, and currently I am pursuing the PhD degree. What I study is luminescent compounds of rare earths.


The rare earths are the 17 elements of the Periodic Table, comprised by, Scandium, Yttrium, Lanthanum and the series of the Lanthanides. Those compounds can be used, for example, for making screens (of TV's, computers, phones, etc), medical assays, anti-counterfeit measures (money, documents, etc.), illumination, decoration, etc. Currently I have three scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals.


I am also a religious person, I am a Catholic. Though I was never an Atheist or an Agnostic, I was not always serious about religion. There wasn't a big emotional event that lead to my conversion, it was a gradual process that took place over the years. I cannot pinpoint a specific moment, but the time span from 2003 to 2009 is the one in which my conversion gradually took place. I am a curious person, so I studied about religion by myself. Over the years Catholicism started to make sense for me little by little, until I fully embraced it.


I see no contradiction between Science and Religion. Both the physical laws and the spiritual reality ultimately come from God, so they cannot contradict each other. If it seems to exist some contradiction, it is because people understood wrong one of them. If the human race came to be through evolution, this does not conflict with the belief in God because the physical laws that govern evolution also came from God. In the end of the day, all the existence came from His plans.


I fully accept all the points of the Catholic doctrine and morals, but I do not force them into people because this would be an affront to their individual freedom and free will, and also a harassment. I think it is more important to live what you believe and to be a good example, and be ready to respectfully explain the reasons of your faith if asked :).

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