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    Sunwalker got a reaction from Jovahexeon The Undyne in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    So I made these comparisons with the pictures posted here earlier:

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    Sunwalker reacted to Ducktor Naldush Repulsa in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    You can clearly see that the cancellation was kind of  a surprise to anyone working on this series: outside of the editorial, nothing is said about its abrupt ending, not even in the off-panel. You would expect that a series so fully-aware would joke about it, but, alas, absolutely nada.
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    Sunwalker reacted to LindseyWalker in Jesus of Nazareth: An Inspirational Figure   
    Hi everyone,
    I'm writing this thread to tell you about a great hero of mine, Jesus of Nazareth. I'm not a Christian, in fact I'm an Atheist, but I wanted to dedicate a thread to this extraordinary man. He was forward thinking in many ways, in his attitudes to women, his dissolving of Ancient Jewish customs (which changed the world such as dietary laws and the Sabbath), his peaceful demeanour even to his would-be killers and his dedication to his cause of helping the poor and disenfranchised 'social unspeakables' such as prostitutes and the 'unclean'. 
    Of course, there are elements I don't like about him, such as his conservative views (even for the time) on divorce and his views on sexual immorality. Of course, there's his zealous-esque mental attitude to the non-Christians yoo which I also don't agree with (although the climate of his time helps at least explain it). 
    Overall though, I think he was incredibly well ahead of his time and would like to hear what you guys think of him  . I've written numerous essays on the Historical Jesus, so I've got adequate knowledge and experience to discuss him!
    I excitedly await your responses! 
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    Sunwalker reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in Jesus of Nazareth: An Inspirational Figure   
    Wow...an interesting topic to be sure. And a heavy, controversial topic, but still a very interesting one.
    I happen to be a great admirer of Jesus myself, being, well, a Christian. I've noticed most Christians kinda have a thing for Jesus, not sure why. (lel)
    While I do believe things about Jesus that atheists and other nonbelievers obviously don't, such as that he's divine, the Son of God, atoned for sin and provides eternal life, etc., I feel like sometimes in Christianity people focus on what Jesus was/is doctrinally speaking but don't always think enough about the specific things he said and did, which is a shame. (There's also a tendency some places to focus on the epistles more than the gospels, obviously not thinking that they're more authoritative than Christ himself, but probably because they're seen contain more explicit theological teaching.) Even apart from the explicit understanding of him as, well, God, Jesus is a truly fascinating human being in every sense of the word. In addition to his clear and inspiring teaching and actions regarding love, justice, peace, righteousness, the kingdom of God, etc., he also has some more obscure sayings and parables that rather intrigue me. I agree with you that one thing that's definitely incredible about him was the way he was very bold yet remarkably, amazingly peaceful in the face of opposition and even death. Truly, anyone can learn something from that kind of attitude, though personally of course I would like people to come to Jesus for salvation as well.
    Perhaps the most intriguing thing in your OP was your usage of the term "historical Jesus", as that term as been used to describe a lot of different "Jesuses", if you will. And ironically, there are times when that term is associated with rather bad historical analysis, such as when people take texts that are later and less reliable than the four gospels of the Biblical canon and then draw conclusions from them that sometimes don't even match the texts they're based on. For example, some people use "lost gospels" to try to make Jesus seem more feministic, when some of them actually betray a much lower view of women (such as the Gospel of Thomas: "Simon Peter says to them: 'Let Mary go out from our midst, for women are not worthy of life!' Jesus says: 'See, I will draw her so as to make her male so that she also may become a living spirit like you males. For every woman who has become male will enter the Kingdom of heaven.'").
    To be clear, in my view, there's nothing in your OP that indicates that you're basing your opinion on any sort of lax or "sensationalist" scholarship. I'm just curious about your usage of the term, since in my view, it has many different meanings. And since there are so many different views of Jesus, it might be good to make sure I know what you're basing your conception of him on.
    I find different perspectives on Jesus interesting, as long as they at least try to be grounded in fact. So your OP was definitely intriguing to me. I'm also genuinely curious what you think about Jesus' more spiritual teachings, and specifically, his claims about himself. (Yeah, sure hard to tell I'm a Christian, isn't it? lel) Do you believe he did actually say the things that Christians interpret as statements of personal divinity, or do you just interpret them otherwise? Or do you think he actually did see himself as divine in some way, but are willing to look past that small bit of thought that, from your perspective, would probably qualify as madness? (I've never heard of anyone who believed that before, but it would be interesting if there were some people who did.) Myself, I can see why someone might not come to the same conclusion as Christians, seeing as Jesus was usually far from being explicit about it. I guess what I'm asking is, how do you think Jesus saw himself? Just a prophet sent from God, not fundamentally different from any come before, or something more?
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    Sunwalker got a reaction from goku262002 in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    So I made these comparisons with the pictures posted here earlier:

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    Sunwalker got a reaction from SurrealBrain in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    So I made these comparisons with the pictures posted here earlier:

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    Sunwalker got a reaction from Syntax Speedway in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    So I made these comparisons with the pictures posted here earlier:

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    Sunwalker got a reaction from Blue Swallow in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    So I made these comparisons with the pictures posted here earlier:

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    Sunwalker got a reaction from KingScoopaKoopa in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    So I made these comparisons with the pictures posted here earlier:

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    Sunwalker got a reaction from Blacklightning in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    So I made these comparisons with the pictures posted here earlier:

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    Sunwalker got a reaction from Monkey Destruction Switch in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    So I made these comparisons with the pictures posted here earlier:

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    Sunwalker got a reaction from MightyRay in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    So I made these comparisons with the pictures posted here earlier:

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    Sunwalker got a reaction from GamerGirl54321 in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    So I made these comparisons with the pictures posted here earlier:

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    Sunwalker got a reaction from Adamis in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    So I made these comparisons with the pictures posted here earlier:

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    Sunwalker reacted to chaosjam in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    Hmm...looks close enough.  I believe we found our traced stock picture.

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    Sunwalker reacted to therealfalconpawnch77 in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    It has arrived... and the shading is still off. 
    EDIT: Also why is there a line at the top of the page where the space background suddenly has a blue tint and no nebula looking thing?
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    Sunwalker reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    "Every detail matters", except for the really minor details like having reasonably good character designs, halfway-decent dialogue, interesting characters, and a story that's readily accessible to new readers and isn't deeply connected with an ongoing licensed book. lel
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    Sunwalker reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    The SatAM Freedom Fighters are cool in some ways, and I certainly wouldn't want them to be gotten rid of, but as they are, I do strongly prefer the Sega characters, honestly. Probably because the game characters tend to be more distinct and "colorful" in terms of their personalities and basic concepts.
    My least favorite is probably Sally. I don't actively dislike her, but I feel the amount of attention she gets is disproportionate to how interesting she is. Bunnie, Antoine and Rotor all seem like they have potential to be way more interesting, but Sally always gets a lot more attention than they do, whether in SatAM, the comics, or just among the fans.
    And honestly, I don't really like the idea of the Freedom Fighters itself. It would be better, in my mind, if Sonic was wandering around by himself or just with Tails. I will say that having the Sky Patrol is a vast improvement over being stuck in Knothole/New Metropolis. But I think it would be kind of neat if the Freedom Fighters characters were just scattered around to an extent. That way, maybe they could develop a bit more of an individual identity, and could potentially become way more distinct and interesting. Right now it feels like the Freedom Fighters are predominately understood in relation to the fact that...well, they're Freedom Fighters. Which basically just means they're good guys and good fighters...which is, of course, very generic.
    Maybe if there were more interesting interpersonal relationships within the team, it would be better...but as is, it feels like there's very little beyond "they're all good friends". And Antoine and Bunnie are a married couple, obviously, but that's about it. I always thought that Sally was supposed to be especially best friends with Nicole and Bunnie, but we don't even see much of that. (Though admittedly, I've skipped a lot of comics, so I'm not the best informed.)
    It's too bad, because I do feel some of the characters have potential, especially Rotor, Antoine and Bunnie, but honestly, it's really not being utilized. Of course, if any of the radical changes I suggested were made, some people would be ticked off...which is understandable, considering it's upsetting a really long-held status quo. But while I don't think it's good to change the status quo just to "mix things up", sometimes there's a good reason for it. I dunno, just some thoughts...
    I just want to point out that Ken Penders isn't responsible for everything bad in the comics' past. Didn't Karl Bollers do a lot of soap opera stuff himself?
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    Sunwalker reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Sega's Secret Sonic Bible that we'll probably never see "TO MARS!"   
    So I've heard a few of these things over the years, but I've never seen the documentation, however lately one or two things have been said from Sega and people have been a bit 'wait... is that for real?' Even some of the guys at Retro have mentioned hearing one or two things from this 'Bible' however as they say, this documentation has almost certainly changed, but some of it is still active hence various comments lately.
    What is the Sonic Bible?
    It's pretty much exactly what you think it is, the 'bibles' are documents which exist in SOJ and based on comments lately, there's probably translated copies in SOA and probably SOE (Though I would question if SOE really has one).
    Each document is individually numbered on each page, further rumours is that each document has a few 'tells' on each page which means if they were ever scanned and uploaded online, Sega could find out easily who leaked one of their most precious things.
    What does the Bible contain?
    The Bibles contain information such as character design sheets, these are the things which show how to draw the characters correctly, there are also measurements on these and characters are placed together to show scale 
    The Cool/Interesting Stuff...
    Aside from the character design stuff, there is also a bunch of other things which the bibles contain, this is for me the most interesting stuff, but also the most controversial since some people will refuse to accept it. 
    The bibles also contain 'rules' or conventions... or to put it another way... what is and what isn't considered canon. This is the kind of stuff which some forums and Facebook groups will end up crying over. 
    Some of this information you've probably heard in one way or another, some you may think 'wait, is that for real?'
    Well like I said at the start, the documents are always changing or having stuff added/amended so who knows, but right now, the following is true and as printed in these bibles.
    Super Emeralds & Hyper forms:
    Iizuka has publicly verified this. Basically, Super Emeralds and Hyper forms are considered non canon, not only that but they may never be referenced again aside from legacy material, e.g. history of Sonic books.
    Super Forms:
    Iizuka has verified this (to a point): Only male hedgehogs can get a super form... there is one exception.
    Blaze's Super Form:
    Follows from the previous point. This is one of those things which probably ends up being changed in future editions or contradicts itself. Blaze get's a super form due to her position (or former) as guardian of the SOL emeralds. 
    To further complicate matters, Blaze's super form isn't considered a Super form. It's called 'Burning Blaze', this gets around the super form rule.
    Tails & Knuckles' Super Form: 
    Follows from previous 2 points. Despite having a Super forms in Sonic 2, 3 (& Knuckles), and some kind of super form in Heroes, Tails & Knuckles no longer have the ability to go Super.
    There are 'Two Worlds' in the Sonic-Verse
    This has been confirmed by Ruby just a few weeks ago. In the Sonic-Verse, there are two worlds or planets,
    One is an earth like human world which looks very similar to our own and has humans all over it. These are your Sonic Adventures, Sonic Unleashed, Shadow etc. 
    Then you have 'Sonic's World.' These are worlds which would look totally alien to our world, no/little humans, crazy colours, concepts, rules etc. Think games like Sonic Colours and Sonic Lost World.
    Now these two worlds are 'connected' in a strange way, according to the bible, they are separated by a 'gate' what happens on one world, doesn't happen on the other,* So whilst the Deadly Six appear in 'Sonic's World' the 'Human World' has never heard of them. So this sorta explains why in some games we see something happening, then in the next game there's no reference or mention to it.
    * Since events on these worlds are closed, we don't know if there are 'two' sonics' on these worlds, or if one Sonic is able to pass from one to another, or if both Sonic's share memories.. ... I told you there would be contradictions/complications with this bible.
    Anything Else?
    GeneHF at Retro has claimed to have seen/read one of the bibles from 2011-2012, there is more information contained in them but as of yet it's never been publicly stated by anyone in a position to do so.
    Odds are when Iizuka & Hoshino were being interviewed by the crowd at Sonic Boom 2013, some of the answers were from the bible of 2012-2013 but there is no way to verify this.
    Other Bibles/Rules:
    This isn't limited to Sonic, but Sega likely have bibles and rules for other franchises too, one such thing I know which impacts games like the All-Stars series, Sega has to get permission/authorisation to use some of it's own franchises in future projects. (Sumo Digital confirmed this), for example, in the Panzar Dragoon stage, there are these white stones, these stones didn't have black spots on them, so the franchise creator refused permission to have them in the game unless this was fixed.
    Edit: Because some people are actually doubting the existence of this, here are some of the cases when go and watch the Q&A at Sonic Boom 2013 where Iizuka more or less confirms all of the things I listed and then some more.
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    Sunwalker reacted to Starchaser in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    There are actually a couple reasons why people wouldn't say anything about the app on social media, and they're not all because they don't use social media. It's possible these people don't really know Penders or his history, or what they saw wasn't impressive enough to mention beyond their initial discussion with Penders himself/whoever was manning his booth at the time.
    He also may be reading a bit too far into whatever polite responses he got. Unfortunately we can't really know for sure unless someone gets a chance to go sit in a booth with him all day and see the reactions themselves.
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    Sunwalker reacted to SurrealBrain in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    Even before the lawsuit, his reputation was dwindling. But after the lawsuit...if he had any positive reputation left, it's gone now.
    So he's trying to ride on something he no longer has, assuming he ever had it to begin with.
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    Sunwalker reacted to Adamis in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    Hint : don't get used to that dog design.

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    Sunwalker got a reaction from Osmium in Joining #sonicstadium   
    It is also possible to access the chat through the browser. Either of these links will do:
    http://chat.mibbit.com/?channel=%23sonicstadium&server=irc.surrealchat.net http://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.surrealchat.net/sonicstadium
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    Sunwalker reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in Insults to back up a statement   
    There is such a thing as being too nice in an argument. I used to so afraid of being interpreted as a jerk that I would bend over backwards to seem as non-confrontational as possible, even if it meant severely weakening my point. When someone says something really stupid and wrong, there's nothing wrong with calling them out on it -in fact, it's usually a good thing. Even then, though, I believe your strategy should almost never include personally insulting that person, but rather pointing out in no uncertain terms why their argument is so flawed and not letting them get away with it.
    That being said, I'm a huge proponent of civility and always assuming the best about your opponent. It's very easy to assume that those who disagree with you must be evil, stupid, or both, but there's actually a bigger-than-you-might-expect probability that they're no different from you in terms of malice or knowledge and have simply been exposed to difference influences.
    It's impossible in any debate for there to simply be no attempt to affect people's emotions, but in my opinion, it isn't really okay to be too manipulative. Emotions, as obviously indispensable as they are to human existence, can be deceptive, dangerous, and unreliable. An argument that relies only or primarily on emotions is a weak argument. Engaging people's emotions is practically necessary and unavoidable in a debate considering it's in the very nature of human beings, but there should be a solid rock of reasoning motivating those emotions. It's possible this is too "perfect-world" type thinking, but what can I say? Ideals are worth having, and often helpful.
    But at the end of the day, no one's perfect. Probably everyone's going to use a few ad hominem attacks, insults, and attempts to manipulate during a debate at least sometimes. You definitely can't dismiss everything a person says just because they make one poor decision, just like noticing a person made one error doesn't mean you have the right to assume everything they say must be false.
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    Sunwalker reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in Females in the Sonic Fandom   
    Personally, I've never seen the Sonic fandom as having less female members than male members, really. But especially after reading this, I can see better how some might come to that misconception. Probably a lot of it just depends on the assumptions people make, or the places they're looking. But the fact that at least a bit of it could have to do with females wanting to avoid harassment is an ugly reminder of how awful and ugly the human race can be. Some people are just jerks.
    There are plenty of female Sonic fans if you know where to look - like shadowhunt said, creating fanart, crafting fanfictions, posting on Tumblr, and much more. It kind of weirds me out that some could come to the conclusion that there just are no visible female Sonic fans, but it may be because of frequenting different circles. Overall, I'm not the most active fandom member, but the places I do go house an ample supply of female fans.
    And...well, OK, this is just going further off-topic, I guess, but I feel like I want to address the whole issue about males' responsibility for their actions, because being a rather conservative Christian, I hear this kind of argument of women being responsible for men's thoughts and actions a LOT in the circles I frequent, and I'm really sick and tired of it. It's just utter garbage which has no basis in our faith (or anything) whatsoever. If someone thinks or does something wrong, it's their own freaking fault. It's absolutely ridiculous to claim that half the blame for YOUR wrongdoing goes to the person whom you wronged. And I say this as a person who believes in exercising modesty. I'm not doing it because men can't control themselves, I'm doing it as a reflection of my own beliefs about what I believe the proper context of sexuality is.
    Even if some men have a hard time controlling their emotions, at the end of the day, it's still their own responsibility. No one else can do it for them, and no one else should be expected to do it for them. The very idea is ridiculous and should be considered extremely demeaning to men.
    I'm sorry if I'm getting further off-topic, I guess maybe I needed to vent or something, since I hear this sort of garbage a lot in my ideological and cultural context.
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