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    Sunwalker got a reaction from Legosi (Tani Coyote) in Nine Killed in Shooting at historic church in Charleston   
    On a more positive note, this is a piece of news that I found heartwarming:
    Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/06/19/us/charleston-church-shooting-main/index.html
    Forgiving someone who bumped into you in the street is a trivial task, but to forgive someone who did what this criminal did requires a strength of character that I can admire. I don't think I would be capable of doing the same if I were in the place of those families.
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    Sunwalker reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    release the book first
    RelEASE the BOOK FiRST
    Even if I didn't know what the Lara-Su Chronicles was, I would be very weirded out if I saw someone wearing that shirt. Because the art is so...well...not very good, as I think we've established
    If he actually managed to get all those colors to print properly, it would be sort of impressive, just because of all the different colors and details and whatnot. But of course, it's ruined by the fact that...well...you know...the characters are ugly, horribly designed, and badly drawn.
    Is it just me, or is Xero holding his weapon backwards? ...Because that's the major issue with this shirt right.
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    Sunwalker reacted to Tara in Nine Killed in Shooting at historic church in Charleston   
    Aww, that is really beautiful.  I didn't expect it to have any impact on him, but while it's not unjustified for them to hold grudges or even wish him dead (hell, I wasn't even affected by the issue and I said I hoped the guy rots), it's really heartwarming to see kindness and love overtake them, rather than hate. <3
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    Sunwalker reacted to TheGerkuman in How Christian Fundamentalists Plan to Teach Genocide to Schoolchildren   
    It's not an actual battle; me and Roarz get along. Just because we disagree on a lot of stuff doesn't mean that I don't respect him. Quite the opposite in fact.

    My faith doesn't really mean anything if I'm not forced to think about it.
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    Sunwalker reacted to Mono in How Christian Fundamentalists Plan to Teach Genocide to Schoolchildren   
    Having an argument over whether God is/was an asshole is getting a bit ridiculous. No one's mind is going to be changed by this argument.

    This is now once again a stupid battle between an atheist and a religious person. Just agree to disagree. It's pointless.
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    Sunwalker reacted to Mono in How Christian Fundamentalists Plan to Teach Genocide to Schoolchildren   
    I've come to the view that the book is just a story because, like I mentioned before, because they have found similar works that is pretty much Job. The one in the Bible is the Jewish take on it.
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    Sunwalker reacted to Your Vest Friend in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Meanwhile, callback.

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    Sunwalker reacted to Big Panda in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    First peek at part 7

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    Sunwalker reacted to Your Vest Friend in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    After the reveal of the last set of covers and solicits, I was reminded of something from about a month ago, before the solicits of #277 and SU#80 were out;
     Just to run through the list without spoilers without spoilers as to where these tidbits are now.

    -New character is most definitely in the Silver Age. One that's making a storm on the news page, sheesh!
    -The Cassia and Clove arc appears to be Hidden Costs, probably a 2-parter.
    -While this arc doesn't seem so light-hearted any more, there are those little robots that'll probably be up to enough antics for Silver to be frustrated.
    -And no Mighty and Ray stuff has been shown yet so I guess that makes the last bit true by proxy.

    Strange how quick that got resolved.
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    Sunwalker reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    So, since I did a top 10 favourites list, I decided to do a Top 5 worst Archie Sonic arc list.
    This felt good writing about.
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    Sunwalker reacted to Sonictrainer in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
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    Sunwalker reacted to Rad Dudesman in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Basically, Gold's species of Tenrec, the lesser hedgehog tenrec, looks like this:

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    Sunwalker reacted to Drawloverlala in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    yo!   Evan Stanley posted  this speedpaint picture of Gold on Tumblr :

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    Sunwalker reacted to TailsTellsTales in Sonic Runners (iOS/Android) - Thread Version 2.0   
    Speaking of level up characters here. They have raised the amount of rings needed to level a character up. I won classic Sonic but noticed he needs 300 rings to begin the level up instead of the previous 200 rings as before. My other characters were all at level 60 and only needed 43,400 rings to move up but it is 65,100 rings instead. Here is the list of how many rings you needed before the worldwide release.
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    Sunwalker reacted to Fletch in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    That Sonic Super Digest has the best image. Reminds me of one of the Game Gear Sonic covers. (Sonic Chaos/Sonic & Tails 1 cover, I think?)


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    Sunwalker reacted to NegaMetallix in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Being the new guy here, I guess I can explain where I began reading the comics:
    I didn't actually start reading it until just a few years ago, when I was given an Archie Sonic issue at the Summer of Sonic 2012 event. I believe it was issue #192 (whichever one had Sonic and Scourge facing off against Metal Sonic and Metal Scourge). Thankfully, my brother had read some prior issues, so he filled me in on what was going on. I eventually decided to read on from where he had stopped, around issue #219 I think (when Geoffrey turned traitor, and the countdown to 'Genesis' began). I enjoyed what I read, especially Genesis, and even began reading most of Sonic Universe at the same time (starting from issue #1, but skipping out on '30 Years Later'). Eventually, I even managed to get my brother back into the books.
    Then, when I heard about the first crossover with Mega Man, I began to read those books to understand his story. And what I read was incredible! It was these books that got me into the Mega Man games. But back to Sonic, I remember reading through the crossover and highly enjoying it, though my brother stopped again just before 'Endangered Species' began. Then we heard about the reboot. After that, while I didn't mind reading the first few issues, my brother lost interest completely. I'm glad I stuck on, though, because the more recent stories have been very enjoyable to read. And now here I am, enjoying yet another crossover between the blue heroes. And I can't wait to see what lies in store for the future... (hiatuses aside)
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    Sunwalker reacted to Drawloverlala in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    well.. i just started to read the comics like.. almost 3 years ago...?  i can't remember..
    well.. i read since Sonic: Mobius 30 years later arc via internet... here on Chile there is not much.. comic fans.. only the traditional superhero comics.. and that's much saying.. U_U ...

    just for mere curiosity.. and i still don't read all of the past and latesnt issues..before the Reboot
    i think it got my attention.. seen Sonic as a man of Family.. 
    then.. just suddenly after reading some aleatory issues after Eggman went crazy.. the battle before that happend.. capted whole my attention.. was.. well awesome!
    mostly because the dynamic that Yardley put on that issue..
    ohh! wait!  also when he captured all Knothole inhabitants.. when Eggman tells him.. "i know your Limits" ..
    Sonic's  face and reaction was so epic! http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/3/33308/2070117-sonic2.jpg
    well  since those issues... i just got in love with the comics..   
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    Sunwalker got a reaction from Drawloverlala in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    I found the comic back in 1995. Back then, it got translated into Portuguese and published here in Brazil. This is the cover of the translated version:

    I have read the first four issues, and I really enjoyed its take on the characters. I remember that Bunnie was my favorite character at that time. However, when I moved from my old home I stopped reading and almost forgot about the comic.

    It was at the end of 2012 that I was surprised to find out that the comic was still being made. I mean the original version, I do not know for how long the first Brazilian Portuguese translation lasted. I found about the Sonic comic again when I was reading the digital version of the Mega Man one, which I found almost by chance when I was browsing Comixology.
    But I didn't start reading STH again as soon I found out about it, at first I got some digests and other trades. The first history I read was "Heart of the Hedgehog", and what got me hooked was that the story had tension, and how emotional it could be. The story let clear that the characters were fragile and mortal, so there were very valuable things at stake. To this day it still is one of my favorite Sonic stories, tied with Spark of Life from Sonic Universe.
    Another point that I liked a lot was the battle between Sonic and Eggman, after the latter has nuked Mobotropolis. Eggman was trying everything to break Sonic both physically and emotionally, he then said that he has studied Sonic and that he had just reached its limit. Sonic then smirks and says:

    This scene embodies what Sonic is the most: fast and cool  .
    I really became a regular reader of STH with the Worlds Collide crossover, and I have read every STH and SU issue since then. I never really got too much invested into the pre-reboot universe; though it had many high points, overall I find convoluted and excessively dark at points. I have been enjoying the reboot so far, and my favorite arc from the STH comic was champions thanks to its many really clever characters interactions.
    For the sake of curiosity, I found out some time ago that there is a new Brazilian Portuguese translation published here, which covers the most recent issues. I still get the original version in digital form through Comixology, but here are a couple of pictures comparing the versions (English and Portuguese) that I found on the Internet (spoilered for size):

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    Sunwalker reacted to Chris in Birthdays don't appear anymore for me on the Community index   
    Updated the settings so it won't auto-hide if no members are celebrating a birthday on that day. Not sure why they're not being displayed when they do have birthdays, though.
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    Sunwalker reacted to Pompadour in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    I knew about the comics for a very, very long time, but they were almost impossible to find in my location, and I was still extremely young and my parents couldn't really afford a subscription at that time. I forgot all about it until several years later when I got Sonic Mega Collection. I spent HOURS going through the galleries and reading 'Sonic's Firsts" or whatever it was that they had included in the game. I ended up discovering Sonic HQ and going through catching up on all the issues up to that point, though it never dawned on me that the comics were still going on until around #174. I remember going to the newly opened bookstore nearby and being incredibly excited I could finally read the comics! Considering it was Bunnie's wedding issue, and Bunnie was already my favorite character, it was the perfect issue to start with for me. That is... until the next issue, when eggman kinda blew everything up. :V

    Might be odd to say, but... I always liked the comics because they weren't like the games. The games were fine and I loved them, but even as a kid I knew they didn't really keep anything super consistent, and nothing they did fully connected with me. I always was more drawn to the cartoons and even Sonic X (before it bored me) and liked seeing other interpretations of the series outside of the main canon. I think for that reason, I never was against any of the deviations in style or characterization or whatever just because it didn't fit the "Segasonic" style. Maybe I loved them a lot because for years all I had to go by were excerpts and the concept of things going on, rather than I know about their actual execution. My mind filled in those blanks and made a better story in my head I guess. For that reason, even today, I can still look back to the old stories rather fondly despite knowing a good number of them are cringe worthy, AND despite knowing what a former writer has done and the consequences of it. Not to say there isn't room for criticism of course; I'm just easy to please : P

    That said... I haven't been keeping up with the comics nearly as well as I used to. at first it was because I was pretty hurt over the forced (but understandable) reboot, but I gotta say my heart's changed alot about it. I love a lot of the things they're doing now, and I feel like the comic has a lot more freedom to do things without having to worry about the pre-reboot's clutter. I'm still not fond of some of the redesigns, and I feel Ian is still plagued with the "great story, but meh ending" problem he's had for years, but all in all I'm very much liking this new direction. I WOULD be buying more issues... but college life and the inability to consistently travel to the nearest bookstore only has me buying a few issues every now and then. Maybe I can conjure up enough money to get a subscription sometime soon.

    ... as long as we know StH and SU aren't going through a hiatus too. Poor, poor Megaman. :'(
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    Sunwalker reacted to . . in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    *peeps in thread* Oh.. we're not talking WU spoilers? Well.. since everyone is saying how they got in the comics, I'll tell my story.
    SO.. I lived in Greece most of my life and there I only knew of Disney comics. Literally everything else was unknown to me. Well, aside DC and Marvel stuff. Like, Batman, Spider Man, and all that. And although I liked Sonic as a kid, I never really ever thought of the chance of him having comics. Fast forward to when I move to Jordan. My school library had magazines and I saw Nintendo Power. Then I realised "oh! this is a thing! i think i'll read these", then I managed to get a subscription thanks to my dad. Normally they don't ship to Jordan but when you have a *ahem* certain job.. you get a small privilege called the military post office box, and they basically ship everything there. 
    Moving on to the important stuff, there was an issue on Sonic Generations I believe, and I remember reading an article about Sonic: Genesis. This was back when I was in my "Sonic high". Getting into the series and basically being obsessed with everything about it, so I was super excited. Wow!! Comics based off the original games!! !!!!!!! I NEED THESE. But.. I can't get them where I was. So I was sad. I'd ask my aunt from the US to get the issues but by the time I got the issue of Nintendo Power advertising them, it was almost time for Part 3 out of 4 for the Genesis storyline to come out, and I didn't want an incomplete story.
    Fast forward even more to when Nintendo Power ended. I was looking around for another monthly dose of something to read. I liked getting Nintendo Power in the mail since I got to read something and anticipate something new every month. Then I thought, comics! I can get comics every month! Those will be more exciting! So I looked online for a subscription to the Archie Sonic comics. And there were.. two series??? I was confused, and from what the website said.. Sonic was a continuation of SatAM, and Universe was more based off the games. At least, that's what I got at the time. So I went with Sonic, for it being the longest running one and not having story arcs, so I wouldn't have to worry about starting with Part 2 of something. OCD stuff, I guess.
    Around a month later, it arrives.
    Issue #223. I was amazed. First thing I noticed is how thin it is.. and how amazingly tall it is. Compared to European comics this was monstrously tall but strikingly thin. Call it a comic culture shock, I dunno. The blurb caught my eye "The world's most way past cool comic!". I loved that blurb then and love it to this day. Wish they still had it, honestly. I was like "yeah wow this is so 90s. I love it". Of course I had no idea what to expect with that cover. Who are these people?? Oh well, let's read and find out.
    I was confused beyond belief.. I had no idea what was going on. Who's Geoffrey St. John?? Why is there a court case going on?? But I didn't care. :V I loved the art so much and Tails was looking like a bad-ass in the start of the story, so I was sure I'd get some action in later issues, and maybe figure out what's going on. 
    After I read a few issues (and boy was I hyped for the next one since it had SILVER!!!) I got interested in SatAM. I got the boxed set off Amazon (the one with the Penders cover :V) and I watched the series as a sort of 20th anniversary celebration thingy. And after that a few things cleared up in the comics for me. I knew some of the characters and got some references they threw. Like in that one issue where Sonic said Antoine recommended a restaurant because they don't use margarine.  
    So yeah shortly afterwards I got into Universe and Mega Man (thanks crossover) and fell in love with Mega Man after buying the graphic novels for older stories. Universe, I wasn't so inclined to read past issues, and I'm still not, but as of now it's a nice additive to the main plot. But yeah wow, pretty much after Worlds Collide, I got sooo much into comic collecting. I started trying to get as many old Sonic issues as I could, so I bought the packs off of Archie's website. Got back up to issue #218. I started collecting the Super Digests and Magazines, and I got to collecting Greek Disney comics as well. I'm really on it now, especially with the recent revivals both in Greece and in the US (slowly importing those issues now).
    But wow, looking back if it wasn't for Sonic, I wouldn't have tried out reading series like Mega Man or New Crusaders, both of which are my favourites this era. It's also relatively cheap to get comics.. so they're pretty easy to collect and look nice when you got a lot.. so yeah. Thanks Sonic comics, for getting me into comic reading and collecting. Before, I was just a casual fan, now I'm a collector. 
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    Sunwalker reacted to biznizz in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    The issues I got at ths time, I got during that odd time when grocery stores still sold monthlies that Archie put out; and where I lived, there was no local comic shop (and still isnt to my knowledge).

    I was a Nintendo kid growing up and other than playing some of the Genesis games at friends/families places, the only game I had at the time was SA2 on Gamecube. So when 124-125 called itself SA2.5, I was interested as hell. What I got was Shadow getting mixed up with aliens (lol, hindsight), all the characters being mutated descendants of Earth's humans due to evil alien WMDs, a bunch of characters fighting in the Arctic, and Knuckles pulling a Jesus while going back to being red while Sonic was tossed in space.

    I checked out 126, but the story and art (Sonic's teeth as he's beaten up by evil Super Sonic in particular bugged me) didnt appeal to me, so I lost my drive to keep buying.

    It wasnt until years later when I checked out an issue by chance at a Barnes & Noble, which he issue of Coming Storm where the horse guy, Sir (Sean) Connery, died. It was kinda a cluster without reading the comic beforehand, and I think that was when Fry was going through, of all things, a Jack Kirby phase.

    I didnt start getting into the series again until... just after Mega Man launched and I saw the book had improved. Flashforeward to today where I've read all the issues thanks to some major hunting.

    So that's why I was more upset at the news of Mega Man's "hiatus" than the reboot the Sonic comics got: because it was due to how strong Mega Man was that I got into the pre-Archie Action books that I stafted following not only MM, but the Sonic books again.
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    Sunwalker reacted to Fletch in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    I was in elementary school when I started the Archie Sonic The Hedgehog comics, but either issue 130 or 136 were my first issue. I tend to believe that issue 136 was my first issue because it's the one I remembered getting the most, but it makes more logical sense that 130 would be my first issue since it came first, and I know the book store Borders didn't sell old Sonic comic books. Anyways, I pretty much ended up getting a comic book subscription (thanks to begging my mom). and began consistently reading the comics for awhile. 
    I can certainly pinpoint issue #138 as having one of my favorite art styles for the book when growing up. 

    I always loved how cartoony it looked, and even now as an adult looking back at it, it still looks very good. Later art styles really didn't bother me much at all. I was too absorbed and sucked into the story and different adventures my favorite SEGA Sonic and Archie Sonic characters were going through to try and criticize the art. (I remember someone here in this thread once questioned how any kids could deal with the bad art from the dark era of the comics, but I think it's worth knowing that many kids as myself just focused more on the story than art too much). 

    Issue #167 was my final issue reading the comics. I was a bit older (in middle school), and I was getting more into anime/manga, so I started having my mom buy me Shonen Jump magazine for my monthly manga fix, but sadly in return she stopped renewing my subscription to the Sonic comics. I didn't even know that in the very next issue of Sonic it would have Sonic, Tails, and Shadow go into their super forms. I think if I knew that then I definitely would have stuck more to Sonic instead of getting Shonen Jump magazines. (I don't really regret jumping off the Sonic ship anyways because Shonen Jump magazine served as my gateway drug alongside Toonami to the world of anime and manga). For what it was worth, I did end up having a Archie Sonic X subscription, but I only got the first 15 issues and never continued. Now that I'm older I plan on tracking down issues #16 ~ #40 to help complete my Sonic X comic collection. 
    Fast forward to my high school years, I'm still buying Shonen Jump magazine (but the magazine quality is going downhill, unfortunately), I walk into Barnes & Nobles and I see this issue...

    I was so amazed that the Sonic comics were still going strong (222 issues! Wow!), and apparently Sonic and Sally's love was still there! I definitely ended up buying just to check out what in the world was going on right now in the world of Sonic, and it wasn't too difficult to get an idea of what was going on, but definitely issue #222 marked my grand return to the comics and I have stayed consistently following the comics since. I didn't start collecting Sonic Universe issues until much later, but I definitely tried to grab some whenever I had the chance, but with the main book? Pretty much got all the issues from #222 to current issue (The only issue I don't have is issue #234 where Antoine sacrifice himself to deal with Metal Sonic). Feels kind of amazing to look back at my history with the comics, and look at how so much within the comic has changed... I love the current direction of the comics, and even say that jumping back in at #222 was a miracle because it was the perfect issue more to jump in at, and with the Genesis arc starting soon, and all future issues coming out, I definitely seen how much the quality had increased. 
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    Sunwalker got a reaction from SurrealBrain in Posting problems... Again.   
    I can confirm that posting or liking stuff is working normally for me, both from the site and Taptalk.
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    Sunwalker reacted to Turtle Ranger CC14 in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Got Part 6! (Along with Part 2 AT LAST!) Peeks ahoy!

    Full spoilers coming soon! Enjoy!
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