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  1. Happy New Year EVERYONE! *EXPLODES* 

  2. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    -Update- Drew Jibril from No Game No Life. Decided to play around with gradients more, and I think it turned out alright.
  3. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    Thanks, appreciate it. I ended up completing two drawings this week, both BlazBlue characters. Platinum the Trinity. It's a weird pose, doesn't make much sense cause she's gonna fall over backwards haha. I like the color job I did with the hair though, it's not super good but it looks like it has a bit of volume to it and not flat. Also the image on the right is one I did back in 2013, I wanted to do one of those "draw it again" challenges. I think I've improved since 13, always a nice feeling. Nine the Phantom. Finished this late last night. Experimenting with line thickness. My purple marker had a bit of a hiccup and spattered over her breasts some but shit happens y'know. Unfortunately not everything is completely accurate to the character, the witch hat has a different design pattern in the official art. That's all I have this week unless I manage to cram out something in the next 2 days.
  4. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    One month later, so what had happened wuz... I started playing Final Fantasy XII and I got addicted to it and like... yeah I didn't do shit for 4 weeks straight lol. I finished the story mode last week though so I switched gears and finished a commission for Crow the BOOLET AKA Princess Jellicent AKA October Rust, AKA Rachel Alucard. He loves Mio Akiyama from K-ON. Wish I was more careful with the markers this time around, ended up going outside the lines and... well yeah, fail lol. I probably won't have anything to upload next week... cause... I'm back in school and those assignments come first.
  5. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    Thanks Mightyray, I'm still getting used to the markers but I love them. I kind of want to get back to digital work but I always fall back to traditional because I just feel more in control (I think). But yeah, here's something new I finished up today, Ryuko Matoi in a Senketsu bikini. I practiced a few pin up poses before I drew this to get an idea for what I wanted to do. It's not amazing or anything like that but I like how it turned out. I'm going back to school tomorrow, so I'll have projects and stuff to work on in the future and I'm not sure how that's going to impact my drawing time. Cause I'm a few classes away from getting my Graphic Design degree and I don't wanna screw up
  6. Me and my dad outside chilling wearing welding helmets. Bonding time?

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Are you making a giant robot or something? >:D

  7. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    This is a new character design I was working on last week and finally finished it up earlier today. I can't figure out how to take decent photos of my traditional work so this is about as good as i could get it. I wish I had made the character's face have more of an expression but I had already started doing inking the line art before I realized my mistake... As for the name, I'm going to call her Tempest and I wasn't sure what color to do her clothes in so I just went with red since it's my favorite color. I'll try not to go 2 weeks without an update again, it doesn't help me get better taking long breaks... Anyway, I think my next update is going to be a digital piece, kind of missing the tablet. Cheers/end of rambling.
  8. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    So, I decided to some fanart of my favorite waifu BlazBlue character, Noel Vermillion. A little time consuming though because I tried out a new brand of marker paper... and it sucked to high heavens so I traced over the garbage one and redid it on my other marker paper and the colors blended soooo much better. Side note: I notice I only post random status updates here and artwork I finish... I'm a horrible forum member. :V
  9. I'm playing Splatoon for the first time and I am absolutely terrible.

  10. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    Today I finished a drawing of Next Purple/Neptune from the Hyperdimension Neptunia video game series. I like the way it turned out, my only big gripe is my lack of more vibrant purples for the hair.
  11. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    I did another traditional piece this weekend. This time I did another portrait of 2B from Nier Automata using a different shades of grey and a little bit of light blue for the eye. It worked out well I think. On a side note I'm glad I decided to give art another chance, its helped with my anxiety and depression... my meds probably helped too but I think this is a good outlet for me.
  12. Well I finished another drawing, updated my art topic, kind of pleased with how this one turned out but I still suck. 

  13. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    Here's a drawing of Marina from Splatoon 2. It's not good and my colors aren't accurate because I'm limited on Copics. I think I'm getting better at art but the process is slow. I might do one of those "draw it again" challenges for fun on an older art piece I did from 2013. Anyway I'm rambling, here's my new drawing. Going to take a day or two off to work on a background for my art blog now. Cheers.
  14. I get nervous doing traditional art... cause 1 mistake and pfft, ur done... maybe.

    1. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      You can always scan it and then fix the mistake digitally :P (That is something I've done at times!)

  15. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    I took a break from the digital world and did a traditional illustration using Copic Markers. Definite room for improvement, but I honesty expected a worse outcome. I don't regret investing in the markers though, I really love them.