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  1. I'm playing Splatoon for the first time and I am absolutely terrible.

  2. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    Today I finished a drawing of Next Purple/Neptune from the Hyperdimension Neptunia video game series. I like the way it turned out, my only big gripe is my lack of more vibrant purples for the hair.
  3. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    I did another traditional piece this weekend. This time I did another portrait of 2B from Nier Automata using a different shades of grey and a little bit of light blue for the eye. It worked out well I think. On a side note I'm glad I decided to give art another chance, its helped with my anxiety and depression... my meds probably helped too but I think this is a good outlet for me.
  4. Well I finished another drawing, updated my art topic, kind of pleased with how this one turned out but I still suck. 

  5. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    Here's a drawing of Marina from Splatoon 2. It's not good and my colors aren't accurate because I'm limited on Copics. I think I'm getting better at art but the process is slow. I might do one of those "draw it again" challenges for fun on an older art piece I did from 2013. Anyway I'm rambling, here's my new drawing. Going to take a day or two off to work on a background for my art blog now. Cheers.
  6. I get nervous doing traditional art... cause 1 mistake and pfft, ur done... maybe.

    1. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      You can always scan it and then fix the mistake digitally :P (That is something I've done at times!)

  7. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    I took a break from the digital world and did a traditional illustration using Copic Markers. Definite room for improvement, but I honesty expected a worse outcome. I don't regret investing in the markers though, I really love them.
  8. I've never played Splatoon before but I'm getting 2. So sorry in advance to random people when I inevitably fuck up everything.

    1. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      But you're missing the plot of all the squids being kids! D:

  9. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    I have not updated this thread in a couple of weeks... I really hate myself for that cause I want to get something posted at least once a week. :\ This is a new character I was working on, I named her Rocsi Mechanister. She's a 26 year old robot mechanic with a smartass attitude. And I guess I can link some of my early sketches of her since I haven't posted in a while. Sorry if my art sucks, I'm working on getting better.
  10. Steam Summer Sale 2017: Sticker Showcase Edition

    That moment when you are glad you didn't buy the Danganronpa bundle the other day.
  11. I like the menu music for ARMS.

  12. I really should update my signature... Right now it says I've been playing Xenoblade Chronicles for over a year.

    1. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      Wow! You sure been taking your time!

    2. Silencer226


      Yeah, totally lol... I actually haven't finished it yet. I think I have like 90 hours clocked in so far. Goal: Unlock Bunny Outfit. #Silencerhasnolife.

    3. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      GG you're the best!

  13. I think I might be addicted to caffeine...

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Same. Rockstar is a God's nectar lol

  14. Got another drawing finished, and updated the art thread. Wish I could produce art faster... might just do a bulk update next time. :V

  15. Drawings and Paintings By Silencer

    I finished this drawing/painting of Ochako Uraraka from Boku no Hero Academia, aka My Hero Academia (whichever name you prefer to use). I like the way the hair turned out and I'm learning to get the hang of foreshortening and working on perspective. My next goal is to get the point where I can finish off at least 2 drawings a week, but it's going to be challenging because of my job and its random ass scheduling (don't work retail if you can help it).