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  1. So the concensus here seems to be "There's no way it will happen, but if it does happen we don't trust Sonic Team to do it". Makes sense given Sonic Team's abysmal track record. And looking at the rave reviews for Bluepoint's Shadow of the Colossus remake, they'd seem to be the ideal candidate for the job. I'm in the "remake it" camp personally. Getting the late 90s jank out of the way like those cutscenes and that camera should make the game more presentable. Port it to the switch for them Nintendoughs. Make it 1080p60fps to act as an apology for Forces.
  2. The Story. It's nothing special, it might actually be on the lower end of stories in the series but compared to what came before it's like fresh air after a mustard gas attack. I don't really understand why people think Forces plays it safe. The gameplay i'll concede (I'll play F-Zero if I want to boost down a linear corridor, thanks) but the story? Including characters not seen in ages? That was a risk, even if it was risky for the developers and not really a risk for the Sonic brand, if that makes any sense. Guess the music is cool too. As long as Classic Sonic and his twingytwong stays as far away from it as possible.
  3. Didn't you know? Mephiles doesn't fit because this is a franchise with "a blue hedgehog, a 2 tailed fox fighting an egg shaped man. It could never fit in a million years!" OFF-TANGENT RANT ALERT. Seriously, I hate the "blue hedgehog" excuse to dismiss something a particular fan doesn't like. "Humans, Dark plots and biolizards? In my game where a blue hedgehog fights an evildoer called Eggman? Burn the heretics!" You know it works both ways. "Why does a crystal entity who can travel through time not belong in a game with a blue hedgehog, knuckled echidna and a floating island in the sky that powers the dragon balls?" It's a fantasy world where stuff can just happen. Why do we suddenly care about consistency when we don't like what's being added?
  4. Funny you should say that because my go-to dream sonic spinoff is basically a Devil May Cry clone where you play as Shadow. I think it fits the "cool edgelord" persona the fanbase has crafted for him to be able to do stuff like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUCFPBHoslg Maybe it's just residual like of the werehog gameplay style but hey, it's better than whatever meandering mess Shadow the Hedgehog (the game) was, right?
  5. Solution is just to do what Forces did: squeeze the levels into linear corridors with pretty backdrops. No dull open spaces impeding in the ultimate goal of having the player do nothing except hold the X button. Genius! But seriously I think if we did have open levels, the key is to incentivize exploration. It doesn't have to be mandatory but it could give players who elect to explore an advantage over those that just get to the end of the level. Make it so players don't feel like they're missing out if they choose not to explore and those who do explore just get minor bonuses like more rings, extra lives or chances at a special stage.
  6. I think the only lesson they can take is to not waste all your dev time on a graphics engine and expect fans to take to the game on premise alone.
  7. And heaven knows that AAA game budgets are already disgustingly inflated as is. It's not enough to just buy the game anymore, gotta stuff in DLC, microtransactions and now Loot Boxes just to break even. And since Sonic doesn't really sell to the same level as the AAA super stars of the industry, making a full boost game on that budget would basically be impossible to turn a profit. I think scaling back and being more economical with their design is something that a lot of developers could learn to do, not just Sega/Sonic Team. Just not to the level of being so obviously phoned in like Forces where it impacts how people enjoy the game.
  8. Forces lost me with this shit-stain right here: From there my hype for this game plummeted like a lead weight and never climbed again. Can't even begin to describe how much I loathed this decision. This level of stupid should be banned by the Geneva convention, it could be turned into a bomb and deployed upon a civilian population. The U.N. should put Sonic Team on trial for war crimes for developing such a nasty weapon. The only cure to the lingering radiation and 3rd degree burns would be playing Sonic 06, deadliness to counteract more deadliness! In other words: screw you, Classic Sonic.
  9. A mod that turns all the 2d sections 3d. A man can dream.
  10. I wonder why they stopped, when similarly bashed titles like Lost World and Rise of Lyric are still available to this day?
  11. Apparantly most of the time was spent on the engine. Yeah, the engine. And what did we get: Graphics that can only barely match the level of Sonic Unleashed, a game from 9 years ago? So much time spent on making the game look "better" that they had to recycle level design from Sonic Colors, characters from Sonic Generations and assets from Sonic Lost World like the sandworms. Hey at least the 06 enemies actually attacked you, firing projectiles and such at you. This? These "world conquering" robots are even less advanced than GOOMBAS. Sonic Team should be ashamed of themselves.
  12. Because even when it reaches the peaks of amazing and dives into the valleys of bullshit, there's nothing quite like it in gaming.
  13. That's another problem. Marvelous how Sega could fire their own bug-testers for telling them that 06 was completely broken but their own voice directors are somehow immune to simply being told "hey, could this teenage hedgehog not sound like the "how do you do, fellow kids" guy?". Maybe it's a matter of budgets. Maybe Roger loves voicing Sonic so much he's willing to go cheaper than anyone who could put in the effort so they keep him on to put more money into things like Classic Sonic and Wispons.
  14. I'm actually taking this seriously instead of saying "make better games". How would a better game fix stupid contradictions like "Two Worlds!" or explain anything about the Lost Hex? That being said, I wouldn't make it a reboot in the sense of starting over from scratch, i'd handle it like Endgame in the Archie comcis as the first step to something bigger (even if Endgame and what followed wasn't nessecarily better) A. If you say (as myself and others do) that Sonic Team is not fit to handle a reboot, who would you suggest to handle it? Literally anybody else. I wouldn't want to label a specific studio but preferably fans with an understanding of Sonic's gameplay, maybe not with a Whitehead level reputation within the community but somebody who can interact with us on a consistent, amicable basis. Basically limit Iizuka's BS Hypiocrisy as much as possible. B. What's the start of the reboot? All the way to South Island? An alternate Sonic Adventure? After Sonic Adenture 2? As I said, this reboot would be more of a continuation. Continuing from Forces to be precise. It's already got more world building than most of the 2010 games put together. Use that as the basis for a series of adventures in Sonic's world (or World"s" if we continue to indulge Iizuka's fables) C. Who or what do you suggest to scrap for the reboot? What do you keep? Eggman destorys Green Hill zone. When he conquered it, he made it's iconic pattern absoliutely 100% forbidden across his empire. No place that he controls is patterend even remotely like Green Hill Zone. Any such place won't be green, with hills or even be in the zone. Now that rehash central has been nuked into 16-bit fallout, onto characters: I would keep the options open for a past character to return except if they outright stated to have died. Nothing from the other spinoffs so no Chris, no Sally and especially no Sticks. Game characters only. And no, not the narrow "Sanic, Taels and Nipples" category, I'd include even obscure characters like Mighty, Fang, Blaze, heck, just to troll this place i'd bring back Princess Elise. And you know? I'd even bring back the much-maligned wisps, ableit with an actual narrative purpose which i'll suggest in a moment. D. What's the tone? WHile I have a disdain for the comedy antics of Huck Hedgehog and his two-tailed trap aboard the Interstellar Amusement Park, I think the whiplash to Shadow the Hedgehog level edgelord would be equally, if not more, derided by gamers. I mean, hate to bring up Shonen anime again here in a forum that thinks Sonic X is the worst thing ever but they succeed at balancing goofy slapstick antics that everybody loved from Colours with the heart-felt dramatic moments. Its not a question of prioritiaing one over the other, its a question of blending the two together in a way that people will be satisfied and not feel a mood whiplash. E. Does it try to have a story arc? I think an approach of connected moments could work, a quasi-episodic structure like Uncharted could work and still give the gamer a good experience. D. Have any suggestions for overall gameplay? Adventure. No other words, just redo that . Even if it was a "complete accident" that they managed to mimic classic physics in 3D, even if was "completely experimental" and the the "Real Sonic gameplay" is holding X to go down a tunnel, there's still a vocal portion of the fanbase wanting this gameplay back. It's the only one that gave them a sense of freedom without superficially mimicking said freedom with tubular tubes of Lost World or even restricting it with the Crazy Corridors of Unleashed and Generations or the "lol, get fuk'd bitches, this is a 2D game" of Colours. That said, when people look fondly back on Adventure's gameplay, it's almost exclusively the Sonic sections. The genre roulete has been made the butt of jokes from Ireland to Cathay. People are more receptive of short experience now than they were back in the 90s. there doesn't need to be a million short levels or 10 20 minute stages. Go for a replayable model like Platinum go for, focus on getting better to earn high ranks. Then again, there was potential in ither gameplay styles. Not Big, that thing can die in a fire, but the others could make for decent games in their own right. I'm not a fan of racing, so just excise that lumpo and Tails stages could be fun sandboxes to explore. Same for Knuckles stages. If people really hate the emerald hunting that much then give him the Werehog's gameplay. Maybe these could be character spinoffs in the spirit of Metal Gear Rising. My personal choice would be a Devil May cry style hack and slash full of style and crazy moves... starring Shadow the Hedgehog. Think a whole game of Shadow attacking enemies with his silly somersault homing attack from 06... but better. Well those are my, no doubt super controversial ideas. But hey, the idea even trying with this series and it's stories is a controversial one in and of itself. Wait I ddin't explain my idea for the Wisps. Simply, they don't like being exploited in the form of Wispons, having rebelled against Eggman to escape such slavery, so they rebel again but this time Sonic must fight his former friends Civil War style. Maybe they could explain how the Wisps ended up on the Lost Hex or how they ended up on Sonic's World(s). Maybe make the fan theory that "some of them liked it there and stayed" canon.
  15. Am I hearing the same performances the rest of you are hearing? Sonic sounds like he'd rather be at home sleeping than emoting. Listen to Roger's performance during the tag-team level for example. Absolutely no emotion whatsoever. Just a flat delivery all the time. "oh yeah, time for us to team up or whatever. We'll defeat everything they throw as us like we always do because I'm the hero." Maybe i'm just expecting Sonic to shout his heart out like a shonen protagonist but is the other extreme really better?
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