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  1. i have always been mind bolggled when reading through comments,replies,or just any thing in general i always find arguments/bad comments because there opinion does not exaclty match there's or because they don't like there opinion. it's just an opinion don't start a pointles fight over over people speaking there mind or stating a opinion. but in reality this kinda thing will never go away. i hope i'm not the only one that feels like this. Image removed, because we don't condone even joking discussions of suicide here. ~Tara
  2. im kinda both ways yes/ a little bit no i mean cause shadow the hedgehog it was for the most part good i just thought that the multiple endings was overkill cause most of the ending are the same in some ways but it could have been better if all the multiple endings where all different but they should make another shadow game to make what the first game had right and make it better but at the same time fix the errors that it had and you would have a damm good game.
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