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  1. True, but when it pertains to something that's kind of innocuous, I don't see much point in making too big a deal of it. Though to stress a point, I did say I'm not going to get too hung up on it, that doesn't mean I don't think anyone else should if they want to.
  2. Will probably be doing the same thing next year for the big 25th Anniversary. Though I personally consider the Story Book titles as spin-offs so I'll probably give them a miss. Just one question though: how come you didn't play through Sonic Lost World? It's the only main line Sonic game you seem to have missed!
  3. Ahh, was just phrased super weird, I guess. I think that I agree, too. The idea of Sonic's world being two separate worlds doesn't work for how I view the series, but if that's how The Powers That Be see it... well, it's not my series, it's theirs, so I'm not going to be too hung up on it.
  4. To be fair, they're not "expecting us to accept it," because they still haven't done anything to indicate it within the games themselves. Aaron was just telling us how Sonic Team view it internally. It's highly possible they never will, because it doesn't really matter. And it's not like this idea has come out of nowhere for us: they built the entire concept for one of their shows around the idea in Sonic X, which is a decade old at this point. Not sure I see what you're getting at here. Did you just establish a point and then prove yourself wrong in the next paragraph? Who's saying any of these things? Again, to be fair, the Dessert Palace from Lost World isn't on "Earth" it's on The Lost Hex, which could just be taken as it's own thing.
  5. geez, that latest post in the "what does sonic mean to you" thread comes off as a little OTT, right?

    1. Komodin


      Just a tad?

  6. Well, it's not a port, they literally remade the entire game (along with Sonic 1 and Sonic CD) using their Retro engine so it's not too surprising that they wouldn't be able to recreate everything exactly. Just how these things go.
  7. Did that new Sonic Stadium music album ever come out? Anyone got a link.

  8. I mean, yeah, I guess. I meant on the whole in Generations though, not just specifically in it's story. In some of the bonus stuff of Generations characters show up in levels to help Sonic and stuff (like the race with Knuckles, or that one level where you hang out with Espio), but whatever. I mean it's not like I'm actually making the games or anything so it's kind of a non-issue... *shrug*
  9. Interesting that the first post after mine in the "how would you write Sonic" thread is someone getting defensive over a minor part of my post and dismissing the rest of it. Sums up my experiences here pretty well.

    1. Diogenes


      people are allowed to disagree with you, and to respond to specific parts of your post rather than the whole of it.

    2. Nepenthe


      Not that people aren't allowed to disagree with each other, but if someone is getting hung up on a detail that is irrelevant to the bigger point and is ignoring what I'm actually putting across, I'm less inclined to argue with them because I don't feel like reaffirming someone's cynicism (usually in the form of "yeah, but so and so is still awful," like I'm a fucking idiot and don't know that) or their need to be right (will pick out a phrase in a wall of t...

    3. Nepenthe


      *text and start a useless argument there). Unless the 1% you disagree with changes the entire context of the post and needs clarification, and it almost never does, I'd rather not miss the forest for the trees.

    4. KingIgort


      I'm okay with disagreements, but when it feels like people are more interested in arguing than actually discussing it just becomes too much. My experience is that people here are way too confrontational of other opinions.

  10. It's super weird everyone is assuming the D6 will be back just because they're showing up in a game that is designed to bring loads of random characters together...

    1. azoo


      it's just playing off the thought of them returning and not actually expecting it, really.

  11. I think if I was in control of Sonic's "mythos," I'd probably steer the series towards a heightened sense of wonder. Outside of his severe attitude, I always liked that Sonic as a character is a roaming vagabond because he wants to see as much of the world as possible. Obviously Sonic games are very rarely set in the same place, but the games have come to rely on a set of tropes and cliches which each game usually meets (a level in a city, a "Green Hill" level, etc.), but I'd like to take the character somewhere really new and refreshing. My favourite show right now is Steven Universe, and it manages to capture pretty neatly the ideas I had in my head when I would think about what I'd like to do with Sonic. I'd steer pretty far off the more realistic feel the last few Sonic games have had and aim for a more simple, pretty and fantastical world oozing a beautiful, "gorgeous" atmosphere. While the last few games have showed us how similar Sonic's world is to ours, I'd maybe start to show how a lot of it isn't anything like ours. I went and pulled some shots from Steven Universe's production blog to give a vague idea of what I'm talking about:
  12. The "impact of game culture" leading people to depression and ultimately suicide is a really toxic view point, in my opinion. Especially since I would argue most people play video games because they're fun and they make us feel good. And video games being more or less addictive feels like a loaded question. Yes, I would say more people play video games, and for longer, these days than they probably did two decades ago but what video games are now is also much broader and appeals to many different aspects of human interests. It's kind of a non question.
  13. I have nothing to contribute to this thread (currently), outside of wanting to state that I had the exact same idea as the OP a few weeks ago but was unsure where to post it! Great minds, and all that.
  14. This weeks Sonic Boom was not good.

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