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  1. Nope, it's Ray who is really uninspired xD He is just Tails with one tail, he share the same dominant color, he look to have a personality close to him, he have such a boring design x_x
  2. Honestly I would have prefer Honey rather than Ray, who is just a uninteresting copy of Tails xD Mighty tho is legit, it's cool they add him
  3. happy birthday!

    1. Zanoss


      Thanks =)


  4. Zanoss

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    About the issue 270, I have to say I love it ! The fight Sonic vs Honey was great and nicely done, and when Amy get smashed by Knuckles, it's hilarious XD
  5. Zanoss

    The Introduction Topic

    Hi everyone, I'm Zanoss ! I'm actually a huge fan of Sonic, I've played a lot of sonic's game. I've started the Sonic's archie the last month (I read the 44 first issue so I haven't finish so far) but I've also read the arc post-genesis wave and I like the new screenplay direction and the new design too ! Also, my avatar name is Zanoss, he is one of my Sonic fan character with his little story (don't worry, not a dumb and cliché story). And I'm also French so I'll do my best to write as better as I can.

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