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  1. VERY excited for SAGE to commence in a few hours... I helped quite a bit in Project Survival, and I'm also excited to see everyone else's games!

    1. Jeffhog



      I'm looking forward to playing whichever ones work on my laptop :'V

  2. Oh yeah, I never announced that I'm a reporter for SoaH here.:lol:

  3. CyclonX


    I'm pumped to submit for this one too! I'll probably do a track myself, and maybe someone could collab?
  4. Excited about SoTSS! Hopefully my submission will be accepted ^^

  5. Quick question! ((Sorry for being a bit late here ^^')) Does the piano have to be an actual piano, or can it be more synth-y? I've got a dance piano preset on one of my VSTs I used in the remix that sounds waaaay better than an actual piano. Never mind, somewhat unnecessary question. Just submitted!
  6. Very excited for this! Just got a ton of new VSTs & samples, so this is great timing! No idea what I'll be mixing yet, but I'll figure something out for sure
  7. ((Thanks. Still getting used to the new forum design, I couldn't find it.))
  8. Hey all! I've never actually created my own topic here on SSMB, so tell me if this is redundant or in the wrong place. However, I've picked up some rather interesting news while scrolling through Facebook; some Sonic Boom cast listings show Kirk Thornton as not only voice acting Orbot, but also Shadow. I've attached the image I snagged off the post. So what do you guys think? I mean, I can't easily see this being a listing error, because Shadow was only in the Boom universe through the games, and I don't think the credits could have been mixed up.
  9. Sonic Mach 2 = Fire & Ice?

  10. I can hype Sonic Mach 2 if I want to T^T

  11. Sonic Mach 2 hype tho

    1. Soniman


      what hype? There's nothing to hype

    2. CottonCandy
  12. The leak? Remember all the info found in the 3DS' game files, with the Street Fighter music, & Ryu text? The leak? Remember all the info found in the 3DS' game files, with the Street Fighter music, & Ryu text?
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