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  1. This timeline needs an update, but has consulted with Ian Flynn for accuracy is some parts, such as what games have and have not happened.
  2. Well that conflicts with with the idea that it's a recent change, but also puts AAUK's commentary in new context, since it was apparently unimportant enough to ever mention. Now I am almost certain this is just leftover from Sonic X that hasn't been cleaned up.
  3. Dulcy isn't going to be part of the main team just because she reappears in the comic.
  4. I think I remember reading that Sonic X was, in development, originally supposed to be canon to the games. Obviously that didn't pan out, but I could easily see the Two Worlds concept featured in the anime just being something they put in preparation of that, which for some reason nobody ever bothered to remove.
  5. I haven't hardly seen every Q&A session with Iizuka, so you may be right and I'm sure he knows 90% of his stuff when it comes to normal info about Sonic, but things like that Moon Answer he gave, eh, doesn't seem too serious to me. Maybe he should've said Eggman blew up the moon on the other planet haha.
  6. I think the dictionary definition of Primary Source would be the Sonic Bible itself, Aaron Webber qualifies as a Secondary Source since he's talking about the Sonic Bible. But this is splitting hairs, it's not going to change how either of us view how 'verified' the source is. Regarding the other stuff, you know with Iizuka it like in regards to answering some fan questions.
  7. I'm focusing on the "two worlds" information since, like you say, that's pretty much the new information. Sonic Team deciding not to use something again from a game that isn't considered canon is a little different from claiming a plot point that would affect all canon games. I mean, some people here are taking this info very seriously, but I don't understand what they think the ramifications are? It doesn't seem to appear in the games, and there's no verification besides second hand sources. I mean, do you think it will be a 'thing' in future Sonic games? Personally, I don't think so. But it's an interesting factoid and thankyou for sharing it. The source didn't happen to specify what the worlds were named did he? It's be interesting if there's supposed to be two planets and they're both call "Sonic's World"
  8. I saw you had a source, I specified verifiable. The word of a western employee on the subject is interesting, it's good to know, but SEGA always gives the impression the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Ultimately we can't see the source material so we can't verify it, and we probably never will. I don't really care what developers say at conventions, they say silly things like "Eggman blew up the other side of the moon" to explain plotholes which obviously don't reflect the reality of the games. Because what matters at the end of the day is what's reflected in the games, I mean, what are you going to do about some secret plot point that never made it and nobody knew about??
  9. That's very interesting, but I'm not sure I believe it without a verifiable source. And while it's certainly possible a bible exists with that info as stated, it doesn't seem to reflect the reality of the games, which would put it in the same place as other other curious Sonic bibles created for the series; like the one where Sonic was born in Hardly, Nebraska.
  10. I was chatting with the guy who runs my LCS about the upcoming Megaman cancellation and he brought up that they actually are having problems getting Sonic comics in Australia. Apparently, he says SEGA had a dispute with the people who usually distributed the comics worldwide, so they had Archie switched to an America only circulation, and now shops overseas have to import them from new secondary sources.
  11. If Sonic doesn't reach Issue #300 I'm going to be very disappointed.
  12. Yes, all the comic shops in my city still get Sonic comics. I can still find most of the latest in newsagents.
  13. What is interesting about Generations being the last thing that happened before World's Collide, is that Sonic reveals that the last time he saw Silver the Hedgehog was during the events of Sonic Colors. So at the very least that confirms the comic book version of Sonic Generations didn't happen quite like the game.
  14. I'm pretty sure Sonic Generations is about as canon as any Sonic & Mario at the Olympics video game. It's nice that the comics are trying to fit it into the story though,
  15. It's a little surprising how soon it's ending, but considering that the Sonic Boom cartoon is already about half way over and we're only on Issue #7, I didn't think we'd get much longer unless the cartoon got a second season. Still, I at least expected it to reach #14 - 16 range. Worlds Unite is longer than the entire SB run.
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