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  1. This timeline needs an update, but has consulted with Ian Flynn for accuracy is some parts, such as what games have and have not happened.
  2. Well that conflicts with with the idea that it's a recent change, but also puts AAUK's commentary in new context, since it was apparently unimportant enough to ever mention. Now I am almost certain this is just leftover from Sonic X that hasn't been cleaned up.
  3. Dulcy isn't going to be part of the main team just because she reappears in the comic.
  4. I think I remember reading that Sonic X was, in development, originally supposed to be canon to the games. Obviously that didn't pan out, but I could easily see the Two Worlds concept featured in the anime just being something they put in preparation of that, which for some reason nobody ever bothered to remove.
  5. I haven't hardly seen every Q&A session with Iizuka, so you may be right and I'm sure he knows 90% of his stuff when it comes to normal info about Sonic, but things like that Moon Answer he gave, eh, doesn't seem too serious to me. Maybe he should've said Eggman blew up the moon on the other planet haha.
  6. I think the dictionary definition of Primary Source would be the Sonic Bible itself, Aaron Webber qualifies as a Secondary Source since he's talking about the Sonic Bible. But this is splitting hairs, it's not going to change how either of us view how 'verified' the source is. Regarding the other stuff, you know with Iizuka it like in regards to answering some fan questions.
  7. I'm focusing on the "two worlds" information since, like you say, that's pretty much the new information. Sonic Team deciding not to use something again from a game that isn't considered canon is a little different from claiming a plot point that would affect all canon games. I mean, some people here are taking this info very seriously, but I don't understand what they think the ramifications are? It doesn't seem to appear in the games, and there's no verification besides second hand sources. I mean, do you think it will be a 'thing' in future Sonic games? Personally, I don't think so. But it's an interesting factoid and thankyou for sharing it. The source didn't happen to specify what the worlds were named did he? It's be interesting if there's supposed to be two planets and they're both call "Sonic's World"
  8. I saw you had a source, I specified verifiable. The word of a western employee on the subject is interesting, it's good to know, but SEGA always gives the impression the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Ultimately we can't see the source material so we can't verify it, and we probably never will. I don't really care what developers say at conventions, they say silly things like "Eggman blew up the other side of the moon" to explain plotholes which obviously don't reflect the reality of the games. Because what matters at the end of the day is what's reflected in the games, I mean, what are you going to do about some secret plot point that never made it and nobody knew about??
  9. That's very interesting, but I'm not sure I believe it without a verifiable source. And while it's certainly possible a bible exists with that info as stated, it doesn't seem to reflect the reality of the games, which would put it in the same place as other other curious Sonic bibles created for the series; like the one where Sonic was born in Hardly, Nebraska.
  10. I was chatting with the guy who runs my LCS about the upcoming Megaman cancellation and he brought up that they actually are having problems getting Sonic comics in Australia. Apparently, he says SEGA had a dispute with the people who usually distributed the comics worldwide, so they had Archie switched to an America only circulation, and now shops overseas have to import them from new secondary sources.
  11. If Sonic doesn't reach Issue #300 I'm going to be very disappointed.
  12. Yes, all the comic shops in my city still get Sonic comics. I can still find most of the latest in newsagents.
  13. What is interesting about Generations being the last thing that happened before World's Collide, is that Sonic reveals that the last time he saw Silver the Hedgehog was during the events of Sonic Colors. So at the very least that confirms the comic book version of Sonic Generations didn't happen quite like the game.
  14. I'm pretty sure Sonic Generations is about as canon as any Sonic & Mario at the Olympics video game. It's nice that the comics are trying to fit it into the story though,
  15. It's a little surprising how soon it's ending, but considering that the Sonic Boom cartoon is already about half way over and we're only on Issue #7, I didn't think we'd get much longer unless the cartoon got a second season. Still, I at least expected it to reach #14 - 16 range. Worlds Unite is longer than the entire SB run.
  16. Also I haven't seen anyone talk about April's sales numbers http://www.comichron.com/monthlycomicssales/2015/2015-04.html Sonic Universe got a big boost in numbers thanks to the anniversary issue.
  17. The big reason the Sonic/Sally fanbase has remained nice and relatively un-peeved is because Ian Flynn promised to remain neutral, that no new shipping would occur between Sally/Sonic or Amy/Sonic (though that's becoming less true every issue) A new ship with Sally would be about as well received as the misguided Monkey Khan subplot, by and large seen as a black spot in the good modern comics. As an aside, complaining about complainers is even more obnoxious. Don't pretend you care more about a franchise on a more deep level just because you aren't interested in details others are, the elitism goes down a ridiculous road.
  18. It's pretty telling that I'm being argued against on two fronts - half of the arguments comprising of "Ohh that's just ~crazy shipping goggles~ lol you must think two characters standing next to each other is shipping" and the other half is "Ugh, them being flirtatious is based in canon! Who cares if they show romantic attraction to each other?!" Two diametrically opposite arguments trampling over each other to prove me wrong. Anyway since the 2nd argument is the more debatable of the two, I'll address that. You can call it natural character interaction, but how Sonic deals with Amy's crush is noticeably difference from the source material. This image best illustrates differences between media, in both cases Amy still has her crush, but only one has pandering. Comicbook SonicxAmy Game SonicxAmy In the games Sonic certainly does care for Amy as a deep friend, but there is a big leap from the annoyed/creeped out characterization here to the comic's amused and encouraging attitude. It wouldn't be a problem if it was once in a blue moon, but it's happening almost every arc now. We're not too far off from Sonic Boom levels of ship teasing. It feels like Ian Flynn is trying to have his cake and eat it too, saying he's ending all shipping with Sonic, so nobody can complain that he's picking one ship over another, while adding more fuel than ever to the Sonic/Amy ship.
  19. I am no subscriber to the deliberately oblique view of literary analysis that anything other than direct on screen snogging is devoid of romantic connotations. While sometimes zealous fans go too far and see things that aren't there, just as often the otherside is in blatant denial fuelled by emotions. Reminds me of the Legend of Korra and how some pigheaded fans refused to acknowledge Korra's relationship with Asami was anything more than platonic friendship even when the signs were obvious. The years of Sonic and Sally flirting aren't relevant, because the book is not supposed to be trying to equalize what Sonic and Amy have now with the relationships of the past. It's supposed to be a fresh start unencumbered by shipping and the problems that came with it. I wouldn't have posted about it if I hadn't seen spoilers for the latest issue with yet another sickenly cute shipping tease. You're right there hasn't been many total moments yet, because the reboot is still in it infancy, but in nearly every arc since the reboot it's gotten teased. Countdown to Chaos Damage Control The Chase Waves of Change Champions Latest in the 75th SU issue All had scenes that pandered to Sonic/Amy fans, for a short reboot that actually is a lot. And a pretty annoying trend considering the writer said he'd stop this shipping nonsense. And my avatar means nothing, it's just a picture of two characters I like.
  20. Despite saying he would end shipping with Sonic, Flynn sure is giving a lot of shipping moments to Sonic and Amy. I find it tirsome to say the least.
  21. So is this going to be an all new story, or the kind that just snippets from elsewhere and can be skipped without missing anything?
  22. I am SO happy Chun Li is maning an apperanc, she is my favorite Street Fighter character
  23. I take it the comic didn't elaborate further on Breezie's past involvement with Metal Sonic either? In the end it seems Champions was a introductory arc for the character, I know lots of people were hoping for something more substantial but it's not going to be the last we see of Breezie, and I'm sure her lingering plot points like if she really is a robot or not will be explained eventually.
  24. Previews for #271 are here and I like how the S6 are acting http://www.comicbookresources.com/comic-previews/sonic-the-hedgehog-271-archie-comics-2015
  25. You managed one reply to my post before reverting back to incredibly hostile tone and personal insults. There is no reason why this should be present in discussion of a children cartoon character (and there is no reason this discussion should have gone on this long), you need to cool down before you post if you are taking this personally. "knowing what I don't know" is a part of logical inference. But you're misusing it if you think it's a crude hammer that applies every-time there's a tiny fraction of mystery. Here's things I know I don't know; I don't know when the Sonic Unleashed Adaption will end, I don't know who Rotor's farther is, I don't know if the crossover will feature Chun-Li. I do know the Sonic Unleashed adaption won't last til Issue #500, I do know that Rotor's farther isn't time-traveling Knuckles from the future, I do know that the crossover won't feature Goku. How do I know this? Yes, technically it's not impossible, it could be a huge surprise, but we know enough to sensibly say it's not going to happen. You are arguing from a hypothetical perspective, that IF something happens, something surprising that is not reasonable to expect (and maybe sure to keep bias out of this, maybe you want it to happen, I think it'd be great if it happened too, but don't let your desire color your perspective), then that would justify the stripping down of characterization for flexibility. I get where you're coming from, if this was talking about something more reasonable to expect you would have a reasonable point (not enough to stop other people from raising their legitimate concerns, but a good answer for when they did). But there is no reason to expect this in the current comic, even Breezie, who you keep citing as a major surprise, had reasons to appear. She was the most well known (often made the 4th member of the S6) in the fandom, the writers had expressed interests in using some aosth material (plus all other media besides satam being cut off from use), the Pendering meant that the comic needed new characters, and the comic needed more girl characters specially. It was a recipe of factors that all contributed to Breezie showing up. It was still a surprise, albeit less surprising than you're making out, but surprises don't stop logical inference. We don't base our budget around winning the lottery, and we don't base our arguments around the future of the Sonic comic on the nigh impossible happening. Arguing that 'Coconuts misfortune is not dependent on his position [and he can be a chew toy in other ways]' is essentially arguing 'any misfortune to Coconuts is the same no matter his position' in a different way. I think this comes back to you fundamentally not grasping his character. There's a substantive difference in how he is mistreated, it is part of who he is. You might not take that seriously but where his comedy come from is important. Imagine a Seinfeld where you replace every instance of George Costanza's misfortune with him slipping on a banana peel, it wouldn't be George Costanza, just some guy who slips on banana peels a lot. That's an extreme example, but it illustrates the principal; if you change Coconuts from a frustrated underdog woobie striving for success who never gets any, into the successful, happy, high ranking boss of two frustrating dopes; you've lost a lot of character, and it brings into question why not just create a new character to fill the roll? You've mentioned pigeonholing, I don't want this conversation to go in circles, I've already said why that isn't applicable because of their stature in the comic and potential for growth. I don't see anything else gained from revisiting it. Sorry, it's still irrelevant. It's not a secret move to 'win' the conversation. If you have a serious point you so firmly believe hidden in there, you're going to have to explain it further, because you haven't linked it to this conversation in a way that means anything. Coconuts getting temporary power doesn't change his character, just like how Homer Simpson being smart for one episode doesn't change anything about who he is. If they decided to make him a genius for a whole season, that would be important, it's all about the status quo. It's not about whether I'm right or wrong in five years time, I'm right right now, I'll only be proven indisputably right in 5 years. But I don't have to wait until opinions become fact before expressing it, that's the nature of opinions. You need to become more tolerant of other peoples views if you're going to find any person who disagrees with you problematic.
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