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  1. GUIS GUIS. WE'S GOTS MORE NEWS. Check out the Microsoft News Conference from E3 this year. There's a section where Bioware comes in and talks about the next Mass Effect. In it, more images are shown, such as the new N7 armor (which means you're probably human which is totally expected) and that it's going to be in the future in a different region of space. The environments they have made so far are BEAUTIFUL and the new armor looks badass. This is gonna be a cool one. Mass Effect: TNG. It's coming.
  2. I wasnt convinced. I remember there being an interesting fanfic where the Star Child was actually Harbinger and Shepard had somehow created another option through the dialogue wheel. Basically, the Normandy bombed the shit out of the Harby hologram and deactivated the Reapers.
  3. The opinion that there is no such thing as an original Sonic fan character is a bullshit statement. What I mean by that is that there ARE great original characters for the Sonic series. The only problem is that they have never seen the light of day because they are mostly overshadowed (no pun intended) by recolors of Sonic characters. There is one in particular you need to look up: Shadvic the Hedgehog. What a fucking tool.
  4. I dont have to worry about all that BS cause I have them on PC. PC Master Race.
  5. How have I not found this yet? TL;DR version, whats been said so far?
  6. Well you know, at this point time of birth doesnt matter because everythings getting remade better and better. You got Star Trek with a reboot and that went fine, Robocop with a reboot and that went fine, a bunch of stuff has been remade and just looks awesome now, especially with new stories to back them up. The same goes for Sonic with Sonic Boom. We just don't know if it's going to go well or not.
  7. Not to beat on a dead horse, but I left Sonic when I got a Nintendo DS and discovered the awesomeness known as Metroid. Did I write fanfics? Maybe once at most. Did I have fan characters? I came up with an original one called Trip who used a yoyo to trip up enemies and other things. He was a cat character but there wasnt much else. Did I fantasize about Rouge? Again, once. I was like seven or something. Did the same thing for Krystal from Star Fox two years later. Do I regret past desires? Yes. Very much so.
  8. Aaaaand Im realizing I need to post a TLDR of my intro post. Im Jeroscope. I play video games. Im an engineering student. I make cool videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/Jeroscope *insert channel plug* I like Star Trek and other things too. Message me for more info. DONE.
  9. Due to an unforseen amount of work hours I had to do, HOLY CRAP IVE BEEN BUSY. 28: Most Anticipated Game I have to admit, being able to play as a hacking vigilante with a cellphone that can do EVERYTHING is pretty awesome. This game is a lot like playing as the new Robocop only without the suit. Aiden Pearce's family has been devastated, and he wants revenge at any cost, even going against the city itself. THAT is awesome. 29: Favorite Cast Again, sorry about the massive image, but the ENTIRE cast of the Mass Effect Universe, from Aira T'Loke to Zaeed Masani, are awesome people with in depth story and backgrounds. You can interact with them and form relationships with some, being able to affect the course of their lives in positive or negative ways as you move along. It's like actually having people there with you and being able to fall in love with them *forever alone*. 30: Favorite Ending This... This is a tough one. But if I had to say favorite ending... Is from Star Fox: Assault. I know, I know. It's not perfect and all, but if they had worked a little more on the title, maybe delayed it a bit, they would have made a masterpiece out of this game through gameplay, visuals, and narrative combined. The ending of this game is *SPOILERS. GO LOOK IT UP.* The spoiler free version is that it's satisfying. NOW GO PLAY SUM STAIR FAX. HEFF HEFF HEFF HEFF HEFF! BONUS: Why do you play games? This is also a tough one, because there is no singular reason why I play games. I play games to have fun with friends, to explore new artistic pieces, to ignite competition, to simply enjoy myself- There's a bunch of reasons! It's like asking someone why do the watch movies and play sports at the same time. Video games are a new media VERY unlike anything else, and if Star Trek is a basis for our future, it will show that video games will be the primary source of entertainment even into the future, and will only evolve as virtual reality becomes affordable in your own home with devices like the oculus rift and project morpheus. Video games have become a part of my lifestyle, and all of yours as well. They are truly an art form and competitive platform worth keeping around.
  10. Jeroscope

    Doctor Who

    Im still trying to figure out how he does it.
  11. Jeroscope

    Doctor Who

    We only say Capaldi's face in that scene. Or rather his INTENSE EYEBROW ACTION. Either way, the TARDIS interior is gonna see rough times cause if you remember from the Xmas special, he doesn't remember how to fly it. Something tells me we're gonna have a crash just like Smith's entrance.
  12. Crap. I missed a day. Well, let's catch up. Day 23: Favorite Song/OST Guys, I got this: Suicide Mission from Mass Effect 2 is a VERY good overture for the game as a whole. With a combined orchestra using brass and choral parts, the theme gives a very heroic feel to an already epic adventure. It also gives that feeling of being the only ones to go in guns a blazing, being the first and last line of defense against an enemy that needs to be fought. You are the only thing standing between humanity and its destruction. Day 24: Favorite Controller You guys are probably gonna shoot me for this, but PC Master Race. The Logitech G710 is a cheap and readily available alternative to most mechanical keyboards. It also features a very neutral color scheme as opposed to most gaming keyboard rigs like Razer. The most attractive feature of this is probably the keys themselves. These aren't cherry keys or blues or anything fancy like that, but they are good enough for most PC gamers that demand responsiveness from their keyboard. In addition, this keyboard comes with a USB passthrough and 10 key anti-ghosting, meaning you can push down 10 keys at the same time without any of the keys being non-responsive. Speaking of Razer, the Razer Mamba is my choice of mouse. Why? Because it's the fastest wireless mouse, period. While the battery life leaves much to be desired, this mouse does a perfect job of ensuring that you're able to play for as long as you need to for your gaming session. You dont even have to play wireless. The same cable that plugs into the charging dock/transmitter also plugs directly into the mouse. Aside from that, it also comes with two thumb buttons and on-the-fly adjustable mouse sensitivity, which is very useful for adjusting to new FPSs or switching from infantry to flight vehicles in games like Battlefield and Planetside. Last but not least, the mouse also comes with a multi-color LED and different profiles you can switch it to through the Legacy driver software. As for a REAL controller... My God is this controller nice. The feel of a dualshock configuration is just so natural to me that it doesn't parallel. In addition, they've made some improvements. As opposed to the number of lights on, the controller has color coding for player numbers. In addition, the bumper/trigger buttons have had their text turned UPSIDE DOWN in order for players to view them easier while holding the controller. The analog nubs are also quite nice, having rings put on them for better tactility and no slipping. Let's also not forget the motion controls which are optional, and the new touchpad on top. The touchpad is actually very useful, and used for small things that make games more immerse, like swiping through menus or adjusting a scope view. In general, the Dualshock 4 is a very nice controller and has major improvements to the previous dualshocks as before.
  13. Since I'm just now realizing that my last status got buried, the answer is that the character used a yoyo to trip up enemies and swing around.

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      Just want to note, it's a grey cat. No, I dont have pictures. No, I cant draw. And yes, thats all I had.

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