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  1. [Tweet] another commission! It's Mash from Fate Grand Order wearing a flat cap!

  2. [Tweet] Commission of Twintelle from ARMS!

  3. [Tweet] Here's another commission I've done! It's Android 21 again, but in her Majin outfit, hehe.

  4. maybe the real april was the fools we made along the way

  5. Today's the last day of my commission sale! $20 for a full body, fully colored and shaded drawing! DM me for more details!

  6. [tweet] Commission of Min Min from ARMS!

  7. On the other hand that gives Waluigi a chance. Blech. But on the OTHER other hand, Shadow or Isaac also get a chance. Highly doubt Shadow but I love him so I'll never give up hope until the very end, hehe.
  8. I haven't played Arms aside from a test demo thing and it was fun, so I'm cool with a character from that series in Smash. But the thing that excites me the most about this is that a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character now has a chance!!
  9. [Tweet] 11 days left for my commission sale!

  10. Current Elite Smash status

    I used to be in as Sonic and Pichu too but I haven't been able to get back in, RIP

  11. Only a little over 2 weeks left for my commission sale. I still have 26 slots left!

  12. Art thread update with the last commission of my initial batch. It's a character from Dragon Ball FighterZ!

    I also still have 26 slots left open until the end of March of anyone's interested in a full body drawing for $20.

  13. Is it spamming to mention my comms are on sale every other day? I don't wanna get in trouble, hehe

  14. [Tweet] another commission!

    They're still only 20 bucks if anyone is interested

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