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  1. Mania spoilers:


    True final boss sounds like it's got part of Fist Bump on it.


    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Which part? I can't hear it...

      Which part? I can't hear it...

    2. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      Right before it loops. But it's slower.

      Might be coincidence. 

  2. Got all silver medals for Blue Spheres in Sonic Mania. 

    Never again. 

    1. Strickerx5


      I haven't even started to try yet and I have like a row filled. Maybe later. Definitely not looking forward to it though.

  3. Hey, were you a member on the Brawl in the Family forums?

    1. Nintendoga


      Nah, only read the comics.

  4. I think Mania is the easiest Classic styled Sonic game for me.

  5. Beat Cave Story+ on Switch. Still one of my favorite games. Can't wait for the co-op mode.

  6. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    This game was pretty good. I liked the Press Garden Zone quite a bit. I loved the true ending too. Can't wait for Forces. I hate Blue Spheres though so it's annoying that I have to do them for the extras.
  7. 7 Chaos Emeralds, obtained. I'll beat the last boss again later. Gonna let my sister play Undertale for now.

  8. Mania question (I haven't beaten the game yet).


    How do you get the alternate Sega jingle?


  9. I went on the Joker ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Whew.

    Mind you I kinda hate roller-coasters but I feel like I need to get over it. 

  10. There sure are a lot of Classic stages in Mania. I'm at one of the later ones, after Mirage Saloon.

    The bosses are a bit too gimmicky for my taste. They aren't bad or anything, but I don't like having to wait to attack. 

  11. Mania is fun. Weird glitch aside nothing has been too frustrating or difficult. It's fun seeing all the little bits of fan service and references.

  12. Mania Glitch Thread

    Um... In one of the New stages, on Act 2, after getting a life and the jingle played, all of a sudden the stage clear music played, and the music stopped. Once I made it to the end, I started fighting the HBH, but the capsule was there so I didn't need to fight him. That's all so far. PS4 version as well. Also, @Ryannumber1gamer, maybe put that stage in spoilers? I didn't get that far yet and didn't know that was a stage.
  13. I'm playing Cave Story on the Switch. It's one of my all time favorite games, honestly. I'm really enjoying it.