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  1. [Tweet] Day 20

    It's a character in a Sonic outfit so u should click it to see 👀

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Elisanne: Eu-Euden it's to increase my movement in combat I swear.  I-I don't find it cute or anything.

    2. tailsBOOM!



      Also great job

    3. Radiant Hero Ike
  2. [Tweet] Day 17 and 18

  3. [Tweet] day 15 is here

  4. Sukeban Games retweeted my drawing and I didn't even tag them 😮

  5. Here's today's drawing

    You can see the previous 13 by clicking the tweet or checking my art thread

  6. Updated my art thread! I forgot to post a couple here so the last ones might be new for anyone not following me on twitter.

  7. Here are the outfit swap drawings I've done so far! If there's a character or outfit that you don't recognize feel free to ask, hehe.
  8. This one's mine. Matthew is interchangeable with Isaac if they decide to upgrade him from Mii Costume/Assist Trophy, but I don't think it's likely (otherwise I'd have Shadow on here). If any of these characters, like Sora, ends up being the last character for Fighters Pass 1, then Rex will replace that character here (although I highly doubt we'd get two Xenoblade characters, RIP). Also I noticed that I accidentally color coded the characters to the background barring Sora, hehe.
  9. mRxWbyf.jpg

    DAY 6

    Weiss dressed up as Rin Tohsaka!

  10. Day 5

    Soma dressed up as Laharl!

  11. J6Ec4rG.jpg

    Day 4

    Mym as Grea

    1. tailsBOOM!


      MYM!!! Great job

    2. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike


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