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  1. Art thread update!

  2. [Tweet] drawing I did 2day

  3. [Link] 5 new drawings in my art thread! 


  4. [Tweet] my daily drawing thing has started and I'll put them in my art thread on day 5 but I thought @Soniman might like this one


    1. Soniman


      Late to reply but I do like this very much 👀👀

  5. https://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/18453-aidansikes-sorta-decent-art-thread/?do=findComment&comment=1304295

    Art thread update!! Also I didn't mention this in the thread but all the Artfight drawings were done on my phone :D

  6. [Tweet] doodled Min Min

  7. [Tweet] more pose practice. You can get one of these types of doodles for $6 via Kofi.

  8. [Tweet] doing phone doodles at $6 n up, I'd like to grab the Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass so even some retweets would be appreciated

  9. So are we getting a Game Night around the time Min Min releases? I still haven't been able to fight any of y'all as Byleth because they weren't hype enough to warrant a Game Night

  10. [Tweet] another doodle but with a TWIST

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Knighthood is only forever cause you're such a shit king, Ky.

      I can't hate that Strive design, tho.

  11. [Tweet] another doodle

  12. [Tweet] anyone wanna help me get the pokemon expansion pass? Rough phone sketches are only $6

  13. [Tweet] Elphelt phone drawing 

  14. [Tweet] another Fate doodle

  15. [Tweet] I'm opening commissions for phone drawings now!

  16. [Tweets] two more sketches!

  17. [Tweet] haven't played Helltaker but I drew Modeus from it

  18. Art thread update with many phone doodles!

  19. https://itsameluigi1290.tumblr.com/post/620096832798916609/some-doodles-of-mythra-ive-done-recently

    I've been doing quick sketchy doodles recently to help loosen up (my drawings are generally very stiff), and I compiled a few into this tumblr post!

  20. [Tweet] finally finished my second Six Fanarts drawing! Although it's actually Seven Fanarts, hehe

  21. [Tweet] my art account hit 250 followers recently so I did a doodle to celebrate

  22. All the stuff on Twitter recently is starting to get to me, I might have to stop checking it so often for a while.

    The Black Lives Matter movement is very important and all the info and protests definitely should be spread, it's just not great for me mentally.

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      there's a healthy balance between keeping oneself informed and constantly inundating oneself with things that just serve to make you miserable

      i had a problem using twitter a few years ago, just constantly stressing myself by following literally everything.... truth is stuff matters. but so do you, your friends, family, etc. Take a break, enjoy life, enjoy the small stuff. There is a lot of cause to concern, many things in this world need fixing, many battles worth fighting... but now and then, ya gotta step off the field and chill. We ain't gonna win any fights just driving ourselves mad.

    2. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      I understand. Thank you, your reply means a lot. 😄

    3. altum_dolorem
  23. Gurren Lagann was great up until the ending

  24. [Tweet] Sonic Movie 2 looks incredible so far

  25. I've never played the new Tomb Raider games (watched my dad play the first one) but I don't like how gory they are (I'm squeamish), and I think all the swearing, while not particularly bothersome, is unnecessary.

    The old ones weren't like that, which is what annoys me, I guess. If they were always like that I probably wouldn't care as much.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The gore in TR'13 is all part of the aesthetic. The game is supposed to have a strong horror vibe to it, and it succeeds. It's quite different to the past games, but even so they frequently featured all manner of dead bodies (new and old) around the place. The gore is just emphasised this time. Lara always had incredibly gory death animations in the old games. The way she was impaled by spikes in particular is a great example, and it's just rendered better by modern technology.

      The swearing however... That's what I really can't abide. The game was so intent on being more mature and serious that they felt the need to have characters put shit and fuck and bastard into just about every exclamation in the game. It goes as far as to sound try-hard. A few times? Sure. I don't think it belongs in the Tomb Raider of old, but it's suitable for the new series. They go way overkill on it though.

      I eventually came around to really appreciate and enjoy the horror aspects of TR'13. It's different and it works really well with the ancient Japanese setting. What I dislike is that it's frequently undermined by the presence of WW2 bunkers, scrap metal settlements and generally very generic war zone junk everywhere. More than half the time it doesn't even feel like you're anywhere vaguely Japanese. It's not the games main setting, and the same applies to Rise. The change in tone and environments are what bug me most about the new series. They make the games feel like anything but Tomb Raider. The Japanese setting of Yamatai is fucking tertiary to the old war installations and shanty towns.

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