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  1. I was only able to just now read the obituary. Reading that, along with Soniko's comment... It's hitting me harder than when I found out yesterday. I'm just feeling wrecked.

    1. Lady Soniko

      Lady Soniko

      I'm sorry.

    2. Dejimon11


      Yeah it's really its really depressing.

    3. Kiah


      I was just sitting here thinking and I just had a flashback from when I actually found the obituary the other night as well as my reaction and I just lost it as the imagery is still way too vivid and painful for me upon making that discovery.

      This is like a nightmare I'll never be able to wake up from.

      I'm really sorry though.

    4. Lady Soniko

      Lady Soniko

      It felt like time had stopped and the world went quiet when I read the Obituary, it was so chilling and so surreal...

    5. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      You don't need to be sorry, Soniko. I wholeheartedly believe he would've forgiven you.

    6. The Chairman Of The Board

      The Chairman Of The Board

      I'm sorry but who's obituary??

      I'm sorry I just saw Nepenthe's topic. 

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