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  1. Art thread update!

  2. [Tweet] drawing I did 2day

  3. [Link] 5 new drawings in my art thread! 


  4. Outfit Swaptember (a personal thing I do every year) has started! I'll be posting here every 5 days if I don't forget, hehe. Here are the first 5 drawings! Alternate versions can be found on my art account on Twitter, @ AidanKresnikArt!
  5. It took absolutely forever and was way more frustrating than I'd like, but I now have every character (so far) in Elite Smash!!
  6. https://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/18453-aidansikes-sorta-decent-art-thread/?do=findComment&comment=1304295

    Art thread update!! Also I didn't mention this in the thread but all the Artfight drawings were done on my phone :D

  7. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is getting a Kingdom Hearts Dark Road collab! Young Xehanort, Sora, Riku and Kairi all appear to be units!
  8. [Tweet] doodled Min Min

  9. [Tweet] more pose practice. You can get one of these types of doodles for $6 via Kofi.

  10. [Tweet] doing phone doodles at $6 n up, I'd like to grab the Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass so even some retweets would be appreciated

  11. [Tweet] another doodle but with a TWIST

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Knighthood is only forever cause you're such a shit king, Ky.

      I can't hate that Strive design, tho.

  12. [Tweet] another doodle

  13. [Tweet] anyone wanna help me get the pokemon expansion pass? Rough phone sketches are only $6

  14. I dunno! Maybe because it really is a Kairi game? It did say there are multiple playable characters in it, so Data Sora may not be the "main" character in the gameplay, just the default. I'm just guessin' here, of course. I think it would be weird to purposely make the K and S longer in every title that didn't star Sora only to stop now, though.
  15. I dunno what you mean by tone deaf, but considering this is the part of the next overarching plotline that started with Re:Mind, it being called phase 2 makes sense. Personally I've been wanting a KH rhythm game for a while now, and the gameplay looks really fun! I do wonder what other playable characters there are aside from Sora.
  16. 140 songs! Awesome. Anyway I'm pretty sure the ending thing was just a teaser thing for an upcoming Kairi game. This rhythm game focuses on Data Sora, I believe. Also, we're in phase 2 of Kingdom Hearts now, apparently. The side there also says "3 new stories, 6 new playable characters. We have two more games to be announced after Melody of Memory. Not sure what the arrows and mostly empty boxes are for though. Pretty sure if this is coming to Switch then the collections will too. EDIT: Translated info from the official site.
  17. Interesting thing to note, whenever the K in Kingdom and the S in Hearts have long... tails, I guess, Sora isn't the main protagonist. What could this mean... 👀
  18. [Tweet] another Fate doodle

  19. [Tweets] two more sketches!

  20. [Tweet] haven't played Helltaker but I drew Modeus from it

  21. Art thread update with many phone doodles!

  22. I've been doodling on my phone a ton recently to practice with looser movements, and some of em actually came out pretty well! There are quite a few and some of them are a bit on the suggestive side (nothing overtly NSFW), so I'm putting them in spoiler tags.
  23. Yeah, I try my hardest not to use it more than once in a row. Ness's who use it 4 times in a row when SDI does absolutely nothing are my nemeses. Nemesy? One of those. On an unrelated note, we still seem to be on track for that ARMS character this month. At least, we haven't heard anything to the contrary. I still think a delay would be possible, but I'll keep hoping for the best!
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