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  1. 4 hours ago, Tracker_TD said:

    Works just like it does in a 1v1. Press back from the way you're facing + B and do a Crack Shoot. Sorted. Same with recovering using it.

    Anyway, I am in love with how Terry plays. I was already over the moon with him being in but he's so satisfying to use. Incidentally if you want to see some footage of him being used in free for alls I just uploaded some footage... though I spend a fair amount of it crack shooting off stages so maybe it's not the best example. 


    Hey, that's me in the thumbnail! :D

    So, I was thinking about the next character and when they could be announced... Anyone think it's likely that they could possibly be announced next month at the Game Awards, like Joker was?

  2. Terry will play completely different from Ken. I used to jokingly say he was Ken with a Hat but not in terms of moveset, just design, hehe.

    I'm really excited to play as him... I'd prefer Rock Howard as the SNK rep but Terry is basically the mascot.

    Speaking of, I'm surprised at how few people actually recognized him. I always thought he was an icon. My friend said that he was really hype for people in Latin America though!

  3. I'm so attached to these characters that just that little PV got me all emotional, ehehe. I haven't watched the first movie yet but I'm really looking forward to this one!

  4. So you know a while back we were talking about Assist Trophies, and thinking about how certain ATs would work if the character already showed up in the background? I'm sure most of y'all noticed already, but I went to Training Mode to check something, and I found out you can't summon Knuckles on Green Hill Zone, and you also can't summon the Moon on Termina.

    I just thought that was interesting.

  5. evJb5zU.jpg

    This one's mine. Matthew is interchangeable with Isaac if they decide to upgrade him from Mii Costume/Assist Trophy, but I don't think it's likely (otherwise I'd have Shadow on here). If any of these characters, like Sora, ends up being the last character for Fighters Pass 1, then Rex will replace that character here (although I highly doubt we'd get two Xenoblade characters, RIP).

    Also I noticed that I accidentally color coded the characters to the background barring Sora, hehe.

  6. Leaked on the PSN Store just a little bit ago, a new Mega Man collection! Has all six games (Zero 1-4, ZX and ZX Advent), new features like a casual mode, mid stage save assists, a gallery and music player, along with some filters and such.


    I've never gotten the chance to play these, so I'm really excited! The trailer only says PS4 but I'm pretty sure that's just because it's a trailer from the PSN Store.

    EDIT: in my rush to post this I forgot to mention the new Z-Chaser mode! Looks like a speedrun race to see who can beat the stage the fastest.

  7. 13 minutes ago, Perkilator said:

    Welp, after playing Three Houses for only three chapters and a few hours put in, I can safely say this is the best FE game yet. It might as well earn a character in Smash, in my opinion.

    Yeah I'd be pretty fine with that. I don't really want Edelgard anymore though because axes are one handed and pretty much the same as swords in Three Houses. I want Byleth and their EPIC WHIP SWORD instead now, hehe.

    ...and Bernadetta [RUNS]

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