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  1. Three weeks to Forces, people. Not long to wait now.

    I still get the feeling I'm gonna enjoy this game-- if not for the gameplay, then for the story.

  2. "You and I Bee-come One" was pretty enjoyable. A few creepy moments in there, and a few laughs. Never in my life did I expect Sonic to dress up like a sunflower.
  3. The newest Sonic Boom episode, "You and I Bee-come One", premieres in 48 minutes. Bee prepared.

    wait what are you doing with that sledgehammer no I'm sorry NO NOOOOOOOOO--

  4. Tomorrow on Sonic Boom...

    Hoping to get people and places where they need to go (except Sonic, because he's that darn fast), techno-genius Tails has been hard at work on his latest invention-- a teleportation device! And as with most potentially dangerous experiments, the only one willing to be the test subject is yourself. However, as the two-tailed fox attempts to try his invention out, disaster strikes-- one of Eggman's Bee Bots swoops in at the last second and interferes, causing a teleportation accident straight out of "The Fly". Tails becomes half fox, half Bee Bot (as if having a second tail wasn't unusual enough)!

    Obviously, Team Sonic can't have their pal remain in this freakish state, so they set out to find a way to separate the two. But you just know Eggman's cooking up a plan to potentially take control of Tails' new Bee Bot half and turn him against his friends. Will Tails' bonds win out? Will he return to normal? And why is Sonic dressed like a sunflower?!

    A different kind of fusion. "You and I Bee-come One" premieres tomorrow at 6:00 PM on Boomerang!

    ...Seriously, though, why is Sonic dressed like a sunflower? Did he have an incredibly outlandish change in fashion sense or something?

  5. Just pre-ordered Forces on PC. I told y'all I'd buy it.

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Have fun with Denuvo.

    2. GhostlyWind


      Meh, it'll get broken in three hours, tops.

    3. Scott


      Awesome stuff @GhostlyWind :D Have fun when you get it!

  6. Here's the plot synopsis for "You and I Bee-come One": And next week's episode seems to be proof of Fire and Ice taking place sometime during season two. Plus, it's from the writers of that game:
  7. Wanna see if Forces will run on your PC? Here are the system requirements: 


    1. Sean


      40gb are you fucking kidding me

    2. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry



      Good bye Final Fantasy X, but I need space

      *looks at minimum requirements*


      Looks like I won't be able to play Forces after all...


    3. Bobnik


      ...I seriously doubt these are real specs, they look like specs for the latest CoD an Battlefront than for a Sonic game lol.

      I'd rather wait for official specs on Steam page


    4. Dejimon11


      40 GB? Jesus that's like the average amount of stuff I use to record games. LOL NOPE.

    5. Zaysho


      How much of that 40GB is Denuvo though

    6. Dejimon11


      39.5. The other 0.5 is just Green Hill and Park Avenue 

    7. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      We are not sure where did he got this though, might be fake.

    8. Bobnik


      The source is this. Where THEY got them is anyone's guess.

      I'd say "out of their asses" for now

    9. Dejimon11


      @Joseph Henry read the replies


    10. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      Not confirmed by Steam yet...


    11. GhostlyWind


      Yeah, there's a chance these might not be accurate, but I gotta get the news out just in case.

      The game will run on my rig, if you're curious. Just scraped by the minimum requirements.

  8. The reasoning behind the seemingly random appearance of the Forces story trailer at the end of the IDW Sonic panel:

  9. Ian's on the IDW comics, and that's great! I can't wait to see what new adventures he'll cook up.

  10. "Lair on Lockdown" was a good episode. Nice seeing Team Sonic, Eggman, and Orbot and Cubot getting split off into unorthodox pairs-- led to some character interactions we haven't seen much of. Not too many good laughs, though. Also, they remembered Zippy (remember, he was mentioned back in "Robot Battle Royale")! Man, I love continuity.
  11. The Sonic Tumblr has screenshots for "Lair on Lockdown": "Sonic and friends wind up trapped in Eggman’s Lair after a battle causes the lockdown sequence to initialize. Can they survive the night on the nefarious doctor’s home turf? Watch “Lair On Lockdown” on Sonic Boom, airing tomorrow at 6pm on Boomerang." Tag-a-roonies: #sonic boom #season 2 #normally we'd expect the answer to be no - they would not #but we feel some emotional truths and mutual understanding may result in this #maybe even ice cream #or it'll all be undone and we go back to mayhem next week #who's to say?