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  1. Tomorrow on Sonic Boom...

    Remember the Froglodytes, that race of frog-like creatures trapped underneath Sticks' Burrow that Amy accidentally unleashed upon the world when she took charge and sold all of the badger's stuff? No, Amy, we're still not letting you live that down. Deal with it.

    Anyway, when a Froglodyte by the name of Og (you know, the one that was "home sick") suddenly appears above ground, Team Sonic is uncertain of his intentions-- and they might be right to be worried when the entire Froglodyte army rises up to attack. Can Team Sonic send them back into the depths?

    ...I mean, we all know the answer to that one, but it's more dramatic if I ask anyway.

    They're hopping mad, and they're not gonna take it anymore! "Og Man Out", the second (and sadly, last) episode this season from Archie Sonic comic writer Ian Flynn, surfaces tomorrow at 6:00 PM on Boomerang!

    1. Spookmmetra


      >hopping mad

      I see what you did there