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  1. So. First, the devs behind DoubleShake reveal Johnny Gioeli vocals for a track in the game is a stretch goal... and now their last stretch goal is a Chao Garden-esque mode.

    Man, they really wanna win us over.

    1. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      As if Yuji Nuka being out to get us weren't enough...

  2. I have. It's an alright show that gets better as it goes along. You may not like some of the changes they've made, though-- fair warning. While I have the opportunity, I should also mention that BOOM! Studios has started a Fully Charged six-comic mini-series taking place after season 1's events.
  3. SonicWind


    Aaand now Cammie's pale enough with fright to fit in with the ghosts here.
  4. Since this wasn't posted here on release, I might as well do the job now:
  5. Page is down. I guess it was a leak. Until this news becomes official, here's an article that restates the contents.
  6. The next War Table is coming really soon: Expect another hero reveal out of this one.
  7. Good news for those of you who missed this after A Crack in Time: there'll be an option for Rift Apart to run at 60 FPS.
  8. Color me surprised. The Bandicoot siblings' origins were something I never expected Toys for Bob to shine a light on (or anyone, really). It shows just how much they want to make this game the best it can be.
  9. Also, the question of "Does this take place after Into the Nexus, or is it in the 2016 movie continuity?" has been answered. It's the former case. But Insomniac is still teasing us by keeping the female Lombax's name under wraps. I suppose I can't blame 'em; they gotta keep people interested in the plot somehow.
  10. Crash and Geoff will cross paths once again tomorrow to show off some new stuff from Crash 4:
  11. Rift Apart will be making an appearance at gamescom Opening Night Live this Thursday: They're apparently going to show an uncut longer version of the demo we saw during its initial reveal.
  12. The Sonic Block is about to begin on SGDQ with Sonic 1. https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick

    (...OK, it technically began with Freedom Planet)

  13. The PC specs are finally out: The minimum requirements are a bit beefier than I was hoping for. The second beta's also available for preload right now, at least on Steam.
  14. Well, to say I have mixed emotions about this is an understatement. As a Spidey fan, I'm happy he made it into the game at all. As someone who pre-ordered the game on Steam, I'm really upset that he's exclusive (at least, for now). Still, considering he had a hit game on PS4, this was a likelihood. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go over there and seethe in jealousy.
  15. July's War Table is less than an hour away:
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