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  1. Well, I'll take your word for it, which gives me more reason to look forward to it finally airing in the US.
  2. If this is true, I will find depths of disappointment in Cartoon Network that I didn't even know I had. This four-parter deserves to be aired all at once, in my opinion. I mean, it makes too much sense. It's a four-episode arc. 4 episodes x 11 minutes each = 44 minutes total. Plus commercial breaks, that adds up to an hour, which is the span of time that Boom airs on Saturdays and Sundays. Take advantage! I don't want to wait two or three weeks to see "RftS" in its entirety when France got the entire adventure in a single day. It's just not fair. But on the bright side, at least they're airing the first two parts in one day (again, if this is true). That's... something. Also, we don't have much longer to wait...
  3. Are you a male or a female?
    I'm just wondering because it says that you're a male on your profile information, but the character in your Twitter/Tumblr/Youtube profile picture looks like a female

    1. SonicWind


      I'm male. I just happen to have a female main Sonic fancharacter.

    2. VeryGoodName
  4. "Eggman's Brother" was a decent episode. Saw the twist coming, but not the shapeshifting part. Still funny hearing Roger's voice come out of an Eggman lookalike.
  5. Oh, brother! Today's new Sonic Boom episode, "Eggman's Brother", airs on Boomerang in one hour!

    1. VeryGoodName


      Why don't you just take over the Sonic twitter. You know how to promote Sonic Boom better then they do.

      *Twitter (uppercase T instead of lowercase t)

  6. Once again, the Sonic Tumblr has exclusive pictures of this week's Boom episode, "Eggman's Brother". "Evil runs in the family, and it’s packing a disheveled blond look. Enter Steve Eggman in the new Sonic Boom “Eggman’s Brother”, tomorrow at 6pm on Boomerang!" And, of course, the tags: #sonic boom #season 2 #now you might be thinking #the resemblance is uncanny #but why does he have blond hair? #genetics - friends #the super egg project #one got all the dominant traits while the other got the recessive ones #but the REAL question is - why is the blond brother usually the bigger evil? #don't think we've not seen the memes flying around Gotta say, I like how most of the episodes this season has the entirety of Team Sonic in them. Nice change-up from season 1, where the roster seemed to be all over the place.
  7. Our favorite villain, Dr. Neo Cortex, gets a mini-trailer all to himself. Also, note the new Verified Account mark. Yep, this Twitter's officially official.
  8. Tomorrow on Sonic Boom...

    You may recall Eggman recently built his own motherly figure and sent her on a trip around the world. However, his family problems aren't quite finished, because his long-lost brother, Steve Eggman, has reappeared.

    ...Yes, his name really is Steve.

    But unfortunately for our favorite supervillain, Steve isn't interested in helping with his brother's life goal of world domination. No, he would rather team up with Sonic and pals in their fight against evil. But an Eggman family member allying himself with Team Sonic on a permanent basis? Seems a little screwy. Is Steve really on the up-and-up? Or is this Eggman robot reveal #962?

    Seriously, guy needs to come up with a different strategy already.

    So much for brotherly bonds. "Eggman's Brother" premieres tomorrow at 6:00 PM on Boomerang!

  9. Eh, some marketing is better than nothing at all-- something CN clearly hasn't learned. Doesn't mean there shouldn't be more...
  10. A "Battle of the Boy Bands" follow-up episode? I know a lot of people who are going to be elated about this...
  11. So, that's good news. Clearly, that means the Japanese dub is at least still in the making. Why would SEGA allow this if they didn't still care about Boom? Heck, Iizuka even says in the article that he was working to get the show to Japanese fans for awhile. A few jokes might have been changed around, of course, but hopefully they enjoy the show like the rest of the world has. And if they do, I hope they're dubbing season 2.
  12. "Nominatus Rising" was a pretty good episode. Always nice seeing Team Sonic and Eggman team up to defeat a common enemy. When they work together, they actually make a good combination. Of course, the episode had its share of laughs, too.
  13. The newest episode of Sonic Boom, "Nominatus Rising", premieres in one hour!

    All I can say is, the real world should have updated its antivirus software when it had the chance. Now look at the mess it's in.