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  1. I'm pretty sure I'd need a magnifying glass to see the screen on this thing if it's really this small. Jokes aside, part of me doesn't think this is what's being teased in the Famitsu issue. It's only the 3rd in Japan.
  2. This news was inevitable. Can't wait to see what the crew has up their sleeves for this one.
  3. That sucks, but like you said, the filmmakers might have their reasons. But come on-- the movie's raked in the dough, and a lot of people enjoyed it. That's perfect reason for a sequel, which will be announced in time. They have to have some ideas in mind for how it'll pan out, at least.
  4. So, I finally saw the movie now that it's out on digital. It was great, from the writing to the performances. Here's my thoughts. Overall, I am immensely glad that everything worked out in the end, and I'm sure many fans will love this movie for years to come and that it'll serve as a great entry point for new fans. I appreciate that many of the people working on the film are long-time fans of Sonic themselves, and I hope the inevitable sequel is just as good, if not better. As a fellow Sonic fan, it's a wonderful thing to know they got his first foray on the big screen right.
  5. Speaking of DOOM Eternal, been playing on and off since it got released. It's damn good, it's addicting (the urge to go back to playing it is in the back of my head right now), and thankfully, it runs on my PC rig made from dated, but fairly recent parts. I knew id wouldn't disappoint.

  6. So, Bethesda allowed quite a few YouTubers/game websites to play DOOM Eternal last month. All of their opinions were highly positive. As for the here and now, IGN is covering the game as an IGN First title, meaning they'll be making new videos about it all month. Here's their first two videos (don't watch the first if you don't want spoilers):
  7. Been following that artist for some time. I'm happy he got an opportunity like this.
  8. I mean, the song's passable. I don't hate it. Maybe too subdued for Sonic, but otherwise fine. Also, tickets for the movie are now on sale.
  9. Been awhile, but they finally got issue #5 out, and with it, the Sonic 1 arc comes to an end.
  10. ...I'm just gonna say I'm happy for the people who wanted Byleth in and leave it at that.

    1. Marcello


      You just made those people up and you know it.

  11. Bust out your Hell energy sword. The new DOOM Eternal trailer is here.
  12. The original release date was May 15th.
  13. welp Honestly, I can't help but feel disappointed.
  14. Can't say I've looked into that, so I have no clue.
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