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  1. Bill did say the episode aired out of order, so there's your answer. The best part is, Roger actually used his regular voice for that line, which only enhances the joke!
  2. Loved "Give Bees a Chance"! Cindy did great for someone who's never written a script before! The "rare stones" remark from Knuckles absolutely killed me. And we got #AskSonicBoomCrew trending again!!

    "Give Bees a Chance", the newest episode of Sonic Boom penned by Amy's VA, premieres in less than an hour!

    And don't forget to ask the cast and crew your questions and join in on the livetweeting shenanigans on Twitter using #AskSonicBoomCrew!

  4. I watch the HD versions of the episodes through Boomerang's on-demand service on DirecTV, so that's good.
  5. Yes, that's correct. Here's hoping it's as popular as the first.
  6. Once again, the Sonic Tumblr gives us a preview of this week's upcoming episode! Four screenshots this time! "Love and compassion comes in many forms, even if it is caring for Eggman’s bee bot. Watch “Give Bees a Chance”, written by Amy’s V.A. Cindy Robinson, on tomorrow’s Sonic Boom! Airing at 6pm on Boomerang." Tags: #this is cindy's first time writing a script #and we think she did a pretty good job #congrats cindy! #now we're going to stop adding tags #before we reference a certain movie #or stoop so low to make a bee pun #you'll hear no buzz from us about it #oh no #it's too late And here's a bonus screenshot from Bill: It seems Amy's pals are at least supportive of her decision to look after one of their archenemy's minions. Sticks is no doubt the exception, of course. Also, looks like Eggman's after some crystal and Team Sonic needs to keep it out of his hands. But what's so special about it? Guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out...
  7. OK, that wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly good. Surprised they ended up going with full CG (if this is representative of what the actual series will look like, which it's probably not). Still waiting for more footage before I make a final judgment. "Mega-nize me" is still a stupid catchphrase, though.
  8. Tomorrow on Sonic Boom...

    For Team Sonic, no matter how big or small, all (well, most) of Eggman's robots are for smashing. His Bee Bots are no exception-- well, all but one. Apparently inspired by her team befriending the former Eggman minion FriendBot, sweet, compassionate Amy Rose takes pity on a damaged Bee Bot, raises it back to health, gives it a fancy new paint job, names it Bea (how original), and makes it a pet.

    Of course, there is the small problem of her new little pal originally being created by an egomaniacal supervillain, which may not bode well for Amy's recently-gained reputation as namesake of Hedgehog Village-- possibly not even amongst her own friends. And speaking of Eggman, will he use this to his advantage and turn Bea against them?

    It's hip to adopt Bee Bots. "Give Bees a Chance" buzzes onto Boomerang tomorrow at 6:00 PM! Written by Amy's voice actress Cindy Robinson!

    ...No, really.

    And to celebrate, there'll be another livetweet/Q&A session like last week, with Bill Freiberger, Cindy, Mike Pollock, and possibly more! Same time-- tomorrow at 6:00 PM!

  9. Really enjoyed "Robot Employees", but is that a surprise? Wasn't paying as much attention to this one because of the Q&A/livetweet session (which was trending, by the way, because this show still has fans, CN), but I got the gist of it. Good for Dave, getting that promotion. He and Sticks made a pretty good team.
  10. So, tonight's Boom Q&A/livetweet session was a massive success, to the point where we got it trending on Twitter.

    Proof positive that people will always love this show.

    1. BlueTidalGamer


      Great to hear :)

      Really wish Season 2 would start over here already. 

    2. SonicWind


      Soon enough, man. I know it's torture.

  11. I AM AN EGGMAN ROBOT. I AM HERE TO TAKE MEH BURGER JOBS. "Robot Employees", the latest episode of Sonic Boom, premieres in an hour!

    The cast and crew will be livetweeting the episode and holding a Q&A on Twitter when the episode starts, so feel free to ask 'em your questions using #AskSonicBoomCrew!

    (...Well, technically, the Q&A has already started, but 6:00 PM is when it'll really take off.)

  12. Well, if so, my browser didn't update it. Whoopsie. Ah, well. What matters is they remembered.
  13. Welp, Sonic Tumblr didn't deliver on the screenshot goods at all this week (and given the goings-on in the Sonic community in the past 24 hours, I can't blame 'em), so it falls on Bill alone to supply screenshots for "Robot Employees": Looks like Sticks and Dave are suiting up for this one, but why? We'll have to wait until tomorrow for the answer...