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  1. Dauntless leaves early access in two weeks. And far more importantly, you'll be able to punch a Behemoth to death with a new weapon: Aether Strikers. No, I am not kidding. Here's a message from Phoenix Labs' CEO to celebrate the occasion.
  2. The Kickstarter campaign is over. Bad news: We didn't make it to $150,000 (the final amount raised is $132,242). It looks like the Xbox One fans will have to wait a little longer. But there's still hope. If you backed the campaign at all (even if it's only $1), you can also get add-ons, the price of which will be added to the Kickstarter total.
  3. The Warframe known as Gauss has just joined the fight in today's Saint of Altra update: He's pretty much the closest thing we're getting to Sonic in this game, so naturally, I'll color and mod him as such.
  4. I personally just got Baby T out of this one and called it a Grand Prix. I'll be coming back for the Spyro GP, though. And hey, at least you get an option to buy all of the rewards you couldn't get after the Grand Prix is done now. When the Nitro Tour GP ended, you were plain out of luck. ...I'm a bit of an optimist. What else can I say?
  5. All right, no more leaked bits and pieces. This is the real deal-- full gameplay of the A-Day prologue.
  6. I've had this game since back when it was Ion Maiden in Early Access, and I played through the whole thing yesterday. It was a good time, and I might experiment with making some levels myself if I can work up the determination to actually follow through. Even better, 3DR has another throwback FPS in the pipeline-- WRATH: Aeon of Ruin. Looking forward to that, as well. But this thread is about Ion Fury, so I might make a topic on it some other time, if no one else does.
  7. As of 12:20 PM EDT, we've hit the goal. TY's coming to the Switch.
  8. The TY on Switch Kickstarter is up:

    According to the video within, there'll be stretch goals to bring it to other consoles.

  9. Are there no lows this company won't sink to? Jeez. I'm still gonna try to enjoy playing this, but it's getting harder. That said, I love this game, despite its flaws and Activision's greedy ways.
  10. DAMMIT, Activision. Welp, there goes my optimism. You can't keep greed out of your heads for one minute, can you? I'm still playing the game, but I'm sure as hell not buying into their microtransactions crap.
  11. Um. Well. That didn't take long. I can see how this scheduling will start to grate on people's nerves.
  12. And the first Grand Prix is officially in the books. This was fun. Definitely gonna come back for the next one.
  13. Hero 31 has been revealed, and what the hell is going on here
  14. I used Crunch on that track and just kept trying until I got it.
  15. Well, I've completed the Gold Tier and got Motorsport Tawna. Now all I have to do is make sure I stay within the top 5% of the Nitro Leaderboard, and I should be good. As previously mentioned, I also beat N. Tropy's Time Trial times and unlocked him. Probably not gonna go for the Oxide times and the Digital N. Tropy skin that goes with them unless I get really confident.
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