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  1. SonicWind

    DOOM ETERNAL - "It's hell on earth."

    Been a while, hasn't it? I'm sure you know about Google's new game streaming platform called Stadia by now. Well, DOOM Eternal is planned to be on there, and we have some gameplay of it in action with a few new elements:
  2. As stated in the SXSW panel, season 2 of Boom is now available on digital storefronts! Go buy it if you love the show.
  3. SonicWind

    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    This week, new episodes of the show will be airing on weekdays at 12:30 PM (though my DirecTV schedule says they air at noon on the nose, just in case it's wrong). They're available on the CN app now if you can't wait.
  4. Well, it was bound to happen again.

    1. pppp


      What was?

    2. Jovahexeon Fitzroy

      Jovahexeon Fitzroy

      The movie topic got overheated to the point of needing to be closed again with both sides taking potshots at each other. 

  5. OK, seeing the actual render makes me slightly nervous. I hope that looks better in motion.
  6. ...Well, I don't hate it.

  7. You know what? If this is really the design they're going with, I can accept it. Now all we need is that trailer...
  8. The Hytale team shows off some of the community's fanart in last week's blogpost... ...and reveals some of the wildlife you'll encounter in the first zone of the game in this week's blogpost. Some are cute and cuddly. Others would rather you not cuddle them.
  9. Finally watched Spider-Verse.

    I am quite satisfied.

  10. ...Huh.



    1. Forte-Metallix


      Mephiles wanted to join the Rio Olympics, but he got off the time vortex a bit too late.

    2. SupahBerry


      Tonight on "Things we totally expect the Sonic Twitter to do:"

      Going out of their way into the most desolates parts of the internet till they eventually stumble upon an excuse for more 06 jokes. 

    3. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      So... the President of Brazil is a Time God?

    4. do a barrel roll

      do a barrel roll

      @SupahBerry Seriously, why don’t YOU just run the Sonic Twitter? You know how to do Sonic PR better than they do.

      Oh well, at least they’re not making fun of the game itself this time.

    5. Sapphirine Wind
    6. SupahBerry


      On second thought, I didn't realize at first that is the Brazil President's account, so I this jokes not as random as I thought. I'll let them go.



      ...On third thought, isn't there alot of controversy surrounding that President??

    7. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      @SupahBerry Considering that (from what I've read) he's praised Trump, is against protecting rainforests, has denied the existence of global warming as "the invention of Marxists", and has expressed negative views and statements towards LGBT people (among other things)... yeah.

    8. Perkilator


      I think the Sonic Twitter realized he straight up stole Solaris Phase 2.

    9. Solister


      Quite late, but I believe still maters. As a Brazilian I can translate the post:

      "Investment on Brazil and not in other countries to make fake alliances to stay in the power! One of the biggest differences in our government. Govern to the Brazilian people, not to the SP*'s forum"

      *SP - Abbreviation of São Paulo, actually the most populous state as well where I live.

      I saw this in the morning, but hadn't time to read about it. If it's not too clearer, is a huge criticism to our last government which was a bit socialist aligned and now we went to the totally oppose in this one, as well is a considerable criticism to what is happening in Venezuela (And consequently here too). The video almost shows the same with Sonic '06 music.

      What @Spin Attaxx said isn't totally wrong, but they are more Social Media attack than properly governmental attacks in reality, he also is responsible for some of the most polemical matters in the country lately. As for the time I still hadn't minimum age to vote but I took some attention to the proposals of the candidates, and in short, it was choose from a totally radical majority ideology, or choose the party with most denunciations (some proved) of corruption.

  11. SonicWind


    Overwatch has its 30th hero. Meet Baptiste, an ex-Talon combat medic who decided making the world a better place was an improvement over working for the bad guys:
  12. sonic vs flash, who will win guys 😁

  13. Sad to see Boom go, but I wouldn't mind seeing a new animated series, so long as it has great animation and writing. It could be 2D or CG. I don't really care either way.

    1. Ferno


      its never ever gonna happen, but I'm still craving a sonic anime made by a studio other than TMS, or if it must be made by TMS, I'd want it to be the TMS staff that worked on the most recent Lupin III show or Megalo Box. (and not the TMS group that did Sonic X and Bakugan)

    2. Kiah


      Boom was good and I enjoyed it a lot but I’ll still stand by the fact that the whole Boom subdivision should of never happened. 

      Hoping for a Modern Sonic cartoon as the cast as a whole as well as the voice acting cast have been underutilized and the cartoon has the potential to change that.

  14. Been a few weeks, but I'm here to catch you up on Hytale blog posts. First off, there's a key art showcase that shows a timelapse of the creation of some of the key art used for the game, with insights by lead artist Thomas "Xael" Frick. It also confirms the identity of the guy who seems to be the Big Bad of Hytale, Varyn. Next, there's a blog post focusing on Hytale's block tech, which includes a look into RGB tinting, transition textures, and more. Finally, there's yesterday's post on character customization. Read to the end for a nice little surprise on that front...
  15. Going to guess "fake." Tons of people have drawn over the poster already, and I wouldn't be surprised if this was another case of that.

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