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  1. We have our plot summary for "Knine-to-Five Knuckles": Well, we finally know what that "Knuckles gets a house" episode Bill was teasing is. Also, the title card for next week's episode, "Blackout": Yep. Power outage episode. Figured. Sorry, Shadow fans. Guess you'll have to wait a little longer. At least we get to see Team Sonic's fancy glowing outfits be used again.
  2. That's awesome to hear. I didn't think Boom would ever get an award, to be honest, but I feel it deserves it with how good it's been.
  3. I mean, I think there's a Shadow figure in the next line of action figures, so there's him. But yeah, FriendBot and Sonic's Mech Suit would make good toys too. They're already making Blue Force One a toy, so why not?
  4. "Og Man Out" was another decent episode from Ian. Shame this is his last episode this season. At least we still have Evan Stanley's episodes coming, right? Not as many laughs this time either, but good seeing that Og can fight for himself against several Froglodytes. I think we'll be seeing him again. Also cool that Sticks finally has someone she can relate to. And of course, there were references to "Closed Door Policy", the last episode the Froglodytes appeared in. There's a lot of potential returning elements this season (heck, these past couple of weeks) between Sonic's Mech Suit, FriendBot, and now Og. I like it.
  5. Less than an hour until a new Sonic Boom! Is the Froglodyte Og really practicing peace? Or is the entire Froglodyte army surfacing to attack for a reason?

  6. Tomorrow on Sonic Boom...

    Remember the Froglodytes, that race of frog-like creatures trapped underneath Sticks' Burrow that Amy accidentally unleashed upon the world when she took charge and sold all of the badger's stuff? No, Amy, we're still not letting you live that down. Deal with it.

    Anyway, when a Froglodyte by the name of Og (you know, the one that was "home sick") suddenly appears above ground, Team Sonic is uncertain of his intentions-- and they might be right to be worried when the entire Froglodyte army rises up to attack. Can Team Sonic send them back into the depths?

    ...I mean, we all know the answer to that one, but it's more dramatic if I ask anyway.

    They're hopping mad, and they're not gonna take it anymore! "Og Man Out", the second (and sadly, last) episode this season from Archie Sonic comic writer Ian Flynn, surfaces tomorrow at 6:00 PM on Boomerang!

    1. Fusion Ellipsis

      Fusion Ellipsis

      >hopping mad

      I see what you did there

  7. I heard that a VV employee said in an interview that they had to tone down the humping. Yeah, it's kind of a shame.
  8. I mean, it seems pretty clear that it's gonna be a release date announcement. The way the crates and Wumpa fruit are set up is the MM/DD/YY format, isn't it? Also, like Jango said, this came a day after the Crash 2 remastered screenshots were released, so it's possible they could have a trailer showcasing the levels.
  9. That is a very fair point and I agree with it, but regardless, I still hope to see both again later in the season (or the series in general, if we're lucky enough to get more seasons).
  10. Another winner from Denton and Hahn! "FiendBot" was funny (yes, there were more jabs toward the Boom sub-franchise itself), had some decent action sequences, and was topped off with a heaping helping of heartwarming. Now not only does Sonic have an awesome mech suit to use whenever it's needed, but the entire team has a giant robot pal! I'm looking forward to seeing him come back. Certainly wasn't expecting the montage of scenes from season 1 episodes as the Sonic data was downloaded to FiendBot (heck, that was technically the first appearance of Shadow in season 2), or the Cubot prototypes to make a return, but it's still great to see more continuity all the same, especially as a fan of the show since the beginning.
  11. New Sonic Boom episode in one hour on Boomerang! Will Eggman's latest creation programmed to spy on his worst enemy be a pain to Team Sonic... or a pal?

  12. Gotta say, it's kind of nice seeing the team kicking back and playing video games together (ironic, given they originated from said medium). The fact that we get to see what they do together during their downtime in this show really helps to underline the fact that they're not just heroes-- they're good pals who enjoy goofing off when they're not saving the Village and really cherish each other's company. Of course, that's not the entire point of the show, but it's good to see.
  13. Man, I was hoping for Sonic to challenge Cell, but I wasn't expecting Knux. I guess I should have seen this coming, though, given the Twitter convo between TFS and the official Sonic Twitter. This definitely didn't disappoint.
  14. Tomorrow on Sonic Boom...

    Eggman has had a long history of building robots that don't quite work how he expects them to. Obliterator Bot, for example, started out not by destroying Team Sonic, but by wrecking Eggman's island fortress. I bet that took awhile to repair...

    But now Eggman's built another weapon of destruction, programming it with the desire to know everything about Sonic. But you get no prizes for guessing what happens next. Seriously-- I'm not offering anything.

    Fiend... or friend? "FiendBot" premieres tomorrow at 6:00 PM on Boomerang!

  15. Yeah, let's not forget-- despite CN's unbelievably horrible treatment of the show over here-- that Boom airs in other countries and we shouldn't judge its future by how it performs in the US alone. I'm sure the show has a decent shot at more seasons, all things considered. I mean, if it was popular internationally during season 1, it's a fair bet that once season 2 debuts across the world, history will repeat itself-- especially given the increase in quality we've seen so far.