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  1. I need to catch up on the Bumblekast too but that's good to hear. : )
  2. yes, as much as i hate being left in the dark concerning the situation, i need to say kudos to the team. (also Ian's tweet ease me a bit, its the first time he speaks about the comic since when? ,not counting last month solicitations)
  3. Boom definitely deserves a better treatment, i hope now with an award they treat it better, don't expect it but still... on an unrelated note, i finally watched Og Man Out, and oh it was a great episode, a more action-oriented one, but there is some comedy moments, this is a nice type of episode to give a bit of fresh air, i was definitely expecting more jokes, but i don't mind the way it turned out, the only complain i have is that Og's hippie personality bothered me sometimes, although i think this is a compliment to the show, Og was written as a full time hippie, and it worked TOO well.
  4. they don't just said that it wasn't a sequel, but emphatised on "it's a brand new experience", with this in mind i don't see a generations-esque game coming out of this, actually i don't have a clue about what to expect, but i do like the idea of merging universes. (maybe nega shows up? or not...)
  5. While i agree that at least #292 should be out before SU #95, i highly doubt they will release 2 issues at the same day, i'm still hoping and wishing for it to happen anyway, but still...
  6. I would love a preview as well, but i think i would become a little (read: A LOT) more impatient to see the full releases.
  7. i would say the egg bosses as well, (pls don't ask me to pick up just one) the idea of eggman having an actual empire that hold some significant territory and is a real, constant threat have never been explored in a good way in the games, (despite it being namely addressed "Eggman Empire" , it has never been explored as a concept), so he having the egg bosses by his side (willing or unwilling) would be interesting.
  8. the ones i got my hands on were enjoyable, i recall the ones with the Ian Flynn interview and the Ben Bates one, i particularly enjoy this kind of content, some of them had concept art and "fast forward" features, the last one i got is the one showcasing the post-SGW world (the one that teases Sally's ring blades), i don't recall any word searches or mazes though i just hope that the revival is not canned but rather just delayed as the rest of the comics.
  9. I do see your point but... nevermind, let it sink right here on another note, correct me if i'm wrong here, but wasn't this 'someone needs to die' thing Kaminski's idea? because he thought it would raise the stakes or something?
  10. i'm sorry if i've put it in a messy way or something, but, let´s go yes, i agree,there are good reasons to sue employers, but i've put a very specific situation on why i woudn't hire, IF it was over work the former employee did for them, which brings me to the second topic Actually it's not, this goes back to what Borvoc said, it's not the right (nor smart) thing to do, even if it is your right, a contract is nothing more than a way to prove an agreement between the parts (in court), but if both parts are aware of the terms of this contract/agreement, (in this case, the rights of the characters belonging to the employer), going against the agreement you made just because there's no proof of it doesnt sound righteous to me, nor something someone trustworthy would do, it sounds childish, denying/going against your word in order to take advantage of a situation. Also you said i don't sound trustworthy, well, i never go back on my word, no matter what, and always treat people with the same respect i wish to be treated and try to be a friend of everybody, i will not blame you if you dont take my word for granted, but if we knew each other better you'd see it for yourself. : )
  11. Agreed 100% here, if i were in the comic book industry (or any other company irl) and had to choose between an excelent professional who sued his former employers over work he did FOR them, or a not-so-good-as-the-first-one professional who hadn't done that, i'd choose the second one, after all good relationships (professional and personal) are based on trust, morality and being honest with yourself and others (obviously this doesn't include seeking legal breachs to claim the rights to things you know doesn't belong to you). if you do something like this you are basically saying "Hey look at me, i'm not trustworthy and not a good professional, if you hire me i'll sue you someday down the line"
  12. So, i read the whole thing but just to clarify, does fulop have a case or not? it seems his arguments/claims are falling apart
  13. Best burger (be careful with the edges)
  14. well, it's a Big game after all.. haha get it?
  15. I particularly view the situation this way: we obviously know that SEGA, be it SoA or SoJ, can totally tell archie to cease production and promotion of the books immediately (although if that's the case i don't really know if they would be allowed to even sell anything that have Sonic on the name, like their stocks of old issues and/or GN's , since they wouldn't have the license to do so, again, not a especialist on the legal matters), but if that's the case, why don't just release a note, like for example, Sonic Runners, they released a statement alleging it was a failure, and little time after they went "Sonic Runners will be shut down on the 'insert date here' , that's all folks". so if that's really the SEGA pulling the plug scenario, why have such a different behaviour?, this considering the Runners case wasn't that long ago Hoping for more info soon Also: with this i disagree, as minor as a character may be, if they appeared in a official product and are owned by the company, they are legit characters, like Mighty, Ray or Fang/Nack