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  1. I watched Sonic yesterday,

    It was the most fun I had at the movies in a long time, better than I was expecting for sure.


    I`ll try to post a summary at the movie thread during the week

  2. Gonna watch the movie tomorrow, I've been hearing good things about it,

    I can't wait

    1. BlueSky


      Well, any thoughts?

      I think there were some things that were enjoyable enough but I still think the fact I ate about what, 3-4 liters of popcorn during that movie straight tells how not-intense it was... or maybe the other way around, I'm not used to going to the cinema that often, let alone buying that huge amount of pop corn, but there was a student discount and I decided what the heck, let's buy this thing for once in a lifetime... not regretting, but boy, my lips were salty even the next day still.


      Also hi there buddy, I'm back from the dead.

  3. You when you arrive at your doctor's appointment X when you leave


  4. Those robots are actually the hands of the Egg Fighters IIRC
  5. Let's see what the new Year of Sonic will bring to the table


    1. Tarnish


      Cringe...lots of cringe...and disappointment. That's guaranteed at this point.

    2. BlueSky


      Honestly I'm laying my hopes on the fan works nowadays when it comes to Sonic, I've basically migrated fandoms yet again... 😑

  6. I always play either Blaze or Tails, it's uncommom for me to pick other racers, character preferences I guess
  7. I think I've listened to this song almost everyday for two weeks now


    I may have a problem

    1. StaticMania


      Nah, you're have no problem.

      There's more extreme ways to listen to music.

    2. BlueSky


      Man, you haven't made it into an obsession 'til you've listened to basically 99.99999% of your music time just the one song... for three months straight.

      Last summer was a thing for me, there was this one anime opening and one listen led to another...


      Btw, this is a kickass song. In a good way.

  8. Last week I finished Celeste, a game I bought with no expectations at all, and it turned out to be one of my favorite games I ever played, if you haven't played it yet, please give it a try.
  9. Happy new year SSMB!!!

    (and new decade as well)

    1. BlueSky


      I'm months late but happy 2020 to you as well! Hope this year gets better after the corona has made it's thing... hopefully that ends sooner than later.

  10. Big 👏 the 👏 cat 👏

  11. Oh the animation is beautiful I need more of it
  12. Here 



  13. TBH the annoucement I'm waiting is the re-issue of the Black Knight and Adventure OST's for the west, will we ever get those?

  14. I never had a problem with it, yeah they post more memes than anything, I myself end up enjoying most of them. Puns and "silly jokes" can work quite well if done right, and they mostly pull it off with their posts IMO.
  15. Did I just witnessed someone who loved The Last Jedi talk about legacy and respecting legacy? I'm sorry, but I need a moment to process that.
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