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  1. If Ian & Co. get carried over, i'm on it, But, let's see what this e-mail will be, at least this is something i can call news.
  2. i could see Ohshima-san being involved in mania as a supervisor, maybe for the animated cutscene(s) (which i hope are going to happen) or as @Tracker_TD said, doing a promotional art piece, but anything beyond that i highly doubt it.
  3. ---> Eggman conquered about 99% of the planet ---> Sonic and a resistance group fighting against him Its Pre-SGW all over again, (now we need the egg grapes) also, in development since 2013?, which of the previous games had such a long development time? i don't recall one
  4. now the real question is, will battlefront II be on par, or better, than battlefront II? also we already have some possible dlc's ( the last jedi heroes)? or will it be a pre order exclusive ? (which i doubt it) anyway, I'M HYPED, bring it on!!!
  5. Yeah, that's me as well, see, i started in the series playing sonic 1 on my genesis and watching SatAM, this was a phase, and it passed, years later what brought me back to Sonic was the comics, they cemented me as a fan, and since that time i played nearly all the games (my favorites being S3&K, CD, both adventures and unleashed). I am following the Boom TV series and i enjoy it for what it is (i really like comedies and stuff), but i don't want the main series to be "boomfied" in it's tone. I really wish that Forces takes itself more seriously than the last games. (and i really like what i've seen and heard until now btw).
  6. Yes, i'm subscribed in comiXology and i have backups of all my issues in 2 places, on my PC and in a flash drive, (i know this is too much) so yes, they are DRM-free
  7. it's incredible how i've seen this comparison like a thousand times but it keeps impressing me, from water to wine
  8. so the new character will be an NPC? i thought he would be the 3rd gameplay style
  9. E X C L U S I V E
  10. Prepping my bingo card right now, P2017 name reveal... check. gameplay sneakpeak... check, memes... double-check.
  11. are we counting indirect actions/events as well? because i'm sure that the effects of the destruction of half the moon led to lots of casualities, also the world-splitting beam from unleashed, and even advance 3 events, not counting other events/operations.Tthat's a big count under Dr. Eggman's name.
  12. The cupcake challenge video is finally out on Game Grumps now i really want some cupcakes (counts money....)
  13. I'll watch the stream , but would love to go personally, still counting the days though, can't wait for it.
  14. I don't know why but i find this to be pretty fitting to an ARK ambiented level, or prison island-esque