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  1. it's incredible how i've seen this comparison like a thousand times but it keeps impressing me, from water to wine
  2. so the new character will be an NPC? i thought he would be the 3rd gameplay style
  3. E X C L U S I V E
  4. Prepping my bingo card right now, P2017 name reveal... check. gameplay sneakpeak... check, memes... double-check.
  5. are we counting indirect actions/events as well? because i'm sure that the effects of the destruction of half the moon led to lots of casualities, also the world-splitting beam from unleashed, and even advance 3 events, not counting other events/operations.Tthat's a big count under Dr. Eggman's name.
  6. The cupcake challenge video is finally out on Game Grumps now i really want some cupcakes (counts money....)
  7. I'll watch the stream , but would love to go personally, still counting the days though, can't wait for it.
  8. I don't know why but i find this to be pretty fitting to an ARK ambiented level, or prison island-esque
  9. soo, after a long time we have more news on the 3rd installment of the adventure series A new mini-game: and it looks FABULOUS, love everything about this!!!
  10. Boom definitely deserves a better treatment, i hope now with an award they treat it better, don't expect it but still... on an unrelated note, i finally watched Og Man Out, and oh it was a great episode, a more action-oriented one, but there is some comedy moments, this is a nice type of episode to give a bit of fresh air, i was definitely expecting more jokes, but i don't mind the way it turned out, the only complain i have is that Og's hippie personality bothered me sometimes, although i think this is a compliment to the show, Og was written as a full time hippie, and it worked TOO well.
  11. they don't just said that it wasn't a sequel, but emphatised on "it's a brand new experience", with this in mind i don't see a generations-esque game coming out of this, actually i don't have a clue about what to expect, but i do like the idea of merging universes. (maybe nega shows up? or not...)