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  1. Thinking more about the subject, i can see 198 as a good jumping point, the premise is the most basic one (sonic vs eggman), and it ultimately leads into Worlds Collide, it's the start of it all (Eggman's descent into insanity caused him to theorise (correctly) the "cosmic punch line" that causes him to lose all the time, as explained by Eggman himself, and leaded to the creation of the Genesis Wave, used in Genesis, and after the Super Genesis Wave, which leaded to the new continuity). And on a side note it's not a complicated jumping-point, because everything you need to know, from the iron dominion arc all the way to the mecha Sally arc is explained in the story itself, be it on the main story or on backup stories (or in a sonic universe arc, but this is usually additional reading). I could consider One Step Forward as a Jumping point as well but i think it lacks some explanation on how Eggman got to that point, and you would lose the build up to the reveal of the Death Egg. And i do agree on the At all costs one, it does provide a glimpse on how everything used to be, and if the person gets curious he can go back and start from 198, thus covering everything that leaded to that point. (New Jumping-points added to the book)
  2. In my opinion the "Perfect" (and easiest) Jumping-Point is: Genesis of a Hero 1-3 --> Worlds Collide --> StH 252 ---> it presents some backstory and throw you right into action before going back to a slower pace in 252, and then when it starts developing the story you already have a good baggage of knowledge about the characters and overall setting. But we also have the other jumping-point, which is StH 160, the debut of Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley! (A.K.A OMG IS THIS THE SAME COMIC AS LAST ISSUE???SRSLY?) this one i only recomend if the person is willing to go through a lot of material he'll not understand at first, and will need to read some older stuff (or just search on Mobius Encyclopedia) to fully understand what's going on, But for newcomers i would still recomend "the easiest" jumping-point and after if he is curious about the pre-SGW continuity i'd recomend #160 as a place to start
  3. Hey, i know a good song or two: Dive into Gravity, from Riders Zero Gravity Egg Fleet, from Sonic Heroes: Faraway Avalon, from Sonic and the Black Knight: And for the Remix, a hidden gem from the past, a Toxic Caves remix from virtual sonic:
  4. having some chili-dogs for dinner to end the day, i won't give up on this yearly habit, it's tasty too..

    1. Kiah


      I'm having some right now! :P 

  5. Ahhh i need that Mania vinyl... (starts saving money)

  6. Just listened to the whole thing, i personally liked a lot almost every track, but i highlight "The Long War" , "Minecart Adventures" , "Hedgehog Elimination Engine" and "Pax Eggmanica -Sear & Reave-" . I'll definetely listen to it again as soon as i arrive home. In sum, another fantastic album.
  7. Today is the big day, Happy Birthday to the Fastest Thing Alive!!!

  8. well, i wouldn't like the boom series (specifically the TV series, since i don't see they releasing another game anytime soon) to go anywhere, in fact i would love if the show gets renewed to a 3rd season, i give mad props to the show for taking the place of SatAM as my favorite sonic cartoon, something i never thought would happen especially when boom was revealed, i strongly disliked the premise at the time, now i want it to end as much as i want the sonic comics to end, that being:
  9. Countdown to Sonic's 26th: 4 hours 45 minutes (on my end)

  10. I've been listening a lot of the secret rings soundtrack recently, so i thought to make it's ballot (among others) Sonic and the Secret Rings Sonic Lost World Sonic Heroes Sonic R Sonic 1 (Genesis/Mega Drive)
  11. Before i forget i'd like to thank @Kiah for putting this event up, i had a lot of fun sitting down and answering all the questions, and reading everyone else's answers too. Thanks everyone!! Here's to another 25 years (and beyond)!!!
  12. (Insert random .gif about throwing money at the screen here)
  13. Studiopolis act 1 was my favorite track so far, until Mirage Saloon was revealed, and it took the spot There's something about this track that makes me absolutely adore it, i can't point exactly what it is, but it's there.
  14. thanks, i already knew that Infinite was the name of the new villain, but what caught my attention was the decision of showing the symbol in another position (resembling an 8) instead of revealing it straightfoward as the infinity symbol. (we could argue that it was a "visual effects" based decision but yeah, that was my point.)
  15. Yes it could be both, and Mania releases in August too. (everything is connected) [cue x-files theme]