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  1. Take a trip down...

    ...Memory lane

    1. BlueSky


      Oooh, you just had to make me feel empty again...

      Gee I miss those guys alot. SU #95 was going to be so freaking epic and all...

    2. NikoS


      oh, i'm sorry my friend... yeah this song is indeed "powerfull" in the lack of a better word,

      yeah, SU #95 is epic, we at least got to see the pencils for the entire issue, does it makes me wish it was completed?, absolutely, but we can have a rough idea of what is happening, also seeing Ant in action and looking FREAKIN' BADASS is awesome even if it is pencils-only, (think on it as a manga), i'm glad we got to see those pages.

    3. BlueSky


      It's all cool, I'm pretty emotional person, prolly pouring my feelings out way too much. No need to feel sorry. And yeah, it's pretty moving theme considering the context, all the stuff people emotionally attach to it and all. So much loss I hear when I listen to this. But it's all good, it's part of life after all.

      Oh yeah, it's more than I could ask for!!! That's for sure, but still, it's so bittersweet. Seeing Antoine so badass was so darn amazing! All the emotions! All the stuff happening! All of it! I loved it and I couldn't be more grateful for ABT putting this out for us to see! I WANNA SEE TWAN KICKING BUTT MOAR!

      It's so powerful stuff! Yeah black and white art and everything other stuff, just about as amazing as shonen mangas are actually! So much feelings and action in 20 pages! IT'S A FREAKING MANGA CHAPTER NOW!!!

      Yeah, I'm happy too, but also frustrated and anxious at the same time! This is something I could put my money on without hesitation! I hope I could say same about the IDW thing when it comes out.

    4. NikoS



      I hope I could say same about the IDW thing when it comes out

      Maybe we will say it, no one knows for sure at this point, what we know is that they outright disconfirmed some things, but not the FF, and Flynn is on board, this alone gives me some hope!!!

      now let's wish for the best and be prepared for the worse

    5. BlueSky



      now let's wish for the best and be prepared for the worse

      You just brought this to my mind.

      Well yeah, I'm trying my best but I feel like I got burned with the Archie case. I dunno if I can really trust in licenced stuff anymore.

      Though I'll keep hoping them giving us the FF back. I'm not asking them to be around all the time, I'd just want to see them with their core beings intact and appearing like even ~once a year or something...

      Well, Mr. Flynn could bring some hope but frankly, even he's starting to sound like a salesman; you read it, you'll like it.

      It feels too US salesman rhetorics for me...

    6. NikoS


      oh, how can you keep bringing these songs that i never heard before and almost all the times i end up liking it?.. thanks for increasing my music library :lol:

      this is true, the thing with licensed long-running products is that they can end with a simple phonecall, this will never change (although IDW does have a good record track with this things)

      yeah, i would be ok with the FF appearing occasionally, the most important thing in a character for me is their core personality , this is what makes them appealing and interesting, and the thought of losing this is what concerns me too.

      about Flynn, i think he always had a bit of this "salesman marketing" approach when talking about his stuff, even on old interviews waay back in 2002/2003 when he was writing his fan comic "The Other M", but i can see why they (SEGA) are all "salesman-like" over this, it's their chance to introduce MANY, MANY new readers to the comics, so this kind of rethoric is understandable at least

    7. BlueSky


      You're welcome, my music tastes are mostly from 80's European (mostly UK) rock/(synth) pop stuff so feel free to ask if you ever want to listen to stuff like that... XD

      It's nice IDW seems to respect the old stuff of the franchises and the fandom as well, though I wonder how this'll end up for Sonic.

      Well, we can share the hope then, it would be just wrong for them to make the personalities all wrong. Though I suppose if Mr. Flynn's aboard it's not in the worst hands, but then again, it's all about what Sega says...

      Well, I suppose, even more now since he's practically marketing himself for a living, being a freelancer and all... It's understandable for him and for Sega and for IDW, but still, I don't really dig it. Might be a cultural thing. Like, when our president visited in the White House some time ago, in the press conference Trump was all like "those Hornets you're buying are awesome". The thing is, our government hasn't made any desicions around the matter what kind of aircraft they should buy yet and for Finns it sounded like Trump made a mistake. One guy was thinking our president should've corrected him there and then but well, would they really want to correct the president of the USA like that? I wouldn't, especially when our president made it pretty clear afterwards it was all market talk. I myself was taken a bit off-guard by Trump's wording too, I suppose the salesman culture of US doesn't mix too well with my Finnish ears. It's like someone's deciding already for me that I'm going to buy it, read it and like it and I have no say whatsoever about the matter. And I don't really dig stuff like that. I like to decide myself what I like, it's my money and my brains after all. So that salesman logic pushes me away from the stuff more likely since when they try to attract me, they actually push me away By telling me something forceful that my brains turn upside down as a self-protecting mechanism (they're forcing me to do stuff? Maybe I would've done so before but nope now!), I'm that kind of a crazy.

      So it's really worlds colliding, you know.

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