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  1. Gonna watch the movie tomorrow, I've been hearing good things about it,

    I can't wait

    1. BlueSky


      Well, any thoughts?

      I think there were some things that were enjoyable enough but I still think the fact I ate about what, 3-4 liters of popcorn during that movie straight tells how not-intense it was... or maybe the other way around, I'm not used to going to the cinema that often, let alone buying that huge amount of pop corn, but there was a student discount and I decided what the heck, let's buy this thing for once in a lifetime... not regretting, but boy, my lips were salty even the next day still.


      Also hi there buddy, I'm back from the dead.

  2. Let's see what the new Year of Sonic will bring to the table


    1. Tarnish


      Cringe...lots of cringe...and disappointment. That's guaranteed at this point.

    2. BlueSky


      Honestly I'm laying my hopes on the fan works nowadays when it comes to Sonic, I've basically migrated fandoms yet again... 😑

  3. I always play either Blaze or Tails, it's uncommom for me to pick other racers, character preferences I guess
  4. I think I've listened to this song almost everyday for two weeks now


    I may have a problem

    1. StaticMania


      Nah, you're have no problem.

      There's more extreme ways to listen to music.

    2. BlueSky


      Man, you haven't made it into an obsession 'til you've listened to basically 99.99999% of your music time just the one song... for three months straight.

      Last summer was a thing for me, there was this one anime opening and one listen led to another...


      Btw, this is a kickass song. In a good way.

  5. Last week I finished Celeste, a game I bought with no expectations at all, and it turned out to be one of my favorite games I ever played, if you haven't played it yet, please give it a try.
  6. Happy new year SSMB!!!

    (and new decade as well)

    1. BlueSky


      I'm months late but happy 2020 to you as well! Hope this year gets better after the corona has made it's thing... hopefully that ends sooner than later.

  7. Big 👏 the 👏 cat 👏

  8. Oh the animation is beautiful I need more of it
  9. Here 



  10. I never had a problem with it, yeah they post more memes than anything, I myself end up enjoying most of them. Puns and "silly jokes" can work quite well if done right, and they mostly pull it off with their posts IMO.
  11. Did I just witnessed someone who loved The Last Jedi talk about legacy and respecting legacy? I'm sorry, but I need a moment to process that.
  12. Oh, I know I'll enjoy this movie, be laughing with it or at it, now, if it turns out to be a genuine good movie that does capture Sonic's spirit well, the design will not prevent me from enjoying it for what it is.
  13. I guess i'll quote the OVA, but remove the question at the end. The first image i saw (the one from the style guide) I thought "Ehh, It can work, it's not that bad, it reminds me of '06, it can work" , then I saw this render and I'm like "Excuse me how even?!?"
  14. Well, after a break I finally caught up to the latest comic, the last time I wrote here i wasn't impressed with the comic, it was lacking in many departments IMO and it wasn't really giving me that feeling of need to read the next issue (I was at issue #09 for the record), and now at issue #14, things have really changed for the better, much to my surprise. The two final issues of the battle for Angel island were really action-packed, Master Overlord was a nice mid battle twist and it ended on a positive note. While the heroes were fighting, Eggman (Mr. Tinker) was being kidnapped by Rough and Tumble, both working for this still mysterious Dr. Starline, who was planning to revert Eggman's memory loss, for unknown reasons at the moment. On the next issues Eggman recovers his memory after seeing Metal Sonic, and Starline pledges alliance as an apprentice/would be sidekick, even giving the doctor all seven chaos emeralds, a self-proclaimed admirer of Eggman's work, he seems as loyal to the doctor as any of his machines, Starline also have the warp topaz, which grants him abilities to create portals, similar to Finitevus warp rings. Speaking of Finitevus, this character felt to me like a mix between Finitevus and Snively (maybe, depending on how his relationship with Eggman evolves) , and I really liked his presentation, his character, his teasing with Sonic and Silver, everything. Again, the new characters are still the high point of this new series for me, but now, closing the 14th issue, I'm more invested than I was when we were at the 9th, if we keep improving like this, I may start reading them on release day again, and I wish this day will come. About complaints, they are mostly the same, Too little worldbuilding IMO and lack of backstories, though I'm sure we'll get at least the latter down the road for sure, anyways, I'm happy with these improvements, and for the first time i can say I'm really looking forward to the next issue.
  15. I guess i came back just in time for the main event

  16. Well, hello there!

    Long time no see SSMB! I'm coming back, slowly but surely.

    1. Failinhearts


      Welcome back!

    2. Kiah


      Welcome back! Hope you’ve been doing well!

  17. About the Lost Hex, since it's described by Tails as a "land of illusions" or something along those lines (in the JP dub), can it be that some of it's locations and enemies are actually illusions? I know it'll probably never come back again, but now with the introduction of the phantom ruby this could lead to some interesting things, in both backstory/lore and for future games.
  18. I guess it's kinda late to say happy new year, though i see no one to stop me, so...


    May 2019 be an amazing year for us all!!


    also, new profile pic, that's my fursona, i created it a while ago, and now a friend of mine made this drawing for me,

    that's also another reason I wish i knew how to draw.


    1. Kiah


      Better late than never! Hope 2019 is an amazing year for you too 🙂

      As for drawing you could always learn!

  19. Merry (belated) Christmas SSMB!!

    1. Failinhearts


      Merry Christmas!

  20. SEGA

    1. BlueSky


      In search for professional teachers.

  21. So, the annual stories seem to be taking the universe approach, neat! As silly and random as the gardening premise may be, i'm really looking foward to that one, these small moments are the ones that usually delves into character development. Also, that Uekawa cover
  22. I don't believe in miracl.....





  23. So, it's confirmed that Starline is inspired by Finitevus, that could lead to something, what if their plans are alike as well? Finitevus infused Knuckles with chaos energy for him to become Enerjak, What if Starline infuses Eggman with phantom ruby energy, for him to become:
  24. Yeah, now it's done, nothing more appropriated to the last wallpaper than the last (unfinished) arc


    And with this one i'm done, 12 months, 12 wallpapers, one guy with no more ideas to do another one (at least for now).

    1. Kiah


      I love it! Nice job!

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