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  1. Oh wow, your scene in the Kirby Reanimated Collab is so good. I wanted to join the project but missed my chance. I'm really excited by the ambition of this project. I can't wait to see what more this has in store. I can't help but feel that since all of the villains come from different Sonic Realities in the Sonic Multiverse that we're going to be doing a lot of dimension hopping and seeing damn near close to everything in Sonic's catalogue. That also has me going to one more thing. Please tell me that the Sonic Manga Hedgehog Town and Anton Veruca and his gang of bullies get some time in the limelight. They're not referenced often, but they're neat little obscure things you know.
  2. LongcrierCat

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    You are in luck today, friendo~ I'm kind of doubting that Sonic will look like Spongebob did in the Sponge Out of Water movie, but I still think that Sonic will fare better than the Turtles did. However, I did include doodles in the top left if that's what we end up with. Generally, I think they will go with a realistic Furry type of design will probably be what they go for. But I really doubt they'll go for lips like they did with the Turtles on the basis that it still gives us all Mike Myers flashbacks to The Cat in the Hat and that Paramount has even decided that G1 Transformers will be the way to go with Bumblebee (finally~). Really I think Sonic will look like a Paddington or Rocket Raccoon with a realistic take on the iconic shoes and peculiarly peanut shaped goggles to evoke the eye shape. I may also do more Robotnik sketches knowing that Carrey is filming in a green screen set and suit at Mammoth Studios. I had to look them up and it seems to be a generic name for in studio film set studios? Interesting stuff. Also, fwiw on Jeff Fowler being a first time director so was Tim Miller when he did Deadpool and well... look who's basically co directing. Even if Live Action Sonic as an idea is heavily flawed at least this team is guaranteed to give us whatever will be a good (enough) version of that. I still have to wonder if anyone besides Sonic and good ol' Dr. Eggman are set to appear and we just haven't heard about it yet. Given the Green Hill vibes though, they may stick to this movie being their Sonic 1 though. So it may not be too surprising to not see the Big Name Friends yet. I kind of hope to see some neat takes on the animals freed from badniks though.
  3. LongcrierCat

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    I'm still wondering about the Motion Capture that Ben Schwartz is doing for Sonic in the movie and did some research. I didn't know Ted was a mocap character. That's kind of neat even if I can't stand McFarlane. As we know, this doesn't mean Sonic will be humanoid, but could be more human or realistic looking than expected from us for the live action treatment and will probably have Blur Studios do character animation touch ups. Hopefully with the short stature they're giving him this means they've learned that the Michael Bay Movie Turtles are not a template for how to design Sonic. What I'm hoping for is that they're going the Paddington route in making Sonic into a funny blue hedgehog character that looks like he belongs in a fun movie like Paddington but put him in a Marvel movie kind of situation through his film. I'm doing some roughs for how he could look and I'm leaning all kinds of directions, but hoping to hell he looks closer to Rocket Raccoon and Paddington over the Turtles even with their designs being improved upon in Out of the Shadows a little.
  4. LongcrierCat

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Nintendo loves to defy expectations. I didn't think King K. Rool fans would get a pleasant surprise but with Daisy, Ridley, and King K. Rool all finally getting their shots as Smash Fighters, it's safe to say that as long as the game characters don't have strange copyright problems that they're up to bat for a turn. What's more unexpected than a really weird French game mascot that is unlike anything else these days? Sakurai is unpredictable and likes to surprise people. I kind of expect to get a first hand trolling like K. Rool fans did too. And fwiw, the sales factors are absolutely a factor in winning Ubisoft's trust to borrow an IP of theirs. They only do things if it makes them bank. Also remember, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games was announced and people denied that Sonic would get in to Smash. Then October 10th, 2018 happened.
  5. LongcrierCat

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    That usually means that ten days from then is the announcement date. October 10th, huh? Last time I got a Smash reveal landing on my birthday was in 2008 and Sonic got announced. Could it be fate? Keep your eyes out for the unlisted music leaks, people. Let me know if a Glade of Dreams gets leaked.
  6. LongcrierCat

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I still really think that Sora is a long shot for one big reason. Disney. This is kind of a Goku case in that you'd introduce a character tied to multimedia that hasn't been in any mainline Final Fantasy but is only in Disney x Final Fantasy crossover games. And you know that his Final Smash would have to be one huge Disney reference. So how cheap would it be to work with Disney again? I mean his whole outfit is littered with (Not So) Hidden Mickeys. He's kind of got really tough luck to get in. That's not just a talk with Square, that's a talk with Disney. That's a rights issue I don't think Nintendo is down for. Geno is the likely one for a new Square Enix rep. Him or Sephiroth. But I mean, this isn't to dunk on Sora. I'm just being realistic. He's a long shot. You have more chances with Rayman who fans have been asking for pretty fervently since Artsy Omni's Smashified blew up as a leak. Seriously. Count on Rayman. Given that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle sold really well I'm going to say that Ubisoft will lend their one and only true mascot to Nintendo this time. Rayman is a popular series with Nintendo. That's your next newcomer in the next Smash Direct. Maybe he will come with an Echo in Globox (though I'm kind of thinking Rayman will be a standalone fighter). Trailer will probably have Rayman and Kirby fighting side to side as Kirby visits the Glade of Dreams as Dark Matter causes problems alongside Mr. Dark. Only new Nintendo IP missing fighters is Arms which I'm surprised people keep overlooking. I mean, that's the only Nintendo IP that seems to fit for adding newcomers. The next newcomers may as well be Third Parties given the careful thought to be as inclusive as possible to video game icons. I'm kind of thinking Dixie Kong is due to be a Diddy Kong Echo if I'm also weighing in there. And Sonic is getting another rep or two given how long Sonic has been here. Tails, Shadow, Metal Sonic? Probably going retro and tied to Nintendo game history and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was really big on Gamecube. Only makes sense to have Shadow. But I'll be happy to see Tails regardless. Tails is as important to Sonic as Luigi is to Mario. Let the fox in.
  7. LongcrierCat

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Okay we're hitting a trend now with issues 9-12. We have another "story arc" where they want us to pay attention to what happens. So everyone is on Angel Island to liberate that and take out Metal Sonic now. But uh. We're kind of already there and attacking the base. So, how did we stretch this out beyond two issues. Usually this amount of story would be handled in two issues. I'm getting a bad feeling that this will be like how Issues 1-4 were where they meander about pretending a story is going on when it's really just fluff to make room for more fighting which has been a constant in this book. At least the fights were usually story driven in Archie and there was an excuse for arcs. A lot was going on and were taking place all over the Sonic Universe. We had side stories with Knuckles and the Chaotix, Sally and Nicole, Eggman VS The Witchcarters (and honestly who saw that coming? Wow, what an awesome surprise that was) and they all tied back into the major theme of this Brave New World that was being fully realized. And I know, world building is everywhere, but why are people suddenly telling us that it's just fluff and doesn't mean anything? Lore helps establish tone and gives way to character motivations and reasons for plots to unfold. I think the real reason we're not caring about the world building is because the story doesn't matter anymore, it's just do what Sega tells them to do. I mean, they're more competent than Sonic Team, but the new comic is so hollow and yes. I agree @Diogenes. I don't get why Metal is a slave to Robotnik's wishes here. They could have had a neat GitS talk about him severing ties with his Master and his agenda and decided to take on a new role as he sows chaos across Mobi- I mean Eart- I mean Sonic's World. Just. This feels like a husk compared to what came before and the confirmation that a gay couple of characters would have been more gay in the following stories in their book shot me in the heart as a trans lesbian and the stories I have grown so fond of not mattering now has me thinking that it's a damn shame the Archie book ended the way it did. It took the ideas of Sonic at its base and did something new with them. Egg Bosses and Cyberization were such good ideas and now that's just lost. It's not even acknowledged in Sonic Forces, the game that basically was the comic's running theme of fighting for freedom. It's just disrespectful in my eyes. It's just a product that's lacking in the right amount of heart. And I'm really disappointed as I hoped this would grow on me. Mr. Tinker has been a fine Ovi Kintobor but Neo Metal isn't enough of a Metallix and they built too much hype around Tangle for her to be a blank slate then come around with Whisper who immediately has more of a personality in her intro issue. This comic is a damn mess, and I think Sega has interfered far too much. You don't slap your best artists on the wrists like that for something a bad artist did. I feel like they're still getting back at Ken Penders with all these regulations but it's backfiring poorly.
  8. LongcrierCat

    Has 06 killed the many characters formula for good?

    Sonic Adventure wasn't that bad though at the time and was probably the closest Sega got to 3D Sonic 3. It's actually aged okay enough. It's more when they started forcing you to play as other characters that they got too pushy for their own good and thought they could consistently get people to be okay with Gameplay Roulette. Though, Undertale and Nier: Automata have been beloved for their usage of Gameplay Roulette so it probably comes down to them not polishing the main gameplay enough for it to leave an impression. You need good gameplay mechanics and level design that compliments and challenges it.
  9. LongcrierCat

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2

    Sure would be crazy if someone called a detail playing part of the story, huh? I mean, this would be crazy for Disney to have in their Family Picture, am I right? :3c That being said, I'm kind of digging that the reason for going to the internet is to repair the Sugar Rush cabinet. That's cool stuff. So who wants to bet that I called it that they're going to talk/joke about bad fanboys who have a habit of harassing actors and actresses, hm?~ I mean, this movie is talking a lot more about actual internet culture than Ready Player One was with its creepy GamerGate take of it all. I mean. It's not going to be Summer Wars, but that's only because that's a hard one to top when talking Internet Movies. But Disney is sure to be doing a much better movie than Spielberg or Sony (Emoji Movie) did.
  10. LongcrierCat

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2

    That's neat to know that they even considered small details like who knows who and how their relationships are. Also, I'm sorry but I can't help but take that Zootopia nod as him admitting that this may have more furry representation on the internet than Ready Player One did. Which well. Finally a movie that might portray the internet semi-realistically? Come on. The Furry Fandom is small but relatively huge. You'll find one or two in any community. I just have to wonder if there's going to be politics jokes too and maybe a tangent about the Dark Web and horrible things lurking on the internet and being clever but maybe not subtle that they're really talking about 4Chan with a made up site for the film? I mean, the darker nature of fandom and the cultures built around the internet may be actually interesting and real parts of this movie and would be really meta and kind of interesting to see. I mean, the first movie got pretty meta to the point of them talking about game code and making it an integral part of the major plot.
  11. LongcrierCat

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah, Rob'O could have had a good part in the Sonic universe. But eh, Ken Penders will be Ken Penders. I was a fan of Mammoth Mogul myself as a side antagonist. I'm just hoping now that the Freedom Fighters still have a place in the Sonic Universe post Archie and Forces. The mere fact that they were not in a game that echoed that comic and SatAM (the 1993 Sonic show) is kind of disheartening for major fans of it who valued that as a part of the Sonic Legacy in pop culture.
  12. LongcrierCat

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    You won't be seeing Rob'O ever again because of his creator, Ken Penders. See, it's been a near decade of Ken Penders going on about character rights and how he deserved to get his characters back after he left the comic and sued Sega for the likeness of his Echidna characters (which was total bunk and we all know it) in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Come 2013, the book had a soft reboot where everything got a new coat of paint and all of his characters got axed off panel. That's an abridged version of what happened. It's honestly a messy and horrid history of dealing with Ken and things were so much better when Flynn got the reins of the book as the lead writer. The book hit its peak when the 2013 soft reboot happened.
  13. LongcrierCat

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    No Rayman talk? That's the one character I was hoping would be talked about considering there's the most evidence of them being the next reveal. And it's not like there isn't a reason to have Rayman in. I mean, the "Adventure Mode" being speculated is called Spirits Mode right? So saving the souls of fallen comrades to help fight and keep the balance from falling to a dark and mysterious force that the bad guys could all be working for. That and Rayman is a perfect buddy for Kirby, both being heroes from Dream Lands. I mean Rayman's been to the Land of the Livid Dead so many times in their series that it would feel a waste to not use them if the Spirits Mode is true. I've got hopes up, sure. But this feels so telegraphed right now that I'm surprised no one is taking this seriously. Then again, you also didn't take King K. Rool seriously. Now look where we are. :3c
  14. Yeah long time no see, Sonic Stadium. 

    Shame it was an absence for melancholy reasons and just generally being on a constant move. I moved, had to go back to my home state to try to see my dad one last time, he passed away before I got there, went to his funeral, just...

    God, I've had the worst week in a while. It kind of stings that we won't bond one last time over the new Streets of Rage like we used to. 

    1. Kiah


      I’m sorry for your loss. That’s very unfortunate and heartbreaking that you didn’t get to see him one last time. I couldn’t imagine what you are going through right now 🙁.

      You have my condolences and I hope that you get through this okay and that you find comfort soon. 

  15. LongcrierCat

    Streets of Rage 4 "Grand UPPAH!"

    Well this has been an extremely pleasant surprise. Also, yeah Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima would be ace to have on this soundtrack. Damn. This was one of my dad's favourite games to play co-op with me on the Genesis too and it's coming out after he passed away. It was Streets of Rage and Golden Axe for when he wanted to play a beat em up with me and we always had a blast. This could have come a lot sooner for me, shit.

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