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  1. Hi again, Sonic Stadium.


  2. Okay okay. You make your point loud and clear. But for now, I'm just reanimating over the dude. Maybe you'd like this one better~
  3. I know it's not as finished as the other reanimated video that was put out this week (but honestly, I think we can all agree that Hotdiggetydemon is kind of... Seth McFarlane-y), but I thought I'd like to share with you all. Just here to be a little more positive.
  4. Just came in to see how you all enjoyed tha- Oh. Character personality debating. Huh. And here I just thought that was a nice little light from all the doom and gloom the fanbase has been under because of the movie. Live and learn, I guess.
  5. Hey, it beats having the same argument about how the filmmakers missed the point of Sonic for the umpteenth time. I mean no, this product likely won't have love and passion going into it knowing most of the film industry. But also that doesn't out rule that. I mean, this wouldn't be the first videogame movie where the team was really into it and wanted it to do really well if Duncan Jones' Warcraft has anything to say. Some people can be really excited to work on a product for a franchise they've possibly loved since they were kids. I'm only saying. I mean, I expect this to be average. I've been here to see all of the Transformers movies and Turtles movies. Yeah, a good lot of them are average. But it shouldn't discredit that things in films have changed drastically in this decade of film alone. I don't know what to expect here because while there'd be ideas of what it could be like, those things have possibly evolved some. I'm more just wondering how bad this could be or if it could shock us all and dare to be good instead. I mean, I certainly never expected The Lego Movie to be good and that spawned a series of mostly strong films. You never know. But also know that maybe we should all be a bit less at each other's throats seeing that be kind of a thing. Things have been admittedly overwhelmingly hostile at points and I'm frankly scared about how seriously some people are taking this. Also, it really doesn't help to egg people on either.
  6. I'm not really sure if most people completely miss the point of Sonic entirely? I mean the series is about a blue hedgehog that can use his abilities to pinball and go really fast and really loves freedom and fights an egg shaped scientist who builds robots and doesn't really care about people's autonomy all that much. It's a really simple concept and to be honest, I don't see how they've misrepresented that in this movie just yet? To be fair, him teaming up with a cop sounds... weird, but okay. Maybe this is a deconstruction of buddy cop movies, maybe. I don't know. That's just a weird idea I'm throwing out. We don't really have a strong plot synopsis and it could even be out of date. And even then, the U.S. government working to catch Sonic sounds like Robotnik pulled strings which sounds perfectly in character. Especially these days. Because guess what, media isn't created in a vacuum and the culture of a thing created in a time will reflect that mindset of that time regardless of if it was a passion project or very clearly a product made to be hip with the kids. I'm not saying let's not be down on the capitalist thing this is but damn. We can be patient to see if this thing deserves half the shit it's getting, right?
  7. That is surprisingly sentimental and yes. I mean, that's a good parallel too. It's like I tell people that comic books, manga, and videogames are culturally similar. Fwiw, the 90s may as well be the Gold or Silver Age of Gaming and games tell stories and/or entertain. Sometimes it's going to have a story that you think about. But I think we're getting a little too esoteric with that talk now.
  8. Okay. Mind you, I've probably watched more film recently that was more about making you think a lot about what's going on onscreen. Wasn't meaning to make fan fiction or anything, even if I think the fan fiction surrounding Forces did a better job than the game itself did. I mean, this isn't Annihilation or the GitS series where Wild Mass Guessing is the norm.
  9. Admittedly, when a story goes like this it's kind of hard not to fill in the blanks and think that one thing leads to another. I mean, think about it. Why is a Mobian working with Eggman in Forces? Yes, we know it's because of his angsty arse getting kicked by Shadow. Not what I'm talking about though. There's a Sonic World where it was normal to be loyal to the Eggman. Or to join his side because the person's world view is destructive nihilism and he just wants to watch the world burn. I mean that fits Infinite's edgy outlook on life. So what did Eggman do to those he crushed? The cities which he conquered? Where did all those people go? What happened to them? There's a point in what @Conquering Storm’s Servant says. Our minds link events together. What happens when a fascist wages a war on most of the continent you live on and conquers 99.9% of it? He clearly had them jailed and as we know by now, slavery is technically legal through the prison system. It's dark. Don't get me wrong, it's dark as hell. But surely these things happened in the context of the story. The Doctor's authoritarianism took a turn to fascism and here's Sonic and the gang fighting a war against him. Doesn't matter if it's a cartoon. If your cartoon is portraying war, it's probably also portraying the ugly side of it or hiding it with the facade of being a kid's videogame or show.
  10. Admittedly though, it has been a franchise that talks about the loss of self and being free to be yourself in the face of powerful industry giants like a Robotnik? I mean, putting animals in robots is pretty much making a human a robot to a guy like Sonic. He's not human. He's animal. Of course he'd have a problem with that like how humans have a problem with people being turned into robots.
  11. Oh yeah, Penders straight appropriating that poem is tactless garbage. And yeah I do happen to agree. Listen guys. Sonic Forces was World War Sonic. It was hamfisted and dumb and nowhere near like a realistic world war. Not even going to argue that I want it to be like that. But also, if I've been paying attention to my pop culture of the last decade right, Steven Universe tackled PTSD and War Flashbacks in a cartoon aimed at the TV-PG audience. Hell, that show helped me out through depression to having lived with a family an awful lot like that. Sega very well could have easily done a huge talk on Robotnik's flavour of fascism and why it was actually horrific. They flirted with the idea of Tails having PTSD and an abandonment complex because he thought Sonic was dead. His own brother. It's a little serious in odd places for something with a blue cartoon hedgehog in it.
  12. Holy heck, Mighty and Ray toys, whaaaaaaaat. 


  13. Admittedly though, it would be fun if he was though? And kind of almost is but with the mentality of a grumpy loner teenager in the current day Sonic comics? He's a lot of fun to play with and they don't do enough with him because as being the guardian of the series' famous McGuffins, you'd think they'd do more with him, but... they don't. It's awkward. I like this take. However, we're going to take a moment for both of their history with Sonic to shine. They've both been fanatics ever since they first met Sonic and while that childlike wonder would have gone away, Sonic proved that he's a good person who stands up for what he believes in. His conviction is nothing short of inspiring to them so these kids become more when they grow up. They grow to be more codependent or independent of Sonic and live their lives with the kind of philosophy Sonic holds. Amy wants to do right and aide in the fight against Eggman, Tails wants to believe in themself and go out there and do things so his brother will be happy for him. Amy wanted to be a lover and arguably is but non mutually, and regardless of how much she's tested through robots trying to kidnap her, having Dr. Robotnik threaten to kill her for his personal gain, and being supportive of everyone, she's learned a lot about how to be a leader. Tails is Sonic's brother and is always wanting to be treated as the adult he actually is and do things that will make his brother proud even if Sonic were to die. Sonic's Sacrifice in Sonic Adventure 2 was built up to quite a bit in Sonic Adventure 2 and when it hits, it hits everyone in the moment. Amy is a best friend, yes, but Tails is Sonic's brother. This is going to be hard for him to think of Sonic as being gone. Sonic Forces almost had something good to play with before wasting that. They should have played with his code of morals and convictions more because he does very much have a sense of rules amid all the chaos. But that would take better writing than they're capable of? ... and to continue, these characters were built up but as we all kind of agree, the writing in the games are a huge mess. And the characters have been inconsistent for a decade now in the Sonic Team games. It's a real bother to me. It's why even though I've seen the cutscenes and know all of these stories, the game stories are hard to follow but the comics have always been this nice place to read actual stories with them all. And yeah, that makes a good amount of difference for the characters and their personalities. When even the Sonic Boom version feels more fleshed out than current day Modern Sonic, there's a problem.
  14. Well that's a thought I didn't want in my head. Thanks, @Skull Leader, hahahaha. It's interesting too, because here's the thing. Sonic has been this huge balancing act of two different cultures in America and Japan. A lot of the team building Sonic onward from Sonic 2 onwards was the American Sega Technical Institute and members of Sonic Team who flocked over to Sega America including Hirokazu Yasuhara. The Sonic series has a fantastic documentary that isn't shared enough. It's really eye opening. There's even stuff that's only come to light in the last few years in here and it's really fascinating stuff. Did you know that Sonic Spinball was made in less than half a year to make up for Sonic 3 & Knuckles being delayed? See, Sonic would have been really damn toyetic (and while that may sound good it has... effects if we look at goofy things like Dino Saucers and Street Sharks) moreso than he already is if made in America. Remember, this is the 90s. We're coming in after the 80s. He-Man and Ninja Turtles have skyrocketed the children's mascot toy market. America is looking for the cool new thing to compete in the toy market still. So, a videogame about a speedy animal like Speedy Gonzales. It would have been very basic platforming with the focus being on running fast. You know, it would probably look a lot like this: We all remember this bootleg by now, right? Sure. Maybe someone would have thought of pinball physics and platforming with intense momentum skill based play. But as it is, it's hard to imagine it coming from another team that probably didn't have that mindset going in. And it's funny. Sega's search for a mascot went a lot like this Find the New Hottest Thing We Like Best. But if it had come from anyone who wasn't Naoto Oshima, Yuji Naka, Hirokazu Yasuhara, and Takashi Iizuka and their teams in both Japan and America then I don't think we'd have the same thing today in design, engine, or sense. It's funny too. In Sonic's inception, he had his own April O'Neil too. Madonna would have basically filled in for that (ugh....) mandatory spot as the human girl who Sonic really likes to hang out with while on Adventures. In the 90s, Americans making anime was usually... not even on par with Avatar or Steven Universe or She-Ra these days. That Sonic would have been stuck in the 90s forever unless a reboot happened that was actually really good. ... but at that point, we're talking about Thundercats, now aren't we? And that didn't go as planned in 2011. I'm just saying that I kind of appreciate how Sonic has been even if it sometimes has games that play more like Speedy Gonzales and Crash Bandicoot with a boost button (and no that is not a diss on Crash Bandicoot).
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