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  1. LongcrierCat

    Does No One Here Want A SatAM/Archie Sonic Game?

    Not sure I agree entirely with the Freedom Fighters not fitting with Classic Sonic gameplay given that @E-122-Psi did a near perfect adaptation of these characters to Sonic 1 and they still feel about right for the kind of physics gameplay that may lend itself well to stealth gameplay. Stealth Gameplay has been played around with Sonic starting back as far as Sonic 3 in Launch Base Zone but there's room to make more use of surveillance and security traps to utilize for an FF heavy Sonic game and Sonic being a good character to pick for quick missions that has someone who can slide in easy and make a quick getaway. If Freedom Planet can add combat and ladder climbing and Rayman kind of double jump hover mechanics then it goes to show that the Sonic formula is still incredibly flexible and needs to be played with more. A stealth Sonic game based on bringing these characters in would help push the series out of its comfort zone and be only a good thing I feel. The series needs to root itself back into what works while also making note to bring itself into new territory. I'm a huge advocate for a game with these characters and ideas and it was the one thing that kept me paying attention to Sonic Forces for as long as it did but even that game's Eggman makes Robotnik out to be a fun guy because he at least takes pleasure and has fun while doing the despicable and is arguably more Eggman than the Eggman I saw in Forces. I would have even preferred Sonic 06 Eggman to Forces Eggman. Also, the species selection wasn't big enough, and no Sega, I don't care that there were bonuses to picking types of animals, I just wanted to make Bunnie Rabbot or Sally to play as but you didn't give me a lot of options. I guess the fanbase, as per usual, has to make up for what you weren't able to do. Oh well. You tried?
  2. I heard some people really liked my Sonic 3 finished art of Greg Martin's Sonic and Knuckles concept art. I'm shooting a little at trying to get a push going at Ubisoft to be kind to Michel Ancel and Co to remake the Rayman trilogy and have made a remake of the original box art. 


    Thanks for checking on my art, all~ 

    1. MightyRay


      Did, did you paint that? Cause if so, damn that is good!

    2. LongcrierCat


      That is my digital painting, yes. I hid my signature here I think.

    3. Kiah


      Yeah it was discovered in a status update that @Osmium made that you colored it after I said I wish that someone had colored the original. You did an amazing job!

    4. SupahBerry


      I'm honestly not sure on how Rayman 1's graphics could be improve, since it already has handrawn sprites. They could honestly just put an HD tuneup on the graphics and be done, since they still hold up today; I don't think it's necessary to change everything into the Origins/Legends artstyle. If there really needs to be a change, they could add a few additional details over the original sprites, and maybe throw in more frames into certain animations, and maybe throw in completely new animations in as well.


      ...Honestly, I could go for a new 2D Rayman done by Cuphead's artists.

  3. LongcrierCat

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I've been a long time fan of his and it's been extremely disheartening to say at the very least. Sega has a choke hold on this comic and it will die by their hands.
  4. LongcrierCat

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    "Well, this sure is living in the city. It's all bustling and full of people to meet. Say, is that a truck?"
  5. LongcrierCat

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Well I mean. He has a point. If the story of your issue will mostly be focused on a fight with tons of emotion then you want to have a solid sense of weight behind the action and really solid delivery on the facial expressions. It's odd too because... Tracey was extremely good at facial expressions because they're a cartoonist. Then comes IDW and he's just not emoting in his art like he did back at Archie. It feels subpar and hollow compared to the more passionate takes you'd get from the Archie series. Also? Your heroes were allowed to lose fights sometimes in the Archie book. Almost every time Sonic and his friends always get the upper hand even with him retreating in Issue 7 which would have been a great issue. The art was phenomenal and ABT is still a boon to this book in their manga styled take on these books. I wonder how big a fan he is of Mr. Oda. But the story surprise. Well. It works. But it's predictable. That's where the book is. It's formulaic in ways that feel like pandering. Also, I was kind of hoping that Whisper was blind and could have been this book's Bunnie Rabbot where you have a disabled Sonic character, but it's just a quirk with characters who close their eyes I guess? I was hoping the name Whisper meant that she was blind and thus had to listen to her environment in order to react to things. See, that would have been fun, yeah? Instead she's coming off as an assassin type and while that is technically new for Sonic it's not as interesting to me as what I was coming up with. Still, I hope Tangle and her become girlfriends. If the characters could have more relationship and goals other than doing things for the reason of if they're good or bad that'd be nice. That's what I loved about Archie. All of the characters filled a unique niche. The Meropis story with Coral, Pearlie, and Razor was really fulfilling as also being a unique departure in what was essentially a comic adaptation of Sonic Unleashed. Characters were quickly made clear and you got to know them quick and focus on them for a long time. They spent four issues on Meropis but Tangle has only got one issue so far with nothing to latch onto. Same goes for Rough and Tumble and it feels like the same will happen to Whisper. I want a reason to like these characters, please. Give me something more than a neat ability or joke or something. I feel like someone needs to look back at Disney comics and Early Silver Age when the books were goofy and had characters like Stilt Man to figure out how to make a true impression. My Hero Academia would be a really great example of something to look to in how to write an action series like Sonic where you have the action but overall still have more to this story than just the good fight. It's kind of why I liked Sonic having an uncle too as well as his brother Tails. He had a reason to care. His friends were his family but it's kind of... not brought up anymore. He fights to fight. I feel like one of the things kids like about cartoons these days is how much they connect with the characters having issues beyond just fighting or really good reasons for fights breaking out. It's why I haven't taken well to this emotionless Sonic Sega wants to sell. I liked my characters for having feelings. Take that away and they've become roboticized. Which is darkly funny when you consider Eggman and his Robots once represented Nintendo and its friendly approach to making products for consumption.
  6. LongcrierCat

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    Huh... that green screen actor sure is interesting. Who is that?
  7. LongcrierCat

    Butch Hartman controversy

    I have to wonder if we expected him to be an actually decent person when the man admires Donald Trump and follows a ton of Right Wing Pundits. I mean, this was a thing: Not even going off as a bad guy, just randomly being Trump for... whatever reason. I'd also talk about Danny Phantom and it's... well... unsavoury depictions of Romani people, trans/drag people, fat people shaming, extremely clear stereotyping of teenage youth and goth culture and PoC and so on and so forth. It's not a show I look back very fondly on so yeah uh... I think you could say that Butch has finally pulled a full TenNaple or John K (look up his sexual harassment and cases where he was dating underage women animators and having them call him "Daddy") here. For disclosure, TenNaple? He's written for Breitbart. I wish I was joking but it would be hard to doubt it for a man who made a character named Professor Monkey for a Head as a dig at people who believe in Evolution. My love of Earthworm Jim quickly diminished upon learning that. Right Wing Conservative "Christians" are not kind people. It's pretty easy to go back and watch the shows and realize that none of those guys made anything good and the only good guys in animation late 90s and early 2000s animation were John R. Dilworth, Danny Antonucci, Genndy Tartakovsky, Craig McCracken, Lauren Faust, and Jhonen Vasquez. The team at Klasky Csupo was pretty alright too and I respect Craig Bartlett and Joe Murray quite a bit. It's easy to see where people like Pendleton Ward and Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones Quartey are coming from. They respected the actual greats of the animation industry who were worth it. But a person like Butchy here? His time is over. It's time for him to get lost now.
  8. LongcrierCat

    Sonic Mania is better than Sonic Mania Plus

    I don't understand this. Are we going to start complaining when great games get improved upon now? Is that where this fanbase is now? Sure, Encore Mode is just playing the game again but with Angel Island and a brand new Act 1 for a level with an added boss previously Knuckles Exclusive but considering that it's only 5 US Dollars if you buy it digitally then it's more than easily worth the price because you got two new playable characters with surprising new abilities that were unprecedented for a Sonic title and a new story. You're complaining about the Kirby Superstar Saga of the Sonic Series. You've got the Base Game, Blue Spheres, Mean Bean Machine, Encore Mode. This is the most packed a Sonic game has ever been since the Sonic Adventure days in terms of content. I get that maybe they could have done more, but at that point you'd be making Sonic Mania 2. I find this to be extremely insulting as someone who respects game development as an extremely long and complicated process that's a lot harder than Gamers themselves realize it is. It's not just simply slapping some assets and doing ability tree placements in a grid, you have to know code and debug and recode to fix a minor thing. And if you bought this physically they gave you a super special box and an art book which is especially fun for someone who loves a good concept art book. I love seeing what all went through the dev team's minds when they make a game like this. This is a passion product for the people who love this series. How the hell do you not respect that and insist that they somehow did something wrong by daring to actually give us more of what we wanted? This is nitpicking at the highest level. Yes. The game is now raw as you might put it. But that honestly means it has more personality and charm than before when it was already oozing that to begin with. Also wow. Someone else complaining about the pinball tables. I haven't heard this before from all of the major YouTubers at large these days already. Let people have their fun.
  9. LongcrierCat

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    I thought you'd might appreciate a fan take on how the costuming for Dr. Carreyman could look like. I'm coming out of it thinking he looks like the Nathan Barnatt Robotnik, heheheeheheheeehee~
  10. LongcrierCat

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Does anyone know where I can find the script and unused pages of issue 292? I'd kind of like to read those seeing as it was a bittersweet ending to the book to see everyone move on.
  11. LongcrierCat

    Seriously, why are Pontaff still writing for Sonic?

    I find that the writing of the games is more in how there's a total disregard for continuity in spite of using characters from the continuity. Compare it how you will to how some characters are treated as total jokes in other series. There's also that problem of there being too many cooks at the helm of the script. See, it should be easy to have one or two writers at the helm, but Pontac and Graff are mostly there to punch up dialogue, right? So the story is laid out first because they also need a plan for what to develop the game in mind for. Whoever is in charge of Scenario Creation is the one to blame then for characters acting out of character. That being said, I find it would be easier if someone who knows game design and storytelling and how to meld the two were in charge of Scenario Creation and writing. Maybe also get a job for someone to coordinate and make sure the "Timeline" or whatever of the continuity that us nerds care about is also intact. I think people wouldn't focus so much on continuity though as long as the character development was either consistent or if the characters had reasons for being the way they are in this or that story. This is something that Mr. Flynn is exceptionally good at but that's also because he's the only one writing most of the time and the staff around him is tight and made up of people sharing the vision. That gets muddled up when you simply have... But I mean. I've seen us argue story and character tone. I've seen how divided we are on that. If we could come to a solid compromise that doesn't sacrifice the strengths of the arguments from every which way then that'd be great. So uh... Well defined characters that have good character dynamics that builds funny moments and chemistry and stories where things happen (regardless of if it's small or huge in the context of the series) instead of characters standing around to talk? I mean. That's kind of the thing Flynn does so that's why he's been asked for the most to replace these two. One of my things is also having a world that feels consistent in its rules.
  12. LongcrierCat

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    I think the one thing that surprises me about the Carrey casting is that I was kind of more thinking this was going to be in Jack Black's wheelhouse and that he was an easy pick for this role. So Carrey was somehow both a very reasonable yet out of the blue choice.
  13. LongcrierCat

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    So this Onion article but as the plot of an official Sonic the Hedgehog movie? I admit to being interested in it and the reveal being that Sonic was playing Bugs Bunny behind the curtains would fit this Meta Era of Sonic the Hedgehog a little too well. I am still utterly baffled by this but I'm hoping that it's the plot of all of these bad movies from the last decade but taken up to 11 with someone who subverts all of it. Which given Tim Miller's track record with Deadpool and his previous experience with Sonic sounds like it could actually work maybe. I just have to hope that it would also have about the same amount of dedication to heart where something actually does happen to matter in the grand scheme of things to help it all add up to a fun movie at the very least with something meaningful to say. What that could be is... hmm. I just hope whatever it is pans better than Pontac and Graff's writing setup of being given a plot and characters to stand around and quip. Because Marvel characters may quip a lot but hell, they do big meaningful stuff while doing Cosmic Space Dad Eldritch Horrors, a duo who play Ant Farm, a man with monumental anxiety problems who turns into a giant, and making that all work on film and getting people invested into the universe somehow (even as someone here may want to point out that it's a "fad" and surely it's going to go away at some point, but to be honest that happens for a lot of things). After nailing comic book movies is getting video game movies to go right and Rampage did a surprisingly good job of being a big monster movie where animals smash stuff up and fight stuff. It was better than the last Godzilla (okay by that I mean from Warner Bros and Gareth Edwards, Shin Godzilla is incredible) at being a monster movie. I'm kind of hoping for the connections of the team to past Sonic stuff to pan out for the best here to help give us some kind of surprisingly good movie but that hope's a little too high to be realistic so I'm settling on something around being the Batman Forever of videogame movies. Maybe this is the Street Fighter of today's generation. Eheheheheheheheee.
  14. LongcrierCat

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    That Reveal Fake Out sucks. Also, I know they rewrote the events of the games for the books' universe but I'm pretty iffy on them acknowledging the Black Arms. But that's a minor nitpick if anything. I'm not too big a fan of bringing back the Black Arms in any capacity just because they're an edgy version of King Greedy's Armada. Oh and as long as Sonic has alien friends, maybe the next time Sonic has a space adventure he teams up with Ristar. Just a thought, you know. It's not like he'd be out of place. It's not like Sega's doing anything with Ristar anyways. (I know that was the logic of Ray and Mighty being in Archie before Mania Plus happened, I'm just kind of wondering why Sega gatekeeps a lot of their stuff from meeting its full potential under good storytellers.)
  15. LongcrierCat

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I'm still hoping that there'll be an Adventure Mode like Subspace Emissary to unlock characters through. I find it more satisfying to go through a linear story and unlock the characters than meeting some inane goal to finally get a character. Just my two cents on that. Wasn't a big fan of nebulous goals to unlock stuff ingame.

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