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  1. Wow, I've not played Sally in Sonic 1 in a long time. I remember her being really fun to play as in the early builds of that mod. 


    ... so why was she nerfed to not even have a slide attack? I keep dying at Labyrinth Zone because of the cramped areas, lack of upper beam shot, and swarm of Burrowbots that any of the other Sonics would have no problem with. She plays like Megaman but in Sonic but with having to stop to fire a shot which kind of really stops the flow of the game. 


    And it's just weird to me because Amy in Sonic Classic plays like her Advance version and Bunnie is a blast to play. But Sally's suddenly unfun to play as when before it was fun to see that she was a little light on the defense without a spindash/roll aside from karate kicks that kept pace with her movement so she wasn't better to play as than the Sonic Boys but still wasn't entirely clunky. 


    It's a shame too. I liked the earlier builds better. I remember finishing the original Sally in Sonic 1 with all Emeralds even. 

    1. LongcrierCat


      Maybe I was just not ready for the difficulty curve and kind of just wanted to run the game for old time's sake. But wow. hahahaa

      I didn't expect that difficulty curve to be that much harder than when I did my Tails run. 

    2. E-122-Psi


      Well I appreciate reviewing a hack of mine, but I must enquire, what early version?

      The slide attack was added later on, in previous builds I don't think pressing down did anything. Unless I've botched something in the most recent build.

    3. LongcrierCat


      I'm playing Version 2.2 from 2015. 

      I played the game when you were developing it in 2013 or so when I was still on Sonic Retro. 

    4. E-122-Psi


      I'm pretty sure it has the slide attack, just it can't hit baddies.

      I replaced the martial arts with NICOLE because I thought NICOLE was more distinctive to Sally. Martial arts was kinda generic and it made her play a bit too much like Amy but with less attacks. I get it breaks the flow a little, but the speed reset whenever you kicked as well.

    5. LongcrierCat


      Fair enough. haha

  2. I finally got my practice speed run of Sonic 1 done. I can do it in 16:43 as Tails. 

  3. Huh, I'm surprised. There's a speedrunning community for the Smartphone Sonic remakes after all.



    Good. Time for me to make a mark. 

    So here's me practicing my Tails playthrough in Green Hill. 

    1. LongcrierCat



      Marble Zone practice~ 

    2. LongcrierCat


      Spring Yard Zone done. 

      7 minutes, 53 seconds of total in game time so far. 

  4. Okay. Yeah. I was acting out of line and I kind of made a generalization about the Star Fox fandom. I just viewed this as a game, but forgot that some people have a strong connection to this series that matters more than it being a game. That was a mistake. I should have stayed in my lane and accepted criticism of how I said my piece. I also shouldn't have blown up over the misgendering. Another mistake. I admit to being angry and venting out in accident and taking it out on you, @Tornado. I could have been more calm about my gender. This was the wrong place for me to take my frustration of what's going on in my personal life in. You didn't deserve that. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I made a generalization, helped escalate the situation, and ultimately made this a pain to talk about.
  5. Okay. So here's my problem. The very first posts of this topic were people being pretty annoyed that this game was being made. Some people liked it while the dissenters were pretty vocal about it. Me? I view it as a video game. This isn't that big of a thing to get upset over like Gamers make it out to be from a series that had nine games in the last 25 years and two of those games were Star Fox 64/1 remakes, making half the series basically the first game. The original Star Fox was made the way it was to push the tech limits of the SNES and really wow people. Now, Nintendo can't really wow people like that anymore with Star Fox so where's the next innovation to take it in? Star Fox doesn't really have set standards like Sonic does. Well. Okay. Like Sonic should. And like people keep saying no one was really warm to the idea of FPS Metroid when Prime was first being shown and that was the first Metroid game in years after Super Metroid in 1993. It was basically a dormant franchise. So was Kid Icarus where there's only two major games outside of Smash Bros. The NES original and Uprsising on the 3DS and they're both wildly different games. I just don't understand why there was some kind of groupthink agreement about how Star Fox should have some purely rail shooter mixed in among dogfighting gameplay. Because you said that with Sonic and Mario if people didn't like it that they have plenty of Mario and Sonic solo games to play in between. Okay, but how much of a mixed bag has Sonic been? I've been in Sonic communities for the last 13 years and I've seen a lot of different opinions. Okay, so yeah, it would be cool if a Star Fox game could get it right like the way the fans want it to. But that fanbase, in Nintendo's eyes, is probably small. So you want to appeal to more than just the core fanbase. That should have been alright. Anyways. --------------------------------------------------- Reason I didn't take calmly to you misgendering me was that it was the straw that broke my back. I'm okay with differing opinions but if anything I feel that you were being aggressive first. I mean okay. I have a lot of personal issues I've got going on and I snapped on a public Sonic forum. That's my mistake. I come here to kind of have some civil discussion and talk about games. I need to unstress from life. But misgendering is kind of a hot button topic because I deal with that all of the time and I don't say anything. I'm actually kind of patient about this and try not to be confrontational all of the time. You're right. You don't know me as a person. I'm sorry. ... but please don't say I'm overreacting when you were already kind of being aggressive? I don't know. Maybe this just got me in more trouble. ----------------------------------- So back on Star Fox. I can see the problem. It's like Prime. Old Metroid fans from the NES and SNES probably couldn't adapt to FPS Metroid but then that's when Nintendo threw them a bone with the GBA games which were 2D Metroids that played like the old stuff. Everyone was pretty happy about it. I'd like to see them do the same for Star Fox. But they don't know what they're doing and they honestly want to try something new and hope you like it since Zero was a disappointment after years of trying to make a new Star Fox that recaptured what the fans liked about it in the first place. But I kind of see it that the whole series has had a rocky history and this may sound like the best route to them with Grand Prix.
  6. Yeah, I'm pretty anxious myself. Trump has had the perfect team and Senate to pass the bill that kept being put off as a joke like "yeah, the government wouldn't really pass rules to kill net neutrality". Yet, Trump and his administration that /pol/ helped elect will (try to) kill their platform. It's kind of highly ironic but sad and scary for the people who didn't contribute to this.
  7. LongcrierCat

    ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

    Oh hey, I didn't get to see the crew when that first posted. Very nice, Adamis~
  8. That's fair. I like linear story based games. But I'd like to see if they could maybe do some more of the Assault stuff that was getting pretty eclectic with what happened in the gameplay. And yes, I know, the open world stuff has its roots in the Triple A gaming industry but that doesn't mean it's all bad. But I mean, it's an idea of how Nintendo could expand Star Fox if they wanted to. Okay?
  9. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a sequel to a game that had a linear story based progression to it that decided to expand the world. I'm saying that the same could happen for Star Fox. Instead of making a linear Star Fox again we could even have one where you choose the paths like you did in the first game or bring back that really cool Real Time Strategy gameplay that Star Fox 2 did that should honestly come back if you ask me. It was done so well and I get pretty engrossed when I play 2. It feels more open to me than the first game because I get the choice to go save a planet from Andross's influence in the game plan. And I'm not the biggest fan of rail shooters but I do like the dogfighting. I find that rail shooters kind of have you at a set pace that could either make the game too short or too long depending on how they were made. Yeah. That's kind of it though is that I'm a huge Metroid fan but Federation Force didn't offend me like it did some of you. At least it was a pretty alright game that got the ball rolling for more Metroid. I blame the bad controls of Zero on Miyamoto being way into the gimmick of getting to have two screens and I'm sorry, but yes. That game controls badly, I don't get why anyone defends it. Some people would just like a fun, streamlined, easy to get into game. The makings of a great Star Fox was in there, but the controls were honestly dreadful. Making people multitask and look at and do things across two screens may work but it's kind of bad game design. I really don't think all series should be set up like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So many people have failed so hard at doing it. But wow. That was a level of condescension I wasn't ready for. I was almost considering leaving that alone, but that was supremely shitty to say. I'm sorry. Maybe Star Fox needs to be reinvented in Nintendo's eyes? Frankly, I don't blame them. Where Metroid has mostly good games to rely on, you don't get to say that Star Fox has a really good history as an IP. So your logic is to do the thing it was known for to begin with. Alright. Buuuuuut, that's kind of old and Nintendo wants to do something new with it. WOW. WOW. Did you just misgender me? Did you seriously just misgender me? In the middle of this community which I've known to be LGBT friendly for years? You couldn't have at least addressed me as they? Thanks, you just reminded me why I leave the Sonic fandom over and over again. That makes me want to not even talk to you about story tone and continuity in these series. Yeah, F-Zero, Metroid, and Star Fox are pretty different things. That doesn't matter to me. I'm thinking in the way that kids would like to see it. And you know what kids like? Smash Bros. Fun things where their favourite characters interact and go on fun adventures together. So yeah, forgive me for being a "12" year old trans girl that wants to think that Nintendo could do more with their science fiction worlds. I guess that just makes me so naive and so hard to talk to for you that you immediately go to insulting my intelligence. Thank you, Anime Avatar Person. You sure showed me. God. I expect Site Staff to behave better than this.
  10. That's kind of it of what I'm seeing here too. I'm seeing a lot of people just angry that this could be a thing without waiting for it to be announced and giving it a proper chance. This might just be a Star Fox and F-Zero crossover game. I mean, would anyone be against all of Nintendo's sci-fi titles taking place in the same universe kind of like it does in Smash Bros but for real and with stories of characters helping each other out? Like I don't know. A Metroid game where Samus fights Space Pirates alongside Star Fox kind of sounds awesome. But my huge problem in this thread is that a lot of the people in here have already passed judgement on the game unfairly. Like sheesh. I thought we as a fandom could be bad. This zealousy for Star Fox is as bad as it is in the Star Wars fandom. No. I'm not taking that back. It's honestly kind of ridiculous.
  11. Actually, yeah. I'm sorry. It almost feels like I'm straight trolling about Star Fox Grand Prix and it's bothering me. 

    But all the same, why is everyone upset about the idea of an honestly good sounding game? It could be an F-Zero and Star Fox crossover. You don't know yet. You haven't given it a proper chance yet to even be announced. A lot of you are just angry at the idea of it now. 

    Come on. Really.


    Give it a chance. 

    1. Strickerx5


      It's not that fans don't want something new and different for their franchise. It's that they still want the game to be set with what that franchise has been thus far (which is why they're fans of it). People don't want Portal 3 to be an RPG. People don't want the next NiGHTS to be an FPS. People don't want the next Final Fantasy to be a platformer. All of these games have gained a following because they often do that one gaming genre extremely well. With that being said, of course people are cool with a Mario racer now. Not only because it's been well established at this point, but because we all know the next big, main 3D game is always on the horizon (along with dozens of other things in this particular case).

      Now we get to this Star Fox rumor which is changing things up on top of the series already being in a somewhat frozen state. If Nintendo was handling the series well and was continuously releasing standard, main line for the series, content for it (much like they do for Mario and Zelda) then this news probably wouldn't be getting met with the same resistance we're currently seeing. Though no, it's getting the same treatment that Nintendo has been growing fond of over the last couple of years and is changing up what made people want these games in the first place. The added fear comes from the fact that Nintendo doesn't seem to care about these series in the first place and is always ready to leave them in the dust. I mean, just look at Chibi-Robo.

      This is all not even touching how much this is basically screwing over F-Zero fans too. Honestly, they're the ones who would be taken the bulk of the fall here. The rumor isn't making this sound like a crossover. More of they're taking a huge chunk of what made F-Zero special and pushing it into Star Fox. Where does that leave F-Zero at the end of all this?

      It isn't just this notion that fans don't want change. It's that fans haven't gotten what they came to this series for in over a decade and rather not have, what could easily be, their last chance for a game (given Nintendo's habit of just dropping things) be something this far left field.

      It's true that we don't know how this will play out. Though, for people who have been waiting years on end for news of their favorite franchise returning... this simply isn't a good start.


      this... went on a lot longer than i expected. sorry im rambling here but as someone who also has a nintendo series that he desperately wants to see come back properly... this trend of nintendo just throwing caution into the wind worries me

    2. VEDJ-F


      Has Star Fox even ever had racing in their games before? I thought their big multiplayer thing for that was dogfighting. 

    3. LongcrierCat


      It's never had a racing game of any kind. That's why it sounds exciting to me

    4. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      I am giving it a chance but only if its good and we get acknowledgement from the F-Zero side. That's if the rumor is indeed true, it might be silly enough to be false and chances are that it is unless the Direct proves us wrong/right.

      The thing is that people are naturally worried. Especially with the Star Fox series where most fans argue that there are like only 2 to 3 good games in the entire series, 2 of them have also aged poorly with their low frame rates. The last time Nintendo put Star Fox in a spinoff (as in very little focus on the dogfighting), it caused the developer to be sold to someone else. Besides the Star Fox series, the closest thing to that series is either Panzer Dragoon where they don't make anymore or the Ace Combat series, even then Ace Combat is more realistic with the early ones even more so and more all range mode in terms of the overall gameplay. There aren't many flight rail shooters or even many aircraft shooters these days so there is a bit of hunger for that genre. The F-Zero fans are also hungry for their games too, its been 12 years since the last one and there aren't even many arcade racing games these days when its only competition is a blooming compilation of a 10 year old and a 6 year old game.

    5. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      @Strickerx5 you managed to explain exactly why I dislike this rumor. 

      I loved Star Fox for its on-rail shooting gameplay. It's why I love 64, it's why I love Assault.

      But I haven't got a proper on-rail shooter game since Assault that doesn't involve a drastic gameplay design or motion controls.

      And now all I have is a racing game. 

  12. It is and it isn't? What I'm getting at is the reductive sense of what seems to be the acceptable way of making a Star Fox game. People really overreacted over Star Fox Adventures and Assault and ever since then we can only get more Star Fox 1/64 Remakes. And that same attitude is being made abundantly clear in response to the rumour that we're getting a really cool Star Fox Racing Game. I didn't know that Star Fox fans were harder than Sonic fans to be able to accommodate for, but well. I guess I learned my lesson today. Also, yes. Star Fox Assault is awesome and with the way Beyond Good and Evil 2 is shaping up, Nintendo could take some notes from it and make another Star Fox game like Assault. Oh, and maybe they should bring back Krystal. You know. Just a thought.
  13. Oh man. RealOne Arcade. I remember this. This was how I first played Toejam and Earl. It was Steam before Steam took off. They had a dedicated collection of Genesis games. Where did they go?
  14. Star Fox 2 is one of the best sequels made. It improves everything the original does and becomes a whole new game that's just honestly better than the original. 

  15. I said that knowing full well that hardcore Star Fox fans weren't going to be on board. I wholly mean it too. Star Fox needs to expand its horizons past the on rails shooter or you're just going to keep seeing Star Fox 64 remade which in itself was a Star Fox 1 remake. So yeah. It's time to move forward like Star Fox 2 wanted to. Move past the past and do something new and carry this on and well. It's time to move past Andross already. Give us a new villain. Like okay. If Nintendo can't come up with anything new to do with the on rails Star Fox gameplay without attaching a gimmick to it then its probably time to stop trying to make an on rails Star Fox game like the "good old days." Then again, I'm guilty of loving Star Fox 2. I really just want a new Star Fox like that one. It beats the original Star Fox in every way.

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