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  1. Let's be real. It's not realistic but that's going with the assumption that it's supposed to be real. However, in a live action setting you need some established rules of reality or go full in on the ridiculousness. Two of my favourite movies (and I'm not joking here) are just live action cartoons and they're completely ridiculous even for being live action films. I mean really. You go off and do the most ridiculous CG landscapes that get twisted in perspective to emulate the anime. And this is nothing short of being stupidly loving with the source material. Live action cartoons are a common thing. Comic book movies are an extension of those of sorts. But I mean if we're going to look at the closest thing Sonic's going to resemble here? It makes perfect sense why they're going more realistic. The formalism shouldn't get lost in the realism of Sonic's design and yes, I know it's technically more surreal and exaggerated but I think you get my gist here. There has to be a balance. They could have gone a Roger Rabbit/Golden Age Live Action Cartoon Hybrid shorts, but they didn't. Frankly, I'm not sure why they would. CG characters these days are extensions of that kind of art form. I mean, sure. I guess some of the charm may get lost in translation. Some people don't like Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are because they would have preferred an animated movie. I kind of disagree and thought the movie was a beautiful talk about self growth like the book was. I mean, Naoto Oshima brought up a great point about Sonic that even the current heads at Sega just don't understand. Sonic is a lot like Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat. I'm not sure how I feel on the fairy part, but the overall vibe of Sonic being an immortal icon is all justified. But admittedly, I'm really not hating the idea of all of this. I mean, I am an animator and want a lot more hand drawn animated movies. But admittedly, I'm not too mad about this. I mean, shit, I've seen a lot of things from this series and Sonic tends to flourish in film pretty well. I mean, admittedly this could go down the route of being a Warcraft or a Rampage with the latter being the high point and Detective Pikachu looking to outdo those both. I think it's going to be okay. At worst it's going to be a movie that's fun to riff on. I just hope it isn't boring is the problem now.
  2. LongcrierCat

    Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    "Escapism was cute." Me as a Trans Girl: Oh holy fuck, this is scary as hell. Needless to say, I love that episode but holy shit, it needs a trigger warning.
  3. That's understood. I just don't understand the part where the characters have to be completely different from one another to the point where they only have one or two defining character traits or devoid of them completely such as the majority of Sonic Forces' cast. They're cartoons and are meant to be exaggerated, yes. They're also meant to be very malleable and character parallels happen all the time. It's part of good character foiling. There'll be the opposite personalities but there will also be the characters who get along really well because "one character sees themselves in the other" you know. Sonic and Tails. Tails sees the hero he can be in Sonic. Amy's dynamic with Cream feels like it was meant to be the same, so it's super confusing when it... doesn't play like that. Cream is just naturally sweet and due to her being that core trait it's also been a huge reason why she's been absent for... years now in games? Geezus, Sega. Find someone with passion for the Modern Sonic branch of this series who can do what Sonic Mania has been for Classic Sonic. Sheesh. But no, multiple characters can still serve similar purposes. I mean, yeah, some people kind of forget that and other characters are better suited to doing it than others. But it's no need to suddenly strip the characters of meaningful traits. Because yeah. This empathetic Amy is the best I've seen her in years. They spoke so loudly to the core of her being a sweet girl who may be a little over excited sometimes. They nailed it. This stuff needs to stick around. When there's more personality to the characters in non voiced short films, then it shows a strong problem in Sega's major Sonic Team to be able to tell a story and keep the characters intact.
  4. LongcrierCat

    Hellboy (2019)- “Even Demons have demons”

    Yeah, nope. I miss Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy. The lack of Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman is being felt strongly. Also, if that scene with the Nazis is the origin of Hellboy for this movie? I can only say one thing. That yeah. It looks cheap and lifeless compared to del Toro's near perfect take of the comics. Like shit, if you were supposedly going more comic accurate then why is it that I can take reference images from the books to the actors playing them and be confused about who they're playing? Like I get it. Deadpool isn't as ugly in the movies as he is in the comics. But I mean... Where's the personality to them? And god damn it, if you're going to do this much CG then why can't I have a Hellboy with the demon feet. HOOVES, DAMN IT. GIVE ME THE PEETS. Like, I'm sorry. Del Toro did a near perfect adaptation of Seed of Destruction and the Golden Army is still a damn good movie too. They damn near capture Mignola's imagination in film considering how in tune Guillermo's artistic sensibilities were with Mignola's. Yeah no, sorry. I'm not biting. The Amazing Spider-Man comparison is more than apt. I'm kind of really bummed out about this.
  5. This warmed my heart. Sweet little Amy shown the poor sad and broken metal boy some love and brought him back home. It almost makes you think back to how empathetic and wonderful she was in Sonic Adventure. Can we please stick with this Amy please? She can be allowed to fight but I want her spirit to keep being this bright beacon of hope.
  6. Hey, so Sonic heard you all had a problem with his legs. 


    1. TheOcelot



      This is better XD

    2. SupahBerry


      Just imagine if the movie topic didn't get unplugged by the time this popped up.

  7. To be perfectly fair to Pokemon though? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pika https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axolotl Pokemon takes a lot of inspiration from both real animals and mythology from all over the world. The choice of making Greninjas without realistic frog eyes kind of bothers me and other friends of mine who really like frogs but eh. And for what it's worth, Sonic's nose in this poster is pretty close to that of a real hedgehog's and hedgehogs are usually very furry except for their spiny backsides. Yes, Sonic is usually a cartoon and it does remind one of Yogi Bear and Garfield. All the same though, the Marvel movies have elevated comic book movies to being a staple in the film industry now and the video game movies are learning lessons from it. They even plan for a series with this. Is that a mistake? I won't lie, I want them to do this as a standalone that could spawn sequels but isn't made with those in mind. But for a take of Sonic in the Real World? This isn't bothering me that much. To be honest? He kind of looks like a living fursuit. And that's adorable to me? My reaction is kind of a great big Eh? It's not that serious.
  8. I am starting to wonder how much Sonic looks like a realistic Hollywood take of a Furry character now. I don't even care if this is bad now, this is interesting to watch now.
  9. Also, remember that Blur Studios is masterful with film level CG animation. You've yet to see Sonic in motion. They did work for the Batman Arkham games and Doom and Thor: the Dark World. It's going to look great. It can always look a lot better than you're imagining. Also, Razule may have a point considering that Marza is also working on CG for the movie too.
  10. You ever look at Furry Art that makes Sonic more realistic? Use that as your baseline. This isn't a diss as someone in the Fandom. It's actually a compliment if I'm being real here.
  11. I guess an artist has to come in and show you all what they see in the silhouette so as to help give a better idea what Sonic looks like. Alright. I guess I'm up to the challenge. See you all later.
  12. Hey, I'll take high fantasy furry art intermingling with our world over whatever the Turtles stuff was supposed to be. Also Sonic looks nicely proportioned? He has a head bigger than the rest of his body. I don't know about you all, but it looks about right for a realistic Sonic to me. If you didn't want a realistic Sonic, well... I'm sorry. But this may not be for you then.
  13. ... Wow, so much negativity in here. You'd think we'd be used to cartoony comic book animals being turned into live action friends. Guess what? Sonic looks fine by current Hollywood standards. You know how much worse this could have been? As long as Sonic doesn't look like Andy Serkis' Mowgli where the animals have been made to have the likenesses of their actors, then this is miles better than what we could have gotten. In a post MCU world, you should have expected a Sonic that looked like this or like one of the Muppets from Where the Wild Things Are (which was perfect and people apparently don't understand a good movie when they see it). Also, mind if I just say? I called it???
  14. LongcrierCat

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    That sounds like they may be going bi-monthly or have a sister series. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but hey, I missed Sonic Universe so having that back would be nice.
  15. Alright. Turkey Day was excellent. Had a lot of good friends over and had good food. 

    Next up is MFF. 



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