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  1. Actually, yeah. I'm sorry. It almost feels like I'm straight trolling about Star Fox Grand Prix and it's bothering me. 

    But all the same, why is everyone upset about the idea of an honestly good sounding game? It could be an F-Zero and Star Fox crossover. You don't know yet. You haven't given it a proper chance yet to even be announced. A lot of you are just angry at the idea of it now. 

    Come on. Really.


    Give it a chance. 

    1. Strickerx5


      It's not that fans don't want something new and different for their franchise. It's that they still want the game to be set with what that franchise has been thus far (which is why they're fans of it). People don't want Portal 3 to be an RPG. People don't want the next NiGHTS to be an FPS. People don't want the next Final Fantasy to be a platformer. All of these games have gained a following because they often do that one gaming genre extremely well. With that being said, of course people are cool with a Mario racer now. Not only because it's been well established at this point, but because we all know the next big, main 3D game is always on the horizon (along with dozens of other things in this particular case).

      Now we get to this Star Fox rumor which is changing things up on top of the series already being in a somewhat frozen state. If Nintendo was handling the series well and was continuously releasing standard, main line for the series, content for it (much like they do for Mario and Zelda) then this news probably wouldn't be getting met with the same resistance we're currently seeing. Though no, it's getting the same treatment that Nintendo has been growing fond of over the last couple of years and is changing up what made people want these games in the first place. The added fear comes from the fact that Nintendo doesn't seem to care about these series in the first place and is always ready to leave them in the dust. I mean, just look at Chibi-Robo.

      This is all not even touching how much this is basically screwing over F-Zero fans too. Honestly, they're the ones who would be taken the bulk of the fall here. The rumor isn't making this sound like a crossover. More of they're taking a huge chunk of what made F-Zero special and pushing it into Star Fox. Where does that leave F-Zero at the end of all this?

      It isn't just this notion that fans don't want change. It's that fans haven't gotten what they came to this series for in over a decade and rather not have, what could easily be, their last chance for a game (given Nintendo's habit of just dropping things) be something this far left field.

      It's true that we don't know how this will play out. Though, for people who have been waiting years on end for news of their favorite franchise returning... this simply isn't a good start.


      this... went on a lot longer than i expected. sorry im rambling here but as someone who also has a nintendo series that he desperately wants to see come back properly... this trend of nintendo just throwing caution into the wind worries me

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Has Star Fox even ever had racing in their games before? I thought their big multiplayer thing for that was dogfighting. 

    3. LongcrierCat


      It's never had a racing game of any kind. That's why it sounds exciting to me

    4. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      I am giving it a chance but only if its good and we get acknowledgement from the F-Zero side. That's if the rumor is indeed true, it might be silly enough to be false and chances are that it is unless the Direct proves us wrong/right.

      The thing is that people are naturally worried. Especially with the Star Fox series where most fans argue that there are like only 2 to 3 good games in the entire series, 2 of them have also aged poorly with their low frame rates. The last time Nintendo put Star Fox in a spinoff (as in very little focus on the dogfighting), it caused the developer to be sold to someone else. Besides the Star Fox series, the closest thing to that series is either Panzer Dragoon where they don't make anymore or the Ace Combat series, even then Ace Combat is more realistic with the early ones even more so and more all range mode in terms of the overall gameplay. There aren't many flight rail shooters or even many aircraft shooters these days so there is a bit of hunger for that genre. The F-Zero fans are also hungry for their games too, its been 12 years since the last one and there aren't even many arcade racing games these days when its only competition is a blooming compilation of a 10 year old and a 6 year old game.

    5. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      @Strickerx5 you managed to explain exactly why I dislike this rumor. 

      I loved Star Fox for its on-rail shooting gameplay. It's why I love 64, it's why I love Assault.

      But I haven't got a proper on-rail shooter game since Assault that doesn't involve a drastic gameplay design or motion controls.

      And now all I have is a racing game. 

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