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  1. Still pretty excited about the fact that we're finally getting not one, but two Sonic games on PS4 next year.

    1. TheOcelot


      Me too. It will have been 5 and half years since the last time a Sonic game was released on PS4 (PlayStation Now doesn't count). Hopefully those won't be the only Sonic games released on PS4 next year............hint hint

    2. ThatOddLiam


      Same here, and it's probably the best console debut Sonic's going to have had since Rush!

    3. KHCast


      The PS4 isn't 5 years old...

    4. TheOcelot



      Your five years old :D

    5. Ripe


      Yeah, even if I fear that the other is just Generations 2 (yeah, they apparently said it isn't but I have learned not to trust some company reprensentatives)

    6. Ayliffe


      Y'know what'd make it perfect? A Generations port for PS4.


      A guy can dream, right? ;_;

    7. E-van


      Or perhaps a port of all three boost games.

      I still want to see Unleashed without the massive frame drops, damn it. :P

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